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"Year 70 of the Cosmic Era, tensions were mounting between Earth and the ZAFT Organization, due to the Bloody Valentine Day Tragedy, these tensions

escalated into a full-scale war."

"It was a foregone conclusion that the Earth Forces, with it's superior numbers, will be victorius. But these initial assesments, prove to be false."

"Almost eleven months have passed since the conflict began, with no end in sight."

"But, despite the Earth Alliance's call for all nations to join their racial cause, a small, but powerful, third faction arose after the Tragedy of Copernicus."

"They consisted of four nations who wish to stay neutral, and will fight to the death, to maintain that neutrality."

"Led by the Nation of the Ice, these four nations form the Independent State Allied Force, or more commonly known as.."



A False Peace

Kira Yamato, a 15 year First Generation Coordinator, was working on his assignment given to him by his teacher Professor Kato. In another window on his computer was the latest news on the war, more specifically the Kaoshiung Spaceport and it's Mass Driver. The footage was a week old and the Spaceport, and probably the whole of Taiwan, have fallen to the ZAFT Forces. The reporter in the foreground had a grim look on his face as he reported the battle, wearing his flak vest and Kevlar helmet. In the background were two GINNs as they decimated the Earth Forces positions around the Spaceport.

"It sounds like the Earth Forces have lost their first Mass Driver," said Kyle Matsutani, an old friend of his from Copernicus before they evacuated back to their respsective nations before the war. He and two others, Athrun Zala and Arleen Bettany, have been friends with Kira since C.E. 61. They had to split up because of the tensions between Earth and the PLANTs. Athrun went back to Aprilius City, Kyle and Arleen's families left for the Antarctic L2 Colony Cluster, while he and his family left for Heliopolis, it was then he got the suprise of his life, when on September 20th of last year, Arleen and Kyle came to Helipolis, and were attending the same class as him. Back to Kyle, he was the same height as him, had black shoulder length hair in a wolf-tail, had light green eyes and always a good friend to have around, when you get stalked by bullies constantly. He was wearing a black leather jacket, tan shirt, and green cargo pants, and what looked like the civilian version of ZAFT Forces boots, as he looked at Kira's computer screen.

"Yeah, Taiwan apparently..." he said as he looked at the destroyed city around the reporter. He could'nt believe why people are so stupid sometimes, whether they be Natural or Coordinator. He was shaken from his thoughts when a voice got their attention.

"Kira! Kyle!"

The voice belogned to Tolle Koenig, a friend of Kira's after he arrived in Helipolis, as he came over to them with his girlfriend Miriallia Haw in tow. Like Tolle, she was a recent add to his small band of friends. Accompanying them was another girl, with reddish-orange hair, Cerulean blue eyes, wearing a red leather jacket, white pants, and wearing black ankle high zip-up boots. Her name was Arleen Bettany, another old friend of Kira's from their days at Copernicus. When they came unexpectedly to Heliopolis, he was happy to see them again, but then he was shocked when he found out that they are not just friends, but girlfriend and boyfriend, now! Apparently something must've happened when they went their seperate ways almost three years ago. He shook his head of the thought and looked at Tolle to find what it is.

"Hey Tolle, what's up?" he asked him.

Tolle then decided to give him the bad news. "So this is where you were at. Professor Kato's been trying to get a hold of you two." he pointed to Kira and Kyle.

Kyle just face-palmed as he knew what Prof. Kato wants. Sure being a student in college was fun and all, but at the same time it can be annoying. Kira knew as well, but he asked the obvious question anyway.

"What? Again?" Kira asked hoping it wasnt what he thinks it is. It was then Arleen answered his question, in that all too sweet tone of hers. "Yes, he did'nt say why, just told us to bring you two to him right away."

"Man, I swear! Why does'nt he do his own damn work. I mean come on! Sure we're good at what we do, but we're not Supermen!"

Arleen's reponse was to bop him upside the head. "Dont be a cry baby!"

The three other students just looked at the two, and Miriallia leaned over and asked Kira the obvious. "Are they always like that? It's hard to believe know."

"Well, after being together for so long since before they even met me, I guess it makes sense." that was the only answer he could think of and just when Miri was about to ask another question Arleen truned her head at her fellow students, and asked in a all too-sweet voice. "Hm? Did you guys say something?"

Their reaction was to sheepishly smile and Miriallia just casually wave at her, "Uh, nothing"

It was then the sound of the news report caught their attention and the five students looked at Kira's laptop, Tolle stating the obvious.

"Huh, some development in the news?"

Kyle nodded his head as he gave his answer "Yep, this news footage is a week old so ZAFT has probably taken control of Kaoshiung by now."

Miriallia looked at the footage, a concerned look on her face. "Kaoshiung is not too far from ISAF territory. Will the homeland be alright?"

The Orb Union was a member nation of the Independent State Allied Force or ISAF, founded a day after the Alaska Declaration,as one of four nations who signed the East Falkland Declaration, including the founding member nation, the United Republic of Antarctica, who declared independence and neutrality, All of them not wanting to take part in a racial war of genes. Tolle, ever being the smart-aleck that he was came up the obvious answer.

"Yeah, I guess it's okay to assume that. Oh they're close by, but our nation's neutral and we're part of ISAF. And I doubt the Atlantic Federation's dumb enough to attack us. And besides, what could be in Heliopolis that can make ZAFT attack us?"

Kyle and Arleen shuddered at what Tolle said. They have'nt told Kira about why they were really in Heliopolis, and that they have joined the ISAF Armed Forces. Kyle just had one thought to Tolle's question. 'Tolle, you have no idea what the Earth Forces, not to mention 'we' are building here.'

Heliopolis Harbor

Marseilles-III Class Transport

The Earth Forces vessel steadily moved into the harbor of the resource satellite, guided in by the Heliopolis Traffic Control Room staff. The staff we're on edge as this is the last day the Earth Forces will be staying here, and the sooner they're gone the better. As the docking procedures were complete, the captain of the old transport heaved a sigh of relief as he turned to the two Earth Forces officers who helped him get here on time.

"And there you have it. This old ship has completed her final mission," he said as he let his officers visor cap float in the zero-g. "You both did an excellent job of getting us here, Lt. La Flaga and Lt. Friedrich. I am in your debt." he thanked as the two individuals turned. One Mu La Flaga, a blonde haired, blue eyed man at the age of 28, and his companion, Cornelia Friedrich, with shoulder length black hair tied in a low pony-tail, brown eyes, and at the right age of 25.

"Sir, I'm just glad we made it without incident," Mu said and then Cornelia asked his next question.

"Any ZAFT vessels in the vincinity? You know, just to be safe?" she asked a little concerned.

The Captain answered them in the affirmative. "We spotted two, but it's no cause for alarm. They know they can't attack us now we're docked."

Mu just smirked and Cornelia just shook her head at the irony of it all. Mu then ask the question she knew he say "Because it's Neutral Territory? What a joke that is."

The Captain laughed a bit, "Well it's thanks to Morgenroete we progressed this far. We should be thankful at least that Earth has recognized ISAF."

"Excuse us sir?" one of the pilots that Mu and Cornelia were assigned to protect requested as he and his comrades saluted the captain and he returned the gesture, and then they were off. Cornelia and Mu were having second thoughts about all this.

"Think they can handle themselves, alone on the ground?" Mu asked with concern. The Captain reassured him.

"I know they're young, but they are all top guns picked to pilot the G-weapons." Cornelia was'nt convinced

"Even still, I dont think they're ready, sure it wasRena that trained them, but, I dont know," the Captain could tell what she was thinking.

"Well if you two were assigned to the project, you'd stick out like a sore thumb. No offense," Mu smirked sheepishly, while Cornelia just looked out the bridge window. One of her friends Murrue Ramius was one of the people assigned to the project. She lost one friend when she disappeared all of a sudden, and she did'nt want to lose another.

ZAFT Forces Ship-Vesalius

Captain Ades of the Nazca-Class Vesalius was on edge, he knew this is a bad idea as the small ships carrying the commando team headed toward Heliopolis. If ISAF ever found out about this there will be hell to pay. Despite his advice to wait for a reply from the Supreme Council on what to do, his commanding officer though was not one to be called patient.

"Try not to look so frustrated Ades" said Rau Le Creuset, as he floated by him

"Well I dont see any harm on waiting for an reply from the council.." before he can finish, Rau cut him off.

"It will be far too late. I have a sixth sense of these sort of things," the masked commander replied as he gently tossed a photograph of a strange mobile suit toward him. When ever Ades had a discussion with, he always felt a chill go up his spine as the masked man continued, "Should we fail to act now, later we will pay with our lives for our reluctance." he said as he took his seat next to Ades. "The Earth Forces' new Mobile Weapons. We must secure before they can move them"

Morgenroete College, Professor Kato's lab

The door slid open as Kira and the others entered the lab. There, waiting to greet them were their friends Sai Argyle, Kuzzey Buskirk, and one other they did'nt recognize. The person was wearing a brown coat, a grey cap, hazel eyes and had blonde hair as she looked away from the group. Kyle and Arleen, being in the ISAF Armed Forces, recognized her right off the bat that it is Cagalli Yula Attha, the daughter of the Chief Represenative of the Orb Union, Uzumi Nara Attha. They concluded that she came here to invetsigate the G-weapon project that the Earth Alliance and Morgenroete were building, and if their hunch was correct, the G-weapons Liberty Electronics and Morgenroete have built in secret without the Earth Forces' knowing.

Deciding it will be best to get her alone when no one was alone, the two went about their buisness and listened to Tolle's teasing of Kira's little crush on Flay Allster. Arleen scoffed at that, she knew about the Allsters thanks to reading about them in magazines, watching News Bulletins, and from her father, Joseph Bettany, a member in the Antarctic Government Council. And to her, she hated George Allster with a passion, just because he hated Coordinators. She decided to make it her 'personal' mission, to see that Kira find someone better than Flay Allster. But, even though she hated her father, Flay to her was just a misguided soul, who needs to be reformed.

But, unknown to any of them, ZAFT commandos have placed explosive charges in areas around the Earth Forces' new warship, Archangel, and around the observation booth, in order to get the officers in the process.


"It's time" said Le Creuset as he gave the order to move out of their hiding spot.

"Weigh anchor! Vesalius Launch!" shouted Ades as the warships engines roared to life and they were off, with Heliopolis in their sights, and the prize that awaited.

Nearby, another ship, undetected by the ZAFT Forces or the Heliopolis Traffic Control Room, watches. They could intervene, but only the mobile suits were to do the fighting, while the ship stayed behind to monitor the area. That did'nt sit too well with the Captain at all.

"Ahh! Damn it! We're allowed to launch our mobile suits, but the Morningstar is ordered to stay back!? Ughh!" The Captain, one Trisha Hohenheim, a former officer of the Atlantic Federation, before she was forced to leave, due to finding out something she should'nt have, could'nt believe that command was ordering her to stay back and watch, while ZAFT was about to attack a Neutral Colony with two of her people on it! It was then another voice got her attention.

"Try to calm down Captain. A good ship captain never loses her cool." the voice belogned to the Commanding officer of the ISS-Morningstar's Mobile Suit team, Canard Pars-Harkin, son of one of ISAF's best Admirals, and the leader of their nation of Antarctica.

"I know, but out of all the Mobile Suits we have, three of them don't have pilots! And the pilots we chose for the 2 G-weapons are on Heliopolis! Which is about to be attacked, and we cant do anything about it." She said. Canard nodded his head and then decided he better do something. Heliopolis does have it's own militia and is equipped with mobile suits and a good amount of TSF-6 Vertigo fighters, but the pilots of the Vertigos are green and there are only 4 Patriots to protect the colony, and ZAFT's mobile suits outnumbered them 3 to 1.

"I'll get my team ready. If the situation gets dicey, give us the word, and we'll launch," Canard told her and that made her relax a bit. "All right Commander, but hurry, I bet the Heliopolis militia can't last long without our help." she informed, which she nodded and he left the bridge, hoping he was'nt too late.


Pilot locker room

The lone female pilot in the room zipped up her flight suit as she went through everything that was told to her in her head. She cant believe that ISAF would willingly build Mobile Suits for the Earth Forces, not after the New Year Incident which claimed the lives of 7 ISAF personnel. She even come to respect the ISAF Forces for their bravery during the Bloody Valentine, when two of the ISAF warships sent to stop the nuclear attack, sacrificed themselves to stop the killing of innocent people. Maybe during the mission she can investigate and find out why ISAF is building these mobile suits. Before she closed her locker, she looked at the photograph of her and a young man with white hair who is in the colony right now.

'Yzak, be careful," she thought as she closed the locker, grabbed her helmet and put it on, and the pilot known as Shiho Hahnenfuss, left for the mobile suit bay.



Professor Kato's Lab

In the lab the teenager were working on the Exo-Frame suit when a rough tremor almost knocked them to their feet. Kyle made sure Arleen did'nt get hurt by using himself as a cushion, not that Arleen would've bothered since she was a soldier like him. They looked at each other and both knew what that was. Tolle after helping Miriallia get up after he also used himself as a cushion to soften her landing asked to no one in particular.

"What the hell was that!? A meteoroid!?"

Kyle, not being a ISAF soldier for nothing, immediatley countered. "Are you kidding me Tolle? That didnt felt one bit like a meteoroid."

Sai went to the door, before turning around, and being smart stated the obvious. "I think we better get to the shelters, just in case." Arleen nodded and when they reached the elevators they immediatley noticed that the power was out, so they had to take the stairs. When they opened the door to the stairwell, they saw Morgenroete employees going down the stairs. Sai then asked no one in particular.

"What in the world is going?"

"I dont know!" said one employee, it was then the second employee confirmed the two ISAF officers their suspicions.

"We're under attack by ZAFT! Some of their mobile suits have entered the Colony! You guys better leave too!" that information shocked the teenage students, it was then Cagalli decided to take off. Kira, who thought she was a guy, gave chase, Arleen and Kyle did the same and went after them.

Artificial Hill overlooking colony interior

Yzak Joule looked through his binoculars as he looked at the targets they were after.

"There they are. Just like the Commander said," the Redcoat observed

"What, that if we prod them long enough, they'll come out of their holes?" said fellow Redcoat, Dearka Elsman.

"Yeah, after all, the Naturals are stupid and pathetic," Yzak sneered.

"Especially ISAF? After all they did to try and stop the nukes from hitting the PLANTs?" Said Nicol Amalfi with deep respect for the ISAF Forces.

"They're the only exception. Besides, knowing them and how sneaky they are, they probably used this as an advantage to get data to upgrade their MS Forces. That's what I like about them," Yzak praised, as this was uncommon from the normally hot-headed, stuck up, Redcoat.

"We should hurry. Shiho, Miguel, and Olor will be here soon" said Athrun Zala as he looked at the Mobile Suits still in their cradles. He knows Kira's here and he hoped he got to a shelter in time.

"Yeah, we would'nt want to keep Yzak's girlfreind waiting," Dearka teased and that caused a few of the commando team to snicker, and made Yzak see red, but he knew they have a job to do and did'nt want to keep Commander Le Creuset waiting.

Hallway in Morgenroete

Kira finally caught up to Cagalli as Kyle and Arleen came up behind him.

"Will you three stop tailing me! I have to check up on something!" Cagalli snapped as she tried to get out of Kira's grip. It was then that Kyle said something that shocked both her and Kira.

"Oh please, do you really want to try and get yourself killed? Lady Attha?" he said the last with an amused smile.

Cagalli looked like a deer caught in the headlights, while Kira raised a eyebrow in confusion. Before he can ask what he meant by that, an explosion made the wall and ceiling collapse, blocking their way back. The gust of wind that came from the explosion blew Cagalli's hat off and Kira's eyes widened as he found that it was a girl he was chasing. He only said one thing of the situation, and it was the wrong one.

"You're a....girl?" Kyle smacked his forehead at his friend's stupidity, while Arleen giggled, even at a time like this, and Cagalli gave an insulted glare.

"Yeah! What did you think I was!? Come on, let's hear it!" She snapped, and Kira was at a lost of what to say. Another explosion knocked them back to reality, and Kyle immediatley decided it was time to go. "It appears this is'nt a good place to be. Let's get outta here!" with that he grabbed Cagalli's arm and the four of them ran down a path.

Outside Heliopolis,


The situation looked grim outside as Heliopolis Mistrals, bravely but foolishly took on the ZAFT GINNs, and they were being cut to pieces. Then the Militia's Mobile Suit Force and TSF-Vertigo Fighters relieved the Mistrals, and began battling out with the ZAFT Forces, and as predicted the green pilots of the Vertigos did'nt stand a chance as the GiNNs were slaughtering left to right. Calls for help we're coming like crazy.




Trisha had had enough! The GINNS were slaughtering the Vertigos, and the Patriots were having their hands full! She had to do something or there wont be anybody to save. She made her decision.

"That's it! Tell Canard to have his team out there with their Cavaliers and help out the Militia Forces, NOW! And try to get in contact with Head Quarters! Tell them we need the go-ahead to engage, move it people!" Trisha's order was final as the bridge crew carried out her orders. Tanya Koulikov, the ship's CIC operator, got in contact with Canard.

"Commander Harkin you're ordered to engage and help out the surviving Militia Forces, and please hurry, they're getting slaughtered out there!" she said her voice having a touch of fear in it.

"Copy that Tanya! We're going!" said Canard as he sealed his helmet visor. "All right everyone we got our orders! Our job is to help out the Militia survivors! Is that clear!?" he ordered and he got a affirmative from all his pilots including his second-in-command and girlfriend Yumi Nagase. He smiled as an IWSP pack was attached to his Mobile Suit. The Cavalier was brand new and untested, so this will be a trial by fire for it. He took a deep breath as his machine got on the catapult.

"All right! Canard Pars-Harkin, Cavalier, lets go!" with that he hit the throttle and the brand new mobile suit took off followed by it's brethren, as they sped toward Heliopolis to help out their comrades.

Morgenroete, Factory Area

The four teens ran down the corridor and when they finally reached the end of the tunnel they came upon a warzone. Earth Forces soldiers and ZAFT commandos were engaged in a gunfight as they fought over the two metallic-titans sitting in their berths. Kira was awed and shocked at how streamlined and slender the mobile suits looked, even more streamlined than ISAF's Patriot Series.

"Hey, those are.." he began to say as Cagalli went on her knees feeling sad and betrayed.

"I knew it. The Earth Forces' new Mobile Weapons." and with a deep breath she screamed out, "FATHER I KNEW YOU BETRAYED US ALL!"

THAT, was probably the dumbest thing she did, as her scream caught the attention of Junior Lt. Murrue Ramius as she swung her rifle and pulled the trigger.

Kyle saw that her little blunder caught some unwanted attention and he tackled everyone to the ground as bullets hit the railing, missing them. Arleen was not happy at that!

"Are you trying to get us killed, Lady Attha!? There's no time for that!" with that the two ISAF soldiers in disguise hoisted the two of them up and continued on to the shelters

Murrue Ramius was shocked to see it was actually a group of kids that set her off. She was thankful she missed and cursed herself for as a yelp from one of her men got her attention.

"Damn it! Hamana! Hurry! We need to get these machines out of here!" she screamed as her gun jammed and she resorted to her pistol.

As 2 GINNs & a Blue CGUE provided covering fire back at the bridge for their comrades who are rewriting the OS to the Earth Forces new weapons, Yzak was impressed with the weapons it had, but frowned at how they made an OS like this piece of crap.

"I cant believe Morgrnroete thinks this piece of junk OS will help them!" he shouted his dislike at the poorly assorted OS.

"I guess that means they have'nt cracked the problem yet. Liberty has the same problem too, but their close." Dearka replied to his friend.

"Yeah, I know, well I'm done. How 'bout you Dearka?" he asked his teammate.

"It's running smoothly. It'll move," with that the Duel and the Buster stood up.

"Nicol?" Yzak asked the youngest of his team.

"Almost done...there!" he said as he brought his machine up.

"Where are Athrun and Rusty? Sure taking their time."

"We'll worry about that later. Right now let's get these back to Commander Le Creuset before they get dammaged." with that the four G-Weapons took off with Shiho's CGUE and the 2 GINNs as escorts as they headed back to the Vesalius.

Factory District

"YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!?" Kyle shouted out in frustration as he noticed that all the Shelters in the area have locked down. He had one option left, and he looked at Arleen and she nodded in understanding. "Kira there are Shelters in the Left Block, go there and get in a shelter! I'll take care of the Princess!" Kira was confused by that, "How are you..?"

"There's no time! I'll tell you all about it later, now just go!" Kira wasted no time in arguing with him as he knew how serious he was when he was like this.

"Alright! But you better tell me when you get back!"

"Agreed! Now go!"

With that Kira turned around and headed back toward the Left-Block. Arleen looked worried as she saw him run back toward the fire-fight.

"You think he'll be alright?" she asked with concern. Kyle did'nt say anything at first, then with a sigh, he told her truthfully, "I dont know Arleen, but Kira is a Coordinator just like us, we dont go down so easily,"

She looked at the at the corner their friend turned at before saying, " I hope you're right"


The situation was grim for Murrue as she continously fired at the ZAFT invaders with a rifle she took from a fallen comrade. Then she heard another subordinate give out a death yell, as he was shot in the head by a ZAFT pilot in a red uniform.

"HAMANA!" she yelled and fired a single shot that smashed through the ZAFT pilot's helmet visor and he fell back dead. When Athrun saw his friend fall he saw red.



Kira was walking across the catwalk when he suddenly saw a sniper lining up a shot at the woman who shot at them earlier.

"Lookout! Behind you!" he shouted and the Lt. turned and fired killing the sniper and looked toward the source of the voice and could'nt believe that it was one of those same kids she almost killed.

"That kid again. Why did he...?" Before she could finish the last of her men was killed, and she turned around and killed the last of the greencoat commandos.

"Come down here!" she ordered, now desperate to get the last machine out of there, "Thanks, but I'm heading to the shelters in the Left-Block, dont worry about me!" he shouted back just wanting to get out of there.

"There's nothing beyond that door!" just as she said that the said passage exploded in a huge fireball blocking the only way there. "Hurry and get down here!"

Realizing he had no choice he ran onto a catwalk and to the shock and suprise of the Earth Forces Officer he jumped off and landed on the leg of the Strike. Just then another Redcoat came out of the shadows and fired at the Lt. hitting her in the shoulder, before his gun jammed, and then took out his combat knife. He used his jet pack to get up on the mobile suit, and went in for the kill, and then, just when he was about to finish her off he came face-to-face with a person he had'nt seen in three years. Kira was the same as he saw one of his close friends.

"Athrun?" he said in shock.

The soldier stopped, eyes wide as he could'nt belive what he heard, "Kira?"

The wounded Lt. used this chance to ward the ZAFT pilot away with her pistol. Not wanting to get shot he jumped back using his jetpack to get over to the other machine. Murrue then shoved Kira into the cockpit of the Strike, and then she jumped in. Athrun, into the Aegis as the entire factory was exploding all around them. The Strike and the Aegis left their cradles as they got as the building exploded in a fireball.

Secret Hanger

Kyle, now wearing a black and green custom ISAF flight suit made by the Orb Union, hurried to his machine, as Arleen dressed in her red with white trim suit, and Cagalli came out in a regulation pink. When they approached the far side of the hangar, Cagalli stopped, eyes wide at what she was seeing. They looked just like the mobile suits in the other Hanger, but they look a little different.

"Well, you coming or not!?" said Kyle as he closed his helmet's visor.

Cagalli did'nt argue as she followed him up the stairs to lift to his machine, while Arleen boarded the lift to her machine.

"You get in first behind the seat. I'll come in last" he ordered her.

"Whatever you say" Cagalli said under her breath and she entered the cockpit, then Kyle got in, and Arleen got in her Mobile Suit. The two started them up as the large door slid down, and both gave a deep breath then shouted the names of their machines.

"Kyle Matsutani, Rogue, TAKING OFF!"

"Arleen Bettany, Vigilante, LET'S HIT IT!!"

The two Gundams then took off in to the Interior of Heliopolis, into the unknown journey that awiated them.

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