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Phase 15: Burning Skies

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She then reached up, and pulled off her helmet. Ryu saw her long blond hair, but when he saw those dark blue eyes, and that face, his eyes widened in disbelieving shock.

' can't...' he thought, as he looked into the eyes of his thought-to-be-dead Commanding Officer, and Fiancee.

"Y...Y...Y-Yuna?" Ryu asked, not believing the sight he saw before him. The woman could only chuckle at the look on her lover's face.

"Hey Ryu, missed me?"


February 7th C.E 71

Egypt, North Africa


Ryu's mouth was gaping wide open as he saw the woman he loved, who was supposed to be dead, right in front of him.

"Yuna...h-how?" the Dragon of Endymion said, "I...I saw your Moebius Zero...,"

Yuna placed a finger on the former EA ace's lips, silencing him "I'll explain later Ryu, but first...," with that she pulled the stunned Coordinator into a passionate kiss, shocking the others while Mu, John, and Larry, grinned.

Ryu was completely frozen in shock, his mind still trying to register what was happening, however upon contact with Yuna's lips, everything came to a stop in Ryu's mind. Right then, he knew, he knew that beyond doubt, that the person who was kissing him was none other than Yuna Falcon. After a few more moments, Ryu finally began to return the kiss. John and Larry looked at Mu who was still smiling.

"You knew she was still alive?" Larry asked.

"I only found out yesterday, Larry," Mu said, "And trust me, I was just as shocked as you were," The two looked back to the couple who were still kissing one another.

" did she survive?" John said, "I remember you explaining to us of her slamming her ZERO into a Nazca-class,"

"I bailed out at the last second," explained Yuna once she and Ryu separated for air, as she looked to the stunned Dragon of Endymion, "It seemed like forever until I was picked up and taken to a medical facility...unfortunately, that facility I was taken to was runned by Blue Cosmos."

Ryu and the others could quickly see where this was heading, "They...they tried to brainwash me...turn me into one of those Bio CPU's..." Yuna said, "But they failed 'cause my will was just too strong. They were going to dispose of me, but Corner Industries got me out of there, and recruited me into their own M.S development program." Ryu blinked at that, "Their own M.S. program?" Yuna nodded at that, "Yeah, apparently they've been keeping an eye on the G-Project ever since Admiral Halberton proposed it. As a result they built two mobile suits separate from the original line," she then looked at the Phoenix, "One you see over there. And another that, along with one of the Archangel's MS Team Commanders, is currently in Japan," she explained.

"Japan?" Ryu asked, "How the hell did they get to Japan?"

"They got separated from us during re-entry," Mu said, "Couldn't make it back to either the Archangel or Morningstar in time. Thankfully, Jordan upgraded his and everyone else's mobile suits to survive atmospheric re-entry, so they should be fine."

Ryu nodded at that, "That's good. And I would like to meet this Jordan sometime," he said, as Mu and everyone else felt a chill go up their spine, "But for now, let's get you guys back to our base. We have a lot to discuss,"

Everyone nodded at that, and prepared to head to the Desert Dawn Base.




Andrew Waltfeld sat around his command center as he was trying to come up with a way to strike at Desert Dawn and Terminal. But it was going to be difficult with the Archangel and Morningstar linking up with them.

There had to be a way for him to strike at Desert Dawn and draw out the Archangel and the Strike. The Morningstar was a secondary objective to him. Unfortunately, Andrew had yet to discover the location of the Desert Dawn's main Head Quarters, they were somewhere out in that desert, but where he probably would never know. Andrew tried to focus but couldn't focus with the training music he was listening to.

[ Owari nai Yumw :/ / www. youtube watch ? v=STAnFs1H8-g ]

Andrew sighed as he heard the Japanese music blaring outside and said, "Why does that kid and his robot need that kind of music?"

Andrew's girlfriend, Aisha came into the command center with a cup of piping hot coffee and gave it Andrew.

"I take Rengi is training with Silver once again," said Aisha as she set Andrew's cup of coffee on his desk, "They're getting really good with that Kendo training. I think he's even starting to have some of the other Silver Tigers and few GINN pilots as students to learn Kendo."

"Never thought I would live to see a Natural teaching Coordinators something new," Andrew said as he chuckled before sipping his coffee, "It's the blend Silver made?"

"Yup," answered Aisha, "Still hasn't forgotten that training on coffee making."

Andrew gave a slight chuckle as sipped his coffee. "Ahh! That robot can sure make some good coffee. Not like yours though, love," he said, as Aisha smiled and gave him a soft kiss.

"And that's what I love about you Andy, always loyal," she said as she gave a wink and walked out of the office to give her lover some alone time to think. Andy sighed as the music outside continued to blare as Rengi continued his training with the other pilots.


Meanwhile In Japan, Narita Mountains


It was the day after they arrived in Japan, and Jordan and his friends had come to the decision to stay with the JLF for now at least. The others had all split off, leaving Jordan wandering through the base, however he recently discovered where the Engineering Lab was at the base, so now he was heading took him a few minutes of walking, until he finally arrived at a door where he could hear voices on the other side.

"Come now Earl of Pudding, don't be so gloomy," said a woman's voice, and then he heard a sigh.

"Will you please stop calling me that?" Another, male voice, said, "I'm trying to be serious here!"

"So am I," the woman said. "But its hard to take you seriously sometimes Lloyd, you know that." Jordan decided to see what's up, so he opened the doors to the lab.

The lab was very large, about as large as the Gamow's hanger was, if not larger, capable of easily housing at least four mobile suits inside. In fact, there were already two in a set of births, both of which looked like highly upgraded Patriot's. On the ground level, there were numerous lab stations and tables.

However Jordan's attention was grabbed at the three only figures in the hangar bay, two women and a man.

The first was a man who had short white colored hair and greyish blue eyes, wearing a white lab coat. The first woman looked a bit older, but not by much. She had an Asian look about her, if Jordan had to guess he'd say she was from India, and had long yellowish blond colored hair, and Turquoise colored eyes, she too wore a lab coat, only more...loosely.

The last person inside was another woman, who had ear length dark blue hair, with lighter blue colored eyes, wearing an orange colored Terminal Uniform. She looked to be the youngest out of all of them.

"Will you two please not start this again," The dark blue haired woman said, "We have to finish the upgrades to these units the day after tomorrow," The white haired man sighed again.

"I know that Cecile, but unfortunately our dear Rakshata is in one of her... moods," he said with a tad of uneasiness. The blonde haired woman, Rakshata rolled her eyes at that, "Oh please Lloyd, you're such a party pooper," she said, while Lloyd gave her a deadpanned look.

"And you are a crazy nitwit," he said, before glancing to the side and finally noticing Jordan.

"Oh? And who might you be?" He asked, drawing the attention of the other two women.

"Uhh, I'm Jordan, Jordan Takeo," He answered, "I was looking around the base, and I decided to check out the M.S Labs here, see what the JLF has to offer."

Rakshata was the first to remember the name, "Ah! You're the pilot of one of those Mobile Suits who came here last night, correct?" She asked, and Jordan nodded. "Well, pleasure to meet you then! My name is Rakshata Chawla, chief engineer and developer to the JLF."

"Lloyd Asplund, at your service," Lloyd said with a smile, "I must say, did you upgrade that mobile suit on your own? I must say you did quite an impressive job, room for improvement, but a well done job nonetheless. Ah, and this is my assistant Cécile Croomy."

"P-Pleasure to meet you!" Cécile said, and Jordan smiled and nodded "Nice to meet you all," he said, "So, exactly what were you arguing about?"

"We were discussing on how we should upgrade the JLF's M.S forces now," Rakshata said with a sigh as she looked up at the two new Patriots, "Triad has been relentless as of late on the JLF, at first they only used smuggled ZAFT and ISAF machines along with outdated Yeti's...but now they're beginning to field more advance units, like that X Prototype I've heard so much about. There are even rumors about the EAF selling them their new Mass Produced mobile suits, since they themselves can't use them yet without a NFOS. I fear that our current M.S Forces won't be enough to fight them."

Lloyd nodded "Yes, if only we had data on the G-Weapon's from Heliopolis..." he said, "I've heard they were amazing machines, and I don't want to ask that man Keisei if I can take a look at his machine...I have my doubts that he would allow me too..."

Jordan blinked before he grinned and pulled out a flash drive "You're in luck," he said, "I just happen to have the data on all seven G-Weapons. Hell, I even have the data on the ISAF's Cavaliers, and data I managed to gather off of the Duel's new Assault Shroud when I last fought it."

The eyes of both Rakshata and Lloyd widened, as they looked at the Flash Drive like it was a piece of candy. "Really?" Rakshata asked, with stars in her eyes "You have all that data?"

"That, and more." Jordan said with a grin, "I've been working on schematics for possible upgrades for the Gundam's, along with working on a few schematics I made during my free time on new units. I lacked the resources I needed to make them when I was on the Archangel and Morningstar, but I have a feeling working with the JLF will help me bring these babies to life."

The two engineers looked like they hit the jackpot! If the looks on their faces was anything to go by.

"My boy, you are a Godsend!" the bespectacled engineer said, "Can we please take a look at it?"

Jordan just grinned and asked for a computer terminal and the two, along with Cecile, led the MS otaku over to one.

Jordan placed the Flashdrive into a port, and soon the data was loaded into the computer, and soon the schematics of the Gundams, along with the Heliopolis Patriots, the Cavalier, and an image of the Duel's Assault Shroud along with some technical data all appeared on the screen. The two engineers were both giddy as kids in a candy store as they looked at the data.

"As you see, this is all of the data on the Gundam's, and the Heliopolis Militia Patriot's I helped customize with Gundam Weaponry and equipment." Jordan said, "Along with some data I got from the Patriot Zero's I created as well, and what I've gathered on the Duel's new Assault Shroud. Ever since Heliopolis I've been working on ways to improve these designs, but I haven't had the chance or resources to really do much aside from making the specs themselves."

"Well, you certainly have a gift in Mobile Suit Engineering," Rakshata commented, and Jordan chuckled a bit.

"I picked up a few things from my mom, she works at Morgenroete." He said, "I just like Mobile Suits more than most people. I find a in designing and using mobile suits." The two nodded in agreement at that.

"You are not the only one, Jordan," Lloyd said, "I became interested in mobile suits since they were first revealed during the Mandelbrot Incident. The same can be said for Rakshata here. Since then, our lives have revolved around improving mobile suits to new heights!"

"And you certainly have the mind to be a M.S Engineer," Rakshata said, as she looked at several of Jordan's schematics.

"Many of these designs are quite impressive, room for improvement yes, but otherwise impressive!" She then grinned a bit "I think you'll fit in perfectly here Jordan."




"Ah Rengi, are you going out for the night?" Aisha asked Andrew's trusted lieutenant. "Yup, Roux is waiting for me," answered Rengi. "She wants to go out and have Doner Kebabs again. Knowing her, she'll put chili sauce on my Kebabs again."

Aisha laughed at Rengi's antics as she knew that Roux could be quite... persuasive and like Rengi, she was a Natural as well but had very special abilities that no Natural possesed. She waved to Rengi as he left the house carrying his sword strapped to his back. Aisha sighed when she saw his sword and shook her head until Andrew approached her. He had a Panama hat on his head and a Hawaiian print shirt with white shorts and sandals on his feet..

"So, you feel like going out to eat tonight?" Andrew asked Aisha with a slight grin on his face. Aisha sighed and had a not amused smile on her face as shook her head.

"You just want an excuse to tail Rengi and his date again," replied Aisha, "But some grilled chicken skewers would be nice to have instead of eating Doner Kebabs."

"Hey whatever you want to have my love," Andrew said smooth and cool, while Aisha giggled and the two headed into the town.


With Rengi, 10 minutes later


Rengi met up with his girlfriend Roux Louka after his conversation with Aisha. Said woman was a young woman the same age as him, with lavender waist length colored hair, caramel colored eyes, and wearing a blue summer blouse over a yellow tank top, and a blue skirt. She was also wearing a pair of tan colored heeled boots, with yellow wraps around them.

"Hey Roux!" he said as Roux waved to him.

"Hi Rengi," said Roux as she held hands with her boyfriend and then noticing the sword on his back, "Is that sword necessary?"

"I know Roux," answered Rengi. "I'm working on trying to leave it back at the barracks."

"You can't mean you still think Blue Cosmos is after you?" Roux asked Rengi as she cocked an eyebrow.

"Well considering that I joined ZAFT willingly and purposely botched an assassination attempt on my adopted mother," began Rengi, "They put a price on my head for some stupid and made up charge."

"Oh yeah," said Roux as she remembered seeing a wanted poster that had been placed on a billboard at Morgenroete for Rengi's capture, "Yeah the charge was... treason against the human race. What kind of charge is that? Treason against a country is one thing; but saying someone committed treason against the human race was... God, I can't stand Blue Cosmos."



Desert Dawn Canyon Base


The Archangel and the Morningstar carefully move into the canyon that hides the base of the Desert Dawn Resistance. After the ships were safely secured inside the canyon, the crews placed camouflage netting over them, to hide them from prying eyes.

After that was finished, the Captains, Mu, Dean, Canard, and Yuna, followed Sahib and Ryu to the Command Center.

Cagalli, headed to meet with her friend and bodyguard, Ledonir Kisaka, who came to help his hometown of Tassil. It didn't take her long to find him.

"Kisaka!," Cagalli said to the tall fairly tanned man as she waved to him.

"Lady Cagalli, what are you doing here?" asked a surprised Kisaka.

"Well I just became a mobile suit pilot and a member of the Morningstar," answered Cagalli, "The Archangel was ordered to help Terminal forces and Desert Dawn against Triad forces."

The commander of the Orb 21st Airborne Unit nodded at that, "Yes, Triad has been fighting against us, ZAFT, and remnant EA Forces who have not retreated when ZAFT Forces took over the entire area," he said, and then sighed, "We're having enough trouble just fighting ZAFT,"

Cagalli nodded in agreement, "I know, how are things back in Orb after I left, and before you came to North Africa?" she asked her old bodyguard who sighed in irritation, "The Seirans are still trying to convince your father to leave the ISAF, and join the Alliance," he said, and Cagalli sighed and rolled her eyes at that.

"Figures...," she said with irritation, and Kisaka nodded

"But the Tankyu, and the Oniyuri shot back, telling them that the Atlantic Federation will backstab us in the end," he explained, "Even General Fuyudori, and Admiral Okami-hei are getting fed up with them. The Sahaku have mostly been very quiet, but Ghina is missing. Now it's mainly Mina that shows up at the meetings, but is with the Tankyu and Oniyuri about not siding with the Alliance,"

Cagalli sighed "Well, the Sahaku's are militaristic, but at least they're not stupid." she said, "Joining the ISAF is among one of the best decisions Orb has made, but the Seirans are just too stupid to realize that, thinking the A.F is more are they still a noble family again?"

She then heard a loud feminine giggle "Ya know, I've been asking that for a while myself Cagalli-chan," it said, followed by a male voice saying "I think they're just lucky, they'll get what's coming to them eventually."

Cagalli's eyes widen at the voices, and her head snapped in the direction where they came from. She saw two people dressed in desert camo fatigues, one was a teenage girl, with mid-back length sky blue hair tied in a braid, orange eyes, and light olive colored skin. The other was a male that was the same age as the girl, he had black hair with silver streaks, amber colored eyes, and light tan skin.

"M-Mariko? W-Watanabe?" she said in shock "W-What are you two doing here?"

Watanabe Okami-hei chuckled a bit to himself. "We could be asking you the same question Cagalli-chan," he said, "Last we heard, you were on your way to Heliopolis."

"You can imagine our surprise now, seeing you here!" Mariko Fuyudori said with a giggle. "But seriously though, why are you here?"

"Working for the Morningstar and Terminal," Cagalli answered, "When Heliopolis was attacked, the Morningstar allowed me onboard. Since then I've been fighting with them, keeping the Heliopolis Refugee's the Archangel picked up safe from ZAFT and Triad."

The two nodded at that. "Yeah, we heard about the attack on Valhalla...," Mariko said, "We heard rumors that Triad was up to something here in Africa, and heard Kisaka was coming here to help the Desert Dawn. Since he was born here and all," Watanabe also joined in, "So we decided to volunteer to come here and help out anyway we can," he then smiled, "And the best part, we're mobile suit pilots! We pilot some two of the Volk's from the Lupus Team!"

Cagalli smiled "That's good to hear," she said before she grinned "But you're not the only ones, I've been piloting my own custom Patriot for a while now."

Both of her friends, and Kisaka, looked at Cagalli in surprise.

"Wha?" Watanabe asked, "How? Your Natural, the only way you could do that is if..." his eyes widened as the pieces fell into place, the others reaching the same conclusion "You...have a Natural-Friendly O.S?"

"Yup!" Cagalli said, "Jordan made it on the way to earth with some help from Kira Yamato and a Junk Guild pilot. Since then, I've been Piloting the Patriot like a Coordinator could."

"Wow...even the NFOS' we've created are still in the Prototype stages..." Mariko said, before she blinked in recognition "Wait, you mean Jordan Takeo? The son of Sutura Takeo, from Morgenroete?"

"The same," Cagalli said, "And he's picked up all of his mother's skills when it comes to M.S Engineering, if not surpassing her all together."

The two blinked at that, "Man! Aren't you lucky!" Watanabe said, and Cagalli chuckled. Kisaka could only shake his head at the teens antics. "So guys, how are Taka and Hagane?" she asked them.

"Last time we saw them, they were fine. They did talk about joining the ISAF Armed Forces, last we heard from them, they were on a shuttle to New Philadelphia," Mariko said, and Cagalli's eyes blinked at that.

"No kidding?" she asked, "Well good for them." Kisaka gave a slight nod as he looked away hoping nothing bad would befall Tassil.


Meanwhile with Triad

Darkus Wolves Squadron


"Alright we've got another mission from command," said the leader of the Darkus Wolves, Commander Goodman, "Command wants us to attack the town of Tassil."

"I can't believe that we got stuck in the middle of nowhere and told to fight a group of pathetic weaklings," whined Lieutenant Junior Grade William Ackerson.

"Well, we need to create hatred between ZAFT and the resistance forces," said another person, Lieutenant Hilling Care, "It'll also give us a chance to capture that Gundam-type mobile suit for ourselves and also turn in that pilot to Blue Cosmos for a very handsome reward."

"What do they plan to do to the kid?" asked Lieutenant Junior Grade Ackerson.

"Execute him and broadcast it throughout the Earthsphere," answered Goodman, "Blue Cosmos wants to set an example to those Naturals who think about joining ZAFT or even siding with them. I even heard that the execution was going to be uncensored so people can how brutal and violent traitors will die."

Some pilots actually blinked at that, "Man, and I thought we were the blood thirsty punks here," said a man with gelled spiky sandy brown hair, and acid green eyes, with a wicked smirk on his face.

"Well, that's people like Blue Cosmos for ya. They're so jealous of Coordinators it makes them act like wild beasts, like the Tasmanian Devil back home," said another pilot with an Australian accent, "In fact, it makes the little buggers look like saints!"

Everyone laughed at that, except for one person, who was standing in a corner of the room glaring at the rest of the squadron.

She wore the Triad version of the EA pilot suit, though with mint green replacing the white. Her wavy shoulder length hair was a dark olive green, while her eyes were colored apple green. She appeared to 18 years old, with the figure to catch any pervert's eye. Her eyes narrowed more as she listened to the gleeful laughter of the Triad .

'I can't believe I was stupid enough to be recruited by these murdering fucks,' she thought about taking her pistol out and killing every last rat bastard one of them. But...not yet.

"Ensign Bles," said Goodman as Vera Bles calmed her facial features and looked at the portly, blonde, curly haired, gorilla, "Something you want to add?"

"No sir," she said, simply as Goodman nodded "Very well," he said, "We begin the attack tomorrow at nightfall, and remember: No Survivors."



Japan, Narita Mountain Base


Keisei and Suzume were walking through the base, after accepting the offer to join the JLF, even though it was probably only temporary, the General told them they had a very critical operation in the works that could very well change the tide of the war effort in Japan. What it was, the General said he would explain at the Briefing.

"I wonder what it is that General Katase is so worried about," Suzume said, as she was still wearing her pilot uniform, but with the zipper partially down, exposing her black tank top shirt. Keisei could only shrugged at that, "Who knows, but the General will tell us at the briefing," he said as they arrived at the said room and entered.

Also there were at least 30 other people, almost all of them in pilot suits of EA make, but with the flag of Japan replacing the O.M.N.I. Enforcer patch, and are colored Olive drab with black trim. Keisei recognized Naoto, Kallen, and their team immediately, as said redhead was talking to a raven haired boy with violet eyes. Upon entering, the two siblings quickly took note of their entrance

"Hey! Good to see you again!" Naoto said, "Briefing is about to start in a few minutes, you guys showed up just in time."

"Good, Jordan and the others should be here soon too," Keisei said, before looking at the violet-eyed boy "And you are?" he asked.

The boy chuckled a bit "I'm Lelouch, Lelouch Lamperouge," he answered, "I'm in command of the Ikaruga's Zero Squadron." "I'm Keisei Toranaga, pleasure to meet you Lelouch," said Keisei as he extended his hand out to Lelouch.

Lelouch took Keisei's hand and shook it. "Lelouch, don't forget that the briefing is starting soon," said a girl about two years older than Lelouch with waist length lime green hair and caramel colored eyes.

"Relax C.C., we have plenty of time before the briefing," Lelouch said as he turned to the girl standing behind him, "Besides, I wanted to talk to this guy here. He's recently defected from the Earth Forces and joined the JLF along with his... fiancee I believe. Is that correct?"

"Yeah, that's right," answered Keisei. "We were separated because of the damn Bloody Valentine tragedy."

"Yes," Lelouch said with a nod of agreement, "The Bloody Valentine. when Junius Seven was destroyed by a nuclear missile."

"Some people still speculate that Triad supplied the nuclear missiles to wipe out the PLANTS," added C.C.

Suzume nodded "Yeah, I've heard similar rumors." she said, her eyes narrowing a bit "And they just make me hate them even more, especially after what happened at Valhalla."

Not too long after that, Jordan and the others finally showed up, just before General Katase walked in, along with Tohdoh and another man who had short brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a JLF uniform. Keisei took note that the man sent a quick glare towards him and the other Archangel pilots, but he was quick to hide it, but they saw it.

"Alright, if there are no objections, we can now begin the briefing." Katase said, as the room darkened and the Projector showed a map of an area in Japan.

"This is Shinjuku, a city not to far from our headquarters here at Narita. For a while now, Shinjuku has been helping the JLF in our raids on PREA and Earth Forces in Northern Japan for a while now. However, we have received intel that the Earth Forces have caught onto this, and are sending in an armed force to deal with the 'leak' of information. The attack is being lead by the current 'Governor' of Japan, Clovis Scaliger." The projector then showed the image of Clovis Scaliger, "Clovis is sending in EAF Forces to Shinjuku, however they are not alone." Katase said, as his eyes narrowed a bit "He has also hired a team of Local Triad forces to assist in the attack to...Purge the area of JLF sympathisers."

Everyone was shocked, knowing that almost, if not all of Shinjuku was supportive to the JLF, and were clearly anti-PREA/Earth Alliance.

"They're gonna massacre the entire area!" said a horrified Kallen.

"And Triad's gonna help them carry it out," growled a JLF pilot, "And I bet they'll use this as propaganda to get the people to turn on us,"

"Exactly," Katase said, "Which is why we are mobilizing to defend Shinjuku, and to evacuate the civilians here. Our headquarters has enough space to hold them here until we can find them somewhere safe to stay. However, this operation has another purpose." The others rose there eyebrows as the general continued.

"Not only has Clovis ordered the attack, but he is personally overseeing and commanding the EAF/PREA Forces for himself," he said, "This is a golden opportunity, if we can eliminate Clovis from the picture, the command structure of the EAF's forces here in Japan will be disrupted and thrown into Chaos until a new commander can take over. Though our primary objective is to save civilians, our secondary objective is the assassination of Clovis Scaliger." Many in the room actually smiled at that as Katase continued.

"We take him out, we could disrupt the chain of command in the PREA, as well as the Earth Alliance," he said as he surveyed those who were present at the briefing.

"Why not leave the assassination of Clovis to me General Katase?" requested Lelouch, "My squadron and I can cause major disruptions and friction between Clovis's forces and the Triad forces he hired."

Katase rubbed his chin and thought about Lelouch's request as he had heard of Lelouch's tactics but hadn't seen them up close and personal.

"Alright, Lieutenant Lamperouge," Katase said thoughtfully, "We'll leave taking out Clovis to you and your squadron."

"I am most grateful," Lelouch said gracefully, "You will not be disappointed with my tactics."

"Sir," Jordan spoke up, "Exactly how are we going to be evacuating the civilians? I mean, we're trying to save well over 15,000 people, how are we going to get them all out in time?"

"Simple, by any means necessary," Katase said, "The Terminal Ikaruga, along with several of our own Land Battleships are going to be used to help evacuate all of the civilians."

Jordan's and the others eyes widen at that, "You have land battleships?" the pilot of the Dagger Gundam said.

"I didn't know the JLF had any land battleships, due to just being a resistance group," Suzume said, completely surprised.

"We have a few, but they're all either ships like ZAFT Lesseps-class, Petrie-class, or ISAF Rommel-class." The general answered, "But they still get the job done."

"And the Ikaruga is one of the next ships of the Morningstar-class," Lelouche said, "It can carry even more civilians, so that's not a problem."

"Exactly," The General said, "As for our deployment, we shall have our forces spread out around the outskirts of Shinjuku, while we hold off the EAF and Triad Forces, our ships will begin evacuating the civilians. No matter what happens, we must hold the line or many people are going to die today." The pilots nodded in understanding.

"If they're no questions...," he said only to be interrupted by the man who came in with him and Tohdoh.

"As a matter of fact, sir. I do," the man, Josui Kusakabe, said, "Why are they here?" pointing towards Jordan, Keisei, Suzume, Matthew and Flay.

"They've volunteered to fight with us Kusakabe," Katase said, and held up his hand, "And I don't want to hear about it, we had this argument before when they arrived. And I don't want to repeat myself, understood?" Kusakabe growled lowly in his throat before he nodded reluctantly, Katase then turned to the assembled pilots.

"The mission starts at 0600, three hours before the enemy's ETA. If they're no more questions, then this briefing is over...dismissed," he finished, and the group of pilots left the briefing room



In Benadiya


"Aw come on Roux, not chili sauce again," whined Rengi. "You always make me eat my Doner Kebabs with chili sauce."

"Buck up and take it like a man," Roux said as she put chili sauce on Rengi's Doner Kebabs. "Well, I'm at least gonna put some yogurt sauce on my kebabs, " Rengi said as he put some yogurt sauce on the kebabs to go with the chili sauce. "Oh, you're being such a sissy Rengi," teased Roux before taking a bite out of her meal.

"I just hope Commander Waltfeld or Silver aren't tailing us again." Rengi chuckled at that, "Oh don't worry, I had Silver continue the Silver Tiger's training, while I had Aisha distract Andy by having him take her to that Yakitori joint on the other side of town," Roux blinked at her boyfriend's words, "How did you get her to do that?" she asked, and Rengi smirked, as he then placed a hand behind the lavender-haired beauty and brought her forward resulting in him kissing her.

Roux's eyes widened before she relaxed and returned the kiss. The two stayed like that for a couple minutes before they broke apart. "Now that would be telling, now would it?" he said, and continued eating his meal.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," said Roux before she slyly put some chili sauce in Rengi's tea.




Three Blue Cosmos supporters watched Rengi and Roux with their date and saw their target... ahem, I mean targets. "There they are," whispered one Blue Cosmos .

"The two traitors who betrayed the human race and sided with the space monsters."

"Damn traitors," snarled another Blue Cosmos. "Get ready to burn in hell you fucking traitors to the human race."

"Let's get the fireworks started already," insisted a third Blue Cosmos members.

"The longer we take, the less a chance we have for collecting the reward for the bodies of those traitors."

"Humph, and they dare call themselves Naturals," snarled the second Blue Cosmos member.

But, unknown to the terrorists, they were being watched by a pair of green robotic eyes that flashed.

The owner of the eyes belonged to a robot that was 6 feet tall, and looked like Rengi's Silver Frame Astray. This was Silver, Rengi's constant and most trustworthy companion, besides Roux of course. He studied the Blue Cosmos attackers and quickly analyzed their weapons and then readied himself to fight the assassins.

"Now it's time you burned in fuckin hell, you damn traitors," the first Blue Csomos assassin said as he readied to fire the first salvo.


Down at the cafe


Rengi was about to take a sip from his chili sauce spiked drink, when he felt a familiar feeling that saved him multiple times before as his eyes widened in alarm.

"Roux! Hit the dirt!" he yelled as he grabbed his girlfriend and turned the table over just as the missile fired and impacted right in front of them. Then, three men armed with assault rifles bursted into the street and began to fire.

"Death to all Space Monsters and Traitors!" shouted one of them as he and his cohorts fired their guns into the air, as civilians panicked, and ZAFT personnel, dressed in civilian attire and drawing their own weapons, appeared.

"For the Preservation of our Pure and Blue World!" shouted another.

"I swear those guys are PISSING ME OFF!" snarled Rengi as he drew his sword getting ready to fight the Blue Cosmos assailants, while Roux pulled out a pistol from under her blouse.

"You're not the only one Rengi," Roux said as the BC thugs continued to fire indiscriminately at anything that moved. "Good thing their aim sucks though."

As the battle ensued, another member of the Silver Tigers team showed up from a distance. She had tropical green hair, lavender eyes, wore a white EA uniform and also had silver stripes on her face and running down her arms from her shoulders.

She sported an Israeli Tavor S.T.A.R. 21 medium range sniper rifle, another Israeli made weapon which was a Desert Eagle and a sword that looked like the Master Sword from Zelda as she wanted to carry a sword like Rengi and most of the other Silver Tigers. She was a Coordinator who was from Jerusalem, Israel in the Eurasian Federation and had been kidnapped by Gerard Garcia's men at the age of 11 and forced to help build mobile suits at Artemis after ZAFT and the ISAF rolled out their first mass production mobile suits.

Her name was Naomi Hisato and she wanted to destroy Blue Cosmos just as much as Rengi and Roux. She eventually escaped by building her own Mobile Suit using the spare parts of the other CAT-X1 series. She fled aimlessly throughout the Earthsphere until her food rations ran out, and then she was picked by a ZAFT patrol the next day, exhausted, and sleep deprived. She then joined ZAFT and was assigned to the SIlver Tigers.

Naomi set up a nest for her to work in and set up her sniper perch. The first shot was directed at a BC assassin that tried to creep up on Roux from behind and then switched to taking out those who had RPGs on the roofs near her comrades.


With Andrew and Aisha


Andrew and Aisha were enjoying their evening out together and playfully feeding grilled chicken skewers to each other in between Andrew's attempts to fish for a kiss.

Before Andy could successfully get a kiss from Aisha, the sounds of gunfire could be heard and the couple saw smoke coming from near the cafe and figured that Blue Cosmos was making another attempt to terrorize the citizens of Benadiya.

"Not again," Aisha said with an edge, "Will they ever stop?"

Andrew sighed at that, "You know, as well I do, Aisha, that Blue Cosmos will never stop committing these acts," he said, "They don't even care if other Naturals get hurt. To them, the people here are traitors,"

"Sir!" said a voice and Andrew turned and saw DaCosta running toward him with a group of ZAFT Olive Shirt Foot Soldiers.

"What's the status DaCosta?" he asked his subordinate who saluted. "Sir, Ensign Canaver and Ensign Louka are under attack by Blue Cosmos assassins,"

"Oh good god, not that outrageous charge of 'treason against the human race' again," Aisha moaned as she threw the last of her grilled chicken kebabs on her plate. "Now I've lost interest in eating."

"Uh Commander, there's more," said DaCosta. "Silver and Crewman Hisato have already begun to engage the Blue Cosmos insurrectionists."

"Let's hope they can clean up those Blue Cosmos thugs," Andrew said to Aisha.

"Better yet, call in the cavalry to help them out," suggested Aisha. Andrew though about that, "DaCosta, get a squad and head over there and help Canaver with those clowns...though, I doubt he'll need it since he's not a...normal Natural," he said, and the ZAFT soldiers nodded.





"Damn Sniper!" A Blue Cosmos Terrorist cursed as another of their comrades fell back with a bullet in his head.

"Someone take that bastard out!"

"I got him, second building top floor!" A B.C thug with an RPG said as he hefted it, aiming it at the sniper. However, before he could even pull the trigger, the sound of machine gun fire erupted behind him, and he fell down to the ground dead, his back littered with holes.

"What the hell?" The first B.C member said, before looking at the source and his eyes widened in both shock and horror, seeing what could only be described as a miniaturized human sized Gundam-Type M.S.

Silver snapped together his gun launcher and high energy beam rifle, that he was able to bring with him along with just beam saber, together and formed the anti-armor shotgun targeting three BC members preparing fire RPGs on his creator and friend.

Silver's anti-armor shotgun was dead-on as three RPG carriers were killed and their RPGs went off and exploded in the sky. Then Silver gently hovered to the ground and drew his beam saber, drawing the attention of remaining BC grunts.

"Oh my god, that thing has its own beam saber!" exclaimed a BC grunt before feeling like Darth Maul and getting sliced in half. Rengi saw that Silver had joined the battle and joined up with his partner.

"Hey Silver," Rengi said to his partner, "This is one of those times that I'm glad you disobeyed my instructions."

Silver flashed his eyes in acknowledgement then pointed to Rengi's sword making a pulling gesture as he wanted Rengi to draw his sword. Rengi did as Silver asked as he pulled out his sword ready to do battle with a new maneuver they had been practicing.





The hanger of the Narita JLF base was abuzz with activity as men and women prepared the Mobile Suits for combat. Mobile Suits were mobilizing and leaving, while the JLF prepared to head for Shinjuku. In the hanger, Keisei, Suzume, Jordan, Matthew and Flay were gathered around their machines.

"Alright, our primary objective here is to save the civilians!" Keisei said, "The General has allowed us to hitch a ride to Shinjuku on the Ikaruga, its just like the Morningstar. The JLF doesn't have the resources to hold off both Triad and the EAF at once for too long, so this evacuation can't take too much time. And remember people: This isn't space, this is on Earth, so we have to worry about collateral damage, and Gravity."

Then Jordan spoke up "The Keisan, Dagger, and Flay's Patriot are capable of flight, so their not much of a problem." he said, "However, I'm still working on improving Matt and Suzume's GiNNs' thrusters to allow atmospheric flight, so you two will be limited on the ground for now." The two shrugged a bit at that.

"No problem. Besides I wanna have some ground action anyway," Matt said, and Suzume nodded. "I wonder how my team back, will react when they see my GiNN fighting, alongside the JLF?" she asked no one in particular while Keisei smiled.

"Well, I'm sure they'll be surprised," he said, "after all, an orange painted GINN fighting with the JLF will look odd to those in ZAFT."

"We're getting ready to move out," C.C. informed the group. "Lelouch's unit requires Keisei, Matthew and Suzume."

"As for Jordan Takeo and Flay, " said Lloyd as he entered the hangar. "You two will be my additional divisors."

"Divisors?" asked Flay in confusion. "You mean you already have a divisor?"

"Yup, he's a bright young man and friend of Lieutenant Lamperouge," answered Lloyd. "His name is Suzaku Kururugi."

"He pilots a mobile suit that Lloyd and I developed together," Cécile added as she joined the conversation. "But we were hoping to be part of the operation," huffed Jordan.

"I've talked with General Katase and he agreed to have you and Miss Mizutori temporarily join up the Special Corps.," Lloyd said cheerfully. Jordan blinked at that, "The Special Corps?" he asked curiously, and Lloyd nodded. "Yes, the main reason that the General assigned you and Miss Mizutori to the Special Corps is that you would be more safer there, than with the Regular Units...Lieutenant Colonel Kusakabe, most of all," he said the Lt. Colonel's name with a slight irritation. Keisei sighed at that, "So he's still the same asshole as he was back then?," he said, and Lloyd nodded "Unfortunately...yes," he said, as Keisei grumbled a bit.

"I swear...I bet he still sees my mission to rid Japan and the Earth Sphere of Blue Cosmos as a 'betrayal'," he growled out, "He and his family have always tried to find an excuse to have my clan labeled as traitors," He then felt a hand on his shoulder and turned toward Suzume.

"Keisei-kun, we should get to our machines and be ready for the operation," Suzume said to her fiance. "At least we're not with Kusakabe's unit during the op."

"That's true my love," Keisei said with a smile as he put his hand on Suzume's left cheek. "And you're right we should get to our machines before..."

"Lloyd, Miss Cécile," called a teenage boy about 17 years old with brown hair, olive eyes and was wearing an EA flight suit with the EA patches removed, "My mobile suit's controls aren't working and the calibrations are off again." Lloyd sighed in irritation as he heard the young pilot complain about problems with his mobile suit. He had been trying to create a new mobile suit using data from intelligence reports on the Heliopolis G-Weapons with little success.

"Seriously Suzaku, how do you get into these situations?," he said to the young pilot who rubbed behind his head sheepishly, "Alright, let's take a look," With that, the MS Engineer and the pilot went back to the latter's mobile suit.

"Hey, wait for me!" called out Jordan as he followed the engineer and the Japanese MS pilot.

Matthew sighed as he saw his brother follow the two, "There he goes," he said, "My brother, the Mobile Suit otaku," he said, while everyone chuckled, or in the girl's case, giggled. "Alright, let's get in our machines," Keisei said, and the others nodded before they began to board their machines.

"Keisei-kun," Keisei heard his name, turned and saw Suzume was giving him a concerned look, "I know how you feel about Kusakabe...but please, try to think of the mission before your personal feelings about him,"

Keisei nodded at that, and gave his lover a kiss on the cheek, "I know my beautiful robin," he said, "Now, Let's get going,"

Suzume nodded and the two went to board their respective mobile suits.

Flay went to follow Jordan, because she too was part of the Special Corps for now.

"But why Jordan and I be assigned to the Special Corps?" Flay asked herself before noticing Marianne Lamperouge walking behind her.

"I'm sure that it wasn't General Katase that had you assigned to the Special Corps," Marianne answered Flay.

"If I had to guess, I'd say your grandmother had General Katase assign you to the Special Corps. As for Jordan Takeo, I believe that Rakshata had requested him to be assigned to the Special Corps for assistance with developing new mobile suits."

"Oh I see," Flay said softly. Marianne smiled and placed her hand on the young red-head, causing the girl to turn toward her.

"Don't worry, at least you'll be in the same unit with him and not in that overconfident fool Kusakabe's Banzai Regiment," she said, and Flay blinked at that.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," said Flay as she gave a slight nod.

"My son, Lieutenant Lelouch Lamperouge has a plan to ensure that Kusakabe gets killed during the op," Marianne said to Flay. "He'll be doing General Katase a favor by getting rid of Kusakabe."

"It... it just doesn't seem like we should be stooping low to Rau Le Creuset's level in getting rid of people," Flay said as Jordan came to get her.

"I agree with that," Marianne replied with a gentle smile,"But there are some things that can't be helped."

Flay sighed, but then smiled as Jordan arrived.

"Hey Flay, let's get saddled up," he said, and Flay nodded as they headed to their mobile suits with Marianne smiling at the sight of the two teenagers. She then turned and headed back to her ship.



Back in North Africa


The last of the BC terrorists falls down dead, after being sliced by Rengi's Butterfly Edge sword. Said ZAFT soldier then swiped his blade, resulting in most of the blood flicking off and onto the ground. The young man then sheathed his weapon as he looked at the damage caused by the attack.

He sighed as a few ZAFT Olive Shirts began to place the bodies of the group in one pile, while placing the bodies of innocent civilians who were caught in the crossfire in a more organized line. He saw Roux talking to DaCosta, as she was inspecting of the BC thugs weapons, giving it a scrutinizing look.

"Dammit. This was the fourth time this month," he said, barely keeping the edge out of his voice. "These guys are like damn cockroaches, they just keep coming back!"

"Yeah...if only we could find where their leader is," Roux commented as she inspected the weapons, "Weapons here are clearly of Triad surprise there. If we want to stop these guys, we need to find out where the local Triad H.Q is at, and fast." Rengi nodded at that, as Andrew and Aisha came up to them, along with Naomi Hisato, with her Tavor slung over her back.

"Geesh! What a mess," Andrew said, "I can't believe Blue Cosmos would cause this much damage just to get you two," he said. Rengi nodded at that, "Well, considering how they see me as a 'traitor to the Human Race'," he said, "I believe they're getting more crazy by the minute," Andrew chuckled at that until they heard Naomi gasp, and turned to see her grabbing and looking at one assault rifles that the terrorists had. "Naomi?" Roux asked in concern, "What is it?"

"This...this is a..," Naomi said, as she looked at the firearm, "This is a weapon that was designed in my country," The others were surprised at that, as she continued, "This the IMI Micro Galil. But, they were supposed to have been all destroyed after the Reconstruction War."

The Desert Tiger gave a look at the weapon that Naomi identified.

"Sounds like an interesting weapon," said Andrew, "DaCosta secure all the weapons that the hit squad had with them. Rengi, I'm sure that Silver will probably require a recharge, so take him back to base for recharge and get ready for our next mission."

"Yes sir," acknowledged Rengi. "Come on let's go Roux."

"Yeah, I've had enough excitement for one night," agreed Roux. DaCosta ordered the retrieval of the terrorists' weapons.

"Man, Blue Cosmos must be getting desperate if they have to use old Israeli weapons," commented DaCosta. "Hey Hisato, how much do you think these weapons would fetch for the right collector?"

"I dunno myself," answered Naomi. "But once they've been examined, I'm planning on taking them to keep because I've been securing weapons from my home country."

"That'll be up to the Commander," said DaCosta. "In the meantime, we should get going. We've got a mission tonight."


Meanwhile Desert Dawn Base


"This is our frontline base. Our homes are in the towns," said Sahib, as he and the E.A and ISAF/Terminal officers entered the 'Headquarters' of the Desert Dawn. "At least, if they haven't been burned to the ground. Tassil, Moula, and even as far as Banadiya. Our group is all volunteers."

"While this area may be under the domination of ZAFT, it's not like they have enough forces can control the entire desert. Yet only three days ago ZAFT conquered the Victoria Base. Since then, they've extended their control over the area."

"Did you say Victoria?" asked Natarle, startled, just as much as the others were in the room.

"Yeah," Ryu said, "That makes Panama the only E.A Friendly Mass Driver around now."

Trisha nodded at that, "And it's only a matter of time before the E.A. loses it. And if Panama should fall, Blue Cosmos will be become more dangerous and desperate," she then looked at the map. More specifically, the Falklands, and the islands of the Orb Union, "And that means they will try to force ISAF to side with the E.A., or invade, just like they did in South America,"

Sahib nodded at that, "True...but, it won't be easy for them," the people looked at him, "From what I heard, the ISAF Armed Forces have deployed three more MS Battalions, two Naval Task Forces, and 4 Mobile Infantry Brigades, plus 6 Terminal Mobile Suit Squads," he said, and Mu whistled at that.

"Dang, not taking any risks are they?" he said, clearly surprised at the amount of troops the ISAF now has stationed in the Falklands.

Trisha smiled at that, "We're always prepared if the shit hits the fan," she said.




"Well sir, there's the town of Tassil," DaCosta said to Andrew as said ZAFT Commander was accompanied by Rengi, Silver and Naomi.

"Do we have to burn down the town just lure out Desert Dawn, sir?" asked Naomi as she had a look of concern on her face.

"I have no intention of killing the women, children and elderly," answered Andrew.

"Let's just take away weapons sir," suggested Rengi as Silver and DaCosta looked at him with interest.

"Explain yourself," commanded Andrew.

"If we take away their ability to resupply, we can engage Desert Dawn and the Terminal forces," began Rengi "Once the weapons are taken away, we come in and occupy the town. This will draw out Desert Dawn... and hopefully the Archangel as well as the Strike."

Andrew set his chin on his left as he thought about this strategy Rengi suggested. It seemed risky to undertake, but if it drew out Desert Dawn, they might be able to capture the resistance group and end the fighting between them. Without Desert Dawn, the Archangel and Morningstar would be easy picking for the occupation forces in North Africa.

"Alright Ensign Canaver you have a go to carry out this plan of yours," Andrew announced to Rengi. "Rule 32?" Rengi asked the Desert Tiger.

"Rule 32," Andrew answered with a slight nod, "Take Hisato with you and tell Silver to leave his body here."

"Yes sir," acknowledged Rengi, "Come on Naomi, Silver. It's Rule 32." Silver flashed his eyes and followed Rengi as well as Naomi as she sighed and shook her head.

For Naomi, Rule 32 had to be the weirdest rule she ever heard. But she would follow that rule to the letter.

Once Rengi and Silver reached Astray Silver Frame, Silver flashed his eyes as the AI went into his mobile suit body. Once he was inside his mobile suit body, he flashed the eyes of the mobile suit to acknowledge he was in his mobile suit body.

Naomi went and boarded her Hyperion Verde Gundam which she was lucky to keep after she surrendered to ZAFT and joined the Silver Tigers. She watched Silver leave his smaller human sized body into his mobile suit body and sighed out of jealousy. She too wanted to have her own partner like Silver was Rengi's partner. She tried to construct her own partner but failed miserably.

"Hey Rengi, do you think you could help me build my own partner like your partner Silver?" Naomi asked over a private channel.

"I'll think about it," answered Rengi. "But right now isn't the best time to be asking about that."

Naomi sighed knowing what he meant, as the two machines moved forward towards the sleeping town of Tassil.

But, before they could get a few yards in MS standards...


"WHAT THE HELL!?" shouted Rengi as explosions started to erupt from the town, "Commander! The village is under attack!"

"Yeah! I can see that!" Andrew said as he saw the explosions, "Change of plans! I'm sending in the rest of the Tigers! Get over there and stop whoever it is that's attacking Tassil!"

"Got it!" Rengi said and the Silver Astray and Hyperion Verde Gundam launched into the sky. Rengi praying that they'd make it in time.


Back at the Desert Dawn Base


"So, besides ZAFT, what's Triad's fighting strength?" Murrue asked Sahib, and the Guerilla leader sighed.

"We're not sure," he said, "So far we only see ten mobile suits, mostly bought or stolen M.S. units from either the ISAF or ZAFT. Whenever we engage them, or vice versa, and we're able to destroy a few of them, new units would just take their place," he then sighed, "And we don't where there base is either," The officers all groaned at that.

"Well, that makes our job harder," Canard said, as he rubbed his temple.

"Sahib!" exclaimed a Desert Dawn soldier.

"What is it?" asked Sahib.

"It's Tassil!" exclaimed the Desert Dawn soldier. "It's under attack!" The officers eyes widened when they heard that Tassil was under attack.

"Damn it, fine time for the Desert Tiger to attack while we're away," snarled another Desert Dawn soldier.

"It's not the Desert Tiger attacking Tassil," said the second Desert Dawn soldier, "The Desert Tiger and his SIlver Tigers are defending Tassil."

"Well, that's unexpected to hear," said Mu as he joined the conversation.

"There's one more thing to report," said the first Desert Dawn soldier.

"What's that?" asked Sahib.

"There's another Gundam-type mobile suit with the Silver Tigers," answered the Desert Dawn soldier.

"It appears to be like one of the G-Weapons that ZAFT acquired from Artemis." Murrue and the others blinked at that,

"A G-Weapon from Artemis?," she said, confused and Ryu answered her.

"Terminal agents in ZAFT informed us of Eurasia building new units in the Artemis Asteroid Base before it was captured by ZAFT," the Dragon of Endymion said, "In fact, they look similar to your Gundams," that caused the Terminal/EA/ISAF officers eyes to widen.

"You're kidding?" Natarle said in shock.

Trisha sighed at that, "It appears we were not the only ones who had agents in the G-Weapon project," said the captain of the Morningstar.

"We'll have time to think about that later," Mu said, "We have to get to Tassil and help those people," he said, and everyone nodded.

Canard looked to Trisha and she gave a slight nod which Canard returned and ran back to the Morningstar.

Murrue gave the same slight nod to Mu who also returned the nod and ran back to the Archangel which got the attention of those off duty from both ships and they ran back to their respective ships. Canard arrived on the Morningstar and got the pilots ready to launch into battle.

"Are we dealing with ZAFT?" Canard asked Trisha as she was still in the Desert Dawn's base.

"No, ZAFT has taken up defensive positions to protect Tassil," answered Trisha.

"Protecting it?" asked Canard as he was dumbfounded. "That's... a first for the Desert Tiger."

"Also, the Silver Tigers have another Gundam-type mobile suit," said Amanda as she joined in the briefing.

"Another Gundam-type mobile suit?" asked Dean in shock, "How does a ZAFT unit get lucky and acquire two Gundam-type mobile suits?"

"Don't forget Commander Van Garret," began Monica. "The Le Creuset team has five Gundam-type mobile suits. The four Gundams from Heliopolis and a G-Weapon they got from Artemis."

"Well according to the Desert Dawn scout, the Silver Tigers second Gundam-type mobile suit looks like the G-Weapons ZAFT acquired at Artemis," added Amanda. "ISAF scientists just received one of the G-Weapons from Artemis by ZAFT."

"That's good to know they handed over one of their prizes to us," Canard said as his Cavalier was being moved to the catapult. "It would be nice if some of our bases could have Lightwave shields."

"Yeah, but then the base personnel would get lazy," said Yumi, as her own Cavalier was loaded onto the other catapult, "I think that kind of tech would be better used as a shield for a mobile suit."


On the Aztec


Zar sat in his office as he looked over the previous battle. The Archangel and Morningstar got away and were now in Andrew Waltfeld's backyard. Most of the ZAFT pilots and officers were celebrating their recent victory. The infamous 8th Fleet finally was all but wiped out and Halberton was burning in hell, according to Le Creuset. That comment earned Le Creuset a nasty glare that could've killed him in an instant. Halberton might've been on the opposite side, but he had earned Zar's respect as a commander.

For 15 minutes, he looked over the battle and studied the tactics used in the battle until the bridge buzzed his office.

"Yes, what is it?" Zar asked the bridge.

"Sir, we've completed sweep and picked up all dead and wounded," reported Frow Bow, the CIC officer.

"Excellent work," replied Zar as he rubbed his temples.

"But sir there's something else you should know," said Frow.

"What would that be?" asked Zar as he was about to take drink of some Scotch

"A recovery team found an escape pod," answered Frow, "Inside the escape pod was a man who claimed to be Earth Alliance Admiral Lewis Halberton."

Zar's eyes widened when he heard that Halberton was still alive and he spat out what Scotch had entered his mouth.

"Well... that's real shocking to hear," Zar said to himself while the COM was still open.

"Uh, sir?" asked Frow.

"Sorry. Where is he now, Frow?" he asked the Green Coat CIC operator, who blinked.

"Uhh, he's in the infirmary, sir," Frow said, and Zar nodded.

"As soon as the Doc is done with his patient, have him brought to my office," he said and Frow nodded, and the link was cut. The ZAFT ace then sighed.

"Well, this has certainly turn into a interesting day," he said in exasperation, as he took another swig of his scotch. Wondering what new 'surprises' will happen down the road.


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Hyperion Verde Gundam

Model number: CAT1-X1/V

Code name: Hyperion Verde Gundam

Unit type: prototype attack use mobile suit

Manufacturer: Earth Alliance (Eurasian Federation)

Operator: ZAFT (Silver Tigers)

First deployment: C.E. 71

Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Dimensions: head height 16.9 meters Weight: max gross weight 54.7 metric tons

Armor materials: unknown

Powerplant: ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown

Propulsion: unknown

Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown;

Fixed armaments: 2 x multi-barrel CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; "Armure Lumiere" mono-phase lightwave shield, can be used as arm-mounted shield or 360 degree barrier, 2 x "Forfanterie" beam cannon, mounted on backpack, positioned over shoulders in use.

Optional Armaments: 2x Kaj Type 70 Beam sabers, stored on main body, hand carried in use, RFW-99 "Zastava Stigmate" beam submachine gun, stored hip armor, hand carried in use.

Technical/Historical Notes: During her time in captivatity at Artemis, Naomi is forced to help the Eurasian Federation establish a mobile suit program because her background in mechanical engineering. During the 6 years at Artemis Naomi and other engineers successfully build the first of the Hyperion mobile suits to be built at Artemis. Unknown to Garcia and the commanders of Artemis, Naomi Hisato secretly builds a Hyperion Gundam for herself to use. Naomi dubs this Hyperion unit as Hyperion Verde after the Jungle Green color of her hair. Hyperion Verde has a couple weapons simliar to the six Hyperions built for Eurasia's mobile suit program. A day before the attack on Artemis, Naomi and Hyperion Verde escape from Artemis only to be picked up by the Silver Tigers, whom she joined.

Appearence: Same appearence as the CAT1-X series mobile suits from Gundam SEED X Astray. The faceplate is gender neutral.

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