Author's Foreword: Alright is everyone ready for this! I'm putting up the specs for the TSF-6 Vertigo Fighter, used by the Heliopolis Militia, after I finish this!. Then the Main Event comes. So! Seal your helmets, check your sights and ammo levels, and lets move out!

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Now onto Phase-02 of Nation of the Ice: Revisioned: It's name is Gundam!

"Man will always be man...there is no new man"



It's Name is Gundam!


January 25th, C.E. 71

Bridge of the ISS-Morningstar

The mood on the Morningstar was tense, as Trisha irritably waited for permission from HQ to move in and protect Heliopolis. Truth be told, she could care less for her old homeland, after they betrayed her. But the only people she could truly trust was her old teacher, Admiral Halberton, and her classmates and old friends, Murrue Ramius, and Cornelia Friedrich, aka the Blue Falcon. She inherited her mentor's stubborn streak just as Murrue had, but had the mind of a tactical and strategic genius. Now, as she looked at the battle outside the Heliopolis Colony, she just about to say to hell with orders and blast the three ZAFT vessels to smithereens, when her communications officer beat her to hit.

"Ma'am, we've got a hail from Commander Harkin, he sees the Rogue and the Vigilante exiting the colony...wait..." the COM officer's eyes bugged out when he heard the next words from Canard. Trisha saw this, and she knew the look that was on his face "What? What is it?"

"Uh, Ma'am, you're not gonna believe this, but Lady Cagalli Yula Attha of Orb is in the Rogue with Lt. Matsutani," he informed her and her reaction, as well as the reaction of the entire crew was the same thing; "WHAT!?"

"What in the name of all that is sane, is Lady Cagalli doing here at Heliopolis?" asked Amanda Wesler, the ship's XO.

"I don't know. But we better get her onboard and quick. Siegler, contact the Rogue, tell him to get Lady Cagalli onboard as quickly as possible!" she barked and the young man went carrying out his orders, then someone in the CIC shouted, "Ma'am! Four ZAFT GINNS are in pursuit of the Rogue and the Vigilante! ETA 25 seconds!"

Trisha gritted her teeth at that, if they lose the Vigilante and the Rogue they would've come here for nothing, and also if Lady Cagalli were killed it will an international nightmare scenario!

"Get a hold of Commander Harkin! Tell him to send 3 of his men to back-up the Rogue & Vigilante! HURRY!" she yelled at the top of her lungs and Siegler went to work.

Space outside Helipolis

Kyle gritted his teeth as he spotted four GINNs heading straight for them. "Damn it all! Why does ZAFT have to be so damn persistent!? Sorry for the rough ride Princess!"

"Don't call me...AAAAH!" Cagalli screamed as Kyle did a back-flip and hit the thrusters to maximum, to get rid of the four ZAFT machines, Arleen saw this and did'nt like were this was going.

"Kyle! What ARE you doing!? We've been ordered by the Commander and the Captain to return to the ship!" She yelled hoping he'll listen, which he, unfortunately, does'nt.

"If they spot the Morningstar they'll tag as a Earth Forces ship! You want to see our ride get blown to bits by those ZAFT ships!?" Kyle countered and Arleen sighed with irritation as she joined him in taking care of their pursuers.

The four ZAFT were caught off guard by the stunt as the Rogue headed straight for them.

"I though they're supposed to be 5 machines! Where did THESE two come from!?" Shouted one of them just as the Rogue unleashed a suprise none of them were expecting, the arms swung up, and out came a CIWS in each arm. The Igelstellungs in the head and the 65mm three-barrled gatlings erupted, spitting out APCR rounds that shredded the rifle and left arm of one GINN, and obliterating the head of another.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?" Cursed one of the ZAFT pilots lucky enough to not get hit. Then all of sudden, two emerald bolts destroyed the rifles of the last two.

"If I were you; I get out of here fast!" said Arleen as the Vigilante streaked in it's Mobile Armour form.

"Shit! Let's get out of here! This isn't over! Not by a longshot!" with that the four humiliated machines turned tail and headed back to the ZAFT ships. Then, a group of three Cavaliers came up to the Rogue and Vigilante. It was then Kyle's screen lit up with the image of a young man his age, wearing a black and red version of the Orb flight suit and green framed glasses behind ice blue eyes.

"Kyle, Arleen, you guys alright?" said the pilot, with a hint of concern. Kyle's response was to grin ear to ear, at what his machine just did.

"I'm alright Dimitri, but man, this thing rocks!" Kyle shouted in victory at the damage he did to the two GINNS. He then got a hard smack on his helmeted head, and when he turned around there was a very pissed off Cagalli. He had only one thought for the situation he was in. 'Oh shit'


Arleen just smacked her head as she heard the fight going on in the cockpit of the Rogue. "I'm okay as well. Shall we head back to the ship now?" she said in a bored tone. With that the 5 machines headed back to the waiting Morningstar.


The battle was a stalemate as the mobile suits of the Morningstar & Heliopolis Militia, the Moebius ZEROs, after losing their Moebius wingmates and the transport they came in on wwere destroyed, and, suprisingly, a single Vertigo fighter that survived the slaughter, held off the ZAFT assault. Although the GINN was outdated, in the hands of an experienced pilot, it could cause problems.

"Damn! Can't we do something about this difference in battle strength!?" Mu cursed as he unleashed his gun-barrels on a GINN, blowing the right arm off. The GINN retreated back to the waiting ZAFT fleet, the pilot furious at the damage done to his machine.

"I know! ISAF built mobile suits the same time as ZAFT did, while our so-called LEADERS make us fly these tin-cans! UGH! It infuriates me that Command can be so stubborn sometimes!" cursed Cornelia as her blue ZERO blasted the right leg off another GINN, the pilot clearly not happy at the damage to his machine.

Canard and the rest of his team were having no trouble at all dealing with the GINNs, but they were ordered to disable the ZAFT mobile suits, not kill them. Canard used his beam saber to slice off the right wing and left forearm of a GINN and that made it to fall back to it's carrier. It was then that he saw the only surviving Vertigo, doing bodily harm to a GINN as it destroyed it's rifle with it's vulcan cannons. His impression on the pilot of the space fighter was...

'He's good.'

The pilot of the Vertigo, one Ryu Kojima, was infuriated that ZAFT could do something like this, after what ISAF did for them, as he manuvered his Vertigo into the fray. 'Shit! First the Alliance uses Heliopolis as a nursery to build their pet project! Now this!' he cursed inwardly as he avoided nearly getting cut in half by another GINN.

"Come on! Give us a break you bastards!" he yelled, and his wish was answered as a flare went up, signaling the remaining GINNS to return. "Finally!" he breathed a sigh of relief that for now the ZAFT forces have retired. That is until his Commander, piloting one of the Patriots, said otherwise.

"Don't get too comfortable! They may be withdrawing, but they far from done, I saw only four of the Alliance's prototypes leave the colony. They managed to keep it out of ZAFT's hands somehow, not that I really care," said his commanding officer, one 26 year Dean Van Garret. A former member of ZAFT, Van Garret left because of Patrick Zala's Anti-Natural stance and his talks of genocide, when he was told by Chairman Clyne to leave the colony and to take only 3 members of his old team. When he came to Heliopolis, he was asked by the Governor to form a Militia in order to protect the colony.

"Yes sir!" replied Ryu as the Militia headed back into the colony to make sure no ZAFT mobile suits were in the colony. Van Garret smiled inwardly though, Ryu Kojima, was perhaps his best student, and what he shown in a Vertigo, he could be more deadly in a mobile suit.

"And by the way. When this over, I'm gonna put in a order for you for a mobile suit from Liberty Electronics." this suprised the young Coordinator, but he was overjoyed at the same time.

"T-Thank you sir!" he said excitedly, Dean could'nt help but chuckle at the young pilot's joy.

"Just consider it a gift for defending the colony, and not dying!" he said jokingly, and he looked at the newcomers that came to their aid in the nick of time. They were leaving the area believing their mission was done.

'Whoever you people are, I thank you. May fortune smile upon you,' he blessed them, hoping to see them again in the future. It was then one of his people caught his attention.

"Sir! Look!" Van Garret looked in the direction his subordinate pointed and he saw red. Below them was a white CGUE, and one of the ZERO's, an orange one, that also came to their aid. He recognized the CGUE's fighting style and immediatley figured who it is.

"Rau Le Creuset!" he spat the masked man's name like it was venom,"I should've known,"

"You know him sir?" asked Ryu.

"Know him? I can barely stand the sight of him! I knew this was his doing, because he did the exact same thing at Endymion!" he growled in a low tone.

"Should we take him out, sir?" one of the other Patriot pilots suggested. It then he saw the CGUE and the Two ZERO's follow himinto Heliopolis.

"Let's give them some back up, if it gets rough for them, we NAB him! Got it!?" there was a chorus of "YES SIR!" from his pilots as they dived after the three machines.

Inside the Colony Interior

Murrue was regaining consciousness, after the GINN exploded after that student took over control of the Strike and re-wrote the entire OS while in the middle of a battle. She groaned as she felt like her shoulder and her head had gone through a meat grinder. Then there were those mobile suits that escaped from the west part of the factory. One looked like the Duel with the Aile Striker pack, while the other looked like a transformation type like the Aegis. It was then a younger voice got her attention.

"I see your finally awake," she turned and saw a 16 year old girl, with copper brown hair, blue eyes, and wearing what appears to be a orange dress. "Hey Kira! She's awake!"

The same kid from the hanger came toward them. As she tried to lift her arm to her throbbing head, which was a bad decision she winced from the pain in her shoulder. "You'll better just lying still," she turned her head to the teenager and he gave her a look of embarrassment.

"I do owe you an apology. I got kinda carried away in there," Kira said remebering his mistake when the GINN blew up in the Strike's face. It was then Mir offered a bottle of water which Murrue warmly accepted, with Kira helping her up to get it. Kira though could'nt stop thinking of what happened to Kyle and Arleen when they told him they have their own way out.

'I hope they're alright'

It was right about there that things turned a little bit for the worst, as Tolle shouted his opinion for the Strike. "This so-called Gundam, is AWESOME" The two teenagers and Earth Force's soldier turned and there in and out of the cockpit was Tolle playing with the controls and Kuzzey observing from outside.

"Guys! Don't fool around with it!" Sai reprimanded, hoping they listen.

"So why do you think it turned grey?" Kuzzey asked, curious at how the mobile suit changed colors.

"I guess it means the battery's out of juice," Tolle concluded, it was then that Murrue snapped. "Get AWAY from that machine!!" and the next thing they know a gunshot pinged off the Strike's armor between Tolle and Kuzzey. The two flinche at the Earth officer's way of expressing her outburst. Murrue got up from the bench she was laying on and walked up to the Strike all the while pointing her gun at the two. Kira intervened and tried to calm the irate officer before anyone got hurt.

"Wait! What do you think you're doin!? There's something you should know, they were the ones who carried you out," Murrue's response was to poin the gun at his face. "I'm thankful you saved me, but you kids have witnessed a top military project. It's something that civilians should'nt fool around with," she said all the while keeping the pistol in her hand pointed at Kira.

A moment passed before Tolle stated the obvious, "Give me a break. You had Kira here piloting it a mere moment ago." Murrue heard that and turned her gun to Tolle who responded by raising his hands in surrender. It was then they heard another click, which made Murrue's blood run cold, and made the others eyes go wide. It was then she heard the voice of the person who had the gun to her head.

"Easy now, Lt. Ramius. Let's not try to kill each other," She slightly turned her head and saw the barrel of a Colt .45 M1911A1 pistol. "I'm sorry about this kids but what the lady says is true. So that means you're gonna have to stay with us for the time being," with that done and knowing the situation to be diffused he lowered his pistol a bit and said in a cool voice. "You can turn around now Lt."

Murrue turned and got a good look at the person who held her up. He was 5'11, had golden colored eyes like a hawk, a muscular build, sandy blond hair in a braid, and wearing a white glove, looking closer she assumed to be hiding a prosthetic, looked about to be in his early twenties, and wearing the Uniform of the ISAF Armed Forces. After recovering from her near death experience she asked her question. "W-Who are you?" she asked him. The man smiled a smile that said 'Don't mess with me!' as he gave his answer. "The name is Elric. Cpt. Todd Elric to be exact, of the ISAF Force's 2nd Special Division. My unit was assigned here to keep an eye on you're people till you leave with your new toys. And, since it's not a secret anymore, to guard ourprototypes." Murrue then remembered the other machines she saw escaping from Morgenroete, and the look on her face said it all. 'They copied the data from the original project!'

"And before you say anything else," Todd said in a bored tone, "we did'nt actually steal your data. We borrowed it," it was then that a new voice caught their attention.

"Cap! We got trouble!" from behind the crouched form of the Strike came another soldier, wearing the rank of Sergeant and body armor.

"What is it" Todd said in his best "Commander voice". The two ISAF personnel whispered low enough so the Earth Forces officer and the students could'nt hear him or the Sergeant. It was then they heard a curse from the ISAF officer as he banged his head with his gloved hand, the sound of metal was heard, confirming Murrue's earlier deduction of a prosthetic.

"Damn it! Well kids we might as well get ready to go! According to our intelligence, the ZAFT Team outside is the Le Creuset Team," that shocked the EA Officer and the students, then he decided to give out orders to his subordinate. "Tell Williams to go get the Number 5 trailer for the Strike, now! And you, uh, what's your name?" he asked mentioning Kira, who at first, was a little confused, but he quickly recovered. "Uhm, Kira Yamato,"

The officer smirked as he walked up to him and whispered in his ear so no one can hear him. "I want you to get back in the Strike and try to contact any surviving EA personnel. I'm having one of my men retrieve a special attachment for it, when the unit is mounted I want you to try it again okay?" Kira was a little hesitant but seeing the seriousness in the older man's eyes he decided to do what the man says. "Alright," With that he got back in the Strike and tried contacting any surviving EA Personnel.


Archangel Dock

A unconscious female EA Ensign was floating around in zero-g among debris and bodies from the explosion. When she bumped against, she came too, and the first thing she saw was the body of another person. She gagged a bit, but then her military training kicked in.

"The ship! Where's the Archangel?" she to no-one in particular, as she went off trying to find more survivors. She went to the observation booth first, and what she found were nothing but more debris, dead bodies and also what was left of some of them.

"Is anyone here!? Anyone!?" she called out, no answer. The Captain's cap floats up to her, making her shed tears, fearing that she might be the only one left. "No, damn it! Are there any other survivors!?" she called out and after a few seconds a banging sound caught her attention, as a panel broke loose, and a flashlight blinded her for a moment.

"Ensign Badguirel! Glad to see you're okay!" Petty Officer 1st Class Arnold Neumann said with relief coloring his tone.

Colony Maintenance shaft

Mu La Flaga, aka the Hawk of Endymion, followed his nemesis, Rau Le Creuset, into a maintenance tunnel in the Heliopolis Colony determined to bring an end to this duel, once and for all. But that wasnt easy, considering he take a shot with his linear cannon at the ZAFT Commander he would dodge and the round would impact, causing unnecessary damage to the colony.

"Damn! Why here of all places!" he cursed as he continued to chase throughout the colony. Although, they are not completely alone as Cornelia in her custom Moebius Zero followed not too far behind, waiting just in case to give Mu some much needed back-up. She's unaware that she in turn is also being followed by the former ZAFT Van Garret Team, now called the Heliopolis Militia.

"It's been a long time since we've seen old 'Scary Mask' and the Hawk fight! I hope this time La Flaga puts him down for good!" Dean said as his team follows Cornelia's unit through the workings of Heliopolis.

"You've guys actually seen him fight?" Ryu asked, since he had'nt been to any of the battles the veterans been to.

"Yeah, and I can tell you this Rookie: Rau is one devious bastard, he will go to any lengths just to complete his mission. Even if that means the destruction of a entire colony," the former ZAFT pilot growled which made the newest member of their team gulp.

Meanwhile, back at the Archangel's Dock

"Almost all the other crewmembers were killed in the blast. The other survivors are the non-comissioned and other personnel who were on the ship at the time, but they're only factory workers," Nuemann reported as he and Nartarle came onto the bridge. The enign went to a terminal to check on the status of the ship and could'nt help but be amazed.

"This Archangel is quite the ship! It'll take a lot more than this to sink her." Nartarle praised, but in her gut, she knew they were far from danger. She checked the communications terminal, and all there was is static.

'This will be a little tough'

Colony Interior

Kira was desperately trying to get any EA Forces to respond to his call, but so far there was none.

"Anything!?" Murrue called from the bench favoring her right shoulder.

"No! We're probably still being jammed! I cant get a hold of anybody!" Kira said as he kept trying. Todd sighed, as he knew the situation was getting out of control.

"Well, that aint good. If all the other EA personnel are wiped out we might as well claim this baby," He said as he set his eyes on the Strike. Murrue did'nt like that one bit as she reached for her pistol, but found it was missing. "Looking for this?" Todd said in a amused tone, as he twirled the pistol in his hand. Murrue was stunned to say the least.

"How did you...!?" she managed to croak out. Todd just smiled ear to ear as he placed the pistol in his waist band. "Never underestimate the workings of a former Intelligence Agent Liuetenant."

It was then the truck he sent his subordinate came up behind the Strike and the trailer opened revealing the Launcher Pack. "Here it is, sir!" said Williams as he dismounted the truck.

"Which one is the power pack!?" Kira asked from the Strike's cockpit. After Murrue got out of her shock she answered him. "The whole thing is integrated! Mount the whole unit!"

"Okay here goes nothing!" just as Kira was about to mount the unit a explosion came from the support shaft of the colony and two machines flew out of it, Rau's CGUE and the Zero, hot on it's heels. A few seconds later a 2nd Zero came out, and soon after that, the Patriots and the Vertigo also came out.

Todd cursed as he immediatley began barking orders to his men and the students. "Everybody take cover now! Kira! Hurry up and mount the Pack!"

Kira could'nt believe as he mounted the pack. Up in the 'air' above them, Rau spots the Strike and smirks, 'There's the final unit'

He immediatley turns his CGUE just after he sliced off the linear gun on the Zero.

"I dont think so Le Creuset!" Cornelia shouted as she unleashed her final gun-barrel having lost the rest in battle, Rau dodged it and used the CGUE's machine rifle to destroy the pod. But then he was pounced on by the Militia remnants.

"Dont let him get near that machine!" barked Dean as he and his team did their best to hold him off. But Rau was no slouche, as he cut off the rifle arms of the Patriots and sent a round that grazed Ryu's Vertigo enough to discontinue fighting.

"I'LL TAKE YOU DOWN NOW, WHILE I HAVE THE CHANCE!" he roared as he bee-lined toward the Strike, but then a loud BOOM caught the attention of all the people in the area. Out of the smoke cloud that the explosion produced, the EAS-Archangel flew through the smoke, as powerful as her namesake.


"Ma'am!" said Communications Officer Peter Siegler, as he recieved a message from HQ.

"What is it Siegler?" she asked hoping they got the go-ahead. Peter handed her the head-set and she took and listened to the voice on the other side. Her shocked expression showed to the bridge crew that whatever it was it was not good.

"What? No. You're joking?" was all she said as she dropped the headset to the floor.

Author's Notes: That's the end of PHASE-02, Tune in next time for PHASE-03 Paradise Lost. Until then enjoy my teschnical specs of the Vertigo and the revised portion of the Lewis-Class

TSF-6 Vertigo:

Codename: Vertigo

Model Number: TSF-6

Unit Type: Massed Produced Space Fighter

First Deployment: Unknown

Operator(s): United Republic of Antarctica, ISAF, Heliopolis Militia, Pirates

Manufacturer: Liberty Electronics

Accommodation: Pilot only, in standard cockpit

Dimensions: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Armor Materials: Unknown

Equipment and Design Features: Sensors, range unknown

Armaments: 2 x 40mm Vulcan cannon, mounted on main body; 4 x missile launcher, mounted beneath main body

Technical and Historical Notes:

Built by Liberty Electronics as an answer to the Moebius MA, the Vertigo, outperforms the Moebius by two thirds. It was meant to be the main application for the Antarctic Naval Space Fleet, until the introduction of the mobile suit, TMSF-081 Patriot. When ISAF was formed the Vertigo was slowly being replaced by the Patriot and it's variants as a frontline weapon, while it served the role of 'last line defender'. As the Vertigo was being phased out, many pirate groups and other parties purchased them from Liberty Electronis or off the Black Market. The Heliopolis Militia purchased 15 Vertigos and 4 TMSF-081 Patriot regular units from Liberty Electronics for the defense of the colony. Unfortunatley, due to many of the pilots being green recruits, the Vertigos were no match against the nimble ZAFT GINNs and are slaughtered. The only survivor, was 16 year old, Second Generation Coordinator, Ryu Kojima.

Colors: ISAF Colors: Green with tan trim, Heliopolis Militia colors: Red with white trim

Author's Notes: Based off the FF-XIII Full Vernian Core Fighter from 0083: Stardust Memories. I did'nt want to leave the good'ol fighter out and I wanted to give the Heliopolis Militia something else than just Mistrals to defend the Colony. Unfortunately, as you know, green pilots are no match against veteran pilots in mobile suits.

Revised version of the Lewis-Class


Unit type: Destroyer

Ships of the Line: Clark, David, Alamo, Claymore, Repulse, Victor, Pershing, Escadrille, Pearl, Kappa, Youkai, Houshi

Manufacturer: ISAF

Operator(s): United Republic of Antarctica, ISAF: Orb Fleet, Antarctic Fleet, and KOS Fleet

First Deployment: Unknown

Length: Unknown

Width: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Equipment and Design Features: Escape Capsule/Bridge; Sensors, range unknown

Armaments: 2 x 2 barrel high energy cannon; 3 x dual 65mm CIWS turret; 3 x 2-tube missile launcher

Mobile Suits: 4

Technical & Historical Notes:

The smallest of the ISAF's Space Command Force's warships the Lewis-Class was meant to be an escort ship with only 4 mobile suits, but that did'nt mean the crews were afraid. Even with just their 2 main gun turrets, the Lewis proved to be a little scraper. During the Mandlebrot Incident, the ARS-Clark, proved that the crew of any Lewis-Class, had the guts to stand up to any adversary. The Clark ran the gauntlet of the Atlantic Federation Fleet attempting to destroy the food convoy en-route to the PLANTs. With help from it's small mobile suit compliment, the Clark engaged a Kamikaze style attack on the enemy flagship, the end result was the destruction of both ships, which persuaded the AF Fleet to back off. Many ISAF commanders think it's suicide that a Lewis would do something like that, but then again some believe that the small destroyer can make the impossible, possible.

Colors: Also the same as the Wallace-Class' colors.

Author's Notes: Based off of the Zamouth Nada Class of the Crossbone Vanguard. I had to copy this and revise the whole thing. I noticed something was a little wrong so I added a little more firepower. Please forgive

And that's all folks! See you next time! Sayonara!