June 28th, 1999

Mi nam is Tobee Hamee.

I hav desided tu rite a dieree so mi peepul wil no the truf abowt mee.

I em nat perfekt.

I em nat alwaz gud.

I mak a lot of mistaks.

Evin tho I want tu bee a gud leder for mi peepul, sumtims I thenk it iz imposibul. I em vary diffrunt frum them. I em vary unlik them. And yet, I em thar bran. Thay r mi hart. Withowt the othur, wee wil not thriv, we mit not evin surviv.

I em alon.

I rite this so sumon, sumda, can undurstand.

To By Us iz helpeng mee. He iz vary kind, purhaps mi favrit uv the hyooman childrin hoo kall themselfs Animorfs. I tri not tu diskriminat wen wee r rezisteng the Yeerks. Withowt enee wan uv them, r chanses of suksess dekrees cunsiderublee. But at nit, wen the hyoomans hav gan to thar homs, wen the hruthin has gan to feed in the munlit, To By Us ofen stas and convurses with mee. Hee furst sujestid I beegin kronikuleng the wor. That sumda, hyooman skalurs, or purhaps evin Hork-Bajir ons, wil wunt to hav a durekt purspektiv uv this pereeud in r historee.

I do not no wut mi fokus wil bee. And I du not no if it wil intrest theez hipothetikul historeeins. I kan onlee rite wut iz in mi hed, wut iz in mi harts, and wut iz in mi hands.

I wil begin tomaro. To By Us iz goeng to teech mee how tu reed.