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While apart from one another Sam is captured by hunters who want to turn him into his worst nightmare. AU after 5.04 "The End".


Lies, Liars, con artists, his life. They all fit, intricate puzzle pieces encompassing who he was, and who he was surrounded by. No one had ever been straight with him, no one had ever been in it to help him, he had been cursed since the day he was born.

Sam garbled, blood seeping from the corners of his chapped lips. He had been tied up for more than a week. Demon blood, his only sustenance, was continuously shoved into his mouth and forced down his throat.

"Piece of shit."

A heavy boot landed in his ribs. Sam could feel his lungs seize, the air rushing out as the weight of the boot crushed into his chest. He tried to curl in to himself, to ease the pain and give him a chance to catch his breath.

"You did this Sam, you did this to all of us and now you're going to fix it." The blond hunter sneered, vial in hand.

Sam knew what was coming next, knew what that vial meant. He tried to shut his mouth, willing it to stay closed. He had promised Dean he would never drink demon blood again, and there was no way he was going to break that.

"I don't know why you always seem to want to fight this. You should just accept it, because you don't have a choice." The hunter sneered, breaking the vial in Sam's face.

Sam could feel every edge of the glass as it tore through his skin, cutting deep into his face. His blood intermingling with the demon blood that covered his chin, seeping into his system. He could feel it as pumped through his veins, the demon blood dominate over his own.

"You should just cooperate," the hunter laughed, standing straight, "Cheryl," he called, looking to the door.

A small red head walked into the room, her eyes no kinder than any of the rest. Hate and anger piercing through his tattered clothes. He had started the end of the world, they had every reason to be angry with him.

Sam wasn't sure how many people were there, every time he opened his eyes there seemed to be someone new in the room. Someone else who had their own beating to lay and their own harsh words to inflict.

He had screwed up, It wasn't something he needed to be reminded of. As soon as he had killed Lillith and looked over to Ruby, the smiling bitch with the smug look. The demon he had trusted over his own brother, the biggest mistake he had ever made. A mistake he would never forgive himself for, or expect anyone else to forgive him for, especially his brother.

After he had literally released hell on Earth he knew Dean wanted nothing to do with him, he could see the burden he was being on his brother. It was after a few hunts together that Sam realized that he had to leave his brother, because he knew Dean would never be able to make that decision for himself.

That was six months ago, six months with no contact from his brother, six months of running.

Always on the run, no one left to trust. It didn't matter how far he travelled or fast he ran, everyone seemed to want a piece of him.

Hunters didn't hunt him to kill him, they wanted to turn him. To make him into everything he hated. He had somehow managed to evade them for six months. But he got complacent, too comfortable, and now he was paying for it.

Ugly red welts covered Sam's shrinking frame, the lack of food taking its toll as the days went on.

"Someone isn't taking his meds," Cheryl cooed, kneeling next to him.

Sam could do nothing but garble in response, his mind and his mouth no longer functioning like he wanted them to. He could feel the small prick of a needle, he wanted to struggle but there was nothing left.

"Little quiet, are we?" She smiled, hanging the red filled IV bag overhead, the steady drip beginning.

"P-Please," Sam finally mumbled out, stopping the redhead who just stared at him. "Dnt"

His jaw could hardly move as he tried to form the words, seeing that he had caught the redhead's attention. "Please…." It was long and drawn out, but it was clear, exhausting Sam of all of his breath.

"It's for the best," was the only response he got before she stalked out of the room. Not looking back.

Tears fell down Sam's cheeks, clearing a muddy path through the blood, stinging his open wounds. He needed help, and no one was there to help him.

He wasn't sure when he had fallen asleep. His empty stomach, growling in anger was what woke him, bringing him back in to his world of pain.

A figure stood overhead. Sam flinched, crying out in pain over the forced movement. "Please… leave me alone," he called out to whoever was in the room. Hoping it was the redhead, Cheryl whom had shown some compassion before she had left the room.

"Look what they've done to you." The man stepped out from the corner. His clothes never changing, he wore the same thing he had when he had first visited.

"No," Sam mumbled, his wounds opening up once again, his breath hitching in his throat as he felt the skin rip and tear around his face before the blood began to flow around the edges.

"Sam, I don't like to see you in this sort of pain." Lucifer crouched next to him, wiping at the blood that dripped off his chin.

"I can make all of this stop, if you just tell me where you are Sammy."

"Fuck you."

"That's not very nice Sam, not that I blame you for being so angry. You're all alone, the world is falling to pieces and no one wants to come and save you."

Sam looked down, not wanting to read the truth that hid behind the devils eyes.

"You know, Dean knows you're here, he knows what's going on." The cold touch of the devils fingers trailed down Sam's cheeks, "He's the one who gave the hunters the tips on how to find you. Hell, he's even been in the house while you've been beaten and drugged in here."

"I don't believe you," Sam ground out, looking up, fresh tears filling his eyes.

"You should Sam, I wouldn't lie to you. I've never lied to you. Dean has been here, he's seen you, and he's left." Lucifer stood, sad eyes cast down at Sam who tried to hold it together.

"Dean doesn't care about you, Sam, you're no longer his responsibility. Because that's all you ever were to him, just another task on your fathers list."

"No." Sam tried to move away from the words, tried to get away from what was being said but his broken body held him firmly in place.

"Sam, would you ever let this knowingly happen to Dean?"

This caught the younger man by surprise, the question going over in his head. "No," he said staring intently at the devil who smiled back at him.

"That's because you care about your brother right?"


Lucifer crouched back in front of the youngest Winchester, hand on Sam's shoulder, "Well then how come Dean didn't save you when he was here?"

"I don't know," Sam muttered looking back at the blond devil that crouched before him. Dean had made it clear the last time they spoke that they were better off alone, that they were each others crutch, and Sam had agreed. Hell, Sam had been the one to suggest the time apart. But Sam just couldn't believe that his brother would do this, would let this happen to him.

Thoughts flashed and danced through his head. His time spent in the dark room had been filled with pain and confusion. But one memory stood out more than the others. He had thought he was hallucinating. His brother's gruff voice echoing down the hall and floating in to the room.

Sam had called out for him, had begged him to help. The familiar and comforting voice of his brother stopped, replaced with a viscous black whip that maimed his back. Followed by an angry voice that didn't belong to his brother, yelling that there was no one out there who wanted to save him. Sam hadn't wanted to believe it, but with the devil standing before him, what else was he supposed to believe.

"Sam, I have never let you down. I've always come to you when you needed help, even if just through you dreams. Dean wants you dead, but instead of killing you himself he's letting these pitiful fools do it for him. He doesn't love you Sam. You were always just a task on his to do list for Daddy."

Sam let it all sink in, thoughts of his childhood, of the recent years, of how quick Dean was to blame him, how quick he was to turn to Castiel.

"Sam let me help you, because right now, I'm the only one who cares enough to even think about helping you."

Sam could feel the weight of the offer on his shoulders, his broken body oozing and bleeding over the wood floors. He had no one, he had been striving for redemption, had been looking to make things right, and he was left bleeding out on the floor while Demon blood pumped through his veins.

He could feel his breath hitching in his chest, sending waves of pain through his system. Dean had been here, Dean had seen him like this, and Dean had left. He could feel his anger and frustration pooling over, wanting nothing more than to kill everyone and everything.

He had tried so hard to do what was right, had tried so hard to save everyone he loved, had tried so hard to save the world. And this is what he got for trying to be a good person. For believing in a God, for praying, for searching for the good in people. For all of his hard work this is what he got… torture, pain and being left completely and totally alone with only the devil coming to help him.

His entire body throbbed in pain, each beat of his heart reminding him of how alone he was. Staring at Lucifer Sam realized that the Devil was all he had in the world, the only one he could count on.

Sam muttered, broken, wanting his life to end, "I'm in Detroit….58 River Lane."

Lucifer smiled, disappearing, Sam had never wanted his brother more than ever, but the devil was all he had.

Screams roused him from his slumber, his broken frame quivering from the abuse it had taken.

Everyone was screaming, blood curdling screams filling the small space, screams that only visited Sam in his nightmares. He hadn't wanted this, he just wanted out, to be away from the people who were doing this, not kill them.

His head lulled from side to side as the house became silent, the screams of horror and pain disappearing. The small door to his room opened, a tall shadow standing in the open frame.

Sam didn't need to ask who it was, he knew it wasn't any of the hunters, he knew it wasn't any demon, he knew it was his nightmare, the nightmare he had invited to help him.

"Sammy… " the figure murmured stepping in to the room, his cold eyes piercing through Sam's soul. The soul he was about to lose to the devil himself.

The ice cold grip of death clutched at Sam's frame as Lucifer crouched in front of him.

"D-dean" Sam mumbled, wanting his brother by his side. "P-please"

"Would you like to try and talk to him one last time?" The devil smiled, cell phone in his outstretched hand… "He won't answer."

Sam didn't care, needing to hear his brother's voice one last time. His shaking hands gripping the phone, dialing the number he knew so well.

He listened to it ring, screaming for his brother to just pick up.

"It's Dean, leave one," clicked on, Sam's heart crushed, fresh tears falling down his face.

"Dean… it's Sam. I'm sorry." He mumbled out before hanging up.

He looked up to the devil who held that smug look of victory on his face.

"It's better this way Sam," He said gently.

"Please… just leave Dean alone." Sam begged.

"Dean's off limits." Lucifer smiled. "You just need to say Yes Sam."

Sam bowed his head, waiting for the darkness, the devil the only one to come for him.

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