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Mia told him to come today. She told him to come and try and even if he didn't make it, he'd be able to see Adam again. So he came. He's here, waiting with the other twenty people here, his bass tucked in its case between his feet and his hands folded in his lap. The others have their instruments out or they're singing and talking together. He feels like a loner, but he doesn't mind it really. He glances around, feeling his heart pounding a little bit in his chest.

The room is wide and long, metal folding chairs being the only comfort. The floor is a worn hardwood, the walls a dark, burnt red. There are a few windows along the west wall, light pouring in from the afternoon sunlight. He's wearing black skinny jeans, his creepers, a black tank top and Adam's blue, plaid shirt. It's lost his angel's scent over the ten years he's had it, but it's still his favorite thing to wear. It reminds him of Adam all the time.

He checks his phone again. It's quarter after four in the afternoon right now. He's been here since noon. He usually hates waiting, but today he doesn't mind it. Well, that's… That's not true, he does mind. He does mind the wait, but it's not like he can waltz up to the front desk or whatever and demand to see Adam simply because they had a fling ten years ago. As much as he would like to just get up and do that right now, it'd probably result in him getting thrown out of the building and never have the opportunity…

He inhales sharply as the door opens. A woman with blond hair and brown eyes stands in the doorway, wearing a pair of dark jeans and a white tank top. She's thin but curvy. She holds a clipboard in her hand as she glances down at it, before lifting her gaze and saying a name. It's not Tommy's name, and his hopes sink a little lower. He's not sure if he's gonna get called or not, but he can hope can't he? He can hope and pray to the universe and reminisce on all the memories he had with Adam…

What's he going to tell Mia if he doesn't get in? Is he just going to back to the apartment and say he didn't make it? And then that will be that? No, that can't be that. But he's going to try his hardest, and even if he doesn't make it, Adam will see him. Adam will know he's okay and that he's alive and in the city. Maybe they'll be able to meet up after all the auditions are over and they can get back together.

But what if Adam's dating someone? What if his angel… belongs to someone else now? He doesn't want to think about it. He can't think about it. If that's the case, then he's not sure he'll be able to handle it. To think that Adam would hold someone else in his arms, kiss someone else's lips… It makes his head spin and his heart pounds a little harder at the idea but he breathes evenly and quietly, so as not to concern the girl with short black hair next to him. Her nails are a dark red and she's got creamy pale skin, tattoos on her shoulders. She's pretty.

The door opens again and the same blond woman stands there. She glances at the clipboard before lifting her head, "Tommy Joe Ratliff?" His heart leaps to his throat and he stands up slowly, grabbing his bass. He feels like he's going to be sick as he follows her through the doorway and down a long, narrow hallway. The walls are a dark grey color with graffiti spray painted over several patches of wall space. There are portraits and paintings donated to give it flair, the floors have a squishy sort of feel to them, and he wonders if it's rubber.

They pass several doors that are all closed, marked with numbers and letters. All of them are occupied. He swallows the lump in his throat as she turns to the left, and he follows her down another hallway. There is one door at the end of the hall, and it's cracked open slightly. He can hear voices, but they're soft. They're quiet and it seems like this hallway is taking forever to travel down but all the same it's not because suddenly he's standing in the room, staring at the table of people, three, he counts, not twenty feet from him.

The first thing he notices is that Adam's not in the room. But the woman with the blond hair sits down in an empty chair. Next to her is a dark skinned, muscular man wearing a black tank top and cargo shorts with army boots on his feet. His thick, black dreadlocks hand around his face and Tommy can see the dark shapes of tattoos on him. He thinks about his own tattoos for a moment before seeing a familiar face. Creamy skin, bright blue-green eyes. He's still got the Mohawk even after ten years, but now he has a beard too. He's wearing a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it, dark blue jeans and boots. He sets his bass down.

"Alright, guys, this is Tommy Joe Ratliff," the woman says. Monte's eyes flash and he turns his head towards Tommy, staring for a moment before a smile pulls at his lips. He didn't recognize Tommy for a moment there, and Tommy crooks the corner of his mouth up into a smile at Monte before dropping it again and looking back to the woman. She folds her hands together on the table before looking up at him.

"So how long have you been playing, Tommy?" She asks.

"Pretty much my entire life, ma'am." He says softly. He sees out of the corner of his eye that Monte has a grin stretching ear to ear. This catches the black man's attention, and he turns his head, seeing Monte's expression before cracking smile of his own.

"Monte likes you already, that's a good sign." The black man says, and his voice is soft and sweet. Tommy looks over at Monte and chuckles to himself, keeping his hands at his sides.

"Anyways," the woman says with a smile, "you've been playing your entire life. So, why do you wanna join?" She asks. Tommy glances at Monte for a second, and the older male's expression has gone serious. He can take this many ways, one being very unprofessional. He can say he and Adam were madly in love and he wants to meet him again. Or he can take the approach that would be best. The one that will probably get him closer to being with Adam…

"Looking for a new opportunity," he says after a moment of silence, a smile playing at his lips as he looks back to her. She nods once, writing something down on her clipboard before looking back up at him.

"Alright, play something for us." She says. Tommy nods once, turning and opening the case, pulling his bass out and lifting the strap over his head, letting is rest on his shoulder. He plucks the strings, tuning it to the necessary places for the song and he starts a little improve piece. Like he's doing a bass solo. His fingers start slow before moving faster, flying up and down the fret board. He closes his eyes, thinking about the last time he played something this passionately.

That was back in nineteen-ninety-nine. Back when he was with Adam in the circle of trees. He played guitar then, but he played Dream On and Adam sang so beautifully… His fingers slow to a stop and he opens his eyes again, looking up at the three people at the table again. They're all wide-eyed, except for Monte. He's got a smile on his face as he brings his hands together and he claps. Followed by the other man and the woman. They clap, smiles on their faces.

"Damn…" Monte says with a laugh before standing up. He walks around the table and claps Tommy on the shoulder, grinning ear to ear. If Tommy looks close enough, he swears that there are tears in Monte's eyes. "He's it. He's got it." He says, and Tommy's heart skips a beat. The man and woman at the table nod, before the woman stands and exits the room.

Monte pulls Tommy into a hug, clapping his back as Tommy squeezes Monte tightly, his face buried into the older man's shoulder. It's been eleven years now since he saw Monte. Eleven years and Monte's barely changed. But when they pull away from their hug, he catches the glint of a ring on Monte's left hand, and he looks up at his old friend with a smile before motioning to the ring. "You got married?" Tommy asks.

"Yeap. Beautiful woman named Lisa. Our kids are so cute, too." He says and Tommy laughs, shaking his head a little as the black man comes over to introduce himself.

"Longineu Parsons," he says and Tommy stops, staring as they shake hands.

"Longineu Parsons? You were in Yellowcard!" Tommy exclaims and Longineu grins. "Dude, I fucking love Yellowcard!" He says and Longineu throws his head back in laughter. He'd though that the man looked familiar. He looks back at Monte as the woman comes in.

"That's Lisa Harriton. Keyboards, by the way." He turns his head and looks at Lisa, and she smiles at him.

"Nifty." He says with a smile. But he has to lick his lips and he mutters softly. "Adam?"

Monte just smiles slightly and looks towards a door on the opposite side of the room from where he entered. It's open, leading out to another hallway he figures. He hands his bass to Monte before walking slowly. He's gotta keep his heartbeat steady otherwise he's sure he's going to pass out. And he likes to believe his days of fainting are over, kay thanks. But it's hard to breathe as he steps out. He looks to the left, and doesn't see anyone or anything but a few feet of hallway and a dead end. But he looks to the right and sees a man leaning against the wall, with his hands shoved deep into the pockets of his faded blue jeans. He's wearing a dark grey Queen t-shirt, and his black hair is curtaining his face delicately.

Tommy can see the liner around his eyes and the gleaming black plugs in his ears. He purposefully makes his shoe tap the doorframe, and he stands straight as the man turns his head towards him. Those blue eyes make him melt on the inside, and the man frowns for a moment before those eyes brighten with a dawning recognition. He straightens off the wall as Tommy takes a small step forward, swallowing the lump in his throat as the man opens his mouth.

"T-Tommy?" He whispers, and Tommy can't hold back. He charges forward and lunges into Adam's open arms. The black haired angel wraps his arms tightly around Tommy as the blond buries his face into Adam's chest, his arms latched around Adam's waist. One of Adam's hands slides up into his hair, gripping his head tightly and he feels Adam shaking against him. His angel is crying.

"I'm here, Adam. I'm here…" He says when he shifts in Adam's arms. Adam dips his head and rests it on Tommy's shoulder, and Tommy can feel the tears soaking through the plaid shirt that he's wearing. "Shh, Adam, I'm here…" But he can't stop his own tears from falling.

He pulls away slightly, brushing Adam's hair out of his face. He looks up into those gorgeous blue eyes, wanting to just melt in them and never leave. Adam's fingers touch his face, trailing from his cheek bone down along his jaw before curling around his chin. His heart pounds in his chin as Adam leans forward, their lips touching gently at first before meshing together. Adam's tongue slips between Tommy's lip, lying flat on his before the two muscles work with one another. Tommy moans into Adam's lips, knotting his fingers tightly into his angels' hair.

Adam pulls away, pressing kisses into his jaw and across his neck, and Tommy tilts his head back to expose more of his skin. He's on fire and his heart is pounding in his chest as Adam pushes him against the wall of the hallway, leaving tiny bites here and there against his skin before kissing him again. Adam's hands cup Tommy's face gently before they pull away again, breathing hard. Their foreheads are pressed to one another as they tremble, Tommy's breath hitting Adam's chin.

Tommy lifts his head a little, brushing their lips together again as he tries to breathe normally. His baby… Adam is right here. It's almost unreal. Almost. But Adam leaves another kiss on his lips and he opens his eyes, staring into those blue orbs and he can feel himself starting to shake again. His fingers trail over Adam's lips, and he smiles slightly. Adam smiles too, and they embrace again.

"I've missed you so much," Adam whispers in his ear. Tommy moans softly, pressing another kiss to Adam's lips. He can't get enough. He's been deprived of Adam's kisses for eleven years. Sometimes it's hard to believe that fact. But then he remembers. It's two-thousand-ten right now. It's so strange…

"I've missed you too, Adam." He says just as softly as Adam kisses his forehead.

"All this time… I thought… Fuck, I thought I would never see you again…" Tommy inhales slowly, kissing those beautiful, plump and freckled lips again. He's missed these lips.

"I'm here," he repeats. "I'm here and I'm not going anywhere." He says. Adam smiles, tears trailing down his face as he steals another kiss from the blond. Tommy moans softly, fisting his hands into Adam's shirt for a moment. He wants to just take Adam away from here and… Well, to put it bluntly, he wants to fuck Adam senseless right now. He really does, but he has to do something else first.

"Adam," he whispers against the blue-eyed man's lips, "Adam, I need to tell you something." Adam moans, before pulling away and resting his head on Tommy's, his hands cupping Tommy's face as if he's fragile.

"What is it, baby?" Tommy inhales slowly, looking up into Adam's eyes.

"I love you." Adam stares, and Tommy's sure he can hear Adam's heart stop beating for a moment. The once-ginger gasps for a moment as a smile tugs at his lips, a tear rolling down his face as he kisses Tommy again, chaste and raw.

"I love you, too, Tommy." He says, kissing Tommy hard again. This time, though, Tommy's tongue splits the seam of Adam's lips and slides inside, making his angel moan and run fingers through his short, brown and blond hair. Tommy's tongue wrestles with Adam's and moans spill from their throats into one another's mouths, and Tommy reminisces on something he heard many, many years ago…

'If you find him, don't let him go.'

He has no intention of ever letting Adam go.