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The room was swaying as the man pushed her against the hotel room door; her hands found the zipper to his black pants before the door was even closed. She shoved the boxers down his legs and touched his hardness for the first time.

"fuuuuck" he mouthed out, his lips finding hers. They kissed slowly for a few minutes, both tasting strongly of Grey Goose and Captain Morgan. Both were obviously drunk, but neither was wasting any time trying to sober up. His hands were under her dress again. They'd been dancing, or rather dry humping, at the last club they'd been in, and now it seemed they were picking up where they last left off. He cupped her breasts as she started unbuttoning his shirt.

"How the fuck do you get this dress off?" His hands had not left her breasts, but his mouth was now nibbling at her ear.

"Zipper" she moaned as laying open mouthed kisses on her breasts through her dress, "back" It took exactly seven seconds for him to unzip the dress and get it off of her before his mouth found her breasts once more. His hands found her black thong; he pushed them down her legs as he pushed a finger inside of her. She felt her body turn to jello. She hadn't felt this good in years.

"ohhh god" she moaned out as he thrust another finger into her. She felt herself get even wetter when his mouth found its way back to hers. Their tongues fought for control, as the kisses got even more heated. She swallowed a moan as his fingers plunged into her at a continual pace. His fingers pulled out of her, and she pulled back from his lips, panting. He cocked his head at her, and gave her an off glance.

"What's up babe?"

"I've always wanted to try something" the man looked unsure, until the girl dropped to her knees in front of him. The girl reached out and stroked his hardness. She replaced her finger with her tongue. She licked the pre-cum off of the tip of his cock. He groaned loudly, his eyes closing.

"You don't—" Her warm mouth engulfing him shut him up rather quickly. He let out a low groan. Her tongue was working wonders on his cock, while she used her left hand to fondle his balls. He rested his head on the door, while the girl worked her magic on him. She took him even deeper, putting both of her hands on his ass. His hands were in her fiery red hair, trying ever so hard to make this last longer. He looked down and almost came at the sight of her, eyes closed, hands grasping his ass, sucking him off.

"Wait…" She looked up at him. He pulled her back up to him, kissing her, getting even more turned on at taste of him in her mouth. "I want to finish in you" she nodded vigorously.

"I need you," that was all he needed to hear. He thrust a finger in her to make sure she was wet enough for him,

"You on the pill?"

"No, do you have a condom?" He nodded back and searched for it in the back pocket of his pants. He held it up victorious. He ripped the wrapper off with his teeth and hurriedly put the condom on. The girl licked her lips at the sight.

"I'm ready," she muttered out.

He lined up and entered her slowly; he could feel her walls closing around him. He pulled out almost all the way before entering her again, harder this time. Her breath caught in her throat, as she let out a very loud groan. The man smiled; so, she was a screamer. He picked up the speed, thrusting into her, her back slamming against the hotel door. She wrapped her legs around him allowing him to thrust even deeper into her. He spun around, both hands on her ass, and tried to find the bedroom.

"Next door on your left" the girl said as her arms wrapped around his neck, her lips finding his. He pushed her against the wall, as his lips fought for dominance over hers. He picked up his pace, she let out an even louder moan than before, whimpering an 'oh god' into his ear. He finally found the right door, and together they fell on the bed. She flipped them over so that she was on top.

"This is so hot," he said as his hands played with her breasts. She slammed down on him, making both of them groan loudly. She held onto his hair, as she got closer and closer to release. He pulled her face down towards him, taking her breath away with a sweet kiss. He flipped them over again, this time picking up the pace of his thrusts. He could tell by the look on her face that she was getting closer.

"Fuck" they seemed to mutter at the same time, he came, and then her only moments later. Her hands were still tangled in his hair. He rested his head against her heaving chest. They both laid in silence for a few minutes. He pushed his body off of hers, and rested on his elbows, starring into the redheads' eyes.

"Are you okay?" The redhead smiled.

"Never better. You ready for another round, Mr. Stark?" Tony's eyes lit up.

"Hell ya, Ms. Potts" And their lips found each other again.

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