I DON'T OWN ANYTHING TWILIGHT RELATED. I'm just someone who is may or may not spent way to much time reading twilight based fanfiction. :)

I will be updating this story hopefully daily. If not every day than every other day. Just give me a little while to get in the swing of things this is my first time writing any type of story like this. There won't be very much angst in any of my stories and this won't be a Bella/Edward story.

Chapter 1.


"Shit!" I shouted. Feeling the hot liquid seeping through the fabric of my shirt. I just knew when I woke up to 6 am phone call from my assistant this morning that today was going to be a long day. I should have just stayed in bed.

"Oh Bella, are you alright?" asked my assistant Gina. We had been holed up in my office since 7 am this morning going through a mess of manuscripts that needed to be sorted before the emergency meeting that was called for this lunch time today.

"Yeah G, I'm fine I'll just change into one of my extra shirts." I replied. Already up and half way to the closet in my office. I was once again grateful that Gina picked up my dry cleaning the day before, and oh so grateful for the half bathroom that I have in my office. I quickly changed shirts not wanting to leave her to do any more work than she had too.

When I had applied for the Assistant Editing job at Pattinson's publishing house, I never in a million years thought I would have been moved up so quickly. I thought that I would have been an assistant editor for years before I would have even been considered for the promotion of editor. But after only 4 months of working here my former boss then editor Greg announced his retirement and the President and Vice President of the company were so Impressed by my work that instead of hiring out side of the office the offered me his position the same day. I quickly excepted overwhelmed but extremely happy. That was 8 months ago and I can still here my mom's excited squeals echoing through my mind when I told her about the promotion.

Normally I was well prepared for these meetings with the president and vice president and the other editors of the firm, but I had been out sick with the worse case of the flu I had ever had the last few days and was a little behind. Not that it was a normal practice for the president to call an emergency meeting. They were usually only held on the last Friday of every month.

She when Gina called me this morning with news of the Memo she had in her E-mail I quickly throw myself together and made the quickest trip to my office possible. And from there I jumped into the pile of Manuscripts that were piled on my desk from the time I had missed. It was just approaching 11. And I was pretty confident that I had all of the information on the ones that I wanted to push for publication today. I'd have to catch up the rest this week and unfortunately this weekend.

"G, I really appreciate all of your help, I know its not really in your job description to do all of this, but you have really saved my ass today thanks." I said. Once again taking a seat behind my desk, this time more carefully reaching for my now luke-warm cup of coffee.

"Its no problem Bella, besides I pretty much owe you for hooking me up with those tickets last week." she replied. Referring to the backstage passes and I had hooked her up with for a concert I couldn't make it too last week. I always offered her any extra stuff I got like that, her and her boyfriend were just as into music as I was so when I couldn't make it I knew that they would enjoy them.

"Blah Blah Gina, go get out of here I know you must be starving I'm sure you didn't have time for breakfast and its almost lunch time already, and besides I really need to get a few more things squared away and out of these clothes before the meeting starts in an hour." I replied. Feeling pretty guilty once I realized that she had come in almost two and a half hours early on and empty stomach no doubt to help me out she really was a good friend.

"If your sure Bells because I can stay and help." she replied. Just like I knew she would.

"I'm sure I'm sure. Go actually take the rest of the day off I have so many manuscripts to get through I'll be holed up in here for the rest of the day anyway, if I needed anything done I'll shoot you an email and it can just be done tomorrow." I replied. While getting everything organized for the meeting.

"Have I ever told you I loved you." she replied laughing.

After a few words and our goodbye I sent her on her way and started for my closet and quickly picked out an outfit for my meeting today making my way to the bath room, I quickly washed my face before applying a lite eye shadow and lip gloss. Letting my hair down and quickly brushing it out, letting it fall in its usual curly state down passed my shouldering before stripping out of my clothes quickly. Thankful that I had enough sense this morning to throw on my black strapless bra and panty set. I quickly slipped into my black pencil skirt and green blouse before stepping into my black heels. I checked my hair one more time before stepping out of the my bathroom checking the time as I made my way over to my desk I noticed I had only ten minutes to make it too the bored meeting so I quickly gathered my things and was on my way to the elevator.

It was two thirty by the time I made it back to my office. I had gotten all of the stories I was pushing for publication passed and I was feeling pretty great about that. After learning this meeting was held a week early because the president of the company was going to be out of town for the time of our normally schedule meeting we were sent on our way.

I spent the rest of the evening deep in manuscripts and by the time my stomach made its presence known it was past seven o'clock. I checked my phone noting the missed calls I had from my mom and few from friends of mine. After quickly checking my work email and shooting off a few replies I locked up my office and was in the elevator before I had time to talk myself into staying locked in my office all night. Pressing the button for the parking garage I zoned out thinking about the passed 5 years.

I was a mess after Edward left me, well after all of the Cullen's really. I took me months a mopping around and self-loafing to realize that I didn't have to roll over and play dead just because they left me behind, and it also took another few months and a werewolf best friend to help me realize that it wasn't just Edward that I missed it was the whole family really. I had had my heart so set on becoming part of the family that when they left they didn't just leave me they took my future with them and I had to figure out my place once they had gone. But once I set my mind to recovering and once I realized what I was putting my father through I quickly got my head out of my ass and got my act together.

I had already buried myself in my school work and was pulling off and 4.0 so I starting early acceptance to get my college applications in as quickly as possible just wanting a fresh start some where new. Some new town where the people didn't all look at me with pity filled eyes and only saw the zombie of a girl the Cullen's left behind.

I spent the rest of my senior year mostly down in La Push partying with the wolf pack. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my best friend was a werewolf. I guess the fates think that my life is one big joke. One family of monsters leave just to be replaced by another. Yes the universe must have gotten a good laugh out of that one. When I wasn't with them I was waiting tables at the small diner down at la push saving money for a new car knowing that my poor beloved truck would never make the out of town journey to what ever college I attended. I already had a motor bike that my father didn't know about that me and Jacob had rebuilt that I had every intention of bringing along with me but I knew I'd need a reliable car as well.

I still remember the proud look on my dads face when I get the full ride to Yale. Everything was covered including room and board and for that I was thankful. I remember calling up Jake and telling him all about it with the shock still evident in my voice. We partied that whole weekend down in La Push to celebrate.

I should have known that everything was going to perfect in my life I should have expected something to happen to turn it all around but I was still surprised when I saw Laurent standing in my back yard two weeks before graduation. I was on my way out to my truck to head to work when I saw him standing there and I quickly flipped my phone open and sent Jake and text message telling him to come over now. If he and Sam would have gotten there even a minute later I am sure I wouldn't be alive today.

After that incident the pack took to taking shifts over watching over me and Charlie for my duration of my stay in Forks but they never picked up any other scents.

Two weeks later I was graduating top of my class at Forks High. My dad was still telling any and every one that would listen about how proud he was of me, it seemed like no matter what any one said to him he could always manage to slip it in that his baby girl had gotten a full ride to Yale. It felt good to know how proud he was of me. The night of my graduation I went out for diner with my mom, dad, Phil, Billy and Jacob. I can not even begin to tell you how surprised I was when my parents told me of the savings account they had in my name that they had been saving up for my college education it had over twenty thousand dollars in it. They had each been putting money in it every week since I was born.

Once I was in Connecticut my first act of duty after getting settled into my dorm room was too buy a second hand car that had lasted my through all of my college years. I had all the experiences a normal college student would I partied when the chance came around and I even dated. There were a lot of first dates very few second dates. There had only been one guy that I had kept around and even that had only last a few months. I fast tracked my way through college finishing in three years instead of four at the top of my class.

It wasn't until after I had taken a in job in Seattle so that I could be closer to my dad and the pack did my world come crashing down. I can still hear the sadness in Jacob's voice when he called and told me that Charlie had a heart attack and that he didn't make it. At first I thought he was messing with me because that just couldn't be I had just called my dad two hours prior and told him I'd be coming down to spend the weekend with him the next day. But I knew in the back of my mind that Jacob would never ever joke about something like that he loved Charlie too.

After the funeral was over and he was laid to rest I had the need to be near family and quickly started applying for jobs in my mom and Phil's state. Texas was a far cry from Seattle but I knew I needed to be near the only family I had left and that was the place Phil's minor league baseball career had taken him. It had only taken a week for Pattinson's Publishing to e-mail me requesting and interview. And only another week until I had the job. I now spent a lot of time with my mother now that Phil had injured himself playing baseball. He was now coaching a high school baseball team and my mother was teaching art classes.

The ding of the elevator brought my out of my day dreams and I made my way over to my car a sleek black Audi R8. I briefly wondered what the Cullen's would think of my car of choice now. I'm sure they'd approve of it much more than the new Honda CBR motor cycle I had currently sitting in the my garage at home.

I decided to make a quick stop at Wal-Mart on my way home to pick up a few things I needed to make dinner and also remembered I was out of coffee too. I was just rounding the milk isle when I saw him he was standing there holding two different kinds of milk in his hand muttering to himself. I don't know how long I stood there gawking at him in shock but I'm pretty sure my brain filter must have been turned completely off when I muttered out my next words.

"Fucking vampires shop at Wal-Mart now."