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Chapter 20


Having the advantages of a vampire mind I was aware of my surroundings easily. I was aware of the snarls and growls ripping from my family's throats. I was aware that there were twenty three other vampires opposite of us, I was also aware that Jasper once again resumed his crouched position in front of me. So many things that I was aware of but all I could see was her.

Fire red hair fell down around her in tight curls that surrounded her pale face, framing her now black eyes. Eyes full of hatred and loathing. Eyes full of barely contained rage. Eyes that demanded revenge. Eyes that were locked on my own.


I don't know why none of us had even considered her being apart of this. The Cullen's had killed her mate and then the pack had killed her only other companion, of course she'd want me dead. How could I have not considered her sooner, I don't know.

It all clicked together easily at the sight of her. Her need for revenge not only against me but the whole family. She knew she'd never be able to accomplish such a thing single handedly, and she also knew of the rules the Volturi held above everything else. She knew she'd get her revenge easily if she had them on her side.

What she didn't know was that Aro was a greedy man, one who wasn't only interested in the very laws he and his "brothers" had created. He was far more interested in the powers certain members of my family possessed.

I was broken out of my stare down with the red-head when a voice I had never heard rang out over the constant snarls echoing through the small clearing, now coming from both sides of the invisible line we kept ourselves behind.

"Ah, Carlisle my friend its been to long." A man with long jet black hair glided forward nodding his head in a friendly gesture toward Carlisle, who standing in front of Esme.

"Aro." Carlisle clipped tone was accompanied by a nod of his own.

"You have quite the welcoming party here old friend, many that I am not familiar with, is there a reason you've gathered so many people to great me?" Aro asked, cooking his head to the side, I could see an underlying humor in his eyes that pissed me off.

"I could ask the same thing?" Carlisle gritted out between clenched teeth. "Surely if this was just a visit to check to make sure the laws have been upheld you wouldn't need so many to stand behind you."

"Oh, no need to worry about the-" Aro began, only to be cut off mid sentence.

"ENOUGH!" Jasper roared catching the attention of every vampire in the clearing. "We aren't ignorant enough to believe for one moment that any of you have come in peace, now state your honest reason for being here so we can be done with this." He demanded clearly in Major mode.

He was no longer crouched in front of me but he was still standing in front of me with a protective arm wrapped around me pulling me flushed to his back.

Aro looked at him with something that resembled respected and even I could see the small hint of fear in his eyes before he wiped his face clear of all emotions and plastered that fake smile back on.

Jasper smirked in front of me clearly having caught on to his emotions.

"Ah, Major Whitlock. I have seen you in many minds throughout the last 150 years. You strike fear in the hearts of many of our kind. Even without your very useful talent." He evaded as he appraised our position, clearly placing me from Victoria and Demetrie's memories. "I was not made aware of the fact that you had taken Isabella as a mate."

"That is not the issue at hand. State your business Aro." Jasper demanded once more.

Are chuckled causing Jasper to snarl. "It would be wise not to make demands from me Major."

It was Jaspers turn to laugh, a taunting laugh directed at Aro. "And why is that exactly, its not like you could ever take me in a fair fight without all of your little minions to guard you."

Aro face contorted in a raged mask only briefly as the laughter from Edward, Peter and Emmett rang through the clearing, but he quickly composed himself, plastering on that fake smile once again before turning himself toward Carlisle once more.

"Is this the reason you have called such a large crowd here to great me, you were planning on a fight dear friend?" Aro questioned.

"You know me well enough to know that if a fight can be avoided, it will be. I want nothing more than for us all to depart in peace." Carlisle answered honestly, but I could tell from the look on Jasper's face that, that wasn't an option here.

"Yes I hope for that outcome as well." He answered his eyes flicking to me once more before he took in the rest of our group. He let out what was supposed to be a sad sigh before speaking again. "But laws have been broken Carlisle, you know as well as I do that we can't let this go without punishment."

At the mention of punishment Victoria's face transformed into a delighted snarl just as Edwards contorted into a out raged mask, clearly having read Aro's definition of punishment from his mind.

Jasper caught the look on Edwards face, turning toward him they had some sort of silent conversation before Jasper turned his face back to Aro.

"You question our number and our motives, but you stand before us taking about punishment and death." Jasper told him a calm voice.

"No one as mentioned death here." Aro stated with a sickly sweet smile.

Victoria roared at the news turning her attention from me for the first time facing the brothers. "What do you mean! They broke the rules! They must die!"

Aro didn't even spare her a glance as he answered her in an almost bored tone. "You have also broken laws Victoria. You knew about her for years before bringing her to our attention, and don't think I don't know your real motivation behind telling us of the laws broken."

At this she roared again. "You mean to tell me that there will be no death for the rules broken?" She demanded.

"No." He stated simply, his eyes still roaming over our group.

She lunged before the word had even finished leaving his mouth but before she could reach him she was one the ground withering in pain. Her pain filled wails echoed off of the trees causing me to cringe into Jasper's back, I'd never heard anything like it.

"Take care of her Felix." Aro ordered in a bored tone.

A man cloaked in a dark robe stepped forward from his position next too another man I had just noticed was Demetrie, his eyes were locked on me full of want. I cringe away from his stare immediately.

Before I knew what was happening Felix had stepped forward and torn Victoria's withering body apart throwing her in a pile and lighting it on fire, a cloud of purple smoke was released into the air above us.

"Well now that, that is out of the way, I suppose it is time to get down to business." Aro stated, not looking at all sorry for just having another of his kind killed.

"Yes, if the punishment isn't death. What are you planning then?" Carlisle asked already knowing the answer, but wanting him to come out and say it.

Aro didn't disappoint.

"We will exchange our forgiveness of the wrong doings or your coven if you turn over the girl, of course you are all welcomed to come along, we'd love to have you Jasper, Edward, Alice." Aro offered like it was the most generous offer ever.

"You'll never have her." Jasper told him.

"Well it would be a pity to kill so many of our kind, especially with such gifts, so maybe you should let her speak for herself before you sign her death certificate Major." Aro said with an air of power and cockiness that didn't set well with me at all.

I made to step forward but with blocked when both Jasper and Edward put an arm out to stop me from stepping between them to make my way in front of the group.

"Guys I would like to speak for myself." I told them.

"Ah she speaks!" Aro crowed, his voice full of amusement that was just pissing me off.

Snarls filled the clearing once again from my side, everyone showing their displeasure at his inappropriate amusement at such a topic.

"Yes she speaks." I hissed breaking free and stepping in between Jasper and Edward so I could level an unblocked glare at him."

"And what would you like to say little one?" He chuckled.

My body vibrated as rage took over my senses at his lack of caring for the people I loved. "She'd like to tell you to go fuck yourself asshole."

"Is that anyone to talk to the person who just killed the woman who was dead set against killing not only you but your whole coven?" He asked me with a smirk on his face.

"First of all. Its not a coven, it's a family. Secondly, you didn't kill her for me you killed her because she was just an excuse to you." I stated.

"You know nothing little girl." He replied, his calm face slipping only slightly.

"No?" I taunted. "So you are saying what? That you have no intentions of taking the gifted of our family and killing the ones who stand it your way, just like you just killed Victoria?"

"Of course not, I wish no harm to come to any of you. And as long as you come with us then no harm will come to any of you, we will hash out what your punishment will be once we get back to Volterra." He announced like he wasn't about to get his head removed from his body by a very pissed off Major.

"You will not lay a fucking hand on my Mate!" Jasper roared from beside me.

Peters voice rang out from his position to Jasper's left. "I'll fucking rip you to pieces myself if you even think about touching my sister."

"And that is what your planning on doing isn't Aro. You want to take her back with you, punish her, break her spirit. Brainwash her and then take her as your mate." Edward stated from my right side, obviously piecing together the information from Aro's thoughts.

At this everyone roared, even some from Aro's side.

"You will not fucking touch her!" Jasper roared

"Is that really true?" I woman asked stepping forward behind the cloaked figures, that I assumed were the guard.

"Not now Sulpicia." Aro dismissed the woman.

"You would do that to your wife, to your mate?" Carlisle asked clearly disgusted by the man who he had once considered a friend.

"I'd rather die then be your "mate"." I said cutting off all further talk of this nonsense.

"Well how about I see what I can do about changing your mind?" Aro asked before motioning a small girl, no older than 15 cloaked in same dark cloak as the rest of the guard.

Her red eyes held none of the innocence of a 15 year old girl though. They were full of evil anticipation.

"Why don't you show Bella, just what will happen to her beloved if she doesn't obey Jane." Aro ordered.

Jane turned her wicked red eyes on Jasper as I felt a small intrusion bump against the outside of my shield. It reminded me of the vibration from a cell phone. Her eyes turned from wicked, to confused, to outraged in seconds as whatever she was attempting to do was obviously blocked by my shield.

Pride and happiness surged through me at the knowledge that it was working. At least against the mental attacks.

Aro's chuckles once again filled the clearing as he turned his gaze to me again. "It seems you have quickly got your shield under control. No matter. Once you break contact with him the shield will be ineffective once more."

I wanted to laugh at his ignorance. He had no idea what my shield was capable of.

"Take him, she'll go where he is I'm sure of it." He stated like trying to take my mate was no big deal.

A deafening roar escaped me, as I felt my shield strengthen at the thought of harm coming to Jasper.

Power surged through my body as I stretched my shield even further until it was covering Aro completely before I jerked it back in our direction causing him to stumble forward, his face reflected his bewildered emotions. I laughed as Felix and Demetrie ran forward trying to take Jasper only to be thrown back as they hit the edges of my shield.

Jasper noting that nothing could hurt me at the moment released his hold on me allowing me to make a few steps forward in Aro's direction.

"What was that about taking my mate?" I growled as I circled him, enjoying the look of pure fear on his face.

"Of course we wouldn't have hurt him." He lied.

"Liar." Jasper smirked.

"How about we have a little fun with you?" I taunted.

"You don't want to do that Isabella." He told me trying to intimidate me. "You will never leave this field alive, any of you if any harm comes to me."

"Mmmh, we'll see about that. Maybe its you who won't leave this field alive." I taunted.

Snarls echoed around the clearing bouncing off of my shield.

"You will release our brother." Another uncloaked figured stepped forward.

"And who are you?" I asked, knowing he was one of the brothers.

"I am Ciaus and this is Marcus." He said pointing to himself then to another man he looked more bored than any man or vampire I had ever seen.

"And what if I didn't give your brother back to you Ciaus?" I asked.

"All of your coven will die, this will not go unpunished." He stated confidently.

"Right." I laughed as I pushed my shield forward once more to wrap it around Ciaus before pulling him toward us to stand beside Aro. "As you were saying asshole?"

"Fuck I love my sister." Emmett joked from behind me.

"This will never go unpunished!" Ciaus roared.

"Actually brothers." The bored voice of Marcus rang out for the first time. "I have grown tired of your greed Aro and of your anger Ciaus."

"What are you talking about Marcus?" Aro asked his brother the edge evident in his voice.

"Exactly what I said Aro. I've been telling you for centuries that one day you'd meet your match, that your greed would catch up with you. Today is that day." He answered in his same bored tone.

"You don't care if your brother dies?" Jasper questioned beside me.

"You're an empath correct?" Marcus asked.

"Yes." Jasper stated simply studying him closely.

"Then you know of my true feelings about all of this." He stated.

"Is this true?" Carlisle asked, turning his attention toward Jasper for clarification.

"His emotions do not lie, he is telling the truth." He informed. "What of his thoughts Edward, do they match his spoken words?" he asked.

"Yes, he has grown tired of their games. He would have left long ago, had he any other place to go. He doesn't care if they live or die." Edward stated.

"Then you may go." Jasper dismissed. "Go back to Volterra, you maybe the only ruler left alive after today. But mark my words if you ever even think of hurting anyone I care about I will kill you myself."

Marcus bowed his head slightly in a show of respect in our direction before taking off into the trees.

"What about us. We feel the same way." Jane spoke up.

"Liar." Jasper and Edward said at the same time causing her to snarl.

"We can talk about this Major." Aro tried to reason.

"Sure. Lets talk." Jasper replied smoothly. "Lets talk about how you've come to my home, tried to take my mate home to punish her then make her your own. How you not only threatened me with harm and death but my whole family."

"We couldn't allow any coven to become stronger than our own." Aro countered like that made everything alright.

"Mmmmh." Just hummed in agreement before stopping to lock eyes with the two pieces of shit in front of me. "Lets talk about how we were going to let all of you go unharmed and in peace, that is until you let your true colors show."

"We can still go in peace, we won't bother you again." Aro bartered.

"Lets talk about how I'm an empath and I know your lying right now." He stated stepping close to Aro while Peter pushed me behind himself next to Charlotte. "Lets also talk about how I'm going to rip you apart. And if you are lucky I might burn the pieces or maybe I'll just spread them through out the world, and you'll have to suffer an eternity of trying to piece yourself together again."

Aro backed up on reflex to Jaspers words and body langue. "Surely we can work this out Major, how about you and your family being immune to all laws for eternity."

"Not enough." Jasper smirked.

"Then what will be, anything you want." Aro assured.

"There is nothing that I want that I can't get for myself Aro. But there is nothing you can do that will save you now, not after what you were planning to do to my Bella. Death is the only option for you and anyone who try's to stand in my way." He stated simply.

At his words Aro and Ciaus lunged at Jasper, but Jasper was anticipating it and caught Aro's arm slamming him into Ciaus throwing him off balance as Aro's right arm was torn from his body.

Peter came forward restraining Ciaus from once again lunging for Jasper as Aro's pain filled roar filled my ears.

"Carlisle old friend, you can still talk some since into the boy." Aro pleaded never taking his eyes from Jaspers angry form.

"I can't do that Aro. If you would have threatened my mate in such a way, even I'd have to have your death by my hand." Carlisle told him solemnly.

I knew how much he hated the thought of killing, even if it was a sadistic, evil creature such as these. My heart went out to him but I knew this had to end here.

"No one is going to be able to save you Aro. Even before you opened your mouth today, even before I got a read on your emotions, even before I learned your true intentions for My Bella. I had planned on ending this here today. I will not leave alive anyone who poses a threat to my mate." Jasper informed.

"Is there nothing I can do?" Aro pleaded as Jasper tossed his arm aside.

"No." Jasper's simple reply came right before his body lunged toward Aro, ripping his head of first the rest of his body followed, seconds later his limbs were in a pile in the middle of the clearing.

Jasper turned his attention to Ciaus as Peter released him. "You don't want to do this. If the Voturi are destroyed who will keep order in our world." Ciaus tried to reason.

"I was in the southern wars for almost 100 years before I left them to find something better for myself. I killed thousands of humans and vampires in that time and that's just me, that's not including the thousands that fought beside me and against me in that time. Those wars still continue to this day, and not once have any of you ever stepped in. So don't tell me this is about protecting our existence, this is about power. Something you are seriously lacking right now." Jasper states moving toward him. "Besides that's why I let Marcus go, he seems to be the only honorable one out of all of you."

"Even if you do kill me, you'll never get out of here alive, as soon as you drop your shield Jane and Alec's powers will work on all of you once more, if you let me go I can order them to stand down." Ciaus bartered.

"No Thanks." Jasper replied lunging forward and quickly ripping his body to pieces that soon joined Aro's in the growing pile.

Coming back to where I stood he took me from my position behind Peter and tugged me forward to stand by his side. Checking me over to make sure I was okay I'm sure. I gave him a smile in reassurance and only then did he turn to face the others.

Some where openly sobbing, faces filled with rage and agony for having lost two very important members of their coven.

"Is there anyone else who'd like to join the two here?" Jasper asked gesturing to the pile of limbs on the ground. I shuddered when I noticed a few of them moving.

"Fuck you!" Jane's enraged voice shouted above the rest of the noise.

"No thanks Sweat heart." Peter drawled from beside us. Which only caused her to get more angry, the intensity she was using to try to penetrate my shield seemed to double in effort.

"That's not going to work." I offered. "My shield is to strong, you can sit there forever trying but it will never get through."

"This is your fault." She screeched pointing a finger at me. "If it weren't for you none of this would have happened."

"Last time I checked it was your Aro that went power hungry, not me." I informed.

"This is your fault!" She said again dismissing what I had just told her. "I want a fair fight, just you and I."

I looked to Jasper to gage his reaction but he was just smirking at me. I shrugged my shoulders, I had wanted to tear the bitch apart the moment she turned her wicked eyes on Jasper and tried to hurt him.

"That's fine with me." I stated. "Not that I was aware y'all even knew what a fair fight was."

The protest from many of my family members was the complete opposite from the rest of them.

"No Bella, you don't have to do that honey." Esme pleaded.

"Fuck yeah she does!" Emmett cheered. "Show that crazy bitch what you can do."

Peter just threw a knowing smirk my way. He could tell I was itching to get hands on her for the way she had treated Jasper earlier.

"Drop your shield." She demanded stepping forward.

I stepped forward too out side of my physical shield, careful that my mental shield stayed in place incase she decided to use her powers later. Also making sure that my family was still fully protected.

As soon as I was out side of my shield she lunged hard, grabbing hold of my shoulder to take me down but I used my height to my advantage flipping us over once more in a move Jasper had taught me the day prior. I literally ripped her hands off of my shoulder tossing them to the ground.

Her pain filled roar filled my ears as she got back up lunging at me once more. I quickly grabbed her arm spinning her around so her back was facing me before gripping both of her arms in my hands tightly and bringing up my right leg to plant a strong kick in the middle of her shoulder blades, her arms ripped from her body as another pain filled wail filled the clearing.

Just as I was about to finish her off another vampire came at me from the side trying to catch me off guard, my mind registered that he must be Alec her brother by the resemblance between the too, but my body just went into instinct using another move I had learned from Jasper the previous day. I had his head removed from his body before he knew what was happening.

It only took seconds to finish dismembering the bodies of the two vampires. I let down my shield long enough to add the new pieces to the growing pile and make me way over to Jasper who looked pissed off.

I had a feeling I would be hearing about this later. He wasn't the only one who looked pissed either. I shrugged at my family before taking my place at Jasper's side where I belonged.

"Is there anyone else?" Jasper asked once more. "No one else who wishes to harm what is mine?"

I could tell Carlisle was just as relieved as I was when no one even so much as twitched in our direction. I had enough death for one day too.

"Then go, all of you. Return to Volterra, but know that the next time we won't be so forgiving. We could have easily killed you all." Jasper dismissed them. "And do not hunt in the area!" He reminded

Several members of the Volturi nodded in a show of respect before taking off deep into the forest where they had come from.

I didn't drop my shield for several minutes. Until I could no longer hear retreating footsteps, until I could no longer feel any of their presences around me.

"They're gone! They're not coming back! I can see it clear as day now. Who ever was protecting their future decisions has decided to break off from the Volturi now that Brothers and Evil twins are gone. I can see everything again!" Alice squealed jumping into Edward's arms before planting a huge kiss on his lips.

Cheers erupted from the rest of the family at the news everyone turning to their mate to celebrate. Jasper spun me to face him before crashing his lips down on mine in a searing kiss that made me wish we were all alone.

"What were you thinking, you crazy beautiful girl!" he growled kissing me again. "You could have gotten yourself killed out there and I couldn't have even protected you while stuck inside of your shield!"

"I'm fine Jasper nothing happened to me, I knew what I was doing." I reassured him quickly trying to catch his lips with my own once again.

"Don't ever do anything so stupid again!" He growled gripping my face between his hands and nibbling on my bottom lip.

"I promise." I told him honestly eager to continue this some place else. But before I could take his hand to pull him off to some where private I was wretched out of his arms and thrown over a shoulder.

"Bells you were totally bad ass!" Emmett crowed.

"Hell yes if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have stood a chance." Peter praised.

"I doubt that guys." I mumbled a little embarrassed at the attention.

"Don't doubt it." Edward assured from beside us. "I could read all of their thoughts. They were terrified of you even if they didn't show it. That's why Jane wanted to fight you. She knew if you were out of the way, we'd be much easier to pick off with her and Alec's power."

"Whatever." I dismissed not believing that I was as badass as they were making me out to be.

"Don't under estimate yourself Darlin'." Jasper whispered in my ear as his arms came around me from behind.

"Thank you Jasper." Carlisle stated walking over to pull Jasper into a fatherly embrace.

Jasper looked slightly bewildered but hugged him back tentatively anyway. "What for?" He asked pulling away.

"For not killing them all. I know you only did that for my benefit." Carlisle explained with a knowing look in his eye.

"Of course." Jasper replied, leaving it at that. But I could tell that Carlisle was the only reason any of them were still alive now.

After being passed around from person to person for hugs and thanks, I was getting tired of hearing people sing my praises. Making my over to Jasper where he was talking animatedly with Peter and Kate about something I tugged on his hand gesturing toward the forest around us.

I needed to be alone with My Major.

He caught on quickly excusing himself before tightening his hold on my hand and leading me to what was quickly becoming our spot in the forest.

We had barely stopped before he was on me, both of us removing clothing faster than ever before. He had my back slammed into the nearest tree as his mouth crashes into mine. He wasn't being careful or gentle, there is just to much pent up emotion that he was venting through me and I have to say it I liked it. A lot.

His mouth moved from mine down the side of my face, leaving opened mouth kisses down my neck. I can't hold in the moan that escapes my lips as his tongue darts out tasting my hardened nipple.

"You like that baby?" He grunts as he switches sides needing the other breast with his hand.

"Fuck yes." I hiss.

His hand leaves my breast and continues down my body until he reaches my slit, running his finger over my clit.

"Jesus fuck, your wet." He growled out crashing his lips to mine.

"Fuck!" I hissed as he plunged two fingers deep inside of my throbbing core.

I let out a whimper when he removed them bringing them to his lips before sucking them into his mouth. He groaned at the taste of me before crashing his lips back to mine. Tasting myself on his lips only turned me on further.

He runs his hard cock over my clit a couple of times soaking up some of my wetness before he shifts his hips and he's slamming into me.

"Fucking shit!" He groans

"Yes!" I hiss as my head slams back against the hard bark of the tree I feel it give out from the impact but I could give a shit less about the tree sap that is probably now in my hair.

"Fucking harder." I plead as he shifts his hips back before plunging in hard and deep while pulling me down on him at the same time.

"Like this!" He grunts out has he continues to fuck me harder and deeper than ever before.

"Fuck..yes yes yes yes!" I chanted as I felt my orgasm coming closer.

"Rub your clit for me Bella." He demands.

Without thinking about it my hand reaches down and my fingers make quick work of rubbing tight circles around my swollen clit.

"Fuck I'm going to cum!" I tell him as the coil in my body wounds even tighter.

"Fuck yes, cum with me Darlin'. Let me feel you cum all over me." He grunts speeding up even faster.

It only takes a couple of more strokes before I'm coming undone on top of him as he stills inside of me filling me with his own orgasm.

Lifting me off of him he sets me down on my feet before plopping down on the grown pulling me down next too him. We both laid there for a few minutes catching our unneeded breath before he turned to me taking my face in his hands.

"I love you Bella." He told me pouring all of his love and adoration into me.

"I love you too Jasper." I replied knowing he could feel the truth in my words.

"So are you ready to be Mrs. Whitlock?" He asked seriously.

"I was born to be yours Jasper." I answer him honestly. "Guess its time to go home and announce that there is a wedding to plan." I say making to get up but two strong arms pull me back down.

"They plans will just have to wait. I'm not done with you yet." He smirks before slamming his lips to mine.