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Summary: Tiana's thoughts on the opening night of her restaurant, Tiana's Palace.

Dreams Do Come True

Tiana was out on the balcony of her newly opened restaurant. She was looking out into the river, the moon reflecting from it. It was a cloudless night and a light breeze was blowing. And a showboat floated by, lit up and filled with patrons gambling and having a good time, not having a care in the world.

She hugged the picture frame she was holding against her green dress. Reflecting on how the picture have been her rock for the past few years. She looked up to the starlit sky. It seemed like the constellations shone bright this evening for the opening of Tiana's Palace. But there were two stars that shone brighter than any other that night. Stars that have been her guiding light over the past couple of months.

Evangeline and Ray.

Tiana wanted to blame and thank them for everything that has happened.

From wishing on stars, to turning into a frog, then surviving the bayou, and going against the Shadowman, sacrificing her dream for the love of her life, and then eventually getting her dream.

"Thank you Evangeline…and thank you Ray, for everything." She whispered to the sky.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, breathing in the salty air. This is it. She thought.

She finally did it. Her restaurant was now open for business. Opening night to be exact.

Tiana looked down at the picture in her hands. It was one of the few she had of her father. In the picture, he was wearing his regiment attire, smiling in the camera, showing the medals pinned on his chest.

Tiana felt a twinge of sadness. She was missing him more tonight than she ever had before. She was doing all of this for him and just wished that he was here to see it paid off.

He would have been so proud of you. Her mother has said when the business was taking off. And Tiana knew that he would be. Out of all those who would tell her to give up and put doubts in her mind, he was there for her. He never doubted, always knew that this day would come.

"I hope this is everything you have ever dreamed of." She said tracing her white gloved finger over his framed face. She smiled at the picture thinking of all the hard work she put in for this night- and for everyone in the future.

And all that hard work was paying off. The past two months was spent on renovating, cleaning, painting, and plastering. Two months of interviewing for waiters and cooks. Two months of putting together food entrees and drink lists.

Tiana was interrupted from her musings when she heard the band begin to play. The doors will be opening in a few minutes. Inside everyone was bustling around doing last minute touches, lighting candles and last moment tidying.

Tiana had to slip out for some fresh air and to get a moment alone to reflect.

She kissed the picture and turned to leave the balcony. She entered the building and was met by her husband and business partner.

"Tiana, I knew you would be out there." Naveen smiled his knee weakening grin.

Tiana returned it. "I just needed a moment by myself before everything started." She placed the frame on the desk and turned to Naveen.

"Ready?" He asked extending his hand for her.

Tiana smiled and took his hand. She was ready. After that adventure she had, she was ready to tackle anything.

They walked down to the dining area hand in hand, to the awaiting patrons ready to enjoy her father's famous gumbo.

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