Logan says don't shoot. Cassidy has to wonder why.

He understands he is the bad guy, he understands what he's done to Veronica. She has every right to shoot him. He took her body, her friend, her father – her world. He deserves it. It would be fitting. She wants to kill him; he wants to be killed – symbiosis. Her hands are shaking around the gun with the force of her sobs, so different from how he had held it. She hands are cleans and that makes him wince a little to see; it will be better now. When her hands are bloody like his. He won't be around to see it, but that's just a welcome side benefit.

He stands there expressionless as she screams; as she rages. Logan turns in shock when she reaches what happened at Shelley Pomroy's. Cassidy doesn't think he should be so surprised, but Logan was always sort of Prince Charming – under the sarcasm and the bitterness. That moral code that made him believe in his friend. It's kind of funny.

Logan tells her she's not a killer, and she's been standing there so long Cassidy's kind of starting to wonder if she will. Her face is covered with tears that make her look more beautiful than ever before (still not as pretty as Mac, but beautiful), and Logan still doesn't seem to fully comprehend what's going on. Who Cassidy is. Who Veronica is.

Then the gun falls as she cries, as Logan holds her in his arms. Cassidy feels a sense of crushing disappointment, which edges toward relief. She couldn't kill him. He hadn't broken her that much. He tried again and again and he simply couldn't make her like him.

There's something steadying him as he approaches the rail; he's part in charge of this movement, sure, but there's no way he can be doing it alone. Maybe it's the steady sound of Veronica's sniffles, helping him along. Logan raises his head and sees Cassidy teetering on the edge; years too late but it's the only option left now. Logan calls out:

"Beaver, don't!"

Beaver! Weak pathetic bruised abused Beaver!The rage and the swells in him again; he tries to crush those broken bits and force them down. The internal pressure is too much for the external and he explodes:

"My name is Cassidy!"

Logan tries to take it back; calls him Cassidy. It doesn't matter. Logan still thinks he's Beaver – he probably is – and there's no reason for either of them not to jump. No reason for Veronica not to pull that trigger (lie). Cassidy forces Logan to admit as much.

Logan says don't jump.

Logan says don't shoot.

Veronica listens.

Cassidy doesn't.