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Chapter four:

Here I am sitting in my dressing room brushing over the part of my hand that came into contact with Sonny's. What is that feeling running through me! More importantly why can I still feel it!? This is so not cool, Chad Dylan Cooper does not get hung up on things like this. Wait! This is like in that episode of Mackenzie Falls, where Mackenzie feels all tingly when Chloe touches his hand by accident. That's when mackenzie realises he's falling for her. Psssh, what are you thinking Chad Dylan Cooper! That stuff only happens on tv, or does it? Maybe... maybe, I'm starting to fa-

"Chad, are you there?" Great, right when I thought I got to the bottom of this stupid mystery all caused by that stupid cute someone decides to disrupt me. I sigh as I get up to open the door "What.. Oh hey Marshall." Standing infront of me is the So Randoms! Director / manager in a brown suit, holding a script while looking very clammy. "Hi Chad, listen I was wondering if you could do a last minute fill in for one of our sketches? Our guest star got into uh.... an accident and can't make it." I raised my eyebrows... Chad Dylan Cooper fill in? So Random? Sonny? "I'm in. So when is this sketch?" I ask grabbing the script from Marshall. "Uhh about that, it's kind of based over a week... And I know Mackenzie Falls has finished filming the season, that's why I asked you... You are free are you?" How could I say no to him, look at him, squirming in nervousness, maybe my prescence is making him squirm... "Sure, I'll just have to cancel a few parties and important meetings, but other than that it should be sweet." Marshall's face literally calmed down in relief. "Thank God you can fill in, this sketch wouldn't work with just one guest star." Chad Dylan Cooper just saved so... did he just say one guest star wouldn't work? "You mean there's gonna be another person?"

I knew I was stating the obvious but Chad Dylan Cooper has to know all the details. "Yeah, Sonny recommended him. I'm sure you've met him, Nick Jonas? From that band?" My head stopped nodding at the sound of the name. "Really? Sonny recommended him?" Marshall looked confused at the sudden coldness in my tone "Yes.. If your uncomfortable doing a sketch with him, I can always find someone else..." "No! It's okay. Don't worry Marshall I won't let you down." He nodded and left me standing there looking at the script.

So Random! Sketch: With The Band; Guest Starring: Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus. I looked over the first name over and over again, well this will be interesting.

This is so not cool. Chad Dylan Cooper should not be degraded into lugging heavy furniture around! "To the left a bit... no no no to the right again... a little to the diagonal." Grady shouts commands from the far side of the dressing room. "Seriously, to the diagonal? Seriously?" I puff annoyed. "Hey, hey, no need for the 'tude Chad. Our dressing room, our rules." Obviously Nico and Grady are enjoying every second of this, this torture they're puttin me through. Just because I didn't let them take my car out for a "spin"... It's they're fault for doing such a bad job in getting Sonny to talk to me. "Whatever, Chad Dylan Cooper can't stand being in here... later "dudes"." I leave them to fix their couch problem and head down to prop house to rehearse lines with Sonny. My mood perks up when I realise I'll be alone with Sonny, time for Chad Dylan Cooper to turn on the ChadCharm....

"NO! NO THAT'S NOT HOW YOU DO A "SLIDE!" A voice shouts from the prop house, I know that voice...
"I-i'm sorry, how do you do a "SLIDE!" properly?" Another voice says but softer, I definately know that voice... Sonny. Wait she's being shouted at, who dares shout at MY Sonny! No one shouts at her! Only I can shout at her... that and her mom. I quicken my pace and jump into the prop house "STOP! IN THE NAME OF CHAD!" I shout loudly. I expected silence but instead laughter filled the room "HAHAHAHA, Chad! That's so funny! We could use that in the script too!!" Sonny is baisically killing herself laughing, while the other person just smiles. I turn around to face this mysterious shouter. "Hi Chad! Umm you might not remember me but I'm Nick Jonas." He stretched out a hand in greeting, I look at him, then his hand, then him again. "So Sonny, is this man hurting you? Do you want me to kick him out?" I say facing Sonny. "No Chad, Nick was just rehearsing lines with me... Aren't you going to shake his hand?" I look behind my shoulder to see his hand still out stretched. "Oh yeah... sorry didn't see you wanted a hand shake." I laughed "Haha yeah it's all good." He laughed.... Silence.

"Sooo, Nick..." Sonny says awkwardly breaking the silence.
"Soo, Sonny..." He repeats.
"Sooo, Chad..." Both heads turned to stare at me "What? You can't forget the most important name in here..."
Sonny rolled her eyes "Really, Chad, Really? I return her eye roll "Yes Sonny, yes." I could tell a fight was about to begin, bring it on!
"Fine." Sonny says
"Are we good?"
"I dunno, are we?"
"Yes you are, now shouldn't we be rehearsing?" Oh my chad, did he just interrupt a Sonny - Chad fight!? "Excuse me Nick Jonas, but I don't think you were a part of this conversation." I say at him, emphasisng every syllable in the word conversation. He looks taken back cause all he could do was stutter "u-uh, n-no..."

"Then stay out of it.."
Sonny sighed loudly "Cut it out! We were done anyway, come on let's go get some lunch." I smirked at Nick, feeling like I won cause Sonny just took my side "Yeah Nick, cut it out! Come one Sonny let's go!" I was about to take a step when Sonny started laughing again "I didn't mean you silly, I meant Nick. Oh but I did mean you to cut it out." My mouth dropped open, Sonny was taking Nick's side!? W-what!? No one over looks Chad Dylan Cooper! "Uhh, see ya." Nick said as he passed me. Did I just see a smug grin on his face? Ohh that's it, no one grins at me smugly! Nick Jonas is officialy on the No Admittance wall!

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