Title: Future - Sasaki's Death

Rating: M

Summary: Sasaki got away with it for a long time. And then Gousatsu took a chance during the Oto/Suna invasion and got rid of him forever.

Warnings: Serious stuff going down here people, get your hanky. Character Death. Strong Language.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does.

Author Note: I thought some of you would like to see Sasaki die again, so here's his death in the future before the team comes back :)


Gousatsu watches the teachers running around the class trying to get all the other kids to the evacuation spots. He can already see the enemy ninja closing in on the school and he closes his dark eyes. A hand lands on his shoulder, but he doesn't flinch.

"Gousatsu?" It's Sasaki-sensei. Oh, how he hates Sasaki-sensei. "I'd like you to join Udon's group. They're the next to leave."

"Sasaki-sensei," Gousatsu raises his voice so that Iruka-sensei can hear him, "I want to volunteer to stay until the last group leaves."

Iruka-sensei looks over to him with pride and Gousatsu flushes. He may only be eight, and he may hate coming to the academy, but it has nothing to do with Iruka-sensei or the other students.

Konohamaru jumps up, "I'll stay with Gousatsu! Boss wouldn't want me to be scared!"

Sasaki's hand on Gousatsu's shoulder tightens its grip and Gousatsu refuses to buckle under the pressure.

He knows that Tatsuo Sasaki doesn't love him. He knows that Tatsuo Sasaki just don't want to manipulate another kid into doing - that - to him. It would be too much work for Sasaki to have to train another bitch.

"Alright, Konohamaru, you and Gousatsu stay until the last group is ready to go. Udon, take your group now, Moegi, you next with the kunoichi."

"Yes, Sensei!" Konohamaru bounces over to Gousatsu and the boy is relieved when Sasaki's hand is bumped off his shoulder. He hates the feeling of Sasaki touching him.

As he and Konohamaru stand guard with Iruka while the other students leave, Gousatsu watches the enemy come closer and closer.

He watches as the enemy flings jutsu out right and left, killing and hurting everyone in their way. He watches as they engage the first wave of teachers; the ones who've already gotten their students to safety. Iruka pats him and Konohamaru on the head lightly and murmurs that he has to go, that they'll have to be brave and wait until everyone is gone before leaving last.

Konohamaru nods and says he'll be brave.

Gousatsu just blinks.

He'd volunteered to stay behind in the hopes that he'll either get to see Sasaki fall to the enemy or not survive. Those are really his only two options at this point, he thinks.

It's either Sasaki dies, or he does.

He can't seem to summon up the will to care which way it goes, other than hoping that if it is Sasaki that lives, that he doesn't hurt anyone else.

So as the enemy ninja fight their way to the building, he studies one in particular, one that likes to use fire techniques. He's most likely aligned to the fire element, but Gousatsu remembers a lecture that Iruka-sensei had done when he was guest lecturing his class where he'd said that some people like one element over another because of a different reason, even if they aren't that alignment.

It doesn't matter in the end though, as long as that ninja keeps using fire jutsu in the pattern that he's seeing, everything will work out fine.

Iruka-sensei engages the enemy in combat and there's smoke and fire and screaming and Konohamaru is watching just as intently as he is.

He has to make this work. He will make this work.

He sees the fire using ninja land on the ground and dives out the window. Konohamaru cuts off a cry of his name and Gousatsu rolls to his feet just behind Sasaki.

"Hey you bastard!" Gousatsu is talking to Sasaki, but it grabs the attention of the fire ninja as well, "You're a motherfucking asshole! I hate you! I want you dead!"

And then, as the fire ninja breathes out a flare of magma, Gousatsu pushes Sasaki, not away from the fiery lava, but into it.

Gousatsu takes a single moment to glance away from the burning man to throw a handful of shuriken at the fire ninja, hitting him in both eyes and the throat.

Sasaki always did like the smart kids.

He turns his eyes back to Sasaki, a lazy and brilliantly smug smirk overcoming his lips. He hunches down beside the burning Sasaki, who's screaming and whimpering in pain as the fire eats his skin and muscle and bone.

"I hate you, Tatsou. I pushed you into that jutsu so I could watch you die. You'll never-," Gousatsu laughs a little, then a lot, "Never touch me again!"

Gousatsu feels a little broken, watching Sasaki burn and die in the most painful and agonizing way.

He's still laughing hysterically when Iruka-sensei grabs him up and jumps back into the window. Iruka-sensei collects Konohamaru in his other arm and then Flickers to the evacuation area.

Gousatsu refuses to look Konohamaru in the eyes because he knows that the Hokage's grandson had seen him push Sasaki to his fiery death with full intentions of watching him die.

But then Konohamaru just wraps an arm around his shoulders and leads him over to a quieter corner and lets him cry into his neck. Lets him cry for everything that he lost to the bastard, cry for everything he's never cried for before. And he whispers to Gousatsu that whatever it was that Sasaki-teme did to him, Konohamaru will help him.