Title: The Truth

Authors: Cassy27
Words: 1701
Characters: Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Gaius
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Merlin, sadly enough!
Spoilers: No spoilers in this post

AN: Yes, I started a new story and I know some must think; 'what, again a new story?' But this one couldn't leave my mind and so I decided to just start writing it. I have only written this one chapter, but I am working on the second one so I will try and update as soon as possible.

I hope the plot will be liked and even though a lot of stories already have this kind of subject (Arthur finding out about Merlin), I hope to bring it in a fresh new way, but of course, I can't promise you will like it or if it will be any good. I trust you guys will tell me that at the end of your read.

Summary: When Arthur discovers Merlin's secret, he has to chose whether he still considers Merlin to be his friend or if he has turned into his enemy. Loyalties are tested and nothing will ever be the same for the young wizard.

Chapter 1

As Merlin walked down the hall towards Arthur's bedchambers, he didn't think today would be special. He just had breakfast with Gaius, made up his bed and cleaned his room a little to stop Gaius from ranting on about how dirty is was and now he was heading to work. Gwen passed him, carrying freshly washed bedsheets for Morgana's room, and she smiled.

"Good morning."

"Hello, Gwen," Merlin smiled back.

"Arthur is already looking for you," Gwen said as she walked by him now.

Merlin's eyes widened. He wasn't late, or was he? Why was he always late? He walked to a window and watched the clock on the center of the square beneath him. He still had ten minutes so why would Arthur be looking for him already? Merlin could only guess it to be something unimportant but yet urgent for the Crown Prince. Arthur was like that. When he got something in his head, he would go through fire to get it done.

When arriving at the young Crown Prince's chambers, Merlin didn't bother to knock. He simply walked inside and spotted Arthur sitting on his bed, fully dressed and ready to go as it seemed. Merlin knew what this meant; hunting time. That was probably why he was looking for Merlin this early in the morning.

"Good morning, Sire," Merlin greeted him casually.

"Merlin, finally," Arthur got up from the bed and walked over to his servant.

"I'm not late," Merlin already started defending himself.

Arthur smiled, or was it more a grin? Either way, Merlin couldn't tell. What he did know was that it couldn't possibly mean something good. Arthur walked passed him and picked up some awfully smelling boots from the ground, letting them drop into Merlin's hands.

"I will be gone for the day, please don't get into trouble," Arthur quickly added, "in the meantime, I need you to get this boots fixed and cleaned. My clothes need washing and the floor of this chamber needs to be scrubbed. My father will ask where I am, you must to tell him I am on a hunting trip."

Merlin only nodded. It was going to be a long day.

"Oh, and my sword needs to get polished and sharpened." Arthur smiled broadly now.

"You are enjoying this, aren't you?" Merlin put the boots down as he could no longer live with the smell right under his nose.

"Yes, I am," Arthur grinned. He put on his long brown coat and headed for the door.

"And I have to get all those chores done by this evening?" Merlin quickly asked before Arthur would be gone.

"Yes!" Arthur said without turning around. He left the door behind him open and Merlin could only stare at the empty space now in front of him. A smile covered his own face now. Gaius had forbid it, Merlin know it wasn't meant for that purpose, but today he would make an exception. He could not possibly got all that work done on his own by tonight and so he would use a little help.

Turning around to look at the messy room, he thought of which spells he could use to give him a hand. Taking the boots in his arms again, he placed them on the table and decided he would keep those as last. He closed the door of the room carefully, not wanting any witnesses to him using magic.

Raising his hand, focusing all his attention to his magic, Merlin muttered a few words and already, the room started to change which went along with a sudden bang of noise. The curtains became a brighter red. The bed started making up itself and the floor was shinier than before. The table was getting cleaned by an invisible hand and the clothes inside the closet were being washed without water or soap, they simply became clean.

Arthur's sword which lay next to the bed lifted itself and shone for just a short second before turning sharper than ever. Merlin watched his work with amusement.

When the magic stopped working, Merlin walked over to the boots and used one last spell. After only seconds, the boots were shiny and Merlin now knew Arthur would have no reason to complain. All the chores were neatly done and Merlin already imagined himself having the rest of the day off.

Happily, he walked back to Gaius's chambers with a smile covering his entire face.


Merlin turned around to see his uncle looking at him, suspicion filling his eyes.

"Yes?" Merlin asked. Nothing could destroy his mood.

"Shouldn't you be at work?" Gaius asked as he filled a small bottle with a yellow looking medicine.

"No," Merlin answered, "Arthur is gone hunting, he gave me the day off."

"I see," Gaius smiled, "then you could do some chores for me."

"Sure," Merlin said, walking towards his bedchamber, "wait, what?" He came to a stop and quickly turned around looking at his uncle with big eyes, not sure if what he just heard was right.

"Well," Gaius smiled even broader, "what else are you going to do all day? I need some fresh herbs from the forest, you can go collect them."

Merlin sighed. He couldn't say no, not after everything Gaius has already done for him.

"Which ones?" Merlin asked.

* * *

Merlin was walking through the forest, his mind not focused on anything. He should be looking for herbs, the ones Gaius had all summed up, but Merlin simply couldn't focus. He could be in his chambers right now, studying some new spells, learning about new magic and yet here he was, walking through the forest getting shores done for his uncle.

But Merlin smiled. At least Arthur wasn't giving him any more chores. If he finished this, that would be it, the rest of the day he would be free.

A low growl could be heard not far from where Merlin stood. The young sorcerer quickly turned around, trying to find the origin of the sound. There was a beast close by, Merlin could feel it as all his senses suddenly tensed. He could hear every sharp inhale of the beast while he could smell its awful stench.

The only problem was that he could not see the beast. Merlin laid his bag on the ground and slowly turned around again. The beast had moved, no...Merlin knew something else was going on. The beast was circling him. This was not good and Merlin knew that the only way to defend himself was using magic.

Again, a low growl. A small tree bending aside and the beast came running towards Merlin. The sorcerer felt his instincts take over and he no longer controlled his magic. His eyes turned golden as he fall backwards while the beast seemed to hit a barrier that was invisible.

Merlin quickly jumped back on his feet, looking closely at the beast. It was just a little smaller than a horse, but it seemed to be much stronger. His teeth were long and sharp and his eyes seemed to penetrate everything. Merlin knew the beast was looking at him, trying to reach him.

But Merlin didn't hesitate. He started running, not knowing where he was running to as long as it was away from that creature. Behind him, Merlin could hear the beast again. The barrier had faded and now Merlin was being chased again.

Quickly, he turned around and lifted his right hand. Speaking words in the ancient language, Merlin made the beast fall down. A loud back could be heard and the beast cried out. It was in pain and Merlin hated hearing its cries, but it was this or Merlin himself would be killed.

The young sorcerer started running again, not looking back.

* * *

Arthur had picked up the trail of the beast only moments ago and already, he could hear it. He had only glanced at it shortly as apparently it was quite smart, but Arthur wasn't going to give up. This beast was a threat to the people and needed to be killed.

Trying to be as silent as possible, Arthur followed the beast. It had just found a new prey and Arthur tried to find out what the nature of that prey was.


Arthur's eyes widened. What was his servant doing here? Before he could give it any more thought, the beast started running. Arthur didn't hesitate and ran behind it, his sword ready in his hand, his mind ready to attack.

The beast came to a sudden halt and Arthur knew this was his chance. Seeing Merlin run away, Arthur knew his servant was safe if the beast was now killed. But he missed his chance. The beast had no eye for the Prince, only for the running servant. Again, it jumped forward and ran for his meal.

Arthur cursed himself for being too late. That had been his chance, why did he miss it then?

He ran, knowing he had to succeed in killing the beast if he wanted to save Merlin.

"Porte tryo fuelle!"

Magic! Arthur could recognize it anywhere. Arthur hid behind a tree, not wanting to let the sorcerer know about his presence. The beast fell down and Arthur glanced over it, wanting to take a good look at the sorcerer.

Only Merlin stood there, his hand lifted towards the beast, his chest moving quickly as he was out of breath and his eyes...Arthur could swear they were golden for a moment. No, it couldn't be!

Merlin looked at the beast again, sorrow in his eyes and then he started running once more. Arthur couldn't move, he simply didn't know what to do.

Merlin was a sorcerer, his servant who had gained his trust, was a sorcerer.

Arthur felt rage fill his chest. There was only one thing he was certain about; sorcerer's are evil and therefor, they must die and so Arthur started walking back to the castle, knowing what he had to do.

AN: That was it, the first chapter of my new story. Let me know what you think and I will try and post the next chapter as soon a possible!