Title: Mating
Author: Gothabilly13
Pairing: Logan/Remy
Rating: NC-17 PWP
Status: Oneshot complete
Summery: Sometimes when Remy turns on the charm he gets more then he bargained
Disclaimer: I do not own Xmen, Remy, Logan or any of the Marvel Characters.
Written for fun and pleasure I make no money.
not beta'd so mistakes are my own.

Feedback is adored and pampered and put on a pedestal.

With an 'oomph' sound Remy's back hit the mattress and he held his hands up,
trying to fend off the muscled body that followed him down. It wasn't that he
didn't want this, he just hadn't anticipated Logan's response to be this...

When he had accepted that his crush on the burly feral wasn't going to go away,
the Cajun had turned his focus to finding out if his best friend could possibly
feel the same, even just a little.

His general flirting took a more pointed line and he found every single reason
he could to touch Logan, no matter how superficial the reason could be. And
little by little the feral began to take notice.

When they went out carousing, Remy made sure he wore the things he knew drew
Logan's eyes. While doing chores around the mansion, he was opportunistic in
every chance to take off clothing if Logan was possibly going to see him. And
the Cajun began to notice that Logan was finding reasons to be around the thief
as well.

The tension continued to mount, the energy between them so thick it could be
felt by others. Logan refused to be the first to break it. He couldn't be sure
what the thief's intentions were just yet and he wasn't going to give in until
he did.

Remy was ready to pull his hair out in frustration. True, if he just bucked up
and asked the feral if he was really interested it would resolve this push and
pull. Yet, just like Logan, Remy wasn't about to crack first.

So, when yet another sparring match in the DR had left the tall boy feeling
hot, aroused and like he was going to scream he donned his 'come fuck me'
clothes and went dancing.

What Remy hadn't been prepared for was Logan finding out where he went and
coming down to the club to collect him.

Remy had been in an empathic daze on the dance floor. Long legs wrapped in
butter soft black leather pants that road low on his hips. A slick red shirt
with slightly too long sleeves clung to every toned swell and valley of the
Cajun's torso catching the light and shimmering seductively. His usual duster
forgone in the hope of cutting a more delectable silhouette.

Remy was drunk on the emotions around him. Getting the biggest dose from the two
men he was dancing with.

The one in front of him, young, sweet and full of hopeful lust and admiration.

The one behind him, dark and lusty and full of erotic promise. Breathtaking.

The Cajun was grinding and bumping his way to an empathic climax when the bliss
was jarred to a stop, like a needle yanked off a record in mid song.

Blinking his eyes open, Remy looked up at the unexpected absence of the two warm
bodies that were, just a second ago, dry humping against him. Then the emotional
signature that disrupted it all register with the dazed empath.


Angry. Possessive. Logan.

'What de hell?'

Logan stood three feet away, hands fisted at his sides, nostrils flaring to take
in the scent of the over aroused thief before him. He looked Remy up and down
noting every detail.

From the tight clothing to the blown wide red pupils to the strands of damp hair
slipped free from the tie to cling to his elegant jaw-line.

They stared at each other for a long drawn out moment before Remy opened his
slack lips to speak. Before the sound could make it's way up his throat, Logan's
hand shot out and grabbed the boy by the waist band of his leathers and jerked
him against the barrel chest. Blue eyes rimmed in gold stared into the wide red
and black ones.

"Don't say a fuckin thing, Cajun. If ya speak I'll fuckin gag ya." he growled
out and turned, dragging the stunned thief behind him.

A path opened up in the crowd, all staring at what they assumed was as lover's
quarrel. Once they clear of the other bodies, Logan moved to walk behind the
gaping boy and opted for pushing him out the door.

Crossing the carpark swiftly, Logan pulled the boy to the passenger side of his
jeep. He knew Remy hadn't driven. The Cajun had been planning on going home with
someone and/or getting plastered, so, he had taken a cab to the club. One of the
reasons the feral had a harder time tracking him down.

Remy climbed into the jeep, still not sure just what to do with this turn of
events. Yes, he wanted Logan and he wanted the desirous attention but now he
thought that maybe he had pushed the territorial feral too far... just a bit.

As they drove down the dark roads, Remy tried to think of how to fix his
faux-pause. True, he wasn't objecting to Logan or the arousal he could detect
off his friend.

What he might have objection to was the primal essence that was permeating the
air between them.

Remy was all for rough sex when you could get it but he was afraid that rough
sex with The Wolverine might be more then he could take. He wanted to be able to
walk the next day, they had training for God's sake.

When the feral heard the slight intake of breath indicating the boy was going to
speak he held up a finger toward him without taking his eyes off the road.

"Not a fuckin word, Remy." He growled. He knew if that honey sweet drawl came
out of that mouth at this moment, he would pull over and grudge fuck the boy on
the hood of the jeep without a second thought or preparation.

He had enough of a grasp on his rational mind to know that though it would a
thrill, Remy would not thank he for it afterward. He didn't want to damage the
kid, just fuck em until he passed out.


His hands gripped the wheel as the plump lips snapped shut and Remy crossed his
arms over his chest, pouting out the window. Logan tried to keep his focus on
getting them back without wrecking the jeep.

He kept seeing the Cajun on the dance-floor, the two men sandwiching his long
body between them. The dark one behind him had his hands on Remy's hips, groping
like he had the right. The feral's jaw twitched.

Trying to shake the image away he was further frustrated by his own mind when it
chose to call up other images of Remy that had been taunting the feral for weeks

Yeah, it had been a hot summer but somehow the Cajun managed to be wearing as
little as possible every time the feral came across him. It wasn't enough that he
was swamped by the pheromones the kid kicked out when Logan got near him. Now,
he had to be teased with that edible body out on display and the taunting
glances and double meaning comments.

His mind brought up a few of the most vivid encounters with mostly bare Remy.

Walking into the kitchen in the dead of night to find Remy standing before the
fridge, boxers barley hanging on to those boney hips, head tilted back as the
Cajun ran the chilled bottle of beer across his neck. Beads of sweat trickling
down to pool in the hollow of his throat. Logan had to leave before he took the
boy on the tiled floor.

The there was when he went looking for a wrench in the garage. He wove his way
through the vehicles only to find Remy bent over in the engine of Ro's old pick
up. A pair of well worn denim jeans, facing him with white frayed rips on the ass, giving
glimpses of the pale flesh below. Then the copper head came up, a
smear of grease across one chiseled cheekbone and a crooked smile on that sinful
mouth. "Hey Logan." tossed to him before the boy once again folded over into the
maw of the truck.

Then when he was thinking he'd get some alone time in the DR. Only to arrive and
find the Cajun brat doing solo acrobatics, stripped to the waist and completely
in his own world.

Logan had sat in the control booth and watched with a growing thickness in his
groin and a strong urge to fuck the lanky boy with in an inch of his life. The
beast within not missing the play of conditioned muscles under the smooth skin,
the way his chest rose with each measured breath, the way his hair cascaded down
when he finished and pulled the tie out of the sweaty locks.

Logan had it BAD. But The Wolverine had it worse.

Every-time he looked at the kid now, the beast inside chanted.

Mine, Mate, Mine.

It was driving Logan insane.

So, when he found out the brat had gone clubbing after the intense sparring
session that had left the feral hard and horny as Hell, he let slip some of his
control on the beast. He went in search, because he just couldn't pretend
anymore. He had to have the boy, and he had to mark his claim.

When he had walked into that meat-market and found the redhead in that position,
the control had snapped just a little bit more. He wasn't sure what he was going
to say once they got where they were going but he knew if nothing else the air
between them would be a little clearer and if the fates were kind, he would be
balls deep in that sweet ass as well.

When Logan pulled the jeep around the Mansion to follow the dirt track toward
the far side of the grounds, Remy began to chew his thumb nail. He knew where
they were going, they were headed for the summer house.

A small cottage on the back side of the grounds. It was empty right now. The
manor and staff were busy gearing up for the approaching semester. The end of
summer party for the core of the team having taken place last week. It was the
one place no one would think to come looking for them.

The seclusion made the boy feel both excited and scared. What if Logan wasn't
interested and blamed Remy's charm for the sexual tension?

What if he was not the considerate lover Remy imagined him to be?

What if everything Remy wanted was about to happen?

The Cajun wasn't sure what thought scared him more. He began to wish he had worn
his duster with it's numerous pockets in which he hid any number of items he
could turn into a weapon.

When the jeep came to a stop next to the quaint little house, Remy cleared his
throat and leaned a little away from Logan. His eyes watched the feral, looking
for any sign he was going to lunge. The emotion he was getting from Logan was a
jumble of conflicting things.

Logan let go his white knuckled grip on the steering wheel and gave a grunt
before getting out of the vehicle. He made his way around to Remy's door. He
yanked it open and hooked his thumb over his shoulder.

"Out and get yer skinny ass inside. Don't speak." he cautioned yet again with a
stern look. For a few moments the Cajun followed the order.

When he was two steps from the cottage door he suddenly remembered who he was.
He spun on his heel and leveled the feral with a glare.

"Non, what de hell is dis, Logan?" he demanded, his hands gesturing between
them. "You being a right asshole. You got something to say or ask Remy, den do
so. But no more tellin dis Cajun what to do and not to speak." he crossed his
arms over his chest and stood his ground.

Before he could take another breath to continue, Remy was slammed against the
closed door. Strong fingers gripped the back of his head and the curve of his
jaw. A bruising primal kiss sucked away the ability for Remy to respond any way other
then moaning like a slut.

Logan had been right, just the sound of that bourbon smooth voice had set him
off. He consumed the thief's mouth with a hunger that stunned them both.

After several long moments of tasting and biting and licking the boy's mouth
Logan pulled back and looked into the blinking hooded eyes. Remy panted, his
lips swelling already from the force of Logan's kiss.

"Get yer ass inside and just shut up." Logan rumbled as he forced himself away
from the warm body and moved his hand to grasp the door knob.

Remy stumbled into the still and dark room, dazed from the intensity of what
Logan was feeling, The feral guided him across and into the small bedroom.

It was tucked behind the staircase and the easiest one to get to. Flicking the
light on Logan pushed the boy down on the bed and just... looked.

The long lean Cajun was sprawled out with his hands over his head. A slow and
sneaky smirk curling at one corner of his wide mouth. The leather clad thighs
spread just enough to give a clear view of the straining bulge at their crux.

This perusal took mer seconds before the feral moved and grasped the boy up to
strip him of the skin tight clothing. When he got the boy naked he shucked his
own garments and took them both back down to the bed.

Remy's hands pressed back making the feral growl in his throat.

"What are ya fightin for, Cajun? This is what ya been beggin me for." he said in
a low rough voice. His hands grasped the graceful wrists and pressed them back.
When their bare chests rubbed skin to skin, Remy gave a low groan.

The sound was the last straw. Logan lost the fraying hold he had on the beast.
With a rumbling growl the shaggy head came down and began to bite at the slender
throat below. Mouth moving over salty flesh, tasting, mapping. Remembering the
flavor and scent and texture permanently.

The Wolverine was quickly gaining full control. This was his mate. This moaning
beauty under him. He felt the deep pull to claim his mate. Snarling slightly he
sank his teeth in the crook of Remy's shoulder.

The bite was hard and deep but didn't break the skin. Remy cried out at the
delicious mix of pleasure and pain. Lightning bolts of pure electricity raced up
and down the Cajun's body. His legs parted to wrap around Logan's hips, grinding
them together in a most satisfactory manner. He was adrift on the sea of
empathic bliss.

Logan in his calm state was frightening to telepaths because of how raw and
basic his emotions were. He might not show it on the surface but his feelings
ran deep and powerful.

When he was The Wolverine, that much intensity would overwhelm a telepath
sending them into a psychic whirl pool. However to an empath, who was open to
him fully, he was better then any drug known to man.

Wolverine's mouth was moving lower, tongue laving the pebbled peaks of his
nipples. The flexible boy bowed up trying to get more contact with Logan's
mouth. Wolverine moved further still, he let go the thief's hands to trace his
fingertips down the toned torso.

Remy twisted his fingers in the thick black hair, hanging on as the heated mouth
teased over his engorged cock. He was floored by the fact that he was here at
last, with Logan. When the feral swallowed him down and began to hum, Remy
thought his head was going to pop.

Fore several long minutes the feral Logan moved his mouth on Remy's cock,
dragging the most wonderful sounds from the helplessly submissive Cajun. When
the boy's scent spiked sharply the feral pulled back. Remy gasped and muttered
colorfully in French.

Still focused on what he wanted, Wolverine grasped the boy's hips and flipped
him over on his belly. Two strong large hands slipped under the boy's belly, lifted
him off the mattress and helped him gain a hands and knees position.

The feral's hot breath sent shivers down the boy's spine as he panted against
Remy's nape. A low growl answered the bump of the Cajun's pert ass against his
throbbing shaft.

Leaning back, Wolverine drew his hands down the long tapered back to trace the
part in the rounded cheeks.

A small squeak escaped the Cajun when the warm wet tongue slipped down the crack
to swirl around the bundle of nerves that guarded his opening.

The sensations snapped through Remy, making him give voice to the feeling.
Fleetingly, he thought to be thankful that Logan had brought them here instead
of the mansion.

Remy wasn't good at keeping quiet when he was having 'pretty good sex'. It was a
given that this was beyond pretty good and would send the Cajun headfirst into
being a screamer.

The questing tongue began to press into the boy making him wiggle and buck.
Constant and rising moans flowing from his parted lips in-between clamping teeth
trying to stop the sounds. When the tongue finally pushed in, Remy shouted and
tossed his head back.

Wolverine thrust his tongue in and out a few times, loving the way the boy
responded. He worked the Cajun up and pushed him toward orgasm with every brush
of his tongue.

Pulling away when Remy got too close again, he reached up and yanked the copper
tresses free from the hair tie. Fisting both hands in the silken strands, he
buried his face in it, breathing Remy in.

When the boy pushed back against him, Wolverine let the man through for a
moment. Logan cleared his throat and pressed his lips to Remy's ear.

"Gonna fuck ya now, Cajun. Gonna fuck ya until you can't take no more." His
voice was graveled and rough. "And when I'm done, yer gonna be mine, Mine and
Mine alone. Ya got it?" he asked his fingers tightening in the boy's hair.
Remy's heart beat like a drum as the words sunk into his lust soaked brain.
Swallowing to wet his throat, the Cajun pressed more into the feral.

"Oui, mon amour, Remy understand and accept." he panted out and gasped when he
felt the feral's empathic response to his answer. The lusty, happy and
possessive flood that washed over him was dazzling.

When Wolverine took control once more, he reached for the thief's hands again.
He placed them on the headboard and squeezed them indicating he wanted them to
stay put. The long fingers wrapped around the wood and obeyed.

Wet kisses trailed down the Cajun's spine while Wolverine's hands worked to
shift the boy into a kneeling, slightly upright position. His knees pushed
Remy's wider as he fitted his hips against the rounded ass.

The thickness of the feral's cock rubbed along the crevice. They both groaned
at the sensation. Wolverine lifted one hand and caressed over the sloping jaw
and pointed chin. Two thick fingers pressed against Remy's lips asking for

The thief sucked the digits in and wet them down well. He knew what Logan was
doing and hoped it would be enough. The feral was more well endowed then any of
the few men the boy had been with in his young life. Shaking off the tremor of
fear the Cajun slicked Logan's fingers as best he could.

When the feral deemed they were wet enough, he pulled the fingers from the boy's
lips and nuzzled the damp nape under the curtain of red hair. Licking and biting
he distracted the boy until his fingers were pressing against the tiny pucker.

Remy groaned and stiffened a little before reminding himself to relax. The
pressure built until the digits finally breeched.

The sensation was always both strange and addictive, making Remy pull away and
then push back. The thick fingers pushed deeper, moving to loosen the muscles
and ease the way for his cock.

Remy's reality narrowed down to the feeling of Logan's fingers moving in his
body and the steady thump thump of his heartbeat in his ears. Suddenly the
pressure increased, this time with a little more burning as a third finger was
thrust in with the others.

Wolverine was trying to be as patient with his new mate as he could but the
boy's scent was driving him nuts. Added to that, the incredible clench of the
heated sheath around his fingers sending him into a grunting and growling state.

Pulling free, he licked his palm and coated his weeping erection swiftly.
Grasping Remy's hips tight, he leaned forward and drew his tongue up the long
back and thrust his hips forward. The movement sent him in to the hilt. The
scream that tore from Remy's lips was high and loud.

Wolverine stilled, panting against the boy's shoulder as he saw stars behind his
eyes. Remy gasped for air, trying to will his body to accept the invasion of the
huge cock.

In the space of a few heartbeats, Remy had a chance to take a deep breath and
then the feral was moving. Slow at first, deep full thrusts that burned but felt
amazing as well.

Gripping the headboard, Remy let his head loll back against Logan's shoulder.
Almost upright the position gave the boy some leverage to push back against the
in-coming hips. Finding the rhythm the feral was setting, Remy rode the building
pleasure and gave over to the beast in control of his lover.

The pace began to to pick up, the slap slap of skin counter point to Remy's
moans and Logan's growls. One of the feral's large hands slipped up the boy's
back to close over the rounded shoulder and braced against the arching back. The
shift in angle making his thick cock press the sweet spot over and over.

Remy went wild, bucking back and almost mewling with the proximity of climax.
Reaching around the thrashing body, Wolverine wrapped his hand around the boy's
neglected cock and began to stroke it in time with his forceful thrusting hips.

When the boy came, he cried out Logan's name and his body clamped down on the
feral's shaft with a crushing strength.

With a deep horse shout Wolverine spilled his seed deep in the Cajun's body.
Still thrusting, he stayed hard, slowing the pace down a bit as the boy went
limp in his arms.

With a soft chuckling grunt, Wolverine gave Logan back the control. The feral
pried the boy's hands off the bed and rolled them to their sides.

Still in Remy, he shifted their limbs and grasped one hand to the jutting hipbone and the other under the boy's head, their fingers twined together. The
bucking became slow rocking. Long drawn out thrusts that eased Remy through his
orgasmic bliss and back to reality.

Moaning at the feeling of his lover's still very hard shaft continuing to move,
Remy just let Logan have the dominance.

The warm proof of Logan's climax made their joining all the slicker and soon the
pace and panting picked up again. Spooned together, moving with perfect timing,
the pair arched toward a second climax. Yet still Logan was hard within the
boy's body.

"Fucking healing factor." The Cajun thought to himself as Logan continued to
carry out his promise of fucking Remy unconscious.

Remy was dizzy and unable to form a coherent thought. Blearily, his mind took
note of the fact that Logan was going for a third... or was it a fourth orgasm?
He was overrun with the pleasure and connection they shared.

Climaxes reflected back and forth until the Cajun had no more fluid to give and
his slender body just clenched and shuddered along with his cries and moans. He
let Logan manhandle him into new positions for even more mind numbing pleasure.

When the feral finally spent himself in the Cajun for the sixth time, now on top
of the lanky body, cradling Remy's head between his burley arms, he smiled wide.

Brushing back the wet strands of hair, he kissed the boy slow and sweet. Remy
blinked up at Logan with a slightly awed expression on his pretty face.

"Tink you broke dis boy." he whispered in a voice husky and raw from moaning and
screaming in passion. Logan gave a deep chuckle.

"Not broke, just rode hard." the feral replied and kissed his boy again.

Finally pulling from Remy's body, he rolled to the side and tucked the boneless
boy into his arms.

Licking absently at the bite mark on Remy's shoulder Logan made a sound that was
suspiciously like a purr.

Remy could only muster the strength to half smile. As he slipped into exhausted
sleep he heard a soft but deep murmur from his feral lover.

"Mine. Mate. Mine."

With the last of his conscious thought Remy responded.

"Oui, mon amour."

The End

Hope ya liked it!