Yuzu's Proposition

"Grimmjow, we're gonna be late and Yuzu is going to give you that look you hate." Ichigo called from the living room.

Grimmjow stepped out of the bedroom and rolled his eyes. "She's such a freakin' mom. It's creepy. She's too young to have that look."

Ichigo looked up at him and smiled before pushing a lock of hair behind his ear and stepping forward. "You can be such a girl when it comes to your hair."

"Tch, yer one to talk. At least mine is a proper length for a man."

"Shut up. You said my hair looked good this way." He frowned and raised his hand once more to his shaggy shoulder length hair. He had been growing it out for a while now and only because Grimmjow had insisted that he would look hot with a ponytail. At least his hair wasn't as long as Shinji's was now. Yet.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes and kissed his forehead. "We're gonna be late." He reminded Ichigo.

They had been together almost four years now, their lives moving peacefully for the most part and without anything like the beginning of their relationship. Ichigo was now interning in the hospital's emergency room, still undecided about the field in which he wanted to practice but wanting to be helpful in the meantime. Grimmjow had, after two years of refusals, decided to take his old job back. Aizen had had trouble finding a person who could take on the responsibilities that Grimmjow could do with ease and Grimmjow, not really finding anything that suited him or that would make him the kind of money to afford the lifestyle he was used to living, accepted with little thought.

When Yuzu had called them up earlier in the week to ask about getting together for dinner Ichigo had agreed, not thinking that his sister needed a reason to see them beyond the normal wanting to be together. Now that he thought about it the fact that they were meeting in a restaurant had him a little worried. It was an expensive one too and he hoped that she would let Grimmjow or him pay the bill. Having just graduated high school she had little money herself.

She was waiting patiently at a table in a private room, her long light brown hair pulled back in a simple yet elegant bun. She smiled brightly as they were shown into the room, kissing Grimmjow's cheek and hugging her brother in greeting.

"Sorry we're late." Ichigo said and Grimmjow kicked him under the table. "What?"

"She didn't seem to notice until you pointed it out to her, idiot."

"You two aren't fighting are you?" They looked up into her wide innocent eyes and Grimmjow felt himself squirm just a little. He liked Yuzu, for the most part, but she had always made him nervous. Not like Karin, who was more like the little sister he'd never had.

"No, Yuzu. We're not fighting. So what's up? How've you been?" Ichigo asked with a smile.

"Fine." She took a deep breath and giggled nervously. "Actually I asked you both here so I could… offer you something."

Ichigo raised his eyebrows at his sister and waited for her to continue. He hadn't the least idea as to what she could be talking about. Grimmjow on the other hand read the moment and saw that whatever was about to happen wasn't a small thing. He almost groaned out loud.

"Right. So I've been thinking about this for a long time and I want you both to know that I love you very much and I wouldn't have brought something like this up if I hadn't thought it through completely." She took another deep breath to try and calm her nerves and looked directly at Grimmjow. "Grimmjow you're family now and I want you to know that as family I would do anything for you that I can. Which may not be much but…."

"Yuzu, you're not sick again are you?" Ichigo interrupted, a deep worried frown on his face.

"No! No, no, no. It's not that at all. I want to give you two a baby."

When all she received were blank stares she opened her mouth to explain herself a little more. She had planned on saying it with a little more tact but of course it hadn't come out that way.

"I know that you two want a child one day and obviously you can't have one because you're both men. So I thought that if I were to give…."

"Wait, wait, wait. What the hell do you mean give?"

"Well I would give birth to a child and then give it to you."

"You don't just give babies away Yuzu!"

"I know that! Quit being mean and listen." Instead of trying to talk to her brother she switched her now determined gaze to Grimmjow. "Like I said, I've thought about this very hard. I know it's not something you just do for someone, even if it is family. I can't do much, but I really want to do this for you. Both of you."

"And just how are you going to have a baby?" Ichigo cut in, his voice full of incredulity.

"Oh well that's simple. With Grimmjow's sperm and my eggs…."

"How the hell would you do that?" The implications racing through Ichigo's startled mind were not something he ever wanted to think about.

"Ichigo you're a doctor and you can't think of how Grimmjow's sperm…."

Ichigo groaned and lowered his head into his hands. "Stop saying sperm please."

"In Vitro Fertilization. With a collection of Grimmjow's… stuff and my eggs they fertilize them and then implant them into my body. If they take, then I have a baby. If not, then we try again. Two men can't adopt a baby in Japan. It's not legal for that yet. But, if Grimmjow were the biological father of the baby and I, as the mother, gave it to him to care for then there would be no legal problems." She watched Ichigo process the information and continued. "Also, since we are related by blood, you and I, then with Grimmjow's genes it would really be like the two of you had a child together. It would be Kurosaki and Jaegerjaques."

"I… I really don't know what to say Yuzu." Ichigo said, shaking his head and leaning back in his chair.

"You don't have to say anything now. I realize this isn't a decision you can make without careful thought. It's taken me about a year of careful consideration to even bring it up to you two. Just think about it."

"You also have to consider that it's an expensive process and it usually takes a few tries before it works, if it ever does." Grimmjow finally spoke, his voice eerily calm and slightly business like. He wasn't sure if he was okay with the idea, or what he thought about it at all yet really, but he wanted to make sure that Yuzu knew this much.

"Yeah that's true. The only thing I could offer you there would be my eggs and womb. The bill would be yours. I wish I could help with the finances…."

"If, and this is still a big if, we were to agree to your offer it wouldn't be a question of money. That of course would be paid for by us as well as your medical bills and whatever else you would need. Of course we don't really need to bring that up until Ichigo and I have given it careful thought."

"You're considering this?!"

"Ichigo I think we owe it to your sister to at least think about it. She obviously has done her fair share."


"Please, that's all I ask. Think about it and take your time."

"I can't believe you're considering letting my little sister give birth to a child for us." Ichigo said as he toed off his shoes.

Grimmjow pulled at his tie and grabbed Leiko as he jumped up into his arms.

"I was trying to be considerate. She put a lot of thought into what she was saying." That and he had been so shocked he really hadn't known what to say. Having spent a long day at work that side of him took over and he just let it run.

"A baby?" Ichigo sighed and plopped on the couch, leaning his head against the cushions. "I mean, we're not even ready for something like that. Right?"

Grimmjow shrugged. "I think it deserves a bit more thought."

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Turn the office guy off please. He creeps me out."

Grimmjow chuckled and sat next to Ichigo. "Sorry. Had to meet with the president of the Yamamotto company today for plans of transferring his 'vast income' to our bank so I had to be on my best behavior all day."

"Did you get the account?"

Grimmjow grinned. "What do you think?"

"I think you need to put that cat down so I can kiss you."

"I think it's about time you two learned to share me."

"Tch." Leiko chose that moment to growl deeply and send a dangerous look at Ichigo. "I'll throw you off the balcony you little bastard."

Grimmjow rolled his eyes and placed Leiko on the floor. "Seriously? You're threatening a cat Ichigo."

"He started it!"

"Shut up."

Grimmjow leaned forward and kissed Ichigo's lips fleetingly before sitting back with a sigh. "Yer sister's right though. We can't have kids in the traditional way. We can't adopt unless we move out of the country. This may be the only way for us to do this."

Ichigo huffed out a breath. "That's easy for you to say. Your sister didn't just offer to be injected with your boyfriend's sperm."

Grimmjow snorted and laughed. "I can't believe yer a smart doctor sometimes."

Ichigo blushed and smiled sheepishly. "I'm not a doctor yet."

"Mmm. I'm still gonna think of you as a doctor. I like the idea of fuckin' one of them whenever I want."

"You know if we had a kid we wouldn't be able to do that kind of thing whenever we wanted, right?"

"Mhmm." Grimmjow nuzzled Ichigo's neck. "How much time before you have to leave for work. I'm horny all of the sudden."

Ichigo sighed and looked at the clock. "Not enough for that."

"Damn." Grimmjow took a deep breath and settled for another quick kiss. "Fine, go get ready. We'll talk more about this thing yer sister said tomorrow when I get back from work, okay?"

Ichigo stood up and stretched. "Yeah. Fine."

Grimmjow watched Ichigo leave the room and relaxed back against the cushions again. He still wasn't certain what he thought about the idea but figured that after a long and decisive talk with Ichigo, a serious one this time, they would at least be able to agree on whether to consider it as an option or not.

Ichigo spilled his coffee down the front of his newly cleaned white coat and curse at his luck. Thankfully he had a clean one in his locker at the hospital and it was already his break. He had been distracted by what had happened earlier with his sister so much so that he had completely missed his mouth with his cup. He couldn't believe she had said all that. He couldn't believe that the more he thought about it the more it scared the shit out of him while at the same time seemed appealing. It was true that he wanted children one day but he had resigned himself years ago that since he had chosen a life with Grimmjow that it would never happen. Now that the opportunity was there before him a big part of him wanted to jump out and grab it before it went away. And yes, that scared him to death. Was he even ready to be a father?

"You look like a bum, Kurosaki. A disgrace to the rest of the interns here." A cold voice said to him as he entered the locker room and he looked up into the dark and calculating eyes of one of his colleagues.

"Shut up… Ishida. I'd rather look like a bum than look like I have a perpetual stick shoved up my ass."

"Vulgar as always." The thin young man with jet black hair pushed his glasses up his nose and walked out of the room with his crisp white coat flapping behind.

"Prick." Ichigo said as he flipped off the man's back.

Get it together, Ichigo. You're at work. Think about this later. Ichigo sighed, changed his coat and went back to his rounds.

Grimmjow walked through the front door and tossed his keys on the floor. They were immediately attacked by Kimi who was in turn attacked by Leiko. Aiko lounged lazily on the back of the couch and meowed at her master. Grimmjow smiled and went directly to the kitchen where he could hear the sounds of cooking. It was Ichigo's day off and the two of them always spent those evenings together, Ichigo cooking and Grimmjow watching his ass or distracting him as he did so. Ichigo was in the middle of draining a pot of rice when he walked in the kitchen.

"Honey I'm home."

"You know I hate that joke so why do you do it?"

Grimmjow grinned and kissed Ichigo's cheek. "Because the back of your neck turns pink every damn time and you know how much I love that."

Ichigo rolled his eyes and kissed Grimmjow back. "It's almost done, go sit down."

Once everything was served and they were seated Grimmjow looked up and asked Ichigo how work had gone the night before.

"Fine. I spilled coffee all over my uniform though."


"It's not like I did it on purpose." Grimmjow rolled his eyes. "I was thinking about dinner with Yuzu."


Ichigo sighed. "I'm still not really sure what to think. Part of me likes it and part of me is like 'no way!'." Ichigo glanced at Grimmjow. "You've been pretty silent about how you feel about this you know. I think that scares me even more."

Grimmjow smiled crookedly. "To be honest I think I'm in the same boat as you. Part of me wants it and the other just wants to stay how we are. Unlike you I never thought about havin' kids. Figured I was gay and that just wasn't gonna happen."

"Yeah well I've spent the last four years thinking that is wasn't gonna happen either so this is kinda weird."

"I say we just sit on it for a while. It's kinda big to just brush off."

Ichigo scowled at the table. "Yeah. You're right."

Grimmjow grinned and leaned across the table, reaching behind Ichigo's neck and pulling him close for a kiss. "Either way I love you."

Ichigo smiled and kissed him back. "Eat. Then we can kiss."

He laughed. "Ya sure are bossy enough to be a parent."

Ichigo tossed a chopstick at him. "Jerk."

It was a week before either of them talked about it again, though it was almost always on their minds. It was Ichigo's day off and he was sitting at home going over some bills when his cell phone rang.

"Yo, Ichi. Can I come up? I have someone who wants to see ya."


"Surprise, baka. Let me in it's super windy out here."

Ichigo buzzed Shinji up and cracked the front door open for him, going back to the couch to finish up what he was doing. By the time Shinji walked in Ichigo was finished and putting everything away. Before he even had a chance to look up a high pitched squeal pierced his ears and he winced.

"See, I toldja I had someone who wanted to see ya." Shinji grinned adjusting the six month old baby on his hip. "I tell ya Ichi, twenty four years old and I'm reduced to babysittin' fer extra cash. This sucks ass."

Ichigo smiled and took the baby from Shinji, giving the other man a break. "You're the one that agreed to do it. At least until Hanataro finds a new job. Huh, Aya-chan?"

Aya was Hanataro's second child and looked exactly like her father. Hanataro was currently looking for a day job and since his wife was already working and he usually stayed home with the kids Shinji had offered to watch little Aya while he was out. Aya reached up and pulled Ichigo's hair and Ichigo smiled through another wince. He didn't know why this baby liked him so much be she was so cute he didn't mind it.

"Yeah, yeah. Rub it in my face why dontcha?" Shinji plopped on the couch and sighed. "I swear that kid weighs a fuckin' ton. I don't know what they're feedin' her but they need ta cut back."

"She looks fine to me. Chubby babies are cute."

"Okay then you walk all over the place with her."

"Quit being so bitchy. What crawled up yer ass today?"

"The club goin' ta shit that's what. Ever since Z's daughter went off to college it's been like this. Bullshit."

"Well, maybe it's time to move on. You really want to manage a strip club for the rest of your life?" Ichigo bounced Aya and was rewarded with another shriek.

"Of course not." Shinji sighed again. "Ya got any beer?"

"You're not drinking while the kid's here."

"Aw, just one? I'll stay till it's all outta my system."

Ichigo shook his head. "Nope."

"Tch. So how's life as a big bad doctor man?"

Ichigo reached for the diaper bag that Shinji had tossed on the floor by the couch and pulled out a teething ring, handing it to Aya before answering. "Hectic as fuck. We had fifteen car crash victims come in last night from this four car pile up and I swear to God I've never seen so much blood in my life. One guy's arm was torn almost completely off and this woman had half her scalp hanging… it was gross."

"Sounds like it." Shinji said, his eyes closing as he started to drift off.

Ichigo smiled down at Aya and whispered, "Let's let him sleep, ne? We'll go watch some cartoons."

Aya gurgled and pulled his hair again in answer and he chuckled as he took her to the bedroom.

Grimmjow walked through the front door and frowned at the blond sleeping on his couch. What the hell was he doing there? Suddenly in a grumpy mood he looked around the house for any sign of Ichigo and his frown deepened when he heard the television in the bedroom. After slipping out of his shoes he walked to the door and stopped at what he saw. Ichigo was in the middle of the bed with a small child clapping and singing along with a children's show on the TV. The child was watching him raptly, a large, open and drooling smile on her face. Suddenly Ichigo reached out and tickled her making her squeal and his own deep laughter came out along with her. Grimmjow's stomach clenched and he cleared his throat. Ichigo looked up at him and smiled, picking Aya up and resting her on his hip as he crossed the room and kissed his cheek.

"Didn't realize it was so late. Sorry, I'll go fix something to eat."

"When is Shinji supposed to leave?" Grimmjow asked.

"Uh… I can make them go now. It's getting late anyway and Aya has to be home by six."

Just then Shinji's phone rang and Ichigo grinned. "I'll make them leave, okay?"

Grimmjow just nodded and watched Ichigo walk out of the room with the baby on his hip. He watched as he talked with Shinji and helped the man gather Aya's things and just before they were out the door Ichigo kissed Aya's cheek and handed her off to Shinji. He waved once and shut the door behind him before turning around with a wide smile on his face. Grimmjow took a deep breath.

"Let's do it."

"Huh?" Ichigo said, confused not only by what Grimmjow had said but by the look on his face.

"Let's do it. I think we should let your sister give us a baby."

The moment he had seen Ichigo's interaction with that child he knew what he wanted. He wanted a family with this man. He wanted the child Ichigo played with to be theirs. Ichigo's eyes widened and his mouth gaped.


Grimmjow smiled as he crossed the room and pinned Ichigo against the wall. "Seeing you just now…," He shook his head as his smile turned into a wide grin. "Let's do it. I wanna do it."

"Really?" Ichigo asked, his mind reeling. "Are you sure?"


Ichigo hadn't exactly come to the same conclusion yet but seeing the determination and the want in Grimmjow's eyes tipped the scale. If Grimmjow wanted it that bad Ichigo suddenly saw no reason to hold back his own want.


"Would you quit repeating yerself. Yes. I want to do this."

A smile twitched Ichigo's lips once before it broke out across his face. For the past four years he had thought that he would never have the kind of family he had grown up thinking he would have and suddenly that was far from the case. He felt light headed and slightly nauseous, the giddy feeling in his stomach making him not sure if he wanted to throw up and laugh. He reached up and ran his fingers up the side of Grimmjow's neck.

"I… okay. Let's do it."

Grimmjow's grin got even wider and he swept Ichigo into his arms, spinning him in a circle before setting him on his feet again.

"Let's call yer sister now."


"Yes now, stupid. Here, I'll call her."

"Why now? It's…."

"Do you want to wait until your next day off to tell her? That's almost a week away." Grimmjow said as he picked up the house phone and looked through the address book on the table beside it.

"Well no but…." Ichigo stopped as everything began to sink in. "Oh my God. We're really gonna do this aren't we?"

Grimmjow just continued to grin as he waited for someone to pick up on the other end of the line.

A/N Well that wasn't a very long wait at all was it? lol So I had this idea ages ago and two friends of mine talked me into doing it for real. Not that it was hard to convince me to do this. I practically fell in love with the idea the moment I had it. So obviously this is the extra I was telling you all about, a continuation of Strawberry Bad Boy. So I really hope you all like my idea here and I can't wait to hear what you think!