Did they really ever give him enough credit? Willow wondered sadly as she curled her fingers around her best friend's limp hand.

Good ol' reliable Xander, always there at the end of everything, ready to make people feel better, feel good. No one made a special effort to make him feel like the centre of attention, no one made a special effort to make him know that he was loved and wanted.

Willow's guilty conscience was weighing down on her. How long would it be till he woke up? She was sure he would crack jokes like he always did, and she would laugh like she always would.

She wasn't sure if anyone noticed that, how he made people laugh and make people happy in the darkest of times. Did she ever? No. She didn't, she took him for granted and he could have died.

What would she have done? Would she have gone dark with no one to save her? No best friend, no Tara to bring her back? Would she even have survived?

Xander was a light in the darkness with his jokes and his compassion. She wouldn't take him for granted anymore, she swore. He was a force of good to be reckoned with.

Xander wasn't perfect, but he was all anyone needed.