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Back home, some time later..

"And now the bride and groom will cut the cake" Hank, the best man, announced, grinning. Ira and Sheila, standing in front of the table with said cake on it, smiled at each other, stealing a quick kiss.

"Be careful, Sheila, the knife is very sharp" said Ira as they picked up the knife, cutting the cake together. Feeling as though she and Ira had made a connection on the day of his failed Wedding, and no longer having a job to keep her tied down in Paris, Sheila had made the decision to follow the Scoobies and their families back to the U.S.A. This decision had paid off, as today, she and Ira were married, giving Willow the loving Mommy she'd wanted, along with the added bonus of a sister in Faith.

"Wasn't the Wedding beautiful?" Joyce sighed dreamily to Jessica, watching as their old friend and their new one cut the cake.

"At least I didn't have to return the toaster oven this time" Jessica sniffed.

"Okay, Bobfather" Cordelia scowled at a mysterious figure in a chair similar to the one she had sat in at the beginning of our story, and who was munching on cookies just as she had done. Unlike Cordelia, however, this figure had two other figures standing on either side of them. "We've been back home for a bunch of yesterdays and you still haven't delivered the goods! You gots your Mommy wish, so what do I get Snotfather?" Figure spun around, revealing herself as Willow, and the two other figures were Faith and Tara.

"Cordelia!" yelled Faith angrily, slamming her small hands onto the desk, "You show her no respect!"

"Yeah!" Tara agreed. "You c-can't talks to her like.." Willow raised her hands to quiet them.

"Cordelia" she began in a fake mobster accent. "You come to me on the day of my Daddy's Wedding to ask for a Harmony Chateau, and matching ponies, and, well.." she frowned, dropping the accent. "Just a bunch of stuffs that I can't never get ya!" Suddenly, they were interrupted by Fred's appearance in the doorway.

"There you are, guys!" she grinned. "Come on, the grown ups are giving away all the cake!"

"Cake?" cried Cordy, turning and rushing from the room, following her sort of friend. "Game over!" She slammed the door behind her, leaving Willow, Tara, and Faith alone in the room. Willow sat Miss Kitty on a chair gently, adjusting the bow she had put on the toy's neck for her Daddy's big day.

"She's a really nice kitty" said Faith.

"Thanks" said Willow, smiling at her new sister. "My old Mommy gived her to me."

"Do you ever miss her?" Faith asked gently.

"Sometimes" Willow sighed, "But then I 'member she's up there watching me from heaben." Willow paused, then giggled happily. "I guess I gots two Mommies to look after me now!"

"J-Just like me!" said Tara happily. "And my n-new Daddy is a lot nicer than m-my old one." One day, after returning from Paris, when Tara had been dropped off at the house one day sporting a few noticable bruises, Ira had finally decided that enough was enough was enough, and had called in the authorities. Luckily, the fear that this course of action would cause his daughter to lose her best friend had been rendered unneccessary when, after discovering that they couldn't have children of their own, Giles and Jenny had applied to be Tara's foster parents, and were making plans to, eventually, adopt her.

"Yep!" said Willow.

"I guess we all gots the peoples we needed now!" Faith grinned. At that moment, Willow and Faith's newlywed parents entered the room.

"There's our girls" Ira smiled, ruffling Willow's hair before crouching in front of Faith. "Faith, sweetheart, may I have this dance?" Faith giggled in reply, reaching out for her new Daddy, and Ira grinned, scooping her into his arms and spinning her around as he carried her out onto the the dancefloor.

"Willow" said Sheila, offering the little redhead her hand, "Would you like to dance with your new Mommy?" Willow nodded, taking Sheila's hand. As they left, Giles and Jenny entered, looking for Tara.

"There you are" said Jenny, smiling at the little girl.

"I'm a very lucky man, having two beautiful girls who want to dance with me" Giles chuckled, picking Tara up and hugging her to him. He had always been fond of Tara, and he was glad that he and Jenny could give her the family she truly deserved.

As the new families danced, Cordelia searched for the Wedding cake. She found it, but found her path to it blocked by an overweight woman.

"Let me at that cake!" she yelled, smirking as the woman moved. "Hey lady, ever heard of a thigh blaster?" The adventure in Paris had obviously taught her nothing. Cordy's eyes lit up as they fell on the cake. "Harmony," she said to the doll in her hand, "That frosting flower has our names bitten all over it!" She marched over to the table, reaching out for said flower, but another, smaller hand grabbed it first. Cordy scowled as she spotted Buffy, Dawn, Xander, and Anya feasting on the cake, Anya being the one who had taken her frosting flower. "Just who do you Scoobies think you are?"

"Well" said Buffy, a little confused, "I'm Buffy, that's Dawn.."

"Hi Cory!" said Dawn.

"And she calls us dumb" Xander whispered to Anya, rolling his eyes.

"Give me that cake right now!" Cordy yelled. Suddenly, a piece of cake splattered her in the face, and baby Dawn, who had thrown it, giggled.

"Good throw, Dawnie" Buffy grinned.

"That's it" Cordelia narrowed her eyes, picking up her own piece and getting ready to throw it, "Prepare to meet your caker!"

"Hey guys!" Willow smiled as she, Faith, and Tara approached.

"Whatcha d-doing?" asked Tara, before being hit by Cordy's cake.

"Food fight!" Xander yelled happily, as he and the other Scoobies picked up more cake, throwing it around.

"Hey Fred, heads up!" Anya yelled throwing some cake at Fred, who ducked, making the cake hit Joyce's friend Robin in the back of the head. The Scoobies gasped, thinking they were in big trouble. Giles began laughing at Robin, who frowned, then took his own cake and threw it right in Giles' face, smirking. Carl, who had been making his way back to Candice with two plates of cake, slipped on a piece that the Scoobies had dropped, and the plates went flying, hitting Sheila and Ira in the back of the head. The newlyweds gasped, then collapsed into fits of laughter.

"Wee!" cried Faith, throwing a piece of cake in the air, which soon landed on top of Halfrek's head. D'Hoffryn laughed at her, until she grabbed some and smashed it in his face. Soon, cake was flying everywhere.

"Well, Buffy" Willow said to her best friend as she dodged the flying dessert, "I guess this is the way things are gonna be from now on!"

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