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The Town of Glie – The RPG

First Post by R A Stott/ArkNorth

Monday morning - a wet Monday morning - a soggy wet dreary Monday morning.

Sato trudged through the northern entrance of center of Glie heading for his job at the newspaper. The weekly was in need of being 'put to bed' so that it could be published by Wednesday, the day of the monthly visit of the Toga. With the nasty weather it was going to be a pain. The humidity made the paper not want to feed through the press well. It wasn't doing him any good either, seeing that some of the Young Feathers back at his home - or what he favored to call home... that abandoned factory... had destroyed his umbrella. He stopped under a tree for a moment and watched the dark rolling clouds come over the eastern gate.

Miserable… simply miserable… what good would this dreariness bring anyone?

Just then, the wooden façade of the gate lit this rain, Sato would have thought is was simply a flash of lightning, but something told him it wasn't. Lightning would have illuminated the entire wall. This seemed more like a reflective streak. More than that, there wasn't a crack and boom from lightning either. And to top it off, it wasn't going away. It was rippling and flickering as it played off the raindrops. He spun around the tree to see where it was coming from, but the buildings in town were blocking him. He made a mad dash for the door to the newspaper's office.

"Sato, there you are," the editor snorted as the Haibane teen burst in. He was about to give him his customary gruff 'I've been here since 5 o'clock' speech, but Sato did not stop for it. He simply grabbed the old Speed Graphic camera and headed up the stairs towards the back offices, flung open a window and took the shot. It was then that he looked at the camera and noticed that rather than having the standard film pack attached to it, it had the PolaPack instant picture cartridge locked on, which is used in setting up shots, and not as high-quality as the normal negative film. He cursed under his breath.

He looked up from the device to see if what he suspected he had taken a picture of was correct. He stepped back in awe at what he had captured.

The last vestiges of light was streaming upwards out of the Western Woods into a circling hole within the dark clouds. He swallowed as he returned his gaze to the massive journalistic camera. He reached down and yanked on the tab of the Polaroid film. He glanced at a clock to keep time as it developed within its envelope.

"What are you doing with my camera, boy?" the editor asked as he trundled into the office. He watched as Sato gingerly peeled the two halves of the picture apart.

He fell into a chair and stared at the image he chanced to get – an image of dark trees caught in mid-sway from the rain and wind – illuminated slightly off center by a streak of light that penetrated the dark ominous clouds – streamers peeled off around it in a shower of stars – and a small dark spot towards the top that trailed a white glistening aura. The image was black and white, but he swore he saw color.

He flipped the picture onto the desk towards the editor. "Boss, I just caught someone's day of flight."

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