Love Is Eternal

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter nor Twilight. They belong to the ever talented J.K Rowling and Stephanie Meyer. This is for fun only not prophet.

Summary: Hermione has been hiding a secret. Now a threat arises that forces her to leave England to protect that secret. Severus is sent with her and now they have to work together to save more innocent lives. Will Hermione loose those she loves most or will she loose her sanity? R/R

Chapter 1- A Warning and a Trip

Hermione followed Minerva down the corridor toward the Headmaster's office. She was still wondering why the Headmaster wanted to see her in the middle of the night. It was only three weeks into her seventh year, the war with Voldemort was over, so what could he possibly want?

"Professor, do you know why the Headmaster wants to see me?" Hermione asked.

"I don't know Hermione. All he said was for me to get you and bring you to his office immediately." Minerva answered as they reached Albus' office.

Hermione followed her professor into the room. Albus was seated behind his desk talking heatedly with Severus. That's when Hermione spotted him. Before Minerva or anyone else could say a word, Hermione was standing nearly toe-to-toe with the stranger.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Hermione hissed.

The man laughed. "Hello to you too Hermione."

"I mean it Marcus, why are you here? I thought we handled all this crap two years ago?" She demanded.

Marcus stop up and towered over Hermione, but she didn't back down. "You try my patience human."

Hermione scoffed. "You don't scare me Marcus. You didn't when I met you two years ago and you sure as hell don't scare me now."

"Perhaps we can discuss the reason for you visit before Miss Granger begins insulting you again." Severus said, glaring at Hermione.

Hermione turned and moved to sit in one of the arm chairs while Marcus remained standing. She refused to look at the Italian vampire as he waited for Albus, Minerva, and Severus to take their seats as well.

"I came on behalf of the Volturi. Our leader, Aro, has had a vision. The Wizard Voldemort left behind an heir. The boy was kept hidden, even from the Death Eaters. Normally we would not care about this, but the Wizard was born half human half vampire. When Harry Potter killed Voldemort, his heir came out of hiding. What has caused our involvement is the fact that he has created an army. His name is Antony. For the last five years he and his army have remained quiet. A month ago he attacked and killed the Denali coven in Alaska." Marcus explained.

"Oh god! Not Tanya!" Hermione gasped.

"I'm afraid so Hermione." Marcus nodded solemnly.

"What does any of this have to do with Miss Granger?" Albus questioned.

Marcus' gaze locked with Hermione's. In that instant she understood why the Volturi sent him to Hogwarts. To Her. She sighed and nodded slowly. "This concerns Hermione because of the next coven Antony is targeting. As of now, they are unaware of the danger."

"How can she help? She's a child, not to mention has never fought a vampire." Severus stated.

Hermione gritted her teeth while Marcus smirked. "Seems you have been keeping secrets Hermione."

"Shut up Marcus. You know why I kept them a secret." She growled.

"I do, but that secret is about to be exposed. The question now is, do you tell them or do I?" Marcus challenged.

"God damned you Marcus." She spat.

Marcus chuckled. "I damned myself a long time ago my dear. Which will it be? You or me?"

Hermione sighed as she moved from her closet to her bed where her open trunk sat. Ginny, Harry and Ron sat on the bed watching her as she packed, still not comprehending why she was suddenly leaving.

"Why won't you tell us why you're leaving?" Ron asked, almost whining.

"I can't Ron, not yet anyway. Once I finish thisā€¦mission, I'll explain everything. I promise." Hermione said.

"I still can't believe you have to go with Snape. Wasn't there anyone else?" Harry replied.

"No. Remus and Sirius are god knows where, Kingsley and Tonks are on their honeymoon and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are on their second honeymoon. Plus everyone else has lives and careers to lead here. Snape actually volunteered to come with me." Hermione responded as she closed her trunk and shrunk it.

Ginny pouted slightly. "I still don't like the idea of you going without us."

Hermione smiled. "Guys, I know where I'm going. Trust me, I'll be safe."

"What about your N.E.W.T's?" Ron inquired.

"I already took them. The Headmaster will send me my results when they come in." Hermione answered. "Well I better go; Professor Snape is meeting me at the front gates."

"We'll walk you down." Harry insisted.

The four friends left the Head Girl suit and made their way downstairs. Hermione's cover story was that she had been offered the opportunity to graduate early and she took it; which was partially true. As for Severus, he decided to leave for a sabbatical. According to Marcus, the Volturi were unsure when Antony would make his move.

"Are you all packed Hermione?" Albus asked as the four reached the gates.

"Yes sir." Hermione nodded.

"You and Severus are on the 7:15 flight. I also arranged a rental car for you when you arrive in Seattle." Albus added, handing her the ticket.

"Let's go Miss Granger. No doubt you will want to stop by your home." Severus stated with a roll of his eyes.

Hermione turned and hugged her friends, promising to send word once she got settled. She moved to stand beside Severus. He reluctantly took her hand and they apparated to her house.

During her sixth year her parents had been attacked and killed by Death Eaters. Since she was of legal age, thanks to the time-turner, she inherited her parent's house and possessions. She sold her father's sports car but kept her mother's mini cooper. Once they reached the house, she left Severus downstairs and went upstairs to repack.

She enlarged her trunk and put it away. Hermione pulled out her dad's old Marine C-bag and began repacking. Anything else she would need she would get once they got to where they were going. Ten minutes later she returned to the living room and found Severus looking at the pictures on the fireplace mantle.

"I'm ready sir." She said.

"Who is this?" He questioned pointing at a picture right up front.

"That's who we're going to see Professor. They don't know we're coming, because I don't want them to know." She answered.

"What do you mean Miss Granger?" He inquired facing her.

Hermione smiled secretively. "You'll see."

Thirteen hours later Hermione stood at the desk of the rental car booth. They had made excellent time. "Here you go ma'am. How long will you have the car?"

"Two days." Hermione smiled as she signed for the car. "Do I have to bring it back here or can I return it to the dealer in Forks?"

"That will be fine, just show them this paperwork and they'll take care of you." The agent nodded handing her the keys.

Hermione said thanks and walked to Severus. The two then headed for the black SUV. Since Hermione had an American driver's license and she knew where they were going, she would be driving.

As they pulled out of the rental car lot, Severus took in the scenery. It was early morning but the sky was overcast. All around them were green trees and mountains. He had to admit, it was picturesque.

"How did you meet a coven of vampires?" He inquired.

"Well, it was two and a half years ago. After I finished my fifth year me and my parents came here to visit my dad's brother, my Uncle Charlie and my cousin Bella. Uncle Charlie and Bella knew I was a witch so I didn't have to hide it from them. I met Bella's boyfriend Edward first. It was Edward who insisted I meet the rest of his family. They told me their story and I told them mine. Of course they met my parents, who adored them all. I've stayed in touch." She explained with a shrug.

"What did you mean when you told that guard you thought you and the Volturi had settled this?"

Hermione gripped the steering wheel tighter. "I becameā€¦involved with one of the Cullens. The Volturi weren't too thrilled. At first they thought I was a mere human like Bella. When they learned I was a witch, they decided to test me. I'm sure you know of their different gifts."

"I've heard of them yes."

"Well, they don't work on me, just like they don't work on Bella. Let's just say it led to a fight between me and Jane. I won."

Severus was shocked. The Volturi were supposed to be oldest and strongest vampire covens in existence. Here, his former student had not only faced them, but defeated one in a fight. He decided then and there he now respected her a lot more than he did five minutes ago.

The rest of the drive was done in silence, only a local rock station playing on the radio. Forks looked the same as it did the last time Hermione had seen it; which was a month and a half ago. She easily found the winding drive that led to the Cullen's home. It was only then she let down her mental block that kept Alice from knowing she was coming.

"Professor, get ready to meet the whirlwind that is Alice Cullen." Hermione warned as they got out of the car.

"What?" Severus asked. He found out a second later.


Hermione turned and smiled just as she was gathered into a fierce hug and spun around. Hermione's laughter was joined with Alice's as Alice put her back on the ground. Severus watched as five more people exited the house and joined them. Another young woman squealed and hugged Hermione as well.

"Oh my god! It's so good to see you. Why didn't you tell us you were coming, we would have picked you up?" Bella asked.

"I'll explain everything once we get inside Bella. Where is Carlisle?" Hermione replied.

"He's on his way home from the hospital. How you doing squirt?" Emmett grinned as he hugged her too.

"Hey Emmett. I'm doing fine." She smiled. "Guys, meet Professor Severus Snape. Professor, meet my cousin Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett. You'll meet Carlisle when he gets home."

"Or he could meet him now." Rosalie said pointing down the drive wearing a dazzling smile.

Hermione turned and saw Carlisle's black Mercedes pulling up. The second he got out of the car, Hermione ran for him. He dropped his bag as she leapt into his open arms. He held her close as he spun her around. Then, just as he stopped, he kissed her passionately.

'Well, I guess I know which one she was involved with.' Severus thought.