Love Is Eternal

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Twilight. They belong to the ever talented J.K Rowling and Stephanie Meyer. This is for fun only not prophet.

Summary: Hermione has been hiding a secret. Now a threat arises that forces her to leave England to protect that secret. Severus is sent with her and now they have to work together to save more innocent lives. Will Hermione loose those she loves most or will she loose her sanity? R/R


"Mom, do I have to do this? I mean I've already graduated high school what…six or seven times now?" Larensmee Cullen grumbled as she sat at the kitchen table.

"It's only been five missy and yes you have to do this. Now eat your breakfast." Hermione laughed.

It had been one hundred and fifty six years since Larensmee was born. There was another side effect Larensmee had from being half human half vampire. At the age of twenty six, she became immortal; hence for the last one hundred thirty years she had graduated high school and college five times.

Life was good for the Cullens. Felix and Heidi were now vegetarians and most of the time lived with them. A surprising change happened when Larensmee was five; Heidi turned Severus. The two were married after his first year.

"Come on Lari, we'll be late." Edward said as he and Bella came downstairs dressed for school.

"Grrr. Why are you two always so excited to start a new school?" Larensmee growled.

Bella giggled. "Because it's fun to reinvent yourself each time."

Larensmee just rolled her eyes. "Come on love, it's not so bad." Felix smiled.

"I guess not. Okay, let's get this over with." She sighed, grabbing her backpack.

Another change had been when Felix and Larensmee who got married on her twenty fourth birthday. Thanks to Hermione still having her magic, they were able to not only stay in places longer, but also blend in better.

She was able to cast glamours on them so they didn't glitter in the sunlight as well as make them appear to age. This made life easy for the Cullen and Snape families. Hermione waved as the "kids" left for school. She sighed as Carlisle slid his arms around her waist.

"Aren't you going to be late Dr. Cullen?"

"Nope. I took the day off."

"Oh did you now?" She grinned wickedly as she turned in his arms.

"Yes ma'am I did. We have the house to ourselves for a change. Severus and Heidi are at work and the kids and Felix are at school." He smirked.

"Mmm. Whatever will we do with ourselves?" She asked huskily.

"I know what we will do." He growled.

Hermione laughed as he scooped her into his arms and dashed upstairs. Yes life was good. The Volturi were no longer a concern and their family was safe, happy and together. What else could they ask for.