Queen of the Fairy


A N; Took the base of a challenge fic offered. the challenge fic was : Spring of Drowned Fairy. but in my world/works, 'Fairy' is a Race with at least six sub-races. The cursed waters did more then imbue the 'gift' of shifting genders, on our stalwart hero.

there will be a quick poll on who gets to be Ranma's female of choice. Another on how the Amazons view the Fey

milord Cloud Dancer, hope this tickles your muse enough to open your story lines and feed us starving readers some more of your tasty work.


The Panda Attacked the small redheaded female, only to miss as she sidestepped his lunge.

"Give it up Pops, you were barely able to match my skills before we took our little swim. how do you plan to beat me now?"

The panda grabbed a street sign, uprooting it from the concrete and swung it at the girl.

"Damn it Pops. I told you what would happen if you tried that on me again." the red head snapped her fingers,

The Panda sneezed...hard.

and sneezed,

and sneezed!

and each time he sneezed, his fur shed in great puffs.

the Panda dropped the metal sign post and grabbed his head in an attempt to quell the sneezing fit.

the girl turned on her heel and 'skipped' off, stopping now and then to 'cute' snacks and tidbits from the food venders.


Tendo Soun was sitting at the dinning table, sorting through the mail, when he found the Postcard.

Kasumi was in the kitchen baking cupcakes

Nabiki was sorting the pictures of Akane in her room.

Akane was in the dojo, smashing bricks.

we all know the basics; Soun gathers the girls, informs them of their doom, the bell at the gate rings...

"I am Saotome Ranma, sorry about this." the redhead bows to the assembled family.

"Ranma, my boy, Welcome." Soun grabbed the redhead in a massive hug.

three people new something was wrong. One at Soun's words, one with the hug, and one with Soun's reaction.

Before Nabiki could further explore the mystery of the redheaded newcomer, Kasumi stepped forward. "This is a safe-haven. No tricks, no Trouble. Am I understood?"

Ranma's head snapped around. "I am bound by the behavior I am offered. honor and respect, returned tenfold." He bowed to the 'House Wife'. "but i will only return trickery, trouble, and terror threefold, so sworn by my ears." she reveled her left ear to Kasumi, it almost reached the top of her head,

"Father, I thought you said Ranma was a boy." Nabiki reached out it a hypnotic daze and palmed the breast closest to her.

Glancing from Nabiki to Kasumi, Ranma-chan wore an impish grin. "I like this one. she is going to be 'fun'." Extracting herself from the middle girl, Ranma turned to the one who had yet say anything, her eyes sparkling. "So is this one. but of a different type of fun."

"By your oath!" Kasumi hissed. the sun died out, the room turned cold, time stopped, the shadows grew longer, deeper, harder...

Ranma turned to the 'Keeper' of the house. "Be at ease, 'Keeper'. I gave my oath, and plan nothing that humans do not enjoy them selves. The Aura around this one states that she is violent and when certain facts are known to this house, she will try to bring harm to those she sees as a threat to her way of life. the other has a more Kitsune, protective of what is hers, but on the look out for 'fun'."

suddenly a small figure landed on Ranma's shoulder. "Has the Queen sent you?" its squeaky voice pitched with dread and hope in mixed tones.

turning her head to peer at the little guy. "Most likely, but I have no idea why. What you are seeing is the result of two forms of old magic, mixed with double helping of luck, mostly bad." She pulled a clear shiny sphere from her pocket. "Found this a couple days ago, but while I feel it is important, I know not what it is."

The little 'guy' grabbed the sphere, and bolted for the shadows.

then the 'spell' Kasumi held over the house shattered.

"Pervert!" Akane led with a right cross.

Ranma caught the fist, and with a twist of her wrist, rolled Akane across the floor. without looking at Kasumi, "I was attacked after being 'Welcomed', and giving my Oath to Safe-Haven."

"Agreed" Kasumi sighed. "But please do not try to provoke her."


info ;

Kitsune; fox spirit, known for minor pranks, likes a good time, but fiercely loyal and protective. known to make a udon stew...

Brownie; house spirit, English in origin, but with English expansion, the Fey also spread their influence.

a sub race of the hob/hobgoblin sub-race. also known as a 'house gnome'.

Keeper; a Human that is known to the Fey as Friendly. Usually 'Keepers' of a place for Fey to seek shelter until they can move on.