Queen of the Fairy

ch III


"Speaking of mothers, I will try to find yours for you, I have a few contacts that are just happy to help me out."

The words were no sooner out of Nabiki's mouth, then the phone rang. As Kasumi rose to answer the phone, Nabiki leaned closer to her guest. "So, what can you do?'

Ranma just smirked, "Do not try me, as things will turn nasty if you anger me. It is the one thing I can not control.."

"So, what can you not do?" she inched closer.

"I can not turn water into wine, spin straw into gold, and do not ask about finding pots of gold, gems, or items of great value. Those are gifts of the little folk, and I am not. As to my real gifts, lets see what my Mother has to say about you, then I will show you what I can do for, with, and to you." He grinned as he sipped his tea.

"Good news." Kasumi spoke with a gentile smile, as she returned to the table. "That was Auntie, calling to say that she was in the Area, and would like to stop by. We are going to have something of a feast to celebrate your engagement, nabiki-chan."

"Hello, I am here!" a musical voice called out from the enter way.

Ranma's ears twitched.

"Auntie. we are in here. would you like to join us for some tea?" Kasumi called as she headed into the kitchen for a cup and some cakes.

"Would love to, Ku-chan." a redheaded woman entered, dressed in a tight fitted kimono. Her hair was pulled tight, back into a bun, held in place with a pair of chopsticks. "Good to see you, Nabi-chan. And who is..." Her voice trailed off as she got a good look at who was in the room.

The cheerful grin faded as well.

"Hello Mother."


Xian Pu entered the tent muttering cutely as she tossed her new bonbori next to the door, before wringing her tresses dry. ""dumb male splashed me again. It is not as if he is that blind. I swear, next time I am so going to beat his head in.""

""Well granddaughter, did you learn anything about your skills?""

""Improved reflexes, greater chi control, but shorter body limits reach"" the young cat-girl hops up on a stool to reach a bowl of fruit on the counter.

""Is that all granddaughter?""

""Enhanced hearing and smell, See better at night, have this overpowering urge to lick myself, and curl up in the sun for a nap!"" yes Nekotama was a bit cranky.

""How long have you been up?""

""Not been to bed since this happened to me. ""

""Go, sleep your self out, we will talk more about this when you wake."" A two foot tall 'monkey' broke from the shadows of the room. ""Prepare your self, we seek the redheaded one for she with you will bring great luck to our village, and if my hopes are true, we will find that she is no mere female...""

""Yes Elder."" Xian Pu bounded up the ladder to her loft, not noticing that she bounced easier and faster as a Neko then as a human.

'smaller size, greater reflexes, greater senses, but same strength if not greater' the old woman though to her self as she looked at where her heir had tossed her weapons. ""The newcomer is already bringing benefits to the village, male or female, it is in our best interest to add that one to our bloodlines."'


"Hello Mother."

Nabiki went still. there went her plans for shifting the debt from her 'data collectors', onto Ranma.

Suddenly a small body came from no where, slamming into Nabiki's chest, knocking her down just as 'Auntie' sailed through the air, catching Ranma in a full body tackle. Looking down, Nabiki saw a small woman in a Kimono, 3 inches tall. Gathering the small woman up genteelly, she sat up, setting the small person on the table. The small woman stood up, and straightened her kimono.

Then she looked about.

That was when she noticed that she was being watched. "Oh dear, I just knew that coming out was a bad idea. now I have gone and been spotted. the Union will have me run out for sure this time."

an: having trouble seeing the next step in this. for the time being, this story will be shelved until I am hit with the next great idea. in the mean time i will be focusing on my other works.