Title: Run Away

Summary: She packs her bags because she already knows how it's going to end. He packs his because if she leaves, he's going with her.

Okay, this is my first actual Channy, I've written before but I hated my last one...


It's always the same. The way he kisses her, and tells her it's okay. He tells her he loves her, and I watch the way she tries to believe him, because she's hopeless.

He's a liar.

And it hurts. I think, it's my heart that hurts when I see them together. When I hear her crying in her room at night while he's out cheating on her again.

I never thought my Mom would end up with someone like him.

Jarred Finn.

It was after Mom met him, that the packing started.

I liked to pack my bags, and hide them under my bed. Like I had my own little secret, like I had leverage. What for? I don't know.

I packed my bags because it made me feel in control, I packed them, because as much as I hated to admit it, I was scared. And I packed them because I knew how this Warner Brothers Fairytale was going to end.

In disaster, of course.

Her heart was broken long before he turned up on our doorstep.

But it was the night walks that kept me sane.

When the clock chimed twelve, and Mom started her sobbing, sure that I was asleep...That's when I left.

Usually, the walk was just near the studio. I took a bus there, and walked until my feet were sore. Then I'd just collapse wherever my feet had taken me, and sleep for the night.

Mom never noticed I was gone. Because by the time she woke up, Jarred was in the kitchen cooking her breakfast.

I'm not a bitter person. I love my Mom, and I'm happy-most of the time, anyway.

I love my job, I love my best friend, Tawni, and I love my other friends like they're family, but things like these can't just be ignored. I had to do something, but it only hurt Mom even more when I said something about it, so i learned to keep my mouth shut. I learned to laugh at his jokes, and pretend he was family.

It was a Tuesday when Chad found out.


I feel kinda bad for Sonny now...But on the bright side, CHANNY GOODNESS, COMING OUR WAY!!! :D

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