Of Strange Travelers and Stranger Nations


Note: This fanfiction of Tsubasa crosses over with a fanfiction of Axis Powers Hetalia having a similar title. Although it isn't necessary to read the other fanfiction to understand the events in this Tsubasa fanfiction, you'll get to see the same events from different perspectives if you read both!

Disclaimer: Tsubasa belongs to CLAMP while Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz.

Syaoran felt the familiar sensation of being sucked by an unknown force as he and his companions were travelling to yet another dimension. He vaguely saw an image of a house with a porch growing bigger and bigger, until he suddenly felt a sense of gravity giving way. He closed his eyes to bear the impact… and found himself and the others piled on top of each other on the ground. Safe but piled. Also, it was raining.

Immediately, he looked around in search of Sakura and found her sleeping soundly on top of the pile. He sighed of relief. Kurogane, however, being at the bottom of the pile, was not so happy. The ninja glared at Mokona as it too arrived.

"We've arrived at a new world!" it exclaimed as cheerfully as always.

Kurogane gritted his teeth and exclaimed, "You stupid puffball, couldn't you have made a better landing!?" Mokona merely laughed.

On top of the angry ninja, Fai gave an easy smile. "Well, at least we've landed safely."

However, that wasn't what worried Syaoran at the moment. They landed right onto someone's porch, which was clearly still occupied. There was a man with spiky blonde hair and green eyes similar to Sakura's eyes staring at them. And he had very thick eyebrows. And he had Mokona on top of his head. "Um…"

The man narrowed his eyes at them and muttered, catching their attention, "Who are… all of you?"


The man with thick eyebrows held Mokona on his lap as he looked at Syaoran's group carefully. "So you're saying," he muttered with a frown, "that you're all from… another world and that you're travelling across other worlds in search of feathers?"

Syaoran nodded. Since they appeared right before the man, Arthur-san's eyes, he thought it appropriate to give him an honest reason. He already talked it over with Fai-san and he said it was fine. Besides, the man looked very comfortable with Mokona and didn't even react as badly as he thought he would. Arthur-san seemed like a trustworthy man.

Arthur looked at the sleeping Sakura on his couch before continuing, "And these feathers are needed to save this girl, Sakura?"

"That's right," he confirmed. "Have you seen this feather by any chance?"

"Here," Fai said and showed the man a sheet of paper with a sketch of the feather on it. Syaoran didn't notice Fai-san drawing that. "Maybe this'll help."

Arthur accepted the paper and looked at it critically. He sighed and placed the paper on the coffee table before him. "I'm afraid I haven't," he replied sullenly and looked out to the window. It was still raining heavily outside. "And with this kind of weather, it'll be difficult to find it anywhere…"

Mokona lifted a small paw cheerfully. "Mokona can sense the feather!"

The man looked at the white creature on his lap, surprised. "You can?"

It nodded and said, "It's faint, but it's definitely here!"

Syaoran explained at Arthur's expression, "Mokona's been a great help in finding Sakura's feathers in every world we go to." Mokona bounced off Arthur's lap and onto Syaoran's awaiting hands. "Is it alright with you if Sakura-hime stays here for a while?"

"All of you can stay here for as long as you need, but," Arthur blinked, "where are you going?" He looked around as Fai and Kurogane went for the door along with Syaoran.

He looked at Arthur with determined eyes. "We're going to look for Sakura-hime's feather now. If we take too long, we won't be back until nightfall." With that, the group left the room.

Once along the hallway, Kurogane stated, "I don't like the look on that guy's eyes."

"Mokona doesn't think Arthur-san's a bad person," Mokona said in Syaoran's arms. "But Mokona also senses a strong power from Arthur-san."

Syaoran's eyes widened at that but Fai just smiled at the white creature. "It's not that strong," the tall one remarked, "and I don't think he'd be the type to harm Sakura-chan while we're gone."

Kurogane merely grunted. "I still don't trust him."

Then, as they easily found the front door and turned the knob to open it, a shout came from down the hallway. "Hey, at least bring an umbrella with you!"

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