Author's note: This is written in Watson's POV, by the way.

My first thought was that it was not in the least bit logical for the small man to be capable of carrying three children like that. Nonetheless, there he was, with one hanging off his back, one resting on his hip, and the other anchored firmly to his left leg.

My second thought was that there was no way on earth the man would ever be caught in such an undignified situation, especially not around his co-workers, and especially not in a place that he had commented on numerous occasions was no place for children to be running about, usually after one of Holmes' Irregulars had been here to deliver a message.

I wondered if I were seeing things, but Inspector Gregson was staring incredulously at the man as well.

Inspector Lestrade, for his part, either did not find his current situation all that unusual, or did not care if it was. "Morning." He said to the two of us, as if nothing out of the ordinary were occurring and he weren't currently hauling three children around Scotland Yard.

"Good morning." I replied. Gregson was still staring.

"Is Mr. Holmes here?" Lestrade inquired, looking about for the man in question.

"He said he would meet us here." I said. "He had something to look into first."

Lestrade's frown was gone before I could even be certain it was there. "Good." He said. Then he considered the child hanging from his neck. "Perhaps your office might be a better place to meet today, Gregson."

"All right." Gregson said, recovering himself slightly. "Lestrade, why-"

"I need to get some work done before we meet." Lestrade interrupted the other Inspector. "Come get me when Mr. Holmes arrives, if you would."

"Certainly." Gregson replied. Lestrade strode off, his stride hardly affected by the burden he bore. Gregson and I stared after him until he disappeared down the hall.

I turned to look at the Inspector. "Does he-" I floundered for the words to describe the absurdity of the situation.

Gregson shook his head. "Lestrade is the last person I would ever imagine bringing his children to work with him. It's unprofessional."

"But he just did." I commented.

"Yes, he did." Gregson's agreement on the matter was less than reassuring given that he was wearing the look of one who is convinced that he is seeing things.

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