The search for Treasure Island


Part one

When we started this epic journey to see what's out there.

I started with 150 ships and about 2 days into the journey tragedy struck. I met with a victim's fire serpent destroying 10, ships 140 ships now remain. 2 ships got lost in the sea of no return 138 ships remain. We came across the silver sea where we met the wise man. He told us that land was only 15 days away. A little further 38 ships got caught into a whirl pool. 100 ships remain now. On ship 10 15 out of 70 people were scared to death in the sea of terror. Some people had some fun on the endless wave but their decision got them left behind. Just like the wise man said, 15 days later they hit the shore line of Treasure Island.

Part two

When we hit the shore line of Treasure Island we rested in the lake of life. When they explored a little they found the mother load of treasure that you had to see to believe. The lake of life, cave of gold, fountain of treasure, and the pond of wealth. We used the lake of life to revive the people who where scared to death in the sea of terror. While 75 people where mining in the cave of gold, 100 men where collecting gold coins from the fountain of treasure. Unfortunately 20 people fell in the gulf of death because they overloaded the barrels with treasure. When anybody got sick or tired all they needed to do was go swimming in the lake of life. When they had enough treasure we filled 75 20 gallon tanks with water from the lake of life and 75 20 gallon tanks with water from the pond of wealth.

Part three

When we finished loading the treasure in the remaining ships the captain "said everybody get to your ships, it's time to get back home."Once we set sail they made a new course so we can avoid the dangers they went through the first time. Unfortunately they messed up and got caught in what they tried to avoid. With only 100 ships chuck full of loot they set sail for home. When they reached the endless wave some of our ships received heavy damage lucky they were able to transfer all there treasure and crew to the nearest ship which was ship 23 before the ship sank to the bottom of the ocean.

96 ships remain the fire serpent caught 19 ships on fire in the fire serpents pass 76 ships remain.7 days later they reached home.

The end