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"You think she'll notice?" I called to the stall next to me. Rosalie was using hers for its intended purpose while I was subtly ditching my heels for my chucks.

"I doubt it. Hurricane Alice is over. She's completely lost in newlywed bliss now," Rose replied.

I heard the toilet flush, and her door opened. I looped my finger through the straps of the heels, and followed her out. I hid them under the sink and took a moment to glance at myself in the mirror while Rosalie checked her makeup.

"You giving Edward the time of day yet?" she asked, still focused on the coat of ruby red she was painting across her lips.

I shook my head and lifted myself onto the counter.

After the rehearsal, and my not-so-subtle freak out, I hadn't had the courage to call him. I woke up to another sunflower in my apartment; this one was sitting outside of my bedroom door.

Rosalie didn't press the issue out loud. She did, however, shoot me a glance that screamed judgment.

"I know, I know..." I muttered under my breath behind her as we walked back out into the reception.

The wedding was beautiful. Though, I'm surprised I found it in me to take it all in while Edward kept his stare solely on me. Even during the vows...which proved my point even further.

I couldn't do this now. Not with him, not with anyone. We weren't ready for marriage! Hell, we wouldn't even be able to own a dog together if we wanted. We'd only been dating a few months and we were still trying to figure out how to be a couple.

I knew the wedding was doing this to him. They did this to everyone.

So, my plan was to avoid him until Alice and Jasper were honeymoon-bound, then hopefully he'd come to his senses by then.

Rose went straight back to Emmett, and he embraced her. I couldn't stop my eyes from wandering around the room, looking for Edward. When my eyes found purchase, I regretted it.

His face was lit up in that stupid grin I actually kind of love as he spun a girl on the dance floor. She couldn't have been older than six, and she was in complete awe of him. Her curls flew behind her as he twirled her around.

I couldn't take much more. I grabbed a champagne flute from the nearest table and plopped down in the seat. Every chair was empty, the guests mingling and dancing the night away.

I sipped my champagne, taking in the room, and before I could stop myself, my mind drifted.




"Bella! Edward!" Alice's petite frame was barely visible with the waves constantly blocking our view. Her voice carried out to us as we swam back to the shoreline.

My entire face felt hot, a strong contradiction to the cool salt water that kept slapping against it with every stroke.

I could feel Edward behind me, keeping pace. Every time our eyes met, he grinned. I rolled my eyes in return.

I was terrified I'd just crossed into forbidden territory. Edward, for lack of a better word, just dry humped me raw against a cliff, and I was supposed to act like nothing happened?

Or was I?

When we reached the shore, Alice pointed to the sky, alerting me to a storm rolling in above us. I nodded in return, not surprised. Living in Washington, our plans were often ruined by impromptu rain.

Edward walked behind me, close for comfort. Most certainly not too close, being that my skin burned in need of his touch again. The thought flustered and excited me.

His hand heard my silent pleas, because it grazed over the skin on my lower back. Innocent enough, but I could feel the message behind it. He was telling me how much he wanted to continue where we left off.

My body shuddered, partly at his touch, but mostly in anticipation.

We separated, going back to the cars we each rode in. I'm sure I could have ridden with the boys, but I didn't trust myself in the back seat with him.

He walked me to the car and helped load the trunk. Once I was seated, he walked backward to the other car, holding my stare tight. I bit my lip when goose flesh erupted across my skin. The loading process was anything but silent, and anything my friends were saying went unnoticed. My silent exchange with Edward was my sole focus.



"Bella, what happened out there?" Alice asked when I emerged from the bathroom, showered and warm.

I blushed and shook my head.

"What do you mean?"

She and Rosalie shared a knowing look.

"Well," Rosalie bumped my hips with hers on her way out the door, "Alice and I have double date reservations. We would have invited you, but I think we all know you probably want the apartment to yourself tonight."

The burn in my cheeks intensified. What was wrong with me? One grope session in the ocean and suddenly I'm a blushing, babbling girl? I shook my head to dispel the thought.

"Yeah, yeah. See you guys later." I dismissed them with a wave of my hand and plopped down on the couch, ready to submerge myself into a mindless world of television. My shower didn't help me clear my head of Edward, and my roommates didn't help much either. I knew they weren't stupid, and they knew something most certainly happened today.

A few hours passed, and I had dozed off on the couch. The absence of light was what woke me. I sat up, startled and trying to regain my senses. The apartment was pitch black, and from the sounds of it, the sky had finally opened outside and the rain was coming down in sheets. Thunder rolled, and a brief flash of lightening lit up the room for a split second.

I loved storms, but I wasn't a huge fan of the dark. I was attempting to calm my heart when thunder boomed again, and three sharp knocks on the door rang out simultaneously. I jumped up and ran to the door, hoping Alice and Rosalie were back, and that they somehow both forgot their keys.

What I got was a little bit better.

Edward stood in the doorway, water steadily dripping from his mussed hair.

"Edwa-" I began to ask him what he was doing here, fully prepared to play the game we'd been playing already. The shameless flirting and dance around the sexual tension we'd created.

He did not want to play anymore. My greeting was cut short by his lips. They were hot, despite the cold water that covered the rest of his body.

Our lips started out frantic, but slowed down and moved together sweetly. He kept pulling my bottom lip into his mouth and sweeping his tongue over it. My throat made soft noises each time, noises I wasn't even aware I could make.

He walked forward, pushing me backwards into the dark. I heard the door slam shut with a kick, the impatient noise making me giggle.

He growled and put his face into my neck.

"I fucking love your laugh, Swan."

I sighed and let my head fall back, allowing his words play around in my head while his lips played across my collarbone.

I should have been cold, since his clothes were freezing, but my entire body was flushed.

I still used that as an excuse to start peeling away the wet layers. I removed his jacket and fumbled with the buttons on his flannel shirt. This time he laughed softly, before taking over and peeling it off for me.

My hands ran down his chest, my fingernails scraped. He sucked in a breath hard, and then picked me up over his shoulder.

I tried to hold my laugh in, and feigned annoyance.

"Dragging me back into the cave, Cullen?" I reached down and slapped a hand on his ass.

He dropped me on my bed and stepped out of his shoes, then unbuttoned his jeans, letting them fall to the floor.

"Technically, it's your cave." His grin was illuminated by a flash through the window, a boom punctuating it moments later.

I smiled and let the joke fall away when his hands grabbed the seam of my sweatshirt and pulled it up and over my head.

"Fucking hot." He sucked in a breath then dipped down and pulled a nipple into his mouth. He circled his tongue around the tip, then scraped his teeth against it.

I leaned back, and laid completely down, his mouth following me.

With both of us only in our underwear, the skin contact our torsos made was enough to make me arch my back into him, and make him buck his hips into me. But I'd had enough action through fabric for one day, so I hooked my thumbs into mine and pushed down. He followed suit.

When he had rid himself of his last piece of clothing, he stood next to the bed, looking down at me. I instantly felt embarrassed, lying stark naked, across the bed, utterly exposed to him.

I knew he couldn't see much of me in the dark room, but that didn't stop the blush that carried down my body.

I saw his shadow bend down, and felt his lips start on the bottom of my foot, then when they moved up to my ankle...

The side of my knee.

The inside of my thigh.


The dip of my hip bone.


My belly button.

The underside of my breast.

My collarbone.


My jaw.

My cheek.

My lips.

I reached down, lined him up, and hooked my leg around his waist. I pulled him in, pushing his tip inside of me.

"Fuck, Bella."

I growled in reply. I was tired of waiting. I finally knew what I wanted, and I was done waiting.

I reached behind him and sunk my hand into his still wet hair, made a fist, and pulled lightly.

He groaned and kept still, leaving only his head inside of me.

I pulled with my leg again, but he anticipated that, and help firm.

"I'm not going to beg, Cullen."

He chuckled against my skin, and I readied myself for a snide comeback. Instead, he thrust forward, hard.

I screamed out, tightened my fist in his hair, and my hooked leg. His muscles shuddered above me.

He formed a pattern of long hard thrusts, followed by quick ones. I gasped and groaned with every single one.

He growled with every other.

I needed him more every second. I couldn't begin to fathom a life without us together, like this, ever again. I didn't ever plan to.




My vivid memory was interrupted by the star himself. He handed me a champagne flute with clear liquid inside, instead of gold.

"Water," he replied to my unasked question. I nodded in reply and took a sip.

"Come outside with me?" He motioned toward the back door. I could see a lit gazebo out there, empty.

I nodded again and let him pull me along. I couldn't say no to him. But I would force myself to say it if I had to.

I wouldn't say yes to marrying him right now. I didn't want to let him go, I was finally starting to understand that, but I was terrified he was only feeling this because of the wedding. I wanted him to wait.

Edward brought me to the gazebo, and took my glass from my fingers. He set it down on the railing, then turned back to me and took my face in his hands.

"I don't know what I did to make you turn into this crazy bitch version of my girlfriend, but I'm sorry."

I snorted at the blunt words; they followed such a sweet gesture. It was so Edward. It was why I loved him.

He smiled and pressed his lips to mine briefly.

"Actually, I lied. I think I know. I also think that you are crazy, and you should really let a man finish his thought before you take off and don't speak to him for days."

Edward bent down on one knee and took a box from his pocket. I opened my mouth to stop him, but he held up his hand.

"Remember what I said...oh, three seconds ago? Let me finish."

He cleared his throat and looked into my eyes.

"Isabella Marie Swan, I love you more than anything else in this world. I want the opportunity to show you every day, how much."

He opened the box, but held my gaze with his eyes. Mine filled with moisture. I couldn't believe he was actually doing this.

"I want to move in together."

He held the box higher, and I finally looked down to see a silver key, with a red ribbon tied to the top.

"I know this is technically your apartment key, that I had to make a copy of when you didn't realize, so it doesn't make much sense for me to present you with your own key, but your apartment is so much bigger, so I'm technically asking to move in with you and-"

"Oh my God, shut up!" I held my hand to his lips and doubled over in laughter.

"You were going to ask me to move in, all along?" I asked.

He nodded and smiled under my hand. He started to talk, so I removed it.

"I wasn't going to ask you on one knee, but I figured out that was what you were freaking about. So, I couldn't resist."

I knelt down in front of him and took the key box from him. Still giggling, I turned the box around and presented it back.

"Edward Cullen, will you move in with me?" I asked, holding my lips together tight to keep in my snort.

He fanned his face, and grasped his chest with the other.

"Oh Miss Swan, I thought you'd never ask!" he grabbed the key and pressed a kiss to my lips.

The End

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