An excellent wine with the pasta followed by cheese, dessert, coffee then through to the sitting room and a seat on the large leather sofa facing an almost complete wall of glass. There followed chocolate ice-cream and bourbon-flavoured kisses. And later, much later, in his wide bed she enjoyed hot satisfying sex with a wonderful lover who played her body until it hummed and sang. Next morning, he washed her hair as they showered together and then carefully, gently brushed it out afterwards and stood by as she blow-dried it. She'd watched him dress and carefully tie his tie, and then swiped the last of his coffee which led him to chase her downstairs. He caught her in the kitchen and there followed a long, enjoyable necking session. Things probably would have gone further but the cell phones rang, and the message called them into work, so they reluctantly headed out to his car for the drive to Quantico.

She sat demurely in the front seat, her bag on the floor at her feet and the seatbelt fastened. He drove with speed and accuracy and, for a second, the devil on her shoulder dared her. So, she did. Her left hand gently grazed the outside of his thigh and he briefly turned his head to smile; then her hand wandered over the muscle leg and almost reached … His hand covered hers and a he issued a rough "behave honey". She looked at him all wide-eyed and mock innocence and he grinned back. So she pouted and he laughed aloud. "There'll be time later, baby, I promise".

They cleared the Quantico security checks and parked beneath their office. The elevator ride was quiet and uneventful – the eyes of security were on them. At the BAU office doors they officially parted. David Rossi headed for his own office and Penelope Garcia, technical analyst supreme, headed for her lair. She fervently hoped it'd be a dull day at the BAU. Opening the door she saw the flower arrangements and quickly grabbed the card attached to one. She read it and put it in her bag, grinning all the while. It was a beautiful way to mark their 3 month anniversary.