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Kurt's POV

'Kurt! Come on, you're going to be late!'

In his basement bedroom, Kurt Hummel smoothed the last little bit of foundation over his jawbone. He rolled his eyes in mock exasperation, even though no-one was there to see him. This was the fourth time his Dad had called down to him in the last ten minutes. Puck had apparently arrived about fifteen minutes ago and both of them were waiting upstairs in the kitchen for him to make his entrance.

Well, he was ready now. These things couldn't be rushed, and for his prom he had to make sure he looked his absolute best. Carefully he patted a stray hair into place and sprayed his wrists with the perfume that Puck had got him as a surprise present.

He thought he'd go slightly traditional with the tux, which he knew would be a surprise to most of the students. It was black with a white shirt and black skinny tie – however he'd wrapped a length of sparkly silver material around his waist and there was a matching slimmer band around his head – looking sort of like an oriental headdress.

He knew he looked good, and he hoped Puck thought so too. Contemplating the idea of Puck in a tux had had him snickering slightly for the past few weeks.

'I'm coming!' With a last look around his room to check he hadn't forgotten anything, he dashed up the stairs and into the kitchen.

Puck's POV

Kurt's Dad was definitely getting irritated, Puck thought idly, sipping at his glass of water. He'd been prepared for maybe a half hour wait and thus wasn't as annoyed as Burt. The conversation between them was easy however, Burt had gotten used to having Puck around the house and many times both Puck and Kurt had helped out at the garage – Puck doing the heavy lifting that Kurt couldn't (and wouldn't) do.

Now Puck sat, absently chatting about the football scores with Burt, until Kurt decided to make an appearance. Suddenly they heard a shouted:

'I'm coming!' and then there was a clatter and the door to the basement was opened.

Puck was sure his mouth might have actually dropped open. His first thought was that Kurt was dressed in a surprisingly demure and traditional fashion. He'd wondered slightly about his boyfriend's request for him to wear a silver tie, but had dutifully obliged. Now it all made sense as he took in Kurt's very sparkly silver accessories. He looked gorgeous, very slender and sexy.

'What time d'you call this?' Burt huffed.

'I need time to look this perfect, Dad.'

'And you do,' Puck said, getting up off the chair and wrapping Kurt in his arms, planting a kiss to his boyfriend's forehead. 'Come on, Princess. We don't want to be later than we already are.'

'Bye Dad!' Kurt called as he was towed towards the door.

'Have a good time! Have him back by twelve o'clock sharp, Noah!'

'Will do, sir.'

Kurt's POV

It had been a really great night, actually. He'd gotten no less than thirty-five compliments on his outfit, all of which had been a tremendous boost to his ego.

The best thing had been Puck paying attention to him all night. No sooner had he finished his drink – then Puck had been there, carrying another glass. Kurt had perched on his lap for almost the whole night (there had been a distinct lack of chairs) – and they'd had almost every dance together.

There was something worrying him though. He'd sent off an application to the Tisch School of the Arts, and he hoped to get accepted. On his audition form was obviously the required elementary details about himself, but he'd also included his DVD of songs and monologues. He'd been so excited about sending it off, he'd even kissed the envelope.

But now he was thinking about how such a decision would affect Puck, if he got in. He'd be moving to New York. He'd be doing everything he'd dreamed about since he could remember. He'd finally be getting out of Lima and making his dreams come true. But he didn't think he could do it without Puck. And he wasn't sure whether moving to New York was part of Puck's plan for his life.

A Day Later

"Hey, Noah, come in."

Kurt wondered why he'd suddenly turned all formal, and slightly regretted it. He was nervous – that was what the problem was. He had an awful feeling that this was going to be the end of his and Puck's relationship – because he couldn't deal with not going to New York and getting out of Lima, but on the other hand he couldn't handle not being a part of Puck's life.

Puck came in through the doorway, smiling that easy, familiar grin at him, and ambling down to his basement room like nothing was wrong. But of course, thought Kurt, in his mind nothing was wrong.

Puck's POV

Puck knocked at Kurt's door. The prom had gone very well, and he'd felt incredibly proud to have Kurt on his arm. This was a very big change from how he had been in the past – it was just that Kurt was so hot and so lovely, how could anyone not love him?

Now they were back at Kurt's house, and he'd invited him in – slightly nervously if Puck was any judge.

Something was clearly wrong with Kurt – he could tell, by the way that Kurt led the way down to his basement; there was hardly any swaying of the hips and his head was kind of drooped.

As they reached Kurt's room, Kurt immediately sat himself curled up on his bed. Feeling slightly awkard, Puck sat himself in the large white armchair. The silence grew. Kurt was clearly thinking deeply about something, his large blue eyes had gone faraway and had turned a greeny shade. Eventually Puck couldn't stand it anymore.

'Kurt? What's the matter?'

'Who says anything's the matter?' was the response, slightly challenging and slightly defensive.

Puck got up and perched at Kurt's feet on the bed, stroking his knee.

'Babe. You don't need to tell me that anything's wrong. I already know. Come on, please. Was it something I did...?' To be honest, he didn't think he'd done anything wrong.

But Kurt was shaking his head.

'Of course you didn't do anything wrong. I just... I've got something to say, and I don't know how to put it.'

Puck was starting to get slightly worried.

'What? What is it? Come on, babe, you can tell me.'

'It's... it's really difficult...' Puck knew better than to push his boyfriend. He'd come out with it in his own time, and meanwhile he would just wait quietly. Kurt's hands were twisting in his lap. Finally, Kurt seemed to come to some sort of decision.

He moved off his bed and crossed the room to his dresser, rummaging around, obviously trying to find something. A ridiculous, random thought crossed Puck's mind, that Kurt was acting as if he was pregnant or something. He had to stifle the snort of laughter that came out his nose with his hand. Kurt looked round, his eyes slightly suspicious.

'What's so funny?'

'Nothing, babe. Come on, you gonna tell me what's wrong or not?'

Kurt moved back towards him, a white envelope in his hand. Wordlessly he thrust it at Puck and then sat back on the bed. Puck didn't bother examining the envelope, he reached inside and drew out the letter.

Aha. His eyes scanned the letters. So this was what Kurt had been so worried about. It was an acceptance letter. To the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. Kurt had clearly sent off his application DVD and had been accepted. The reason for his worrying was now obvious to Puck. He wanted to go to New York (everyone knew that, Kurt hadn't exactly made a secret of it over the years) – but he didn't know how leaving Lima would affect his relationship with Puck.

Puck put the letter down on the bed and drew Kurt into a close hug.

'Congratulations, babe! I knew you could do it.'

Kurt gazed at him in sheer bewilderment. 'But... but what about us? What about you? I don't want to move to New York if it means leaving you!' He buried his face in Puck's chest. Puck rolled his eyes, but he thought Kurt's Drama Queen antics were funny.

'You won't have to leave me, you idiot,' he said fondly, kissing Kurt's glossy hair.

'What?' Kurt removed his face from Puck's shirt, confused. 'What do you mean?'

'I may be a jock... but I'm not totally dumb. I get good grades when I turn up to class. I had an idea you might be applying to go somewhere in New York after you graduated. And although I don't have your desire to go to a school to learn how to sing and dance – nor do I want to stay in Lima all my life. So I did a little research, and it turns out there are quite a few job opportunities in New York, and I have decent results. So we can go together... if that's okay?'

'You... you... why didn't you tell me!' Kurt wailed, thumping his fist ineffectually against Puck's chest. Puck wrinkled his forehead in confusion.

'Tell you what?'

'That you were planning on going to New York with me! That you'd done all this research! It was killing me everytime I remembered I had to tell you, and you'd already sorted it!'

'Okay, okay, babe, I'm sorry. It just... it didn't cross my mind. I'm sorry. Okay?'

Kurt frowned at him, but then flung his arms around Puck's neck.

'Now, I have a present for you. Stay there.' Puck disentangled Kurt's arms and went across to his jacket, which he'd discarded on a chair. 'I was gonna give this to you earlier, but the chance never really came up.'

He saw Kurt's eyes cloud with puzzlement as he sat back down on the bed. Puck really hoped he wasn't going too fast with this present. He didn't want to scare Kurt off, but it just seemed right.

Slightly nervously he held out the little black box. Kurt gazed at it, seemingly almost frozen. Then a delicate hand reached out and plucked it out of Puck's palm.

'Noah? What...?'

'Just open it.'

Carefully Kurt flipped the lid open, to reveal a delicate silver ring nestling on a cushion of pale pink silk.

Kurt gasped. Puck drew his own ring out of his pocket.

'This is mine. It's slightly bigger... seeing as how I don't have womanly fingers.' Kurt was still silent, gazing at the ring in the box. 'I hope this isn't too soon for you... it's not an engagement ring it's just... it's a promise thing. Kurt?'

'I love it, Noah,' Kurt said at last in a tiny whisper, taking it out of its box and slipping it onto his finger. 'It's beautiful.'

'Well, you know what they say, babe,' Puck muttered, inordinately relieved.

'What's that?'

'If you like it... put a ring on it.'


I know the ending was cheesy, and has been done a thousand times before, but it just felt right to me! Also sorry this was so late in coming but things have been crazy busy! I will be starting another Glee fic fairly soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Love and kisses xelectrogirlx