The tang of the sea's spray, landing gently on my face. The speed and stamina of the golden paws beneath me, strangely overwhelming. The strides of my furry legs slowed from the immense speed as I neared the end of the long, sandy beach. I dug my claws into the soft loose sand as I reached the edge of the beach that turned slowly into a dark wooded area. This was one of the things I loved so much about La Push, how quickly the scenery changed. I quickly sniffed out my clothes, phased back to my human form and got dressed.

I had got used to changing into a massive wolf about a week ago, after getting over the initial shock of getting so angry at my dad, Charlie, for grounding me and turning into a humongous wolf in the middle of the living room. That night, dad took me down to the beach where Jacob and his dad, Billy were waiting for me by an oversized bonfire, which was glowing a greeny-blue colour. The three of them told me about the legends of the Quileute packs. Now that I was a wolf, my hearing and sense of smell had got extremely better. I heard a quiet rustling behind me and the log that I sat on. I quickly turned round at an inhumane speed. To my surprise, I saw at least eight wolves, all standing together so they looked as one, but with a big, multi-coloured coat.

"These" explained Billy "Are the other wolves that live in the La Push reservation"

My mouth hung open, but only for a second.

"Oh. My. Days" I said, stunned.

Jacob let out a booming laugh. "That's my pack, always like to make an entrance"

I turned my head quickly back towards Jake.

"What do you mean by your pack?" I asked quizzically.

"Well, i'm the alpha" He explained "...I am like the leader of the pack" He finished with a big smile on his face.

When I looked back around for the wolves, they were all gone and in their place, were eight people coming out of the bush, still getting changed. They were all boys except for one girl. She was the last one out of the bush and looked a bit uncomfortable. Her hair hung around her heart-shaped face and she had her arms folded tightly across her chest. I caught her eye and smiled slightly at her, all I got in return was a scowl while she was walking slowly around to the other side of the bonfire. They all came and sat next to me and around on the logs that were positioned around the big fiery ball of drift wood. Jacob stood up and went around the fire, pointing at them and saying all of their names.

"This is Sam, the beta" Jacob started "...the second in command" he added as I looked confused.

"Nice to meet you Bella" He said, smiling slightly afterwards

Jacob moved around the circle to the next person "This is Quil"

"Hey" he greeted me with a wink

"And Jared" Jacob continued. Jared grinned and nodded his head towards me.

"Embry and Collin" Jacob said pointing to two young boys sitting near each other. They both held up their hands and grinned.

"This is Brady" Jacob pointed to a burly looking man who smiled at me when I acknowledged him.

"And finally" Jacob continued "These are the Clearwater's, Seth and Leah" he said pointing to a young boy, who seemed to have a cheeky air about him, and also the only girl who gave me another scowl when I looked at her. At that moment, I knew I would get along with Seth, but have a little bit of trouble with his scowling sister.

We spent another hour around the campfire talking about the legends and what we liked best about becoming a wolf. I found out that they were all great guys and I knew we would all get along, well maybe except for Leah, who was still in the defensive position she started sitting in. Sam strolled over to me and started talking about her

"Sorry about Leah, she's in one of them moods. Just ignore her, we all do."

All of a sudden, a horrendous growl erupted from the other side of the bonfire. Even with our heightened senses, it made us all jump out of our skins. Leah was shaking uncontrollably, and was trying to say something through her gritted teeth.

"I. Heard. That. Sam." She managed to get out before she exploded into a giant light grey wolf and started to stalk towards Sam.

I was paying so much attention towards Leah that I didn't realise that Jacob had also turned into a wolf. He had his teeth bared and his back up towards Leah and was slowly making his way closer and closer towards her. A long, slow growl flared up from the Jacob-wolf's chest, as soon as the growl reached our ears, Leah took off, over the sand, heading towards the dark woods. Jacob slowly turned his large head towards me and gave a whimper and an apologetic look, he then he padded softly towards the bushes that the pack first came out of and phased back to a human.

Not even thirty seconds later, he emerged from behind the small trees with only his cut-off jeans which hung low on his hips.

"Wow, Jakey! Since when did you get buff?" I said with a grin.

He let out another one of his booming laughs and when he walked past me, he ruffled my hair, earning himself a slap from me. We all started talking again when Jacob came over to me again.

"Sorry about Leah, she's just a bit upset about not being the only female in the pack anymore" Jacob explained.

"Oh, that's ok" I replied "Well, whoever said that I was going to be a part of your pack?"

Everybody suddenly fell silent and stared at me.

"Joke! You're all so uptight here 'ain't cha!" I joked.

It felt someone had breathed away all the tension Jacob looked so relived, that it made me feel a bit bad for pulling that prank.

"You got me scared there Bells" he breathed "see, if you didn't want to be part of our pack, you would either have to stop phasing or move away, and we all wouldn't want that because you've only just got here, and..."

"Calm down Jakey, take a breath mate! I'm not going anywhere!" I said cutting him off and going to sit in his lap.

"You're stuck with me for the long run bro" I said as a comforted him "I only moved here two weeks ago from Phoenix, and it's not likely I'll be going back anytime soon" I shuddered at the thought of going back to live with my mum and Phil in the hot, sweaty place they called Arizona.

I felt Jake relax underneath my weight and he gave me a smile.

"I know Bells" he said giving me a peck on my forehead.

I jumped up and ruffled his hair before skipping back over to my seat on the log. Yer, me and Jake are good. We always have been. Even when we did live hundreds of miles away from each other and only occasional visits from me in the summer and in other seasonal holidays. He was like my little brother, and I loved him that way.

Charlie stood up and clapped his hands together.

"Come on kid, home time. I've got to go to the station early tomorrow and I don't want to be tired" He said and grinned at my disappointed face.

I suddenly had the most awesome idea. I got up and skipped my way over to Jake.

"Jakey you know you love me" I said plopping myself down on his knee and batting my eye lashes at him.

"What do you want" he asked quickly and eyeing me suspiciously.

I gasped in mock horror "You jump to conclusions so quickly! Well, yes you guessed correctly and I do want something from you" I said and I gave him one of my sweet smiles.

"Can we all have a sleepover round yours, so I can stay here for longer?" I asked quickly.

He thought about it for a moment and came to his conclusion;

"Ok but only if it fine with my dad and I will call Paul to see if he is up for it, seeing as he couldn't be arsed to come to the fire" I gave Jake a big bear hug and squealed because I was so excited.

"Ooh, I can't wait! But who's Paul?" I asked

"He's another member of our pack, he's quite new to it and has a bit of a hard time controlling his anger around everyone" he explained.

I nodded to show that I was listening to him and I jogged over towards Billy and my dad to ask about the sleepover.

"Hey old folk!" I greeted them

I got a grumble from Charlie and a play swipe from Billy down in his wheelchair, where he was mumbling about us all being so tall and him needing a taller chair.

"Oh, Billy. Jake wanted to ask you something for tonight"

I heard a groan and saw Jakes tall figure get up from the other side of the campfire. He made his way slowly round while stretching his long arms above his head.

"Hey dad, is it ok if I have the guys and Bells round for the night? We'll stay downstairs and we will be super quiet" He asked it quite a convincing tone.

"Ok then, you and Bella need to catch up and the boys are always good" Billy sighed

"I need to get a few things from my house and then I will be straight over, if it's ok with daddy" I said turning towards Charlie

He was nodding his head and when I caught his eye he said "s'pose so" and looked quite relived when I grinned at him.

About five minutes later, Charlie spoke up and said "Right kids, Billy and I are off now, because I am up early tomorrow and Billy wants to get at least a bit of sleep tonight because we all know what a chatterbox you are Bells"

We all said bye and asked them both if they wanted pizza's ordering for them, which they declined. I stayed with the boys for another half an hour or so, before I made my way back to mine and Charlie's house to get my stuff together and get some snacks and movies. I unlocked the front door and quickly said 'Hi' to Charlie and him telling me to be careful, got all my stuff together and headed out once again into the darkening night, with my spirits as high as the sky, a big fat grin on my face and my hands full of random yummy things and DVD's. Life couldn't be better at this moment in time.