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Setting: During The Cell Games.


On Earth a battle rages between the evil Cell and the brave Goku. Both fighters have equal strength and incredible abilities to fight each other. Both Cell and Goku punch, kick, and unleash beams at each other. But during the Fight, Cell was punched by Goku and he fell to the ground. Goku wanted to finish him by unleashing the kamehameha wave at Cell. So he charged up the beam and aimed his 2 hands at Cell.

"He can't unleash that beam at that direction, he will destroy the Earth." Cell yelled.

However, Goku transported to the ground in front of Cell and shot the Kamehameha Wave at Cell. Cell luckily dodged the beam and it struck a mountain like object, causing a huge explosion. The Earth was still safe, but some mysterious thing appeared. It was shaped like a circle and was glowing blue. Goku and Cell stopped fighting and started staring at the mysterious object. It was located where the mountain used to be.

Goku went to his friends and asked, "What is that thing?"

Piccolo replied, "it must be a teleport device to another world."

Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks were puzzled with what other world was on the other side of the portal.

Cell didn't care about the portal, so he yelled out, "Why bother about that thing, when we were in the middle of a battle!"

Goku turned around and responded, "I would rather fight for the faith of the Earth instead of discovering something new."

So Cell flew towards Goku and tried to punch him, but Goku managed to dodge it and kicked Cell from above. Cell then countered with a powerful uppercut and struck Goku. The 2 fighters kept battling each other.

Meanwhile, in another dimension, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi are fighting an evil villain called Orochimaru, in a plain open field. Before the fight, back in the Hidden Leaf Village, Orochimaru attacked the Leaf Village, killing many ninjas. That angered the new Hokage, Tsunade, and she orders team 7 to go after Orochimaru. Team 7 manages to catch up with Orochimaru, at the field they are at now, and are preparing for a fight. Orochimaru decides to summon 1 large snake to help aid him in the battle. Then he commands the snake to slither towards Team 7 and to destroy them. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi managed to dodge the snake. Kakashi and Sasuke decided to fight the snake and Naruto and Sakura to fight Orochimaru. Naruto runs toward Orochimaru and punches him. Orochimaru was able to avoid another punch and unleashed his tongue at Naruto's arm and throws Naruto towards a large rock.

Luckily, Sakura catches Naruto in time before he slams into the rock.

She asked, "Are you all right, Naruto?!"

Naruto Responded "Yeah I'm fine, thanks for catching me."

Sakura continues, "Your welcome."

Meanwhile, Sasuke and Kakashi are still battling the snake. The snake whips his tail at Kakashi striking him with force. When Kakashi was down, Sasuke grabbed shuriken and threw it at the head of the snake, causing it to move wildly. Kakashi decides to use his lighting jutsu on the snake and strikes it on the head. He manages to kill the snake within seconds. Now that the snake was down, Orochimaru had to fight Team 7 by himself. He notices that his own snake was killed and he decided to just continued fighting. He brings out the kasengia sword and starts wavering it closer to Sakura. She avoids the sword and Naruto kicks Orochimaru from behind. The kick causes Orochimaru to suck his sword back into his mouth.

When Team 7 had Orochimaru right in their hands, another mysterious thing happened. The same circle object that appeared in the Dragonball Z dimension appeared in their dimension. The portal caught the eyes of everyone on the field.

Sakura questioned "What is that thing?"

Naruto replied "I don't know, but it looks dangerous."

When Team 7 kept staring at the portal, Orochimaru decided to escape and go through the object. His escaped caused Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi to follow Orochimaru through the portal. The Dragonball Z dimension is now going to have new visitors.

While on Earth, Goku and Cell continued battling each other. Both fighters kept punching and kicking back and forth. During the battle, the blue circle was glowing brighter and brighter. That caused everybody to stop fighting and to stare at the portal. The first to come out was Orochimaru. Then came Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi. When they arrived, everybody was staring at each other. Goku and his friends saw Naruto and his squad and went up to each other. The same thing happened with Cell and Orchimaru.

Naruto asked Goku, "Who are you?"

He replied, " I'm Goku and who are you?"

Naruto responded Goku's question by saying his name. Now Goku and Naruto were becoming friends and see a bright partnership. The rest of Team 7 and Goku's friends did the same thing and decided to form an alliance. That left Orchimaru and Cell to also form an alliance with each other. Now everybody has a friend and foe. The battle for the faith of the earth is about to begin.