Chapter 11

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Last time on Dragonball Z, the fight between Orochimaru and Kakashi really started getting intense. Orochimaru has revealed a jutsu that can bring back someone from the dead. Just who did Orochimaru summon? Find out on today's episode of Dragonball Z!

"I think it's time for me to show you a forbidden jutsu." Orochimaru said. He made some hand signs and yelled out, "Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation!" A casket the came up from under the ring and opened.

"What in the world is that?" The Z fighters asked themselves.

When the casket opened, someone stepped out of it. He had black, spiky hair and his headband covered his left eye. He had a pair of goggles over his eyes and his right eye was red with three black commas in the eye.

"Hello again Kakashi." The man asked.

"Ugh Obito Uchiha." Kakashi said. "It looks like I'll have to fight you."

"Yeah. Don't go easy on me." Said Obito. "Just tell me, did you keep Rin safe?"

Kakashi then looked down and said, "Sorry, I couldn't protect her."

Orochimaru then said in a mocking tone," Aw how sad. But now it's time for your reunion to end." Orochimaru then took out a kunai knife with a special tag attached to it and inserted it into the back of Obito. The life from Obito's eye then seemed to drain out and he became a mindless zombie.

"All right, let's begin!" Orochimaru said. As soon as he said that Obito charged at Kakashi. Kakashi then blocked a kick that was aimed at his head. As soon as he blocked that, Obito sent a punch right into Kakashi's gut. Kakashi then dissolved into water as the water clone disappeared. Kakashi then fazed in behind Obito and tried to punch him in the back of the head. Obito was too fast, though and blocked his attack. This went on for some time and both fighters seemed to be evenly matched. All of the Z fighters except for Vegeta, Cell, and Orochimaru were shocked on how the fight was playing out.

"No way, they're evenly matched!" Krillin said.

"Wow this is turning out to be a good fight!" Yamcha exclaimed.

"Yeah, no kidding." Tien agreed.

"Heh big deal." Vegeta mocked. "I've seen way better fights than this."

Meanwhile, the two fighters in the ring decided to take things up a bit.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Both fighters shouted at the same time. Two huge fireballs then erupted from their mouths and crashed into each other, cancelling each other out. While they were both getting blown back by the force of the explosion, Kakashi decided that it was the time to fire up his most powerful attack. After a few hand signs Kakashi had a handful of static electricity. When the smoke cleared, it revealed Kakashi on one edge of the ring and Orochimaru and Obito on the other side. When Obito saw Kakashi, he used his copy jutsu from the sharingan and formed a handful of static electricity. Both fighters then charged at each other at full force.

"Lightning Blade!" they both yelled at the same time. When both attacks hit, lightning bolts went everywhere on the ring. Both fighters were trying to win the struggle between the two chidori's with all the strength that they had. Finally, Obito's chidori started to give away and Kakashi pushed full force into the chest of Obito. Kakashi's arm then went through the chest of Obito. Kakashi then pulled out his arm. It was then when everyone though it was over that Obito started healing and stood upright again.

"Ugh!" Kakashi snarled aggravated.

"What the!" Piccolo said.

"How did he come back to life?" Asked Krillin.

"The person that was revived can't get killed as long as their soul is bound." Orochimaru explained.

'If this fight keeps going like this, I might die.' Kakashi thought to himself.

"Giving up already, Kakashi?" Obito asked taunting Kakashi. Obito then made some hand signs. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" he yelled, again. Kakashi did just manage to dodge the huge fireball that was coming towards him.

'What can I do to stop him?' Kakashi asked himself as he dodged another fireball jutsu. Obito then fazed out and fazed in behind Kakashi and sent a punch to his jaw, which connected and Kakashi flew feet away from the contact point. As Kakashi struggled to get to his feet, he got a plan. As he stood up Kakashi then asked Obito a question. "Hey Obito, do you remember how I got this sharingan?" Obito then stopped in his tracks and it seemed like the life was going back into him.

"What's this?" Orochimaru yelled seeing as his jutsu was starting to fail.

Obito then answered Kakashi, "Yes, I gave it to you as a gift when you became a jonin because I didn't give you my gift earlier. You lost your eye and I was dying so I didn't need it anymore." As soon as Obito said that he started breaking up. "Kakashi, I'm sorry." He said.

Kakashi sighed, "Me too." After they said their good byes, Obito disappeared and the jutsu was broke. Everyone was shocked at what just happened and where confused.

"Guys…what just happened?" Krillin asked.

"Don't ask me." Yamcha said.

"If I knew I would tell you." Tien said.

"What the heck just happened!" The TV reporter asked. "One second they were fighting, and then the next second that weird grey haired man said something and he just disappeared.

"It's just a cheap trick." Hercule said, again.

Orochimaru then smirked and said, "Well since you defeated Obito, let the fight continue."

Kakashi sneered, "You snake."

Orochimaru then smirked, "This fight should be nothing now but child's play." He said. You are almost out of chakra and there is no way you can beat me!"

'He's right.' Kakashi thought. 'There's no way I can beat him now.'

Next time on Dragonball Z, this exciting fight is drawing to a close. Kakashi is almost out of chakra and if he wants to win this fight, he'll have to do it…and fast! Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Dragonball Z!

Sorry this is so late…I was planning on using the 4th hokage until the manga said that he couldn't be brought back and the ending kinda sucks because I had no idea how to end it.

Also there will be a sequel to this story. There will be another poll for you to vote on for the setting for the next setting.