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Prologue: Stalking Is Fine…As Long As It Is For Scientific Purposes

I lowered the Western Civilization book that I was pretending to read, so I could easily scrutinize him from across the cafeteria. He swung his head around to listen to Lauren Mallory, who must have said something quite humorous, because he smiled wide and shook his shoulders to contain his laughter. Taking his reaction as an open invitation, Lauren Mallory grasped his forearm, and slightly squeezed it through his dark green long-sleeved shirt.

Lauren Mallory--the lone thought of her name made me want to gag and she was the one who, apparently, had taken it upon herself to make my life a living hell.

I wanted to laugh at her for being so naïve. She thought my life was some joke, something to make fun of. She didn't even realize the danger her life was in!If she knew what I knew, she wouldn't be so keen on throwing her body at him in a pathetic attempt to satisfy some teen mating ritual. Oh, no siree Bob!

Edward Cullen, the bronze-haired Greek God, um…well, as some may call him, was the object of Lauren's most recent desire. I watched as he cautiously and oh-so-subtly removed his arm from her death grip. He ran his hand through his hair while forming his lips into the sexy half smile that he does.

Oh, he thought himself to be suave, so charming, so smooth…I scoffed at the thought. I saw who was really behind that perfectly constructed face, seemingly appeasing personality and harmonious sounding laugh…yeah, I could see how some may think these things were attractive qualities in an individual. If they liked that sort of thing…

Over the top of my book, my eyes squinted into a glare as I watched Mike Newton pick up his small bag of BBQ chips and hold it out to offer some to Edward. My heart rate picked up and I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins, as I wondered if the scene before me would play out as I expected.

Edward, slightly turning, glanced down at the food product in Mike's grasp. Edward quickly looked up and shook his head while holding out his hand, as if blocking the offensive substance from his vicinity.

The side of my lip curled up into a small smile. I looked down to my notebook, which was being shielded by the book. The once new and untouched red notebook, was now completely worn out from the amount of information I wrote in it and the vast number of times I reread my notes. In my haste, my thick frames almost fell from my nose, so speedily I pushed them back up.

To some, the interaction I witnessed may have been viewed as the normalcy of students, nothing out of the ordinary, just plain Jane chatting up plain ole Joe…laughing, joking, and flirting. However, to me it held something quite different all together. I let out a small dark chuckle. Oh, how wrong everyone was! People could just be so blind. You had to wonder what goes through people's heads these days…

Leaving my book propped up on the table, I grabbed my pen and flipped open the notebook to the most recent page.

I placed a check mark next to the date. It was the 16th day of observations, it was the 16th day I was surveying Edward Cullen, and it was the 16th day I noticed he went without ingesting any type of food.

I flipped my notebook shut. Clicking my pen closed, I placed it on top of the notebook. My hands went back to clutching my Western Civilization book, holding it strategically in front of my face. With my smug grin still in place, I recommenced my task of studying the one known as Edward Cullen. If I was patient, I would get everything I would need to be proven accurate.

I was, without a doubt, completely, almost probably, sure that Edward Cullen was maybe a vampire.

What do we think? Is Bella a little nuts or what? Or could she be on to something?

I know this was short, but it is only the prologue. I will have longer chapters from now on. This story is going to be more like a short story. I plan at least 10 chapters and hope not to go over 20.