Epilogue: Bella Swan And Her Hatred Of Blurbs

"I'm glad you agreed to go to prom, Bella," Edward said. He was lying on his ridiculously sized bed. I still don't understand why he obtained one, he doesn't sleep and I don't sleep over. Not that I didn't want to, however when I brought it up to Charles he seemed to get into a tizzy about it. Why? I couldn't tell you since what he proceeded to ramble off was an incoherent mess. I decided it was best to broach the subject at a later time.

I was sitting crossed legged at the end of Edward's bed, attempting to finish my homework, which was becoming increasingly hard since, for one, Edward would not stop staring at me and two, I could not ignore the fact that Edward was there, staring at me. However, I would be quite the liar if I did not admit that I was equally staring at him, I was just far better at keeping it low-key. You would think with him being a vampire and all, he would have developing his cunning skills more thoroughly. Not that it would have mattered, not a lot can get by me, Isabella Swan.

"Yes, I am sure it will have its perks. You have quite the way of persuasion, Edward Cullen."

Edward arched and eyebrow at me and displayed his smirk. "Oh, how so, Isabella Swan?"

"Well let's see. For one, you used your obvious vampire charms."


I nodded in agreement, at least he can finally admit to using his power over me.

"Second, you used your 'you won't be a human forever' card." I huffed and crossed my eyes arms at him. "You are aware; you won't be able to use that card forever?"

Edward sat up on his knees and proceeded to crawl down the bed towards me. When his face was inches away from mine, he once again smirked – which I am convinced was the source of his vampire power, even though Edward will not confirm it for me – and placed a light kiss on my lips.

Edward leaned back into a sitting position.

What were we talking about again?

Oh, right. Edward and his power inducing smirk!

"I just want you to experience as many things while you are still human."

I sighed and pushed my glasses up my nose, internally berating myself for forgetting their magnet pull to him. I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled away from a kiss with them attached to his face.

"I suppose you are right, Edward."

He seemed pleased to hear me finally resigned. He smiled, acting all smug and happy with himself.

"I'll make sure you enjoy every last human tradition, it is the one thing that I want for you."

"I guess prom won't be all that terrible."

He nodded, pleased with himself.

"I am especially excited to experience sexual intercourse with you that night."

After a moment of silence – minus the crashing noise I heard downstairs – I looked up towards Edward.

Why hadn't he said anything back? It was very rude not to respond to someone when they spoke, at least he could have responded with, "I am excited to have sexual intercourse with you too, Bella."

For the love of Dionysus! What was wrong with Edward?

Edward seemed almost…frozen in place. I knew with him being a vampire and all that he did this on occasion. However, he didn't usually do it around me for so long. He claimed he hated to be different from me and refrained from doing anything "overly-vampiric." I find it very nonsensical but try telling that to a stubborn vampire.

"Edward?" I pushed my homework to the side of the bed and crawled up towards him.

"Edward?" I waved my hand in front of his face.

Hmm, nothing. Was he ill? Maybe I should call for assistance. Carlisle is still at the hospital. I don't think Emmett or Jasper would be much help. Maybe Rosalie? Edward had stated previously that she had obtained a medical degree.

"What did you say?" Edward head turned slowly to me, his expression was blank.

"Well, let's see…I said 'Edward' then a little while after I said, well, 'Edward.' I thought you told me that vampires have unwavering memories?"

"Yes, no, we do. I wasn't talking about that. Before, I mean, what did you say before?"

I was slightly taken aback. Never before had I heard him less articulate. I couldn't help it, I started to laugh.

"Are you sure you're fine, Edward?" I reached over and placed my hand on his forehead.

Hmm, still cold.

"Bella, you mentioned, um, sexual intercourse…" Edward trailed off motioning his hand as if he wanted to continue and strangely enough, I heard another loud crash downstairs. Were they remodeling?

"Yes, I did mention sexual intercourse. My understanding was that was a customary human tradition, when it came to the night of the prom." Edward just gave me a blank expression as I explained. "Add the fact that we are planning to spend the rest of our undead lives together; it seemed logical to conclude that we were to become intimate."

There. Perfect. Edward could hardly argue with me on those points. However, there was something in his look that made me question that assumption.

"Bella…I could hurt you. You know how hard it is for me. I just don't want to take that chance with you."

"Edward, don't be ridiculous. You won't hurt me. Think of all the other stuff we have done together in the sexual nature and you have performed just fine. I don't think I could have experience such pleasure from anyone else—"

Edward quickly darted his hand and placed it over my mouth. What in the world?

"One second, Bella. Alice is trying to coerce Emmett out of the house."

I huffed and crossed my arms.

No, I didn't care who was listening to the conversation. Edward was the master of avoidance. Between his sexy looks, dazzling smirks, the way his cool hands moved along my lips…wait, no! He was doing it as I thought about resisting him.

"Edward, I thought you wanted me to experience all things human before I become a vampire like you?"

"Bella, trust me. I just don't think it's a good idea."

"Well…you didn't think turning me into a vampire was a good idea but you changed your mind on that."

"It was hard not to see your point when you wrote a 235 page report stating the reasons why it would only be beneficial for you to become one of us." He left out a long breath and slightly chuckled.

"Well, it wouldn't have been so long, if you didn't write a rebuttal after my 158 page report. If we need to discuss it again, I have a copy with me…"

"No, that's fine. That topic is put to rest. I don't want to have another debate run by Carlisle as the mediator." He grinned and run a hand through his hand.

Of course he didn't. I wouldn't want to go up against the head of the debate team either. It was kind of…endearing, when he thought he would win.

I couldn't help but smile that debate had gone more than perfectly. I was happy to have my record still spotless.

He sighed. "It didn't help that I was by myself while you had Alice, Emmett, Jasper and Esme, on your side."

I shrugged. I couldn't be blamed for them being smart and picking the winning side.

Edward smiled and leaned towards me. "I should have known. You are quite the debater." He touched my face with his hand.

I nodded. "That's true." Obviously.

"No one else knows more about science than you do." Edward scooted closer.

"Can't find anything false with that statement."

Edward leaned his face closer to mine, bringing his lips up to my ear. "Your mathematical skills outweigh all those you come across."

My respiratory rate seemed to be increasing. I was entirely too focused on the feel of Edward's skin against my own. I tried to think why this was a bad thing, and come to the conclusion that it wasn't.

"That's correct."

Edward ran his lips across my skin and they hovered over mine.

Is he going to kiss me or not? If he doesn't do it soon than surely I will!

I was two seconds away from closing the distance when I heard a third loud crash from downstairs. The loud noise made me jump and I was able to think for a second.

I pulled away from Edward in a huff. "Edward Anthony Masen Cullen! Were you using your vampire-charm on me to distract me from the sexual intercourse conversation."

I was wagging my index finger at him in a scolding manner. If he thought being "full named" was a sign of someone's anger, then he should know what finger wagging means! And I did both, which truly shows how displeased I was.

Edward sighed and leaned back. "No, somehow I knew that we would have this conversation one way or another."

That's where it ended, this was intended to be a very long epilogue. Here is the outline...

1.) Bella meeting all the Cullen's knowing they are vampires (and being as dorky as ever)

"I come in peace." What was that thing Jacob always did with his hands? *Bella holds up her hand in a "V" shape (vulcan).*

Emmett gives her a contemplative look, shrugs, smiles wide and states. "Well…I like her."

2.) After Prom talk some seen above

o Sex talk (I was going to have Bella go through what Edward should do, (him being flabbergasted and unable to speak and Bella continuing on as if nothing is wrong)

o Emmett coming into to look at list of seven (If you have ever seen the show Friends (good show) there is a episode were Monica is going over the 7 erogenous zones with Chandler, I was going to base this part on that. Emmett who overhears the whole conversation, races up at a certain point when he is confused about something that he heard , something "like, wait what?" looks confused and yells to Rosalie about asking her a question. "Rosalie you never told me about that.")

o Positions/What is being worn/ Different types of Protection (Edward still being flabbergasted and Bella continues on)

o Edward leaving/Alice returning (Finally going over all these things Edward gets flustered and leaves. Alice returns and makes a subtle hint, "that should do the trick." implying that this was Bella and Alice scheming to get Edward to give in and it apparently worked. )


o Finishing play

o Jacob with Leah

o Jacob seeming to be okay with Bella/Edward

o Jacob not feeling well…imply change? Maybe?

(This paragraph was to tie up all the loose ends. Jacob with Leah, Jacob being sick, implying a change or it just being a coincidence? Maybe Bella sees Lauren, who is acting extremely jealous over Bella being with Edward, Bella being none-the-wiser and thinks it has to do with Lauren's "mental illness")

4.)Graduating and deciding it's time to change?

o Volturi talk? Possibly maybe?

§ Power talk. Bella states that Edward should be able to project his thoughts on to others since Jasper learned how to do it with his. (Bella wanting to do experiments.)

§ Carlisle interrupting. (New microscope) Cuts Edward off ("Did you hear that, Edward? The microscope is in! (Runs off dragging Edward along.)…

o Speak a little Latin? (since on to-do list)

5.)Waking up vampire

o See Edward

o Hug

"I didn't want to screw up any important vampires traditions so I made sure to do it correctly. After letting go over Edward I walked over and made sure I hugged each and every single one of them."

o Smirk

"Now, if only I could get the smirk down" or "Now, I just have to work on that smirk."

It was an ongoing joke throughout the story that Bella noticed how the Cullen's always hugged and smirked…thinking it was a vampire custom. I always thought the last paragraph/story would end on a silly naïve Bella thought. Thinking that was something she needed to perfect.