The Ecto-1 made its way through the busy streets on a typical Friday night. As the car continued on its course, it passed several cars going to various destinations and people walking on the sidewalks to get to the next point on their trip.

Doctor Peter Venkman, the sarcastic member of the famous Ghostbusters and who typical acts like a would be leader per say, was driving Ecto-1 while Winston Zeddemore, the so called everyman who had more common sense then the other three busters combined, rode shotgun. Both busters were in civilian clothing, coming back from renting movies.

As Peter was driving, Winston was looking through the various movies they rented for everyone. "We've got 'Scientific Queries of the Lonely Scientist' for Egon," Winston said as he was going through the movies.

"Pssss," Peter groaned. "That figures."

Winston continued. " 'Old Yeller' for Ray."

"Double that figures," Peter continued. "Ray's been a sucker for sappy movies since I met him in college. Must be why he hasn't had a date since then."

Winston peered over at Peter. "For you, we've got 'Lovers Love Everyone Including Fools'. That describes your love life Peter."

Peter glanced over and saw Winston letting out a smile.

"And finally," Winston continued, "I have 'Mysteries Never Solved'."

"Mysteries never solved, huh," Peter responded. "That explains why I decided to go with you to pick up the videos. Should have had Ray take my place, but nooooooo, he's at the gym trying to lose a few extra pounds just because the mirror disagrees with him."

"Say man, I think it's admirable that Ray is at the gym. I suggest we might want to do the same thing," Winston was getting at something, to which Peter probably knew the answer to.

"And what would that be my dear Mr. Zeddemore?"

"With you eating all that fast food all the time, it's surprising that you're not putting on extra weight," Winston said. "Sooner or later if you keep on eating all that junk, you're going to end up with a belly."

Peter sighed as he continued to drive. "Thanks mom."


As they continued their trek to the firehouse, the spare PKE meter suddenly went off. Winston grabbed the meter, which was between him and Peter, and started reading it.

"Shut that thing off will you, we're off for the night," Peter stated.

"Sorry Pete, but this thing is cooking," Winston said. "The meter is picking up an ecto signature up ahead. Turn left."

Peter did not want to be bothered with catching ghosts for the night. It had been a brutal week and he wanted a night to himself without the worry of work, another night of taking a job. However, as much as he wanted to ignore Winston, he couldn't and complied with Winston's request. He spun the driver's wheel and turned left.

As Ecto-1 was approaching the point, Peter slowed down as he and Winston both saw people running away from a building which was a bakery.

Winston pointed to the building. "The meter is saying the ghost is in there."

"Funny, I could have sworn what gave it away were all the people screaming for their lives," Peter sarcastically stated the obvious.

The car stopped and both men got out and went to the back of the car to put on their proton packs. As they approached the building now by foot, Winston looked at the meter to see the registry of the ghost. "Class six spook Peter," he said.

Peter grabbed the proton thrower from the back and hit the charge button, which made the entire pack come to life. As the two men walked in the bakery, they saw a purple skin colored ghost with blue hair, three eyes, and four sets of arms and hands devouring cakes, cookies, pastries, and anything it could get its hands on.

Peter and Winston were about to puke. "This thing could give Slimer a run for his money," Peter said. He nodded at Winston, who at this point had also taken his thrower from the back of his proton back, and both began to fire at the ghost. The ghost cried out as it darted away from both ghostbusters and headed out the bakery.

"Quick, get it!" Winston shouted as he and Peter went chasing after the ghost. The spook flew past the two and went into the alley. Both ghostbusters were on alert as they both searched around. Winston, having the PKE meter with him, got it out and began scanning the area for the ecto signature of the ghost. He quickly got a reading and motioned for Peter, showing him where the ghost was.

As the two quietly approached a group of trashcans, the ghost quickly flew out of one of them, grabbed a lid, and flung it at the two busters. Winston and Peter managed to dodge the trashcan but couldn't help it when they both got slimed by the ghost. The thing laughed as he turned around, looking at the two slimed people, and quickly flew away into the sky.

"Yuck!" Peter cried out as he wiped some slime off of his face. Like Winston, his head to his upper body was covered in ecto plasmic residue. "I think that was intentional."

"Man, that thing moves fast," Winston said as he could only stare at the sky the ghost darted into.

"Speaking of which, we better do the same and get back to headquarters before they send watch parties after us," Peter started to walk back to the car.

Fire House

The Ecto-1 pulled up into the garage of the headquarters of the ghostbusters. Peter walked up to Janine Melnitz, the ghostbusters secretary who was sitting in her chair behind the desk and blowing a bubble from the bubble gum she was chewing, and placed the keys to the car on her desk.

Janine glanced over at Peter. "What took you so long Doctor V?"

"We ran into an all night mob who wanted our autograph."

Winston shook his head. "We ran into a ghost. The thing was just too fast for us to get it." He placed the bag of movies on Janine's desk. "But we did get the videos."

"A ghost huh," Doctor Egon Spengler said as he walked up the stair that went directly to the containment unit. Doctor Ray Stantz was behind him supporting a workout towl around his neck.

"Wow a ghost," Ray was always enthusiastic when it came to all things about his job. "Did you get a reading of it? What class was it?"

"It was a class of nasty Ray, slimy and nasty," Peter padded the man on his shoulder.

Winston answered the man's question. "It was a class six ghost Ray."

As soon as he said that Slimer appeared making his way right next to Peter, the man he slimed at the hotel sometime prior the battle with Gozer.

"Speaking of which," Peter rolled his eyes over trying to not look at the giant green glob of goo.

"Let movie night begin gang" Ray smiled as he and the rest of the gang headed up the stairs to the living.

"Oh boy!" Slimer said in delight with best pronunciation he had. "Mowies and popsorn, popsorn and mowies. Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!"

Peter shook his head and looked back at Ray. "Can we throw him in the containment unit for the night?"


After watching a few movies and watching Slimer eat all the snack food, the ghostbusters went to bed and Janine went home for the night.


Ecto-1 was slowly but surely making its way through the streets of New York City on a Friday night.

"We've got 'Scientific Queries of the Lonely Scientist' for Egon," Winston said as he was going through the movies.

There was a brief pause as Winston stopped talking, looked down at the rented movies, and then at Peter. Although he couldn't put a finger on it, Winston knew something was wrong.