New York Streets

As Egon drove the car to get to the bakery, the others were in mid conversation.

"I don't remember us all going to the bakery to bag the ghost," Winston said.

Peter turned around to the back and looked at Winston. "Neither do I. Maybe that's a good thing?"

Winston nodded. Maybe this time they could be victorious in stopping this ghost after all and ending the temporal displacement. But on the other hand, if they were to lose in some way against the ghost, then they would repeat the events over again, assuming if they didn't die by the hands of the ghost or something else that would eliminate them out of the picture.

"I'm already revved up for this," Ray was as impatient as a kid wanting to open up his Christmas day presents just to see what he got.

"Could be that burrito you ate for lunch," Peter made another pun at his friend as he looked back at the man and smiles. Ray just ignored his comment.

Egon put the brakes on the car and saw people running away screaming. A few people gave thumbs up signs or gave a friendly pat on the car to acknowledge the ghostbusters for coming.

"Wow, look at all the people running!" Ray was eying everyone that was running past them screaming for their lives.

"That's what most people do when they're scared Ray," Peter sarcastically commented.

All four got out of Ecto-1 as they continued to see the commotion of people run away like a cow stampede. One of the frightened people, a man, ran over to Egon. "You got to go in there! That, thing, it's eating everything in sight!"

Peter looked at Egon. "Sounds like the spud."

Egon calmly tried to ease the tension the man was having. "Don't worry sir, that's why we're here. We'll nab the ghost in no time." Although Egon did not have a time table on how long it would take to capture the ghost, he hoped it wouldn't be too difficult of a case.

"Time go to go work," Peter nodded to his friends.

All four ghostbusters went to the back of the car, grabbed their proton packs, suited up, and went into the bakery. Egon was using his P.K.E. meter to track the ghost, although the four already found the ghost eating a bunch of cakes at a nearby display case. "Curious, the meter has the ghost at a class six, but the classification isn't fixed. It's as if the ghost is changing the strength of itself."

"But how in the world can a ghost do that?" In the years Ray has been in the business, he has never encountered a ghost that can change its classification.

Egon shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know Raymond, but this is very, very strange."

"Enough with the scientific questions, let's earn some money," Peter said as he powered up his proton blaster.

Winston looked at the other three and then back at the ghost that was devouring all the food it could get its hands on. "On a count of three, one, two, three!" Four particle streams flew at the ghost as it had not been aware of the ghostbusters in the same room with them. The ghost cried out as the streams hit him in the back, however, the ghost somewhere was able to dodge the beams away and moved past the ghostbusters to another part of the bakery.

"We missed!" Winston was annoyed. "Seems like we've been through this road before." Peter nodded as he walked up to Winston. The scenario was almost similar to the one the two had been through before, only this time with Ray and Egon.

"Well he has to be around here somewhere," Ray was looking around. "This place isn't very big."

Egon grabbed his meter and started to scan the room. He pointed to the direction the ghost was out to tell his companions to start moving over there. As they got to the area of where the ghost was located, Winston got a trap from the back of his proton back and laid it out on the floor. Peter lifted up his fingers and did a silent starting at three and then fired upon the general area the ghost was at. As before, the ghost came out of it's hiding place, screaming at the pain the streams were having on his body, and quickly few past the ghostbusters.

"Quick, after him!" Ray did not waste anytime.

Winston quickly picked up the trap and the ghostbusters ran out of the bakery. They found the ghost flying past Ecto-1, passing by several people who decided to witness the ghostbusters latest ghost capture, though they ran for their lives once they saw the ghost fly past them.

"Peter, drive!" Egon said as he got into the back. Peter got behind the wheel with Ray in front. "Winston, get in the back and help me."

Peter started the car, pushed the gas pedal, and Ecto-1 started its trek to get the ghost.

Ray turned his head around and looked at what Winston and Egon were doing. Both men were getting the proton cannon, a device the ghostbusters use occasionally to capture ghosts that tend to be difficult to capture. "Egon, you're brilliant!"

"Hopefully this thing will work," Egon was continuing to adjust some of the settings on the proton gun.

"Good because we're nearing fun-boy up ahead," Peter said as he was closing in on the ghost.

Egon and Winston finished making the adjustments on the proton cannon and hoisted the device on top of the car. "Try not to kill me with your driving Peter!" Egon said from atop of the car.

"I make no promises!" Peter was playing with his friend as he continued to drive.

Winston put a small scope on his proton blaster to get a better visual so he could get a clear shot at the ghost while he and Egon were on roof. "Fry em'!" Two streams flew at the direction of the ghost as Ecto-1 was right next to the ghost this time. The ghost cried out as the two beams hit him. This time the ghost could not break away from the streams as it struggled to get away free.

Peter stopped the car. Ray quickly grabbed a trap, got out of the car, and kicked it in the direction of the ghost. "Trap out!" Ray said. As the ghostbusters were about to call this case complete, Peter looked from the side view mirror and saw a truck coming towards them as it was also honking at the ghostbusters to get out of the way. Without hesitation, Peter quickly moved the car out of the way but in the process caused the streams break away causing the ghost to fly away to safety. Peter looked back as he saw the truck drive past him and his friends.

Winston pounded his fist on the proton cannon. "Of all the things that could have happened!"

"We were this close into getting the little slime blower," Ray shook his head.

Peter sighed and apologized "Sorry guys, but that truck would have made us into swiss cheese if I didn't get out of the way."

"It's not your fault Peter," Egon reassured his friend.

"So now what?" Ray was open to suggestions.

"I say the thing is going back to that house we keep on going to," Peter said. The others agreed.

"Then that's where we're going to," Winston said as he and the others got back in the car. "Let's go Peter."


Peter pulled right next to the house they had been to previously. They already knew the street name and the address of the where the house was at, so there wasn't any second guessing from any of the ghostbusters. Winston, Peter, and Ray grabbed their proton packs while Egon got on top of the car and positioned the proton cannon at the house.

"Not going with us Egon? Peter looked at the blond haired man.

"If memory serves me correctly, every single time we go into that house, we always loose and events keep repeating all over again," Egon explained.

"Yeah, so what's your point?" Peter was not following what he was getting at.

"So, if we stay here and blast at the house, perhaps we can draw the ghost out and capture him," Egon concluded his theory.

"I like it," Winston nodded. "I'll try anything. Good thinking Egon."

Egon grabbed the P.K.E. meter and did a reading of the house. "Our ghost is definitely in there, but the meter is having a problem with his classification.

"We'll ask him why the sudden changes right before we trap him," Peter joked.

Ray, Winston, and Peter aimed their proton blasters at the house while Egon had the proton cannon aimed at house. "Alright, this time, no fooling around," Ray said. "Fire!" Four streams hit the house causing the old paint to fly off and parts of the house to start falling. The house started to change colors from white, to blue, to red. The ghostbusters stopped their firing.

"Is the house supposed to do that?" Winston questioned. But before anyone could say anything, a voice came yelling at the four.

"You will finally be destroyed once and for all!" The low voice said.

"Come on out, it's play time for you big boy!" Peter was trying to tick off the ghost.

The house started to ooze out green slime, the stuff coming out of the windows and out of the front door. Three eyes appeared glowing red from the front door. Sure enough, what Peter said ticked the thing off. The eyes disappeared and the green slimed stopped. The house burst and was shredded away as the ghost, four times the originally size the ghostbusters had fought back at the bakery, broke out and yelled at the four. His hands nearly grabbed the three ghostbusters on the ground but Egon fired on the ghost with the proton gun. The ghost stopped it's attack on the other three, just enough time for them to join in on capturing the ghost.

"Aim at the ghost and this time, we get him!" Ray said. The three ghostbusters fired streams at the ghost while Egon continued to fire at the ghost with the cannon. The ghost winced with pain as it had nowhere to go. Even with it being four time it's original size, it was weaker.

"Time for the trap!" Egon said from the top of the car.

"Winston my man, do it!" Peter said as he continued to fire.

Winston grabbed a trap from the back of his proton pack and slid it to where the ghost was at. "Trap out!"

"Hit it Winston!" Ray said. Winston acknowledged and hit the pedal causing the trap to open up. The ghost tried his best to break away from the streams but couldn't and quickly dispersed into the trap. The ghostbusters stopped their firing and celebrated.

"We did it!" Peter gave a high five to Winston.

Ray checked his watch to see what the time was. It said it was fifteen minutes before midnight but the time did not matter anymore.

Winston grabbed the trap and looked at his friends. "Come on guys, let's go home."

Later on…

"What's the time now Ray? Peter said as he looked at his friend while continuing to drive back to the fire house.

Ray looked at his watch and smiled at the guys. "It's 12:03 am, the next day."

"Alright!" Winston cheered. "We don't have to go through this whole temporal whatever again, and again, and again."

"Temporal displacement," Egon felt the need to correct Winston yet again.

Winston shook his head. "Any of you want to sit back here with Egon? He's feeling the need to be arrogant and smart again."

"Well guys, the night's young and we just busted up a ghost," Peter said. "What do you want to do?"

It didn't take more than a mere second for everyone to think what they wanted to do. "Go to bed!" The three answered to Peter.

Peter smiled. "That's the answer I was hoping to get!"