Bug by planet p

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Megan had been nervous about this meeting for some time; in fact, for as long as she'd known it was going to happen, that it was, not just something she'd dreamed up, but a certainty.

She'd come in early, and made her way up to the parapsychology department in the Murray Thompson Building, before deciding that, no, she'd actually pop by the library and have a sit around there, for a while; it was going to be a while until the meeting, and she'd feel better where there was a coffee machine she could waste her money on coffee that, let's face it, wasn't all that fantastic, but was, nonetheless, caffeinated.

She'd sat in the library for an hour, then, before she'd rose and began to make her way out, and back over to the parapsychology department.

When she'd got there, she headed up to the school's reception to check in with the office workers before taking a seat in the waiting area. When she finally was called, she'd have to duck through the reception area, past the array of cubicles, to reach Dr. Monaghan's office.

Back in the library, she'd had two coffees, and now, sitting in the waiting area, she was feeling nervy but really had nothing to do. She'd had a skim through the magazines laid out on the low table, but they'd been nothing that had caught her eye, so she'd put them back.

Now, she reached over for one in particular, a bright, glossy covered thing that stood out, precisely because, she thought, it didn't go with the others, and flicked to the table of contents in the first page, thereafter thumbing her way quickly to the page featuring the weekly stars. She had a read through the horoscope forecast for her own star sign, and put the magazine back, no longer interested.

She'd have to think that one over.

Her mind strayed back to that morning, when she'd spent some time cruising Glasgow's Clyde University car park, looking for a good, safe parking spot. It was one of those windy days, and she hadn't wanted a branch to come down on her car.

Suddenly, two things happened almost simultaneously: Douglas Monaghan appeared from out of the reception office, and called, "Miss Sharma," and she realised what had been bugging her all morning, like a phantom just out of reach of her eyesight, in the corner of her eye, and leapt to her feet, sprinting away from the waiting area, and out into an adjoining corridor.

She'd left her lights on!