I was looking at pictures on DeviantArt, then I found this lovely picture, which is amazing by the way, and it inspired me to write this. http:// sractheninja. / art/ Tokka-100-87-Life- 46120702 Then of course I had to re-watch The Serpent's Pass. And yes, I know this has been done a billion times before, but I just started watching Avatar last Feburary and I wanted to write my own version.

Toph vaguely heard Sokka's voice, speaking to someone else. It was Suki, she could tell that much. This could be interesting, she thought, focusing her feet on the two of them.

Then Sokka cut off whatever Suki was saying by suddenly placing his mouth right on hers. Toph stepped back, shocked and hurt. Suki obviously wasn't expecting it either, but then she wrapped her arms around his neck. Both their hearts were beating fast; Toph didn't need to be able to feel heartbeats to know that, or how much they liked each other.

Toph squeezed her eyes shut, praying for them to stop soon. She wasn't sure why she closed her eyes—it wasn't like it would help, not with her way of seeing. Tears welled up in the back of her eyes, threatening to fall, though she didn't notice them.

That stupid meathead! Why'd Suki have to come and mess everything up anyway? she asked herself. Everything was fine until she showed up!

Then her thoughts took a different route. And Sokka…of course Sokka likes her. She's perfect. Toph put all the hatred she possibly could into thinking that word. They're the same age, warriors, and she's a non-bender just like him…but me, he must think I'm just a little kid. I'm three years younger, I constantly hurt him, I pick on him, and let's not forget I'm blind. He must hate me. Oh Sokka, why didn't you say you had a girlfriend from the start?

But it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway, she added bitterly. I'll always just be the little blind girl, and nothing more.

She was well aware of the tears now, falling freely down her face, and she angrily pushed them away. She was Toph Bei Fong—the Blind Bandit! She didn't cry!

Subconsciously, she lay on the ground with her feet in the air so she wouldn't have to 'see' them anymore. But no matter what she did, it was still in her mind, and she couldn't get it out. And she couldn't even get up and leave—that would mean putting her feet back on the ground, and she wasn't ready to do that yet.