Disclaimer – The characters don't belong to me I'm just torturing them for fun.

AN – Actually started that at New Year. Part of my "Not a Guest Room" Universe – which means Tony is living with Gibbs and Jackson's holiday visit to DC isn't over just yet. Suggestive adult themes and some violence but nothing explict actually happens.

"Well, this wasn't exactly how I planned on spending New Year's Eve," Tony commented, as he restlessly paced the small concrete basement, despite the team already having ruled out any feasible means of escape some time ago. "Unless, one of you has a copy of Quantum of Solace and a large pizza, with sausage, pepperoni and extra cheese in your back pocket?"

"You don't have a date?" McGee looked up, from his position across the room, as he shifted slightly on the cold floor. "On New Year's Eve?"

"Are you offering, Probie?" Tony asked.

"You .. could .. do worse," Ziva put in from where she was trying unsuccessfully to unscrew the hinges of the heavy metal door with a small knife. "McGee has been looking very dapper lately."

"You know, that's not going to work, Ziva," McGee advised her.

"I am aware of that," Ziva agreed. "But it is bad enough that they have taken us captive, making the effort passes the time, and at least makes me feel better."

"You should save your strength, 'till you need it." Gibbs counselled, from the far corner. "You too, DiNozzo. Both of you sit down. Nothing we can do right now but wait."

"Easy for you to say, you're used to spending all your free time in a basement," Tony pointed out, as he nevertheless dropped obediently onto the floor opposite his Boss, as Ziva sat down where she was. "I can't believe we're missing New Year's Eve. You know, in some parts of the world, it's already past midnight. Although, to be fair 2010 isn't an actual year, it's a science fiction movie starring Roy Scheider."

"It was a book first." Gibbs rejoined.

"Where do you think they've gone?" McGee asked no-one in particular.

"To fetch the head honcho. Bring the big cheese here. Make contact the King Pin," Tony shrugged. "Those guys who captured us were just the drones, the minions, worker bees, they weren't expecting a house call from NCI-us."

"And now they do not know what to do with us," Ziva joined in. "Or they would have killed us already. Obviously, these men do not have the ability to make that kind of decision."

"They had the ability to take us hostage." McGee pointed out.

"That's because there was a lot of bad guys," Tony pointed out. "A whole friggin' bunch of 'em, not even Arnie could have beaten those odds."

"I do not understand. There was nothing to suggest there would be this level of resistance," Ziva furrowed her brow. "Everything about their DVD distribution business appeared legitimate. They even paid their taxes on time. We would not even have come here if our deceased petty officer's boyfriend had not been on their "movie of the month" mailing list and we had run out of other leads."

"Maybe, they're using the distribution network for the DVDs to traffic whatever it is they're dealing in," McGee spoke up. "Of course, it would have to be pretty small to pass unseen in the crates under the DVDs but that could cover a whole lot of stuff."

"Perhaps, our Petty Office stumbled upon something her boyfriend was involved in and was killed for what she had seen," Ziva mused.

"Her autopsy ruled out drugs use and Dawkins tested negative." Gibbs reminded.

"Gems would be easy to hide, any small space, even a freezer would do," McGee considered. "But selling them on would leave some kind of trail."

"So would any kind of small arms deal." Gibbs added.

"And Dawkins was a bout as computer literate as our fearless leader so any kind of chip or gizmo thingy a la Probie is out," Tony added helpfully, smiling beatifically at his Boss as he carefully stayed out of head slapping range, before his whole expression suddenly changed, "Unless, of course, the bad guys aren't 'smuggling' anything at all."

"DiNozzo?" Gibbs demanded.

"Sorry, Boss," Tony looked like he was going to be sick. "I think I screwed up. Big time, Dawkins had almost as many DVDs in his apartment as I do. I looked at a few of his titles but I didn't play a single one of them."

"It would not be worth the risk for the kind of porn a sailor could buy in any port." Ziva's expression was grave. "I think perhaps Dawkins had very particular tastes."

"You think he killed his girlfriend as part of a sex scene, taken a step too far?" McGee hazarded.

"Or they always intended for her to die," Tony spoke tonelessly. "Ever heard of snuff movies, Probie? CSI Las Vegas did an episode about those once. Why the hell didn't I watch those films?"

"They killed her so they could film her death," McGee realised. "So, all those people on their distribution list were paying to watch movies like that? God, that's sick."

"Then it's a good job we still have the advantage then," Gibbs strove to rally his despondent team.

"Boss, they took our cell phones, our cuffs, our primary weapons and all our backups," McGee pointed out. "How does that give us the advantage?"

"They did not get all my back-up weapons." Ziva boasted.

"Mine neither." Tony allowed.

"Nor mine," Gibbs shrugged. "And they don't know what we know, which means they don't know why we're here. They probably don't even know who we are."

"People generally don't," Tony groused, "Doesn't anyone else find that the least bit embarrassing?"

"If it upsets you that much you can always go work for the FBI," McGee pointed out. "Everyone who has watched the X-Files has heard of them."

"No I can't," Tony grinned briefly at his Boss. "Gibbs would hunt me down and kill me if I ever accepted any of Fornell's job offers."

"Fornell offered you a job?" McGee blinked. "I didn't think he even liked you."

"I hear something,"`Ziva spoke up from her position by the door. "They are coming."