Sequel: This is a sequel to "Awakening"

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Warning: This was written before anything was really known about the Fourteenth. Also Guy x Guy stuff. You Don't like, please don't read!

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Timeline: Set sometime after Amine Episode 103 "Resounding in Long Morning" and sometime during "Broken White"

Pairing: 14th (Neah) x Allen and Kanda x Allen

The 14th was not happy. His dark lips set in a frown and his golden eyes narrowed. What had that lowly human dared say to him? He tilted his head to the right as he ran an ash grey hand through his black hair, revealing the stigmata crown on his forehead, his hair falling back into its original waves as he dropped his hand and sighed. He was by nature a patient individual, for a Noah anyway, but this human was truly getting to him.

All he wanted was to take his dear nephew to the baths… There was truly nothing devious in wanting to make sure his White was properly clean was there?

The other male glared at him with ice blue eyes, his back straight and hand on his weapon that was always at his side – ready to draw the sword at any moment.

Ready to defend his darling nephew's honor perhaps? Maybe the human wanted to go in his place.

It occurred then to the 14th that the other male was posturing. His lips twitched and he really did try to keep the smirk from his lips and his eyes, but he was a Noah, so the battle was lost before it had even started. The smirk splitting his face and flashing in his gold eyes as the other man growled at him.

"Kanda~" he sang sweetly, truly enjoying the snarl that fallowed, The 14th postured back, placing his hands on his black clothed hips and tilting his chin up haughtily "I will do whatever I please with my darling little White and there is not a thing you can do to stop me," he practically purred.

Kanda's hand tightened around Mugen and his jaw clenched in rage. His dark blue eyes flashed as the ice was replaced with burning fire. "You bastard!" he seethed out between clenched teeth. The 14th was pleased to see that the other male was barely restraining himself. Another small push and a little nudge would surely break that beautifully constructed self control.

He wanted to see the gloriously dangerous beast that the other male kept hidden beneath layers upon layers of self control and discipline. He wanted to see that rage, that power; that power that could kill a Noah.

"Please don't fight you two..." Allen's soft voice whispered, his grey eyes turning to him, pleading for him to play nice. The 14th's smirk faltered as his golden eyes slid to his right, looking away from his White.

Damn it, damn those eyes. How could he not give his White whatever he wanted when he looked at him with those eyes? Those same grey eyes bleeding into shinning silver as they turned to the samurai. That color never shone on him he sourly noted. His smirk fell from his face then, only to return a moment later. He wanted to keep his White all to himself, but truly, he could not. In this war, he might not be strong enough to keep him safe alone.

He was only one Noah after all. His golden eyes returned to the other man before him. Kanda's blue eyes had softened as they rested on the 14th's White.

Kanda was a strong male, Powerful enough to have beaten Skin alone. His little nephew could have picked a weaker man. One of those interferer humans that ran around the old tower, they were called finders or lookers or something like that, he would have had to kill them of course it that had happened... But this male, this human was as strong as a Noah.

Only the best for Mana's beloved son. Anything and everything for his darling nephew.

He would let this human have his White, he decided. His golden eyes glinted with mischief and what one could only call wicked intent. That didn't mean he would make it easy for him though. No, this human would have to fight for the heart of his lovely little nephew first.

Time for that push...

The 14th slid his arm around Allen's slim waist, taking note of Kanda's burning rage and jealousy at the contact between the Black and the White. "Yes, let the monster rage," the 14th whispered to no one but himself as some of the renowned Noah madness bled into his smirk. Oh, the 14th was truly going to enjoy this.

"Fight for him; take him from me with your power. Show me you can protect him from everyone, including me."