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Warning: Guy x Guy stuff, don't like then don't read!

Timeline: Set sometime after Amine Episode 103 "Resounding in Long Morning" and sometime during "Broken White"

Pairing: 14th (Neah) x Allen and Kanda x Allen

The 14th decided that he loved meal time. It was a great time of day, and it happened three times even; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

His golden eyes shone in amusement as he watched his White devour plate after plate of food. Allen barely stopped to breathe in between bites, choosing rather to shovel the food into his mouth faster than humanly possible.

The musician could only marvel at the fact that somehow, his silver angel managed to not get any food on his clothes. He himself could only eat one plate full of food. His nephew could easily eat at least ten plates for a meal and a few plates of desert.

The 14th's dark gold eyes slid half closed and the joyful grin that was on his lips stretch wider. His absolute favorite thing about meal time was desert.

He had to work hard to keep the glee from his eyes as his White stopped for a moment to answer a question that the Jr. Bookman had asked him. His golden eyes spotting the opportunity that he had been waiting for.

An ash grey colored hand shot forward and he slowly dragged a long grey finger through the white cream that was smudged on the corner of his White's soft pink lips.

He withdrew his finger and placed it into his mouth. Truly enjoying the sweet taste as his gold eyes slid over to the male that was sitting on the other side of the table from him and his White. Oh yes, Yuu Kanda was most definitely trying to burn holes in him. He grinned slyly back, only to be growled at.

"Did you want some?" his silver angel asked him, his voice full of happiness. The musician tried to put as must innocence into his smile as he could. He leaned his head on his fist with his elbow on the table, carefully keeping his half lidded eyes on the other male across the table as to not miss his reaction, responded to is White.

"Oh, no, I just wanted a taste."

The snapping of chopsticks was his reward and his innocent smile morphed into a devious smirk worthy of any Noah. Blazing blue eyes glared over the table and the 14th could taste the desire to kill rolling off of the swordsman.

"You okay Yuu?" Lavi asked. The Jr. Bookman's eyes traveling questioningly between the Noah and the Japanese man that was sitting next to him. His darling nephew must have also picked up and the swordsman's anger as well, because his normally grey eyes shifted to silver as they turned to the other male. A truly beautiful smile pulling at his White's pink lips as Allen pushed up from his chair slightly, leaning over the table with a spoonful of the dessert and offered it to the other male.

"Oh I'm sorry Kanda! Would you like try some to?"

It was Kanda's turn to smirk as he took the spoon into his mouth, his blue eyes now flashing challengingly at the 14th. Gold eyes narrowed and the devious smirk turning strained as the musician though of at least ten ways to commit murder with a spoon."I thought you didn't like sweets Yuu?" Lavi asked leaning over to look at what was left of the said dessert.

"Don't call me by my first name!" Kanda growl out around the spoon in his mouth. His darling, sweet, caring White reached for another spoon that was on the table, having not missed the longing look on the Jr. Bookmen's face. Allen dipped the new spoon into the dessert and turned kind grey eyes to Lavi.

"Lavi, would you like some?"

Burning gold eyes and blazing blue eyes turned to the redhead. The 14th was please to note the said redhead had trouble swallowing as he shook his head no. At least the Jr. Bookmen was smart.

Devious smirk returning as his darling nephew pouted, the 14th again fixed his gold eyes on the samurai. "I would love to have another taste, my darling White ~"