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Summary: What if Naruto gave into the fox's power? What if he became her successor and surpassed her? Will he destroy the village that has forsaken him? Will he remain cold or can four certain girls that love him re-awaken his heart. Demonic/semi-Cold but only when necessary/Sharingan wielding Naruto.

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Chapter 1

The Teams

The ninja academy where several young children sought to become ninja where busy chattering amongst one another as they discussed from simple matters such as weapons to the most advanced ninja arts being jutsu. Others on the other hand were discussing who they would have on their teams and even what their Jōnin sensei would be like.

Suddenly without warning the classroom door flew open as a twenty year old man walked in. The twenty year old stood 5', had light brown hair that was done up in a high pony tail, brown eyes, and a scare that ran from underneath his left eye to his right. He was wearing blue pants, a blue long sleeve shirt, blue sandals, and he wore a green vest that had six pockets on the front. Calmly he allowed his eyes to scan over his students.

The first person he set his eyes on was a male that was no older than twelve years old, had golden sun kissed hair along with a blood red tips, his eyes were a cold cerulean blue, he stood around 4' 6", and he looked well built for a child his age. He was wearing a black shirt with the Kanji for blood on the front in the color of blood red, black cargo pants, black ninja sandals with hidden retractable blades hidden in the soles, and on top of that he wore a black trench coat that reached to his ankles while the kanji for death was present on the back in a deep purple. If one were paying enough attention they would have noticed the nine golden tails swish behind him before they fully disappeared almost as if they weren't there. The boys name was none other than Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. He was wearing his hiate on his forehead.

The boy was also the container for the most powerful of all the creatures in the land, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. His 'father' the Yodaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, wanted him to be seen as a hero for 'containing' the legendary beast. Then shortly after…it happened. The loss of his first, best, and only friend was killed in front of him. The only good thing that came out of it was the gaining of a dojutsu.

The legendary Sharingan and then the final form The Mangekyo Sharingan, but at a terrible price of losing someone who was beyond precious to him. Let's just that in the end no one dared to ever approach the child except for a select few.

'Naruto you suffered so much and look at what it's made you become. If anyone ever had a reason to destroy this village it's you Naruto.'Thought the teacher before he continued to allow his eyes to wander over the rest of his students.

The next person his eyes landed on was a young female that was also no older than twelve years of age, had black hair with blue streaks running through it that reached to her mid-back, her eyes were a coal black, and she stood 4' 5", and she was well built for her age. She was wearing a blue Chinese top with ruby red dragons surrounding a red fan with a white handle on her back, white shorts, blue sandals, and on her left leg she wore a shurikan and Kuni pouch. Her hiate was currently on her head.

The girl was Sasuke Uchiha and the last remaining loyal Uchiha in Konoha left after her elder brother killed the whole clan. She to also unlocked the Mangekyo Sharingan the same night and killed her brother but not before he told her something that she never told anyone. She was also one of the few who was able to approach Naruto.

The third person was another male that stood 4', had spiky brown hair that was being held back by his hiate, looked no older than twelve years old, and he wore sunglasses. The young adult wore a light gray trench coat that covered his lower face, blue pants, and blue sandals. He also wore a kuni and shuriken pouch on his left leg.

That boys name was Shino Aburame and the current and only heir to the Aburame clan. The Aburame clan was unique since they willingly allowed bugs to inhabit their bodies and in return the bugs would assist them in battle.

The fourth person was a female that stood 4' 5", had blond hair that was pulled up into a pony tail that reached to the mid back, and had light blue eyes. She was wearing a purple tank top along with a matching purple skirt while her hi-ate was being used for a belt.

That girls name was Ino Yamanaka heir to the Yamanaka clan. The Yamanaka clan specialized in mind manipulation jutsu.

Right next to Ino was a girl that stood 4', had pink hair that reached to her waist along with her hiate holding her bangs back, and she also had forest green eyes. She was wearing a red Chinese style dress with a white circle in the center while a line ran down the center of the dress, reached to her knees with slits on both sides, black bicycle shorts, and blue ninja sandals. She also had a kuni and shuriken pouch on her right leg.

The girls name was Sakura Haruno and she came from a civilian family with no ninja history. She was one of the many people who feared Naruto but at least attempted to be nice to...even if it meant sparing her family's life or her own.

Next to Sakura was a male that was slouched on his desk fast asleep. The boy stood 4' 4", had black hair placed up to look like a pineapple, black eyes, and looked completely at piece. He was wearing a fish net shirt with a gray shirt on top along with his hiate on his left arm, black pants, blue sandals, and a shuriken and Kuni pouch on his right leg.

The boy's name was Shikamaru Nara and the heir to the Nara clan. The clan specialized in shadow manipulation jutsu and having excellent tactical strategy skills.

Sitting next to Shikamaru was another boy who was busy eating a bag of potato chips. The boy stood 4' 3", had light brown hair, red swirls on his cheeks, and black eyes. He was wearing a white shirt with a red symbol on the stomach, a green short sleeve shirt over the other, a white scarf wrapped around his neck, gray shorts, and blue sandals. He also wore bandages from his wrists up to his elbows.

The boy was Choji Akimichi and current clan heir to the Akimichi clan. The Akimichi clan excelled in body jutsu that could increase any part of their body or the whole body if needed. He was also rather husky.

Sitting behind Choji was another boy. This boy stood 4' 2", had wild unkempt brown hair, brown eyes with a slit running through the center, and red tattoos on his face that looked similar to fangs. He was wearing a gray sweat jacket, brown pants, and blue sandals. On his head was a small white puppy.

The boy's name was Kiba Inuzuka and his puppy's name is Akamaru. Kiba was also the clan heir for the Inuzuka clan and had an older sister. His family were proficient in team combat.

Finally sitting next to Kiba was a young female. The female stood 4' 1", had midnight blue hair, and white pupiless eyes. She was wearing a large pale jacket, blue ninja pants, and blue ninja sandals.

The girl was Hinata Hyuga and the current heir to the Hyuga clan. The clan is well known because of their famed eye dojutsu the Byakugan. Despite that fact she was constantly ridiculed by her own father, sister, and the elders of her clan because of her shy and caring nature. After a few months though she apparently had enough as she defeated her sister in a spar and told off not only her father but the elders as well. It was even stated that she was going to become the second Ice Queen of Konoha.

'Well let's get this over with.' Thought Iruka before he walked to the center of the room.

"First of I would like to congratulate all of you on passing and becoming full ninja of Konoha. Now then I will announce the teams." Proudly stated Iruka only to realize that no one was paying attention to him. Silently he released a sigh before he started to perform a few hand signs.

"Genjutsu: Oni Hitsu." Silently whispered Iruka before he took in a large breath.

"EVERYONE SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!" Shouted Iruka as his head grew four sizes large causing everyone to shut up and sit down.

"Good now that I have your attention. The teams are as follows Team 7: Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Hinata Hyuga under Jōnin sensei Kakashi Hakate. Team 8: Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akimichi, and Shikamaru Nara underJōnin sensei Asuma Saratobi. Team 9 is still in circulation from last year so Team 10: Kiba Inuzuka, Sakura Haruno, and Shino Aburame under Jōnin Kurenai Yuhi." Stated Iruka causing quite a few people to groan in disappointment and others to silently cheer in their heads.

"Now then your Jōnin sensei's will be here after lunch so until then you are free to do as you please just remember to be here when your Jōnin sensei. Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata I would like for you to remain behind though." Said Iruka in a serious tone before everyone other than the earlier three left the classroom while snickering at their misfortune.

"Iruka-sensei why did you ask for us to remain behind?" Asked Sasuke as she and her teammates walked down to Iruka's desk.

"I just wanted to talk to all of you and I'm not your sensei anymore so just call me Iruka." Said Iruka with a smile while everyone else just smiled in their own unique way.

"Does this mean that I can remove 'it'?" Coldly asked Naruto as he looked at his older brother figure.

"That is your decision and yours alone Naruto." Simply stated Iruka as he looked Naruto in the eyes.

"We're going to my house." Simply stated Naruto as he walked out of the classroom with the others following after looking at as if he were crazy.

(Five minutes later)

"Okay here we are." Said Naruto as he stopped in front of a building. The building was four stories tall, run down, rat and critter infested dump.

Naruto's teammates were calm on the outside but internally they were cursing whatever god they could think of for causing Naruto to live in this dump. Iruka on the other hand just smiled sadly as he looked at the building already knowing that Naruto lived here.

Silently everyone followed Naruto up to the fourth floor and noticed graffiti along the wall. Some of the graffiti said, 'Die Demon', 'Crawl into a ditch and die hell spawn', and a rather common one 'You killed my family Kyuubi and I'll kill you'. Internally once more the girls were bristling with anger but opted to remain calm. For a few more minutes everyone followed Naruto up until he stopped at the last door.

"What happens behind this door stays behind this door understand." Said Naruto in his usual cold tone.

"Of course Naruto you have our word." Said everyone while they noticed him relax slightly before he cut his finger and ran the blood over the door. Shortly after the door opened and everyone steeped inside before they stopped and their jaws fell to the ground.

The room was extremely small having only eight foot walls and the ceiling only being roughly six feet in the air. The walls were filled with holes, peeling paint, and water stains. The kitchen was only two feet by four feet while the rest of the room acted as a bedroom/living room. There was a single hallway on the right wall that lead to what everyone guessed was the bathroom and closet.

Most of the floor was covered in sweat and blood stains. The bed mattress was old and had material coming out of it but otherwise most of the major holes had been sowed up. Almost all of the covers on the bed were ripped and had holes in them but that wasn't what shocked them. No it was the fact that there was a female sleeping in the bed.

The female stood 5" 1', had deep blood red hair that reached down to her waist, deep crimson eyes with a black slit running through the center, had a E-cup breast size, and she looked no older than twelve. Currently the only thing that she was wearing was the bed covers.

"Hey I'm back." Said Naruto as he walked over to the sleeping female. Silently everyone just watched as the female latched onto Naruto's waist before she mumbled something into it.

"By the way I have guests with me." Said Naruto once more causing the female to sit up in sudden alarm while pulling a kuni out from underneath the bed.

"Who the hell are you and what have you done to Naruto!" Demanded the female as she held the kuni to Naruto's neck causing a faint trail of blood to come out.

"Relax it's me and I just brought my teammates here. Oh and get some clothes on." Said Naruto as if it were an ordinary subject.

Immediately after that the female looked behind Naruto only to blush heavily before she ran towards the bathroom.

"Sorry she isn't used to having others over other than the Hokage." Said Naruto as he motioned for the others to take a seat where ever they could find one.

"Okay so why are we here again?" Asked Sauske as she looked at Naruto who just starred at the ceiling before he performed a single hand sign and two more of him popped into existence.

"You two go and make some lunch." Naruto stated before the clones walked off.

"The reason why we are here is so we can understand one another. I'm going to tell you everything about me and then after that you will also be required to do so." Stated Naruto with authority in his voice.

"Now as you already know I'm Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. My parents were Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. Now on the day of my birth the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked my father being Hokage at the time decided to seal the Kyuubi into me his only son. His reason was that if he couldn't sacrifice his own son how could he ask a villager to do the same for him. He also wanted me to be seen as a hero for containing the Kyuubi." Started Naruto before he released a sad sigh.

"Sadly he was wrong instead of treating me like a hero they treated me like trash…no not it was more like I was something less than dirt. For six years I suffered under the constant torment of the villagers mostly it was name calling and beatings. No matter what I took them. Then I met her. Her name was Mutsumi and she was an orphan like me and became my best and only friend. For two years we pulled pranks, stole food, and even lived together but that all…changed." Said Naruto in a happy tone before it turned grim with remorse, self doubt, and hatred.

"On the day of my ninth birthday the villagers kidnapped her and me. They had us tied up in chairs…" Started Naruto before his eyes bleed red and the next thing everyone knew they saw a young boy and girl tied to chairs.

The boy looked to be nine years old, had spiky blood hair, cerulean blue eyes, stood only 3" 5', three whisker like marks on his cheeks, and looked malnourished. He was wearing a raggedy white t-shirt covered in dirt, black shorts, and he was barefoot.

'Naruto?' Everyone thought in confusion before they turned towards the young girl.

The girl also looked to be nine years old, had long black hair that was tied into a pony tail, light brown eyes, stood 3" 4', and she also looked malnourished. She was also wearing a raggedy white t-shirt that was covered in dirt, black shorts, and she was also barefoot.

Suddenly without warning the room was filled with light as a door behind all of them was opened causing the two genin and chūnin to turn around in shock. Standing in the door way were several villagers, at least four chūnin, one Jōnin, and two ANBU members. Slowly all of them walked into the room until they were standing in front of Naruto and the girl in three single file lines.

Out of all the people in the room only one person stood out. A man that stood 5' 6", had emerald green eyes, and pink hair. He was wearing a red shirt, red pants, and red cloth shoes.

"Comfortable?" Asked the pink haired man while he motioned to the two ANBU to guard the door while he walked towards Naruto and right through Iruka, Sasuke, and Hinata.

'What was that?' Wondered the three as they turned around.

"Wha....what do you want?" Asked Naruto as he looked at the pink haired man.

"Oh...just about the same thing as everyone in this room wants from you. Your blood...Kyuubi." Stated the pink haired man with an insane look on his face while his voice dripped with hatred.

"What are you talking about Naruto isn't the Kyuubi!" Shouted the girl before she was slapped across the face.

"Shut up you little demon slut." Snarled out the pink haired man while many in the crowd grinned at the girls pain.

"Now where were we..." Started up the pink haired man once more as he took up a thinking pose, " Oh yeah now I remember." Not long after finishing the man pulled out a kuni before he quickly stabbed it into Naruto's left hand causing him to scream in pain. Shortly after all of the people in the crowd were throwing broken glass, rusty kitchen knives, kuni, shuriken, and rocks at Naruto.

"What are you people doing stop it!" Shouted the female once more as she struggled against her restraints only to receive a back hand to the face. It wasn't long before the crowd split up into two different groups each designated to torturing their 'victim' to death.

For hours on end Iruka, Sasuke, and Hinata watched as the people did unimaginable damage to Naruto and the girl. They watched as the people broke both legs and arms before they would stick senbon into the major nerve locations on their broken arms and legs causing them further pain. They would then watch as some of the chūnin would cast minor genjutsu on Naruto forcing him to watch as the girl was raped before him while the girl watched the several hundred ways they would torture them. After that they were forced to watch as some of the civilains took torches and placed them out leaving them only smoldering before they would press the hot tips onto the children causing severe burns.

"So how do you feel?" Asked the pink haired man while he absent mindedly picked up a sword and inspected it. He then pulled out one of his own hairs before he dropped it onto the blade. The second the hair strand struck the blade it immeiately was split into two.

"..." Naruto could say nothing as watched the pink haired man while constantly looking over to the girl who looked very much already dead.

"Nothing to say. Well maybe this will get you to talk!" Said the man as his voice rose as he swung the sword at the girl. Almost acting on instinct Naruto attempted to jump in the way of the blade only to be stopped by his restraints and forced to watch as the blade went straight through the girl's heart causing her to scream in pain while coughing up blood.

"Mutsumi-chan..." Whispered Naruto underneath his breath while his eyes filled with tears.

"I'm sorry but did you say something demon?" Asked the pink haired man as he twisted the blade 360 degrees before roughly pulling it out of Mutsumi's chest. He then proceeded to flick the blood off of the blade onto Naruto's face as his eyes began to cry blood.

"I'm gonna kill you..." Whispered Naruto once more while he began to clench and unclench his fists.

"I'm sorry I didn't quite hear you could you please repeat that?" Asked the pink haired man while he leaned in close to Naruto.

"I said I'm gonna kill you..." Said Naruto once more only louder while the pink haired man backed away and turned his back on him.

"That's what I thought you said." Stated the man before he quickly turned on his heel and stabbed the sword straight through Naruto's heart while releasing an insane laugh.

Silently Iruka, Hinata, and Sasuke watched in anger as Naruto lost consciousness before they too began to notice the room was changing. The room was slowly turning into a long hallway with cracked walls, pipes overhead, and ankle length water covering the floor. Floating in the water was Naruto looking up towards the ceiling with dead eyes before he looked down the hallway and the others doing the same saw a red glow.

Calmly Naruto walked towards the light while the rest of them followed. It wasn't long before they found themselves in another room that was huge and had a gate at the other end. On the gate was a single piece of paper that held the kanji for seal on it.

Silently they watched as Naruto walked towards the gate before he stopped as a large clawed hand came out of the gate and stopped a few inches from Naruto's face. Naruto just stood there with his cold dead eyes looking past the claw and directly into a pair of blood red eyes that were trained on his own.

"So this is my container?" Asked a voice as rows of sharp teeth appeared and then a whole body of a large kitsune with nine tails.

"So you are the reason why I'm hated." Stated Naruto with no emotion while he continued to look in the Kyuubi's eyes.

"What do you mean." Growled out the Kyuubi while its eyes seemed to change from rage to confusion.

"Look through my memories." Was all Naruto said before he walked towards the cage and sat down looking down the hallway he came from.

Kyuubi on the other hand was silently watching several of Naruto's memories while Iruka, Hinata, and Sasuke also watched every beating, comment, and other things that happened to Naruto over the course of his short life. At the end of it Kyuubi was releasing large amounts of Killing Intent while it looked at Naruto in a new light.

"Hm…interesting my own father sacrificed me. Fool." Sneered Naruto while he shook his head in disgust.

"You went through my memories didn't you?" Silently growled out Kyuubi.

"Only the ones in which you were sealed into me. I just wanted to see if the Yondaime would mention my parents." Stated Naruto in a cold tone while the Kyuubi mumbled something about dumb ass blonds.

"Okay how would you like for the chance to give the same if not greater pain to those villagers?" Asked the Kyuubi as it looked at Naruto.

"I would love to do that….Kyuubi-chan." Stated Naruto with a smile that was filled with evil intentions while the Kyuubi looked at Naruto with a dumbfounded expression on her face. Almost immediately after the Kyuubi quickly regained its thought process by shaking its head.

"Then pull off the seal." Kyuubi said as it pointed to the seal with the tip of its tail.

Silently Naruto looked at it before he jumped up and grabbed a hold of two of the bars. He then proceeded to climb up until he was face to face with the seal. Quickly Naruto grabbed the seal before he completely ripped it off before he was blasted back into the real world.

Once more everyone watched as the room changed back into the same room they were in earlier with the civilians just about to leave the room before they were stopped as black flames rose up from the ground. Quickly the civilians turned around only to have their rage become more prominent on their face at seeing Naruto freed from his bonds and standing up.

"I'm going to kill you..." Said Naruto as he rose his head up causing all the civilians to step back in shock. Naruto's eyes were now a deep blood red with a black pupil and three black comma marks spinning in around the center.

"Tsukuyomi." Whispered Naruto before everyone, other than Iruka, Hinata, and Sasuke, found themselves bound to crosses while Naruto stood in front of them while a female stood behind him.

The female stood 5" 1', looked no older than 20, had deep blood red hair that reached down to her waist, and deep crimson eyes with a black vertical slit running through the center. She was wearing a blood red kimono with a white fox with nine tails cunning along the edge that also did little to hide her E-cup bust. Behind her lightly swaying were nine blood red tails.

"For the next seventy-two hours you will experienced all my pain that I have been placed through for the last nine years. Have fun." Said Naruto without emotion before he disappeared along with the female leaving behind villagers and ninja screaming at him to force him to release them.

Suddenly without warning Naruto collapsed while holding his hands over his stomach while deep crimson chakra covered him before it started to concentrate over his stomach. Not long after the chakra burst forth before it began to form into a small red fox with nine tails in front of Naruto. Shortly afterward both Naruto and the fox fell to the ground and the room began to rapidly change before Hinata's, Sasuke's, and Iruka's eyes.

Now they were standing in a hospital room with Naruto laying on a hospital bed with several machines connected to him monitoring his heart rate, blood pressure, and several other vital aspects.

'Naruto…' Thought everyone sadly before the hospital room door opened and a man stepped in.

The man stood 6' 1", had a white beard on his chin, and an old face that radiated with sadness and several other emotions that were constantly changing. The man was wearing a white robe with a red line running down the center of the robe, and a square hat that had a single red triangle with a white kanji for fire.

"Good afternoon Naruto, how are you feeling?" Asked the old man as he walked towards Naruto before he sat down on the bedside.

"How do I feel?" Reiterated Naruto as he shook from either rage or sadness but they couldn't tell.

"For starters I not only get attacked on my birthday once again but this time the villagers took the liberty of also torturing Mutsumi-chan. Shortly after wards they kill her in front of me. Then after that I find out that I'm the container for the Kyuubi no Kitsune and the son of the Yondaime Hokage. So how do you think I feel!" Shouted Naruto with his voice rising with every word he said while tears of blood flowed freely from his eyes.

"Naruto I…I should have told you but I was afraid and your father didn't want you to know until you were its container until you were at least a chūnin." Stated the old man as he looked at Naruto while he removed his hat showing that he had very little hair.

"What were you afraid that I wasn't mature enough to handle the information." Growled out Naruto while his whisker birth marks grew thicker and darker while a purple aura started to surround him.

"Naruto please you need to calm down." Said the old man as he stood up and backed away just from the killing intent that Naruto was releasing and the fact that Naruto had the Sharingan.

"Calm down. YOU want ME to calm DOWN!!!! Especially after everything that this village has put me through!" Shouted Naruto in rage while he glared at the old man.

"Naruto you need to calm down." Stated another voice that radiated with authority causing Naruto to physically stiffen.

Slowly Naruto and the old man turned their attention to a small fox that stood in a corner of the room while it walked towards them before it jumped onto the bed and curled up into Naruto's lap.

"What you never seen a fox speak?" Asked the fox while it looked at Naruto and the old man through the corner of its eyes.

"Um…to be quite honest the only animals that I have ever seen speak were summons' and as far as I know no one in the village has a fox summoning contract." Said the old man while he looked at the fox.

"Well then I guess I should at least tell you who I am. For starters I'm the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Said the fox while Naruto began to lightly pet the fox on the head.

"HOLLY SHIT!" Was all the old man could say while he grabbed Naruto and pulled him away from the Kyuubi.

"Okay let me clear something up here ningen. I was forced into attacking the village by an Uchiha. More specifically Madara Uchiha. Second the reason why I'm not high tailing it out of this village is because one: I'm still bound by the Shinigami's seal, second: I'm not leaving this kid alone in a village that will attempt to kill him, and three: I gave the boy the Sharingan and he is going to need someone to train him in using it to its up most potential. So I thought why not let the creator of the Sharingan teach him and the creator is me." Stated the Kyuubi while it looked out of the window nearby.

"Why would you do that?" Asked the old man while he watched the Kyuubi with distrust in his eyes.

"I…just want to fix as much damage that I caused for the boy. I even plan on him signing the summoning contract for the foxes." Stated the Kyuubi while it continued to look out the window and the old man continued to look at Kyuubi with distrust before he released a sigh.

"Very well then put just don't kill anyone." Said the old man while he released Naruto who just walked back to the bed and sat down before the Kyuubi placed its head underneath Naruto's left hand. Silently Naruto just gently scratched behind the Kyuubi's ears while releasing purees of happiness.

"Before I forget there is one more matter that needs to be attended to. When Naruto and his friend Mutsume were captured they were tortured as you know, but during the torture they killed the girl which allowed for me to temporarily pull Naruto in his mindscape because of him being in emotional stress. While we were in the mindscape I convinced Naruto to release me which has in turn allowed for me to escape from the seal. Sadly to keep the boy alive I had to pass the title of Kyuubi onto him. Roughly around the time he turns eighteen he will have all nine tails. After that he will be required to take a test to see if he is worthy of the title. I will of course be the giver of said test if only because I was the former Kyuubi and if I'm unable to do so one of, if any survived, my guards will give the test." Said the Kyuubi before it took a large gulp of air and released it slowly.

"Thank you Kyuubi-san for telling me this I will be certain that no one finds out about this and if they do they will be immediately killed along with anyone with a five mile radius of the speaker." Said the old man while he placed his hat back onto his head.

"Jiji did you find Mutsume's body?" Asked Naruto with his now dead voice while he looked at the floor and petted the Kyuubi.

"Naruto when we found you, you were in an ally. We don't know who brought you there but we feel that he or she wanted you to be found. Do you know anything about this Kyuubi-san?" Asked the old man while he stood up.

"I'm afraid not but do not worry Naruto we will find her body." Said the Kyuubi while it placed its paws on Naruto's shirt before it began to lick the dried blood off of his face.

"Naruto after you leave the hospital come see me and we can then discuss your inheritance and I'll treat you to as much Irucha Ramen you want." Suggested the old man with a smile.

"Of course Hokage-jiji." Said Naruto with a small smile and even though it was small the old man knew that this was a true smile and not one of those fake ones that he placed on.

"I'll see you later than Naruto-kun." Said the Hokage as he left the room.

Now once again Iruka, Hinata, and Sasuke found the room to change before it returned to the apartment room that Naruto lead them too. Naruto was still sitting on the bed and the red haired female was sitting next to him.

"Naruto whatever happened to Mutsumi's body?" Asked Hinata already getting the feeling that this wasn't going to be an easy answer from him.

"We never found it. Kyuubi picked up a scent of one of her old guards. She believes that he may have taken the body but for what reason we don't know." Simply stated Naruto while the woman just hugged him lightly.

"You already know who I am but just in case you don't know I'm the former Kyuubi no Kitsune but you can just call me Natsuki." Said Natsuki as she smiled at all of them.

"Well now that you know about me I believe that it's Hinata's turn." Said Naruto as everyone looked at her.

"I know what I'll show you." Stated Hinata before she started to perform handsigns and stopped on rat.

"Genjutsu art: Memory viewing." Quickly stated Hinata before the room began to change.

Slowly the room began to take on shapes until they took on specific forms. The room had changed from the apartment to a large room with Tanami floors. In the center of the room stood two girls who were fighting against one another and a male that watched the fight.

The first female looked to be no older than eleven maybe twelve years of age, stood 4' 1", had midnight blue hair and pure white eyes with a lavender tint. She was wearing a black body suit that hugged all of her curves just right.

The second female looked no older than nine maybe ten years of age, stood 3' 4", had pure black hair that reached just past her neck, and pure white eyes. She was also wearing a black body suit but it was rather loose on her.

The man who watched the two fight looked to be twenty years old, stood 5' 9", had black hair that reached just a few inches from his waist, and pure white eyes that seemed to radiate a coldness. He was wearing a white shirt, white pants, and a brown robe.

Silently without sound the girls continued to trade blows with one another with an occasional one striking certain points on the body before a feint blue light also struck the same place. Every now and then the girls would part only to charge at one another again until finally one of the girls had their hand hovering over one of the few spots in the body that if struck properly would kill an opponent.

"Hanabi. Hinata. That's enough." Stated the man with a stern voice that radiated power while he watched the girls turn to him.

Silently the girls dropped their arms before they stepped up to the man and sat down in front of him.

"You both did very well but Hanabi is still further along in the Juyken than you are Hinata. Hinata I also know that you are afraid to hurt others and that is what is holding you back." Quickly stated the man while he looked at the girls who just nodded. Slowly the man released a sigh before he quickly preformed three handsigns. Shortly after the room glowed a feint blue before it died and disappeared.

"Hinata I know that you don't want to hurt others even if it was a practice spar so I have asked Hokage-sama to sign you up for medical training at the hospital." Said the man while he looked at the eldest of the two girls.

"It wouldn't be that hard especially if I didn't have that seal on me." Whispered Hinata lightly while she glared at her right wrist.

"I know but you just need to hang in there for a little bit longer. Hinata I know what it feels like to be helpless. I also have a feeling that something is going to change very shortly." Said the man before he looked at Hinata's wrist before he could see a feint blue glow coming from it.

"Hinata-nee-chan why is you wrist glowing?" Asked Hanabi while she pulled at her sisters cloathing.

"Looks like you were right father things are going to be changing." Simply stated Hinata while she closed her eyes and held her wrist over her heart all the while having a dark grin on her face. Shortly after the room began to shift and change once more.

Once again the room was nothing but shapes that were blurring to fast to catch before they began to slow down and settle into place and take on more features. Now the room was only slightly larger than Naruto's apartment room. It had a signal clothing drawer, a bed in the center of the of the room with lavender sheets on the top, and a small doll on the bed along with Hinata. The doll was of Naruto which caused him to look on in shock, Iruka with a small smile, and Sasuke with jealously.

Silently they watched as Hinata pulled the Naruto doll close to her while releasing a silent sigh. She then turned onto her side while hugging the doll even closer to her before she sat up immediately as the sound of someone knocking her door.

"WHAT?" Shouted Hinata while she silently hid the Naruto doll under her pillow.

"Nee-chan can I talk to you?" Asked the voice threw the door.

"Oh…Hanabi of course you can." Said Hinata as she got out of bed wearing a lavender kimono before she walked to the door and opened it.

"Are you okay Hinata?" Asked Hanabi while she walked into the room and her sister closed the door behind her.

"I'm fine Hanabi-chan. I'm just finally free but at a cost." Stated Hinata with sadness while she held her wrist and sat with her sister on her bed.

"What was the cost Nee-chan?" Asked Hanabi while she looked at her sister in concern.

"Well as you already know the Youdime Hokage sacrificed his life to kill the Kyuubi no Kitsune, but that isn't the truth. The truth is that the yodime Hokage sacrificed his life to seal the Kyuubi into an orphan. The honorable council of the famed Hyuga clan attempted to place a mind control seal on him that would be linked to me giving me complete control over the Kyuubi Jinjuriki." Stated Hinata while she laughed lightly at the end.

"What happened?" Asked Hanabi while she looked at her sister before she was pulled onto her lap.

"Well to put it simply it seems that the Kyuubi redesigned the seal to act like a marriage seal meaning I'm legally married to Naruto." Squealed Hinata while she squeezed her sister.

"So when are you going to tell him, is this the reason why you like him so much, and can you not squeeze me so hard?" Asked Hanabi once more while she struggled against her sisters hold.

"Sorry, I think I'll tell him once we are both genin and Hanabi I really care for him. He is a kind person how has endured so much he is the true meaning of the will of fire." Said Hinata with a smile while she released her sister while Naruto just looked on sadly.

"Well then I'm happy for but the honorable Hyuga council wants to see you." Said Hanabi mimicking her sister.

"Well they can wait." Said Hinata with a smile while she hugged her sister close to her and Hanabi just laughed.

"So do you want to talk about something specific?" Asked Hanabi as she looked at her sister who was busy running her hands through Hanabi's hair.

"How about I tell you about the ultimate form of our dojutsu." Suggested Hinata while she continued to run her hands through Hanabi's hair.

"The ultimate form?" Questioned Hanabi as she looked over her shoulder.

"Well not that many know about it, mostly because the council doesn't want people to know, but I learned about it from mom before she passed on. The ultimate form of the Byakugan allows us to have complete mastery over out elemental affinities. Sadly the only way to unlock it is to have a pure soul, which many of our clan members seem to lack." Said Hinata while she began to braid Hanabi's hair.

"How did mom find out about it?" Asked Hanabi while she messed around with a few of the completed braids.

"She unlocked it. Not knowing at the time what she had she searched the Hyuga records until she found an ancient scroll. The scroll explained how the Byakugan came into existence but also the form she acquired. The version she unlocked never had a true name so she called it the true eye (trans. 2 Latin/Japanese)." Stated Hinata while she started to undid the braids and started over.

"How did the Byakugan come into existence?" Asked Hanabi while she sat still.

"Well…according to the scroll that mom found it stated that all forms of Bloodlines came into existence through the help of the nine biju. The Nibi no Neko was stated to have created our bloodline and for some odd reason it also mentioned that the Kyuubi no Kitsune created the Sharingan." Said Hinata in puzzlement before she set her sister next to her.

Hanabi's hair was now set up with a bun with straight hair coming out of the center and two braids framing her face. The bun was held together with two senbon with a two glass orbs on the ends that had the kanji for fire princess.

"Hinata…thank you." Whispered Hanabi with a smile while she hugged her sister.

"You're welcome Hanabi-chan." Whispered back Hinata while she hugged her sister back before the moment was ruined by someone knocking on her door.

"WHAT!" Hinata shouted but not before pushing her sister back.

"Hinata-sama the council wishes to see you immediately. I have been ordered to bring you even if it requires force." Stated the person on the other side.

"Give me time to at least get dressed." Stated Hinata with irritation at having her sister time interrupted by the damn council.

"Very well then Hinata-sama." Stated the person once more.

"Thank you." Answered back Hinata before she ran to her dresser. She then proceeded to open her drawers and occasionally threw an outfit to the side until she was left with one single outfit. She then ran towards the bathroom and closed the door behind her. A few moments later she stepped out wearing her outfit.

Hinata was now wearing a white kimono with silver lining the edges of the sleeves and the bottom of the robe. Imprinted on the kimono was large moon on the upper half while on the lower half was a Kitsune looking up to the moon. The kimono was held in place with a blood red sash.

"Well what do you think Hanabi-chan?" Asked Hinata while she did a small twirl.

"You're going to knock those council members down a few pegs Hinata." Said Hanabi with a smile while she hugged her sister for luck.

"I'll see you later Hanabi-chan." Whispered Hinata before she walked to the door and opened it causing the room to begin to rapidly change into blurring shapes once more. Slowly the room began to settle several shapes before it finally settled down into a room large than Hinata's and Naruto's room combined.

In the room was a half circle table that had five people seated in it. The man from the fights was sitting in the center while to his left were two elder females and to his right were two elder males.

The first elder male looked to be at least fifty to sixty years old, had no hair except for an occasional thing white strand, and had pure white eyes that were milked over. He was wearing a white robe with the kanji for council on the back.

The first elder female also looked to be at least fifty too sixty years old, had hair that was extremely white held together in a bun, and her eyes were still white but held nothing but coldness but if one were to look long enough they would see deep kindness. She was wearing a white robe with the kanji for council on the back.

The second elder male looked to be seventy, had absolutely no hair showing that he had liver spots, and had white eyes that were filled with coldness. He was wearing a white robe with the kanji for council on the back.

The second female elder also looked to be seventy years old, had no hair, and her eyes were a pure white that were milked over. She was wearing a white robe with the kanji for council on the back.

Currently the council was waiting silently for Hinata and luckily they didn't have to wait long for the council chamber doors to open. With quick and equally spaced steps the person who opened the door walked into the room before she took a seat in front of all the council members. Three out of the five council members looked at her with disinterest while two others looked at her with approval in their eyes only being covered by a thin layer of disinterest.

"Hinata Hyuga do you know why you have been called before the Hyuga council?" Asked the oldest male member while he stared at her with minor interest.

"No." Was all Hinata said but it was filled with a coldness that could only be matched by her late mothers causing a few of the council members to sweat lightly.

"Very well then Hinata it has come to our attention that you may not be the best candidate to become the clan heir. Therefore you will be branded by the Cage Bird Seal tomorrow after noon." Stated the eldest female council member.

"And who might I ask gave you those orders. I thought that the clan heir wouldn't be chosen until both my sister and I became ninja." Coldly stated Hinata while her eyes were filled with a fire.

"That is the normal procedure but since you will become a ninja three years sooner than your sister the council has decided to make her clan heir." Stated the second eldest male while he looked at Hinata with hate.

"So you're going to betray one thousand years of our culture all because I'm going to become a ninja sooner than my younger sister?" Asked Hinata with venom dripping off of every word while a dark aura surrounded her causing a few council members to gulp in fear.

"Don't think of it as betrayal of our clan ways just think of it as a…precaution so if you die and fall into enemy hands they won't have the Byakugan." Quickly stated the eldest female council member in hopes of calming down Hinata.

"Oh and I guess that makes it okay for what you attempted to do to Naruto alright?" Asked Hinata with a cold exterior but inside she was bristling with rage.

"Listen hear you little brat the Kyuubi sho…" Started the eldest male council member before he felt something strike through his heart. Slowly he looked down to see that he was bleeding staining his robes red with his own blood before he fell face first onto the table dead.

"If anyone ever speaks about my fiancé like that ever again they will get a one way ticket to death. Got that?" Asked Hinata while growling in disgust.

"O-of cou-course Hi-Hinata." Stuttered out everyone before she got up and left the room. Not long after that the room changed back into Naruto's apartment with everyone in the same position they had left it in only now there was food in front of everyone.

"Why don't we take a break and eat something." Suggested Naruto as he grabbed a plate of chicken.

"Okay." Said everyone while they each took some sort of meat and ate in silence.

(Five minutes later)

'Dang I never knew how good of a cook Naruto was until now.' Thought everyone while they rubbed their stomachs in contentment.

"Hinata what you said back in your memory was it true?" Asked Naruto in doubt while he looked at the ground.

"Yes it was Naruto the council really did try to make it so you would only serve me but as you can see it back fired." Stated Hinata with happiness.

"Thank you." Whispered Naruto with a small smile before he turned to Natsuki.

"Okay yes I did mess around with the seal they attempted to place on you but can you really blame me?" Asked Natsuki with a childish voice which caused Naruto to smile lightly once more.

"No I can't." Said Naruto before he turned back to everyone else.

"It's your turn Sasuke." Said Hinata while she smiled at her long time friend, even if their fathers disapproved.

"Okay. Genjutsu art: Memory viewing." Quickly stated Sasuke while performing the hand signs before the room changed into an ally way. The ally way was covered in complete darkness with only an occasional light lighting the way through the ally. Shortly after a figure could be seen walking through the ally way beaming with happiness.

The figure was a girl that stood 3' 2", had black hair with blue streaks running along the edges and stopped at his neck, and black eyes. He was wearing a blue shirt with the Uchiha symbol on it, white shorts, and blue ninja sandals.

"I can't believe I finally did it. I finally told everyone back at school that I'm a girl although that brings on a whole new set of problems. The positives were I got my fangirls to leave me alone and two Naruto finally kissed me, even though it was accidental. Bad news some of my fangirls are lesbians." Stated the female as she jumped with joy and ran all the way through the ally without much thought.

Silently she walked through several other alleyways before she finally stepped onto a main road and took off running. She didn't get very far before the smell of blood assaulted her nose causing her to look at the source only to stop. Laying on the ground were two people both were elderly.

"Grandma…Grandpa…" Said the girl as she approached their forms and turned them over only to step back in shock. Both of their faces were horribly burned as were the rest of the front of their bodies, there were also stab wounds on the eight vital spots for the human body, and their eyes were ripped from the sockets.

"No…" Whispered Sasuke while she held her hands up to her mouth before a scream echoed through the empty street causing her to look up in shock.

"That my family's house direction." Quickly stated Sasuke before she took off towards her family home. Silently she ran using all her emotions as fuel to get her home as fast as she could. Along her way she jumped and dodged other bodies of fallen police, ninja, and civilian family members before she stopped in front of her family home. Quickly she took in a deep breath before she released it and ran inside and towards her parents' room.

The second she reached her parents room door she stopped before she kicked the door open causing it to fly directly at a figure who had its back turned while it walked towards a female. A moment later the door slammed into the man causing him to fall to the ground.

The female that was saved stood 5' 2", had black hair, and light black eyes that shown with happiness. She was wearing a light purple top with a white undershirt, blue pants that hugged her body, and wooden sandals.

"Mom…" Whispered Sasuke in disbelief causing her mother to look up to her.

"Sasuke…" Quickly whispered her mom before she ran towards her daughter and embraced her in a hug.

"Mom what happened?" Asked Sasuke as she detached herself from her mother.

"It was Itachi he went mad and started to slaughter the clan." Said her mom while she looked at the knocked out figure.

"No Itachi would never do that. I know he wouldn't." Said Sasuke as she pushed her mom back at arms length.

"Dear you don't know what Itachi can do because of your idiot of a father turning him completely emotionless." Said her mother while she bent down to her daughter's eyes and placed her right hand on her daughter's head.

"You're wrong. I mean you're wrong about Itachi but oddly enough I can't say the same for dad." Said Sasuke while she looked at the downed figure before she looked on in shock as the figure got up and turned towards them. The only major detail that could be seen about the man was he had two glowing blood red eyes with a three pronged shuriken in the center.

Out of reaction Sasuke shut her eyes in hopes of blocking out the essence of fear they produced. A few seconds later she could feel something warm land on her face. Slowly she opened her eyes only to look on in shock. Standing there in front of her was her older brother with a sword sticking out of his chest.

"I-Itachi…" Whispered Sasuke in shock causing her mother to turn around and also look on in shock.

Not a second later Itachi pulled himself off of the sword and pulled a kuni out before he turned on his heel and stabbed it through the right eye of the figure behind him. He then proceeded to twist the kuni deeper into the eye socket before he pulled it out with the eye attached. Afterwards he jumped back while holding his wound and preformed a single hand sign before two more of him appeared. With synchronized movements all of the Itachis' preformed three hand signs.

"Kanton: Grand Fireball jutsu." Quickly stated all of the Itachis' as three fireballs the size of a small house flew towards the unknown figure that held a hand over his missing eye were blood could be seen flowing out. All the figure could do was cover itself as all the fireballs collided when they reached the figure causing a semi large explosion that shook the house.

"I-is he gone?" Asked Sasuke as she looked at where the figure once stood was now nothing but a crater.

"I-I thin-think so." Said Itachi as he breathed in the ash filled air before he collapsed onto his back.

"Itachi!" Shouted both Sasuke and his mother before they ran to his side and quickly removed his cloak and armor. As they removed each piece of cloathing they were able to see that the blade had cut through Itachi's armor without any trouble.

"It's…to….late. Sasuke look after Naruto Uzuamaki. He is a key……to our no…your future. Mother…I'm…sorry…I couldn't get here fast enough." Huffed out Itachi as he looked at them both.

"No don't be sorry you did what you could don't blame yourself if I had stood up to your father you wouldn't be like this." Whispered their mother before she hugged him lightly before she released him.

"I don't think you'll have to worry about me Itachi-nii-san. I…I already care for Naruto but then again maybe its love I feel for him." Said Sasuke as she hugged her brother one last time and he hugged her back.

"Good and Sasuke…you're strong…in your own way and you were strong tonight." Said Itachi with his last breath and a smile on his face before he died.

"Thank you Itachi." Whispered Sasuke under her breath while she cried. Not a moment later her mother was joining her for the loss of Itachi and the rest of their clan. After that the room began to change rather quickly and once again settled back to Naruto's apartment room.

"That's everything I wanted to show you." Said Sasuke before she started to hear growling coming from Natsuki.

"Natsuki is something wrong?" Asked Hinata while she placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I'll tell you what's wrong. The person who slaughtered you clan was also the same man to force me into attacking the village." Growled out Natsuki before she felt something soft wrap around her waist making her feel calm and at ease.

"What was his name?" Asked Iruka as his inquisitive side came out.

"His name was Madara Uchiha but his original name was Madara Hyuga. He was the first Hyuga to ever receive the Cage Bird Seal and because of this he sought out Kyuubi. He found her and asked her for a bloodline that could rival if not surpass the Byakugan." Said Naruto with cold hatred for the man.

"Then why hasn't anyone gone after him?" Asked Sasuke as she stood up in defiance before they heard the door knock.

"I'll get it." Said Naruto as he stood up while he unwrapped his tail from around Natsuki. Calmly he approached the door and opened it with some of the locks still attached before they could physically see him relax and open the door completely allowing two men in.

The first man stood 6' 1", had a white beard on his chin, and an old face that radiated with happiness. The man was wearing a white robe with a red line running down the center of the robe, and a square hat that had a single red triangle with a white kanji for fire.

The second man stood 6', had storm gray hair that stood up in spikes, a lazy posture, one black eye while the other was covered by his hiate, and looked to be thirty years old. He wore a long blue sleeve shirt with a patch showing a flame on his left shoulder, blue pants with a kuni and shuriken pouch on his right leg, a green Jōnin vest, white medical tape wrapped around his legs, and blue ninja sandals.

"Hokage-sama." Quickly stated both Sasuke and Hinata as they rose to their feet in a hurry only to fall on top of one another.

"Now, now I'm only your Hokage so long as I'm in my office right now though I'm just an old man coming to check on his somewhat adoptive grandson and his genin team." Stated the Hokage while he laughed at how the girls reacted.

"It's nice to see you again Hokage-sama." Stated Natsuki with a smile.

"It is always a pleasure to see you Natsuki. I take it that Naruto showed his teammates so of his past." Said the Hokage with a knowing twinkle in his eyes.

"Yes I did Hokage-jiji I'm also planning on dropping half of my mask as well." Stated Naruto while he looked at his adoptive grandfather.

"Which half?" Was all the Hokage asked as he looked at Naruto.

"The emotionless half I'll still hide the fact that I'm the new Kyuubi from the general public but my teammates deserve to know." Was Naruto's reply while he looked at his teammates who just smiled back at him.

"Very well then I will now leave you in the care of your Jōnin sensei." Said the Hokage as he pulled out a pipe and lit it before leaving the small apartment.

"Well I guess I'll start. For starters my name is Kakashi Hatake, my likes are no of your concern just like my dislikes, my hobbies are well I guess I don't have any, and my dreams for the future…well you'll find out about those in later years." Said Kakashi as he eye smiled at his team.

'So all we learned was his name.' Mentally stated all the genin while they sweat dropped at the absurdity of their sensei.

"Okay sun spot your next." Said Kakashi while he pointed at Naruto who just growled in annoyance.

"Fine my name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, my likes are training and spending time with Natsuki and hopefully with my teammates, I dislike a good portion of the village for how they treated me, my hobbies are thinking of new jutsu and ways to scare the villagers, and my dream for the future…I guess its just to have a family." Said Naruto quietly.

"Okay your next midnight." Said Kakashi once more only this time he pointed at Hinata who just glared at him.

"Okay my name is Hinata Hyūga, my likes are Naruto, spending time with Sasuke, flower pressing, cooking, and eating zenzai and cinnamon rolls. I dislike the Cage Bird Seal and most of this village after what they did to Naruto. My hobbies are studying and practicing my families fighting style the Gental Fist and Medicine. My dream for the future is…well I want to keep that personal." Said Hinata while she looked at Naruto at the end with lust.

"Okay and now you duck head." Said Kakashi as he pointed at Sasuke this time causing her to growl in annoyance.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha, my likes are Naruto, spending time with Hinata and my mom, and practicing my taijutsu, genjutsu, and basic jutsu. I dislike the person who killed my family and most of the village after seeing what they have done to Naruto. My hobbies are bettering myself so one day I can kill the man who killed my family. My dream is to one day revive my clan with the one person I care for." Said Sasuke while she blushed at the end and looked away from Naruto.

"Well seeing as I may end up coming on missions with you I might as well tell you a bit about me. For starters my name is Natsuki, my likes are Dango, Naruto, and my younger sister. I dislike Madara Uchiha for causing me to attack the village. My hobbies are reading romance novels. As for my dream well I just want to find my sister and hopefully one day have a family." Said Kyuubi while she hugged Naruto.

'Okay so I have two girls who are lusting after sensei's son, my sensei's son who maybe emotionally broken, and a demon who is also lusting after my sensei's son. I really got the short end of the stick this time.' Thought Kakashi while sat there debating on what to do.

"Good. Now then tomorrow I want all of you to meet me at training ground seven for a survival exercise." Said Kakashi while he watched the genins faces drop slightly.

"Survival exercise but aren't we already genin?" Asked Hinata in confusion while she looked at Kakashi.

"No you aren't in fact the Academy tests were designed to weed out the weak willed. So tomorrow you will meet me at training ground seven." Said Kakashi as he leaned against a wall while he eye smiled at them.

'Tomorrow is going to be fun.' Thought all of the soon to be genin with evil little smiles on their faces causing Kakashi to physically shiver in fear.

"Oh and before I forget DON'T EAT BREAKFAST." Said Kakashi with killing intent before he attempted to get off the wall only to find himself stuck.

"Um…Naruto why am I stuck to your wall?" Asked Kakashi while he tried to push off the wall with his feet only to have them become stuck as well.

"Oh that's easy all my walls are covered with non-drying glue that will only dry once contact is made with it. Although that was more of an accident." Said Naruto with a smile which caused Kakashi's eye to widen in shock while everyone else laughed at his predicament.

"Naruto how exactly is this an accident?" Asked Kakashi while he kept reminding himself that this was his sensei's son.

"Well I used to pull a lot of pranks. One day I had decide to see if I could make glue bombs. That wall is where I tested them." Said Naruto as he looked at the ceiling nearly losing himself in his memories before he was brought back to reality.

"Hey Naruto, Hinata, and Natsuki if you want you could come live with me and my mother in the Uchiha compound we have more than enough rooms." Suggested Sasuke while she watched in amusement as Kakashi attempted to free himself from the wall.

"Sure I would actually love to get out of this dump." Stated Naruto as he watched with a smile as his sensei summoned a shadow clone to help him only to have the clone end up being stuck to the wall face first. Naruto then left the room heading towards the back of the building.

"And I can definitely go for getting out of the Hyūga compound." Stated Hinata with a smile.

"Well then let's go." Said Sasuke as she walked out the door with Hinata behind her and shortly after Naruto following after with Natsuki, in her fox form, sitting on his head.

"Um…guys." Said Kakashi only to hear his voice echo through the house.

"Wait I know how I can pass the time." Said Kakashi with an eye smile while another shadow clone popped into exsistance.

"Okay get into our ninja pouch and get our Icha-Icha Paradise book out." Said Kakashi while his clone nodded before he reached into the real Kakashi's ninja pouch only to have his eyes widen in fear.

"Um…boss it's not there." Said the clone with fear.

"What that can't be I know I had it. I must have…" Started Kakashi before his lone eye widen in shock.

"Oh no." Whispered Kakashi while his eye widened further in shock.

"I LEFT IT AT HOME!" Shouted Kakashi before he screamed like a little girl causing all of the windows to crack and his shadow clone to disappear from the shear decibel of the scream.

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