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Demonic Uchiha ch. 7

"Sarutobi-sama not to be rude but what exactly do we have to discuss?" Sasuke asked as Sarutobi motioned for the group to take a seat.

"For starters your stunt with the civilian council has caused an uproar with the populace and their families demanding for retribution against Naruto, Kushina, Imorta, Haku, and Metsumi." Sarutobi started as he looked over to the side of his desk where a pile of paperwork sat before he turned his attention back to his guests to see Imorta making handsigns.

"Translation please?" Sarutobi asked as he looked to Metsumi.

"He said that he understands why Kushina and himself are being targeted by the populace as they intentionally killed a few of the civilian council members. As for Haku and myself he says that it was an unfortunate accident that the civilian council members died from our changing but not an unforeseen outcome. He does admit that he doesn't understand why Naruto is being added as he gave a fair warning to the civilian council members about what would happen to them if they continued to antagonize the group." Metsumi translated as Sarutobi nodded.

"That is what exactly I said to the families yet they are still demanding retribution for the deaths." Sarutobi stated as he sighed and pulled out his pipe.

"Well old man here's what I'm going to say. Fuck them. If they didn't want me retaliating then they shouldn't have tricked my mother and they should have treated me like a human being." Naruto stated as he watched Sarutobi stuff his pipe with tobacco leaves.

"And I fully agree with you Naruto which is why neither of you will be punished other than Kushina." Sarutobi stated as he lit his pipe with an E-Rank fire jutsu and puffed on it a few times as everyone nodded to what he said until what he said registered itself into Kushina's mind.

"WHAT! WHY AM I BEING PUNISHED!?" Kushina shouted as she stood up and slammed her hands on top of the Hokage's desk.

"Kushina you are a former ninja and a widow to a dead Hokage as such you should know all our laws. Imorta and Haku aren't from here as such they have no knowledge of our rules and laws which is why they will not be punished. Metsumi on the other hand technically died and was brought back outside of the village and as such was no longer bound by our laws. Although with them being genin now they can be punished but I won't as they have to still fill out the paperwork." Sarutobi explained as he pulled out three sheets of paper and gave them to Imorta, Metsumi, and Haku.

"Please fill those out and return them to me before the end of the day." Sarutobi stated as the three genin began to fill out the paperwork.

"I...understand Hokage-sama." Kushina stated as she couldn't find any fault in Sarutobi's logic.

"Now then Kushina as your current Hokage your punishment is quite simple team 11..." Sarutobi started before he stopped to take the paperwork that Haku, Metsumi, and Imorta filled out and quickly added his seal of approval.

"Now as I was saying your punishment is that until the chunin exams your team will be doing nothing but D-rank mission alongside Team 7." Sarutobi stated as he continued to puff on his pipe while he watched everyone's expressions with a smile.

"WHAT!" Everyone shouted other than Imorta and Sarutobi.

"Why the hell are we going to be doing D-Rank missions!" Kushina, Metsumi, and Naruto shouted as they slammed their hands on top of Sarutobi's desk causing some of the paperwork to shift slightly.

"The reason is simple. Kushina you have been outside of the village for nearly thirteen years and as far as I know you haven't trained or done any missions. As such there is a slim possibility that your skills may have dulled from the number of years of your inactivity. This will also placate the families of those poor unfortunate civilian council members that were killed whether directly or indirectly by having the killers confined to the village and doing mediocre chores." Sarutobi explained with both wisdom and sarcasm before he started to puff on his pipe allowing for everyone to digest the information.

"Hokage-sama I don't want to complain but making us do D-Rank missions doesn't really sound like a punishment from a civilian standpoint." Haku stated nervously as everyone turned their attention to her.

"So you would rather that Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, Metsumi, Imorta, Kushina, and yourself to be punished by the civilian council?" Sarutobi asked as he looked at Haku for an answer.

Calmly Haku opened her mouth to answer before she remembered how the civilian council acted not only towards her but also several of the others in the room.

"No Hokage-sama. The punishment that you have stated will suffice." Haku answered as Sarutobi gently smiled at her.

"Does anyone else wish to say anything before I get onto the next portion of this meeting?" Sarutobi asked as Metsumi and Haku sat back down leaving Kushina standing before Sarutobi.

"Sarutobi-san I can assure you that my skills have not dulled over the years that I've been away from the village." Kushina stated as she stared at Sarutobi.

"Mom I don't want to bust your bubble but your skills have diminished slightly." Naruto stated as Kushina looked at him over her shoulder.

"Do explain young man." Kushina said in the one voice all children fear their parents, most commonly the mother, using.

"When I released Natsuki three years ago I accidently got some of her memories. A few showed you fighting and I can honestly say that during the past twelve you have lost some of your edge." Naruto explained before he quickly turned into his small fox form and gave Kushina the kitsune pout.

Silently Kushina stared at Naruto before she sighed, bent down and picked up Naruto.

"I hate to say it but...I guess that my skills could use a little brushing up on." Kushina admitted as she held Naruto in her arms like a newborn baby.

"Now then on to the two most prominent reasons why I called this meeting which involve Naruto and Sasuke." Sarutobi started getting everyone's attention.

"We're listening Hokage-sama." Everyone stated while Naruto jumped out of Kushina's grip and returned to his human form causing Kushina to pout.

"Now then I just recently received a message from one of Konoha's finest spies. He sent information to me about Orochimaru who he says has partially finished his immortality jutsu. He also sent information to me about a group of missing-ninja who call themselves Akatsuki." Sarutobi stated as everyone became serious while Kushina glared at Sarutobi.

"By finest spies you mean that perverted toad hermit Jiraiya." Kushina stated while Sarutobi began to sweat slightly.

"Yes and can we can discuss the specifics of your anger on a later date?" Sarutobi nervously asked as he attempted to placate the anger burning in Kushina's eyes.

"What specific's you let him use your all seeing crystal ball to watch Minato and I consummate our marriage and our only son!" Kushina shouted back while Sarutobi began to pale horribly as everyone else looked at Sarutobi with hate.

"Old man that is an all time low for even you." Naruto stated as he shook his head a Sarutobi.

"Anyway thanks for telling us about Orochimaru old man. I'll start having a few of the kitsune and tiger summons protecting the Uchiha compound. Now what about the group called Akatsuki?" Naruto asked as Sarutobi sighed gently.

"From what Jiraiya was able to find out Akatsuki is an organization composed of mostly high A-S Class missing ninja who work together as a mercenary group. Up until the sealing of Natsuki they were well know to do a number of jobs that fell outside of the traditional ninja jurisdiction but shortly afterwards they vanished." Sarutobi explained before he calmly puffed on his pipe trying to think on how to continue.

"How come I'm sensing an until now coming on?" Metsumi asked as Sarutobi stood up and looked out over the village.

"Just recently a small group of highly skilled bounty hunters turned in a large number of high A-Class missing ninja to all villages. Jiraiya believes that Akatsuki may have killed them and only kept the S-Class missing ninja. For what purpose we have no idea but Jiraiya is looking into it." Sarutobi stated as he continued to look over the village.

"So why tell us this Sarutobi-san. We're just genin. What could we do against a group of S-Class ninja?" Sasuke asked as she looked at Sarutobi.

"Honestly I don't expect either of you to do anything against Akatsuki." Sarutobi stated as he turned to look at the seven ninja sitting before him.

"Then why tell us about them?" Metsumi asked with curiosity ringing in her voice.

"I think that answer's rather obvious. Orochimaru may use Akatsuki to kidnap either Sasuke, Mikoto, or have them both kidnapped so he can breed an unlimited number of Sharingan users he could need or will use for his own pleasure. Then there's Kumo's unhealthy obsession with the Byakugan so they may hire them to 'acquire' a unsealed user. Finally there's Iwa who still holds a grudge against my father so they may hire Akatsuki to assassinate me if not capture me alive to turn into their own private weapon." Naruto explained as everyone nodded as Naruto's explanation was sound except for a few holes.

"Actually Naruto Orochimaru was once a member of the group up until a few years ago when he left. From what our spies were able to acquire it sounds like Akatsuki wants to kill him. Kumo also replaced the former Raikage and instated a new one that isn't bloodline hungry. I would also like to know why you didn't include your mother in the Iwa grudge?" Sarutobi asked with curiosity burning inside his eyes.

"I didn't include my mother because most of Konoha has believed for her to be dead for twelve years and if we're lucky Iwa will also believe that for a little while longer." Naruto stated simply as Kushina gently smiled at him.

"Thank you for the explanation Naruto-kun. Anyway this is why I'm containing you all to the village doing D-rank missions as it's a way to keep you safe until Jiriaya learns about Akatsuki's motives and members. Also everything mentioned today is classified as S-Rank information punishable by death." Sarutobi stated in his Hokage mode showing everyone the seriousness of the information.

"By your will Hokage-sama we will take this information to the grave until such a time that you wish to reveal it." Six ninja stated as they placed their right fist over their hearts and bowed before their Hokage.

"And what say you Imorta?" Sarutobi asked with his voice lacking any form of kindness.

Imorta just bowed to Sarutobi as he sighed.

"I assume that's the best I'll be able to get from you?" Sarutobi asked as he looked at Imorta who smiled solemnly and nodded his head in confirmation. Sighing once more Sarutobi nodded to the shinobi allowing them to stand once more.

"Was that all that you wanted Hokage-sama?" Naruto asked as Sarutobi sighed.

"Yes it was Naruto-kun. You are all free to leave while I deal with this." Sarutobi answered as he turned to a couple dozen six foot tall piles of paperwork sitting beside his desk.

"Okay whatever you say Sarutobi." Kushina said as she grabbed her team and left in a flaming shunshin while Naruto grabbed Hinata and Sasuke before vanishing in a miniature tornado. The second the two teams left the office Sarutobi turned to look at the paperwork to see that it had vanished. Getting a bad feeling in his stomach Sarutobi immediately stood up and turned around to see that the paperwork had become a monster.

"YOU WILL NOT LEAVE THIS OFFICE ALIVE!" Sarutobi shouted as he ripped off his Hokage robes showing that he wore his body armor. He then pulled out a large pen and pointed the tip at the beast before he released a battle cry. What happened afterwards would never be known to anyone.

(With Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke)

When Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke reappeared they were standing in one of the multiple training grounds scattered across Konoha.

"Naruto this isn't our team training ground." Hinata stated while looking around as Naruto removed his hands from the girls shoulders.

"I know. I brought us here so that Sasuke could sign the Crow contract." Naruto stated as Sasuke looked away from Naruto.

"Actually Naruto I um...left the summoning scroll back at home." Sasuke stated as she chuckled with nervousness.

Sighing Naruto gently placed his hands back on the girls shoulders before they vanished in another miniature tornado.

(Outside Uchiha Head house)

Once again Team 7 reappeared standing outside the Uchiha clan head house before they walked inside to see Imorta sitting at the table doing paperwork along with Mikoto.

"Imorta aren't you supposed to be with my Mother and your team?" Naruto asked as Imorta quickly wrote something out on a blank sheet of paper.

'I'm only a clone the real me is with them.' All three genin read.

"That makes sense." Hinata stated as Sasuke and Naruto nodded before Sasuke walked off into the Uchiha compound.

"So why are three home so early?" Mikoto asked as she looked up from her paperwork.

"We came back because Sasuke wanted to sign the Crow summoning Contract and we didn't have any time for her to do so while we were in wave." Naruto explained as Imorta discreetly looked at them.

"Odd I thought that she carried that scroll on her all the time." Mikoto muttered before she torched one of the scrolls she was reading.

"Another marriage proposal Mom?" Sasuke asked as she walked into the room with a scroll in her hands.

"Afraid so but don't worry about that as I'm already beginning to take care of that. Anyway why did you leave the Crow contract behind?" Mikoto asked with a smile as Naruto gulped lightly which Imorta caught while Sasuke chuckled slightly.

"Well I was in a hurry this morning so I forgot to grab the contract." Sasuke explained as Mikoto laughed into her hand.

"Do try to keep the contract on you. It is valuable after all." Mikoto stated as Sasuke huffed but nodded none the less.

"Let's head out to one of the training grounds so you can sign it and attempt to summon the boss then." Hinata stated excitedly as they left the house and walked off towards one of the multiple abandoned private Uchiha training grounds.

Once they arrived at a relatively large training ground that would do well for the summoning Naruto created a few clones to set up a barrier that would mask the chakra output along with hide anything that would be summoned from anyone looking in.

"Okay Sasuke as you possibly already know you have to sign the summoning scroll in blood and place your finger prints at the bottom so I want you to do that first." Naruto stated as Sasuke nodded before she unraveled the scroll. With the scroll unraveled she noticed that the scroll had only been signed by her brother. Pushing her sadness aside she quickly bit her thumb and signed the contract before she coated her finger tips in blood and slammed them into the scroll.

"Good. Now then the handsigns are Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, and Ram." Naruto stated as Sasuke slowly made the signs as a barrier rose over the group.

"Summoning Jutsu." Sasuke stated as she made the signs once more and slammed her hand onto the ground before a small plume of smoke covered whatever she summoned. Once the smoke had cleared there was a nest of eggs.

"I summoned a nest of eggs?" Sasuke asked as she acquired a depression cloud over her head as Naruto and Hinata laughed in merriment.

"I guess I should have mentioned that you need to keep a constant stream of chakra flowing into the jutsu to summon anything larger than...an egg." Naruto mentioned as he smiled nervously at Sasuke while giving her his foxy smile.

"If it doesn't work your ass is mine Uzumaki." Sasuke stated as she stood up and once again made the signs and preformed the summoning while constantly pushing chakra outwards until a huge explosion of smoke obscured the group. Shortly after a mysterious wind swept through the training ground blowing all the smoke away showing an average sized crow sitting on top of the eggs.

The crow was average sized to the usual ones found around Konoha. It's feathers though were black but when everyone looked closer they noticed a faint trace of crimson mixed in.

"Who dares summon the Lady of Crows and her unborn children?" The crow asked as it looked over Hinata, Sasuke, and Naruto.

"I highly doubt that it's you boy as I can already see the markings of two summoning clans claiming you but you girls. I don't sense any claim made by summon beings on your persona. So which of you summoned me?" The crow asked once more as it stared intently at Sasuke and Hinata.

"I summoned you um..." Sasuke started as the crow looked at her.

"My name is..." The crow started before it was cut off by another voice shouting, "USOTSUKI!" Shortly after another poof of smoke appeared before it was blown away revealing a puppy sized crow. This crow also had black feathers but expertly mixed in were differing shades of dark red, blue, and green while its eyes were a smoky gray color.

"I turn my back for less than half a minute and not only are you gone but so are my unborn children!" The new crow shouted at the smaller crow who was cowering before this crow.

"Um...not to be rude but who are you Crow-sama?" Sasuke asked causing the crow to turn its attention to Sasuke.

"I'm am the mistress of nightmares, the personal messenger for the Shinigami, and the Queen of the Crows Mitusuto Kage." Mitusuto stated proudly while the other crow attempted to fly away only to be fixed in place by Mitusuto glaring at it.

"And where do you think that you are going Usotsuki?" Mitusuto asked as Usotsuki gulped nervously.

"Nowhere." Usotsuki quickly replied.

"That's what I thought. Now then which one of you summoned this useless piece of shit?" Mitusuto asked as she ruffled her feathers.

"I did in an attempt to summon you but why do you call him a useless piece of shit?" Sasuke asked as she looked nervously at Mitusuto.

"I can call him that since he's my husband and that explains why I felt someone calling me but I figured it was this idiot." Mitusuto stated as she slapped her husband on the back of his head.

"Anyway you attempted to summon me. Well tell me your name and then I'll administer the test that all positional summoner's are required to take." Mitusuto stated as she flew and landed on Sasuke's left shoulder.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha, Mitusuto-sama." Sasuke stated calmly as she looked into the crows eyes.

"So your Itachi's younger sister. Very well then I will administer the same test that I gave your brother. The test is simple all you have to do..." Mitusuto started as Hinata and Naruto paid close attention.

"Is to find me something shiny." Mitusuto finished as Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke face planted as Mitusuto flew off Sasuke's shoulder and laughed heartily at them.

"Are you fucking serious. I was expecting something more challenging." Sasuke shouted at Mitusuto who just continued to laugh.

"Child you will be regretting those words. The test took your brother a solid week to pass." Mitusuto stated as Sasuke stared disbelievingly at Mitusuto.

"I can't believe that a simple test would take my brother a week to pass. He was a genius." Sasuke stated as Mitusuto laughed causing Sasuke to growl threateningly towards her.

"Child your brother may have been a genius but he was terrible people person." Mitusuto stated as Sasuke could only nod sadly as even she could tell as a child that her brother didn't really care for interacting with other's.

"So what exactly did my brother give to you?" Sasuke asked as she would later swear to seeing Mitusuto smirk before Mitusuto flew back to the nest. Everyone watched as Mitusuto gently moved a few eggs before she bent down and grabbed something inside her beak. Mitusuto then flew to Sasuke and landed skillfully on her head before dropping the object in her beak into Sasuke's hands.

"The heir's necklace." Sasuke gasped out in shock as she held the necklace up to the light. The necklace was about the size of a half-dollar coin with the outer edge being made of silver while the iris was made of ruby. Situated inside the ruby iris were three commas made of obsidian with the pupil being made of half a black pearl.

'How will I/Sasuke top that?' Everyone wondered briefly before Naruto got an idea.

"Hey Sasuke I know what you can give to Mitusuto." Naruto stated as Sasuke gave the necklace back to Mitusuto before she turned her attention to Naruto.

"Really?" Sasuke asked as she looked to Naruto.

"Yep." Naruto stated as he lowered himself to a meditation position and began to gather chakra.

As Naruto did this both Hinata and Sasuke touched the mate marks that Naruto gave them as they seemed to pulse.

(With Haku and Metsumi)

Almost simultaneously Haku and Metsumi paused in mid-step and turned to look towards the Uchiha compound while they too touched their mate marks.

(With Natsuki)

'Naruto?' Natsuki wondered as she felt her mate mark pulse as she looked towards the direction that Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke left towards earlier.

'What are you doing?' Natsuki wondered before she felt a slight draw upon her yokai.

(With Team 7 and guests)

Silently in pure fascination everyone watched as a physical blade of chakra formed in front of Naruto before Sasuke and Hinata took notice that it wasn't just Naruto's chakra but it also had faint traces of their chakra along with Haku's, Metsumi's, and Natsuki's. Then suddenly without warning the chakra Naruto had gathered suddenly and violently exploded outwards.

"Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Both Hinata and Sasuke stated as a literal wall of clones appeared in front of the group and took the physical force of the explosion.

Naruto on the other hand wasn't so lucky as he was sent flying back from the explosion.

"NARUTO!" Hinata and Sasuke shouted as they ran towards their downed mate. As they ran towards Naruto Mitusuto finally took notice of the fact that Sasuke had a tail.

'That's odd...I don't sense any demonic energy coming from her. But how does she have a tail?' Mitusuto wondered as she flew over to team 7.

"Naruto are you alright?" Hinata asked as she gently shook Naruto who just groaned in protest.

"I'm alright." Naruto stated as he got up only to fall face first to the ground.

"On second thought I'm not alright." Naruto muttered as Sasuke and Hinata helped into a sitting position.

"Not to ruin the mood or anything of that nature but why do you have a tail Sasuke Uchiha?" Mitusuto asked as she landed atop Naruto's head and looked down upon the three.

"Um...will my answer potentially jeopardize my chances of summoning the Crow clan?" Sasuke countered as Mitusuto seemed to chuckle.

"It all depends." Mitusuto replied as she stared at Sasuke.

"I am marked to become one of five mates to the new Kyuubi, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, whom you currently stand upon." Sasuke stated as Mitusuto looked down to Naruto.

"Impressive for one so young to become the Kyuubi is clearly an accomplishment worth noting and you being one of his mates explains the features but not why you lack the Yokai that all demons release." Mitusuto stated with shock and curiosity.

"FUCK! I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING IMPORTANT!" Naruto shouted while he slapped himself on the forehead.

"What did you forget Naruto?" Hinata asked as Mitusuto flew to her shoulder.

"Natsuki and I forgot to release the seal that she placed upon you back in Nami no Kuni. It has been constantly suppressing your yokai for some time now." Naruto stated.

"We wondered why we were tiring out easier than normal." Hinata and Sasuke stated at the same time.

"It also explains why I didn't feel any yokai coming from the two of you." Mitusuto responded.

"I can remove the seal now if you girls would like." Naruto stated as he stood to his feet with his legs shaking slightly.

"Are you certain that you are fit to do so?" Hinata asked as she helped Naruto steady himself.

"I'm fine Hinata but thanks for caring." Naruto replied as he smiled to Hinata who just smiled and blushed.

"Naruto if it's alright with you I would rather keep my yokai sealed for now." Sasuke stated as Naruto looked to her.

"Remember what Sarutobi said earlier. He said that Orochimaru would be coming after me and I've seen the outcome of his bites. I would rather have the yokai suppressed so that if I do receive his gift I can destroy it with my yokai." Sasuke explained as Naruto gently pulled her to him.

"There is no guarantee that will work and besides with Anko's permission I started having some of the more competent sealing foxes study the Curse Seal and they believe that they have found an experimental way to remove it." Naruto said gently as he hugged her.

"You just said it yourself the removal process is experimental. Besides it's possible that Orochimaru has changed the Curse Seal since Anko received hers. I would rather take my chances with using my yokai to free myself rather than hoping an experimental procedure will free me." Sasuke stated as she gently pulled out of Naruto's hug while Hinata and Mitusuto watched in fascination.

"Then let me do this at least. Demonic Art: Seal Modification." Naruto whispered before he gently kissed Sasuke on her forehead. Shortly after he pulled away and smiled at the slightly blushing Uchiha.

"I've modified the seal so that if your ever in danger all you have to do is say, Demonic Art: Demonic Suppression Release." Naruto stated as Sasuke smiled at him before she kissed him on the lips.

"Thank you...Naruto-kun." Sasuke whispered as she gently pulled back from Naruto's lips.

"It's so beautiful. Almost like a love story." Both Hinata and Mitusuto sniffed out as tears fell from their eyes.

"I think I liked being thanked like that." Naruto stated as Sasuke giggled lightly as she kissed him on the nose.

"Don't get used to it. Now go unlock Hinata's yokai fox boy." Sasuke stated before she twisted out of Naruto's hold all the while laughing.

"Are you ready Hinata?" Naruto asked as he turned to her as she nodded.

"Demonic Art: Demonic Suppression Release." Naruto stated as his finger tips glowed with his golden yokai before he slammed his fingers into Hinata's head. Shortly after a violet yokai began to coat Hinata which caused one thought to go through Naruto's head.

'Shit...Not again.' Naruto complained mentally as he was suddenly blown back by Hinata's yokai.

"Ugh...what is up with me getting blasted every which way today?" Naruto wondered as he got to his feet while he rubbed his head.

"Maybe it's because you can't help but to help us." Hinata offered as she gently cupped Naruto's cheek.

"True although I didn't really help Sasuke." Naruto muttered as he looked up to Hinata only to stare at the two tails that gently swayed behind her in a hypnotic pattern.

Giggling Hinata bent down so that she was face to face with Naruto before she also lightly kissed Naruto.

"Of course you helped Sasuke. You made so she could remove her own suppression seal." Hinata stated after she pulled away from Naruto's lips.

"I'm only gone for a few seconds and you two are already locking lip with each other." Sasuke stated as she came forward holding the nest that she originally summoned in her hands.

"I was only thanking Naruto in the same fashion that you did. So don't be bitching at me." Hinata growled back as Sasuke huffed before she smiled at Hinata and broke out laughing with the others joining in.

"Well thank you Sasuke-chan for retrieving my nest but where's my husband?" Mitusuto asked as she landed on Sasuke's shoulder.

"Um...well I didn't see him anywhere near the nest so I'm assuming he flew off." Sasuke nervously stated as Mitusuto glared.

"I'm beating his ass into the ground when I get home." Mitusuto stated as she hopped down to the nest and sat on her eggs before she stood up.

"What is this thing?" Mitusuto asked as she picked up a regular bouncy ball sized sphere that had a flame burning in the center that was constantly changing from gold, to violet, to dark blue, to fire red, to ice blue, to crimson red, and back to gold.

"That. I found in the area where Naruto was originally gathering yokai to help me with your task. I figured that I could give this to you in hopes that it would suffice for your challenge." Sasuke stated hopefully as Mitusuto continued to stare at it.

"This is a perfect object and I accept it. Congratulations' Sasuke Uchiha you are now an official summoner for the crow clan and as it's leader I'm proud to welcome you." Mitusuto stated as she tore herself away from staring at the ball.

"I am honored Mitusuto-sama but before you leave I would like to ask a favor of you." Sasuke stated as Sasuke looked to Naruto who understood where she was going.

"Double Summoning Jutsu: Kitsune and Tora clans: Boss summons." Naruto stated as he quickly preformed the summoning while his hands became obscured from the smoke.

After a short while the smoke dissipated showing Kazuki and Kaze standing at attention.

"Good Afternoon Naruto-san. How may I be of service?" Both Kazuki and Kaze asked at the same time as Naruto growled.

"It's just Naruto. I hate formalities." Naruto stated as both Kazuki and Kaze looked towards each other and grinned.

"Anyway I called you here to ask a favor from each of your clans." Naruto stated with a serious expression on his face causing his summons to stand at attention.

"Some information has recently come to light about a missing ninja from Konoha who seeks to aquire the Sharingan for his own personal gains. I would like for your two clans to help protect the Uchiha compound until the traitor is either in custody or dead." Naruto stated as Kazuki and Kaze seemed unhappy.

"Why not just send us after this traitor and kill him?" Kazuki asked as Naruto sighed.

"The reason I don't want you to go after him is simple. According to recent intelligence aquired about the traitor it seems that he has found a way of immortality. Until we have enough intelligence about how it works I don't want anyone to attack him including my family." Naruto stated as Kazuki stood down.

"Who is this traitor?" Kaze asked carefully.

"It is Orochimaru the Snake Sannin of Konoha." Naruto said as all three summons glared heavily.

"Shiori will not be pleased to find out that worm Manda has not only created a summoning scroll but also found a summoner." Mitusuto cawed out as Kaze and Kazuki only nodded.

"That I have no doubts on. Very well Naruto-san I will have several of my best warrior cats guarding the compound." Kaze stated as she vanished in a plume of smoke.

"I shall send several of the Kitsune warriors and some adept sealing Kitsune to help." Kazuki said without hesitation before she attempted to leave only to be stopped.

"Kazuki wait I want to know by what you meant when you told me that I had better not harm your sister?" Naruto asked as Kazuki sighed.

"All I want for you to do is make Natsuki happy. Also she is not my sister by blood as summons and demons are two different beings. Is that all?" Kazuki asked as Naruto nodded and she vanished in a plume of smoke as well.

"Mitusuto-sama I would like to ask that you also supply help as well if you can?" Sasuke asked as Mitusuto closed her eyes and nodded.

"I will give you help in the form of some of my fastest messengers' one will be on each of you at all times so that if problems to rise you can quickly contact anyone the rest will be here at the Uchiha compound helping the tiger and Kitsune clans search areas that they could not see in. I will also be getting in contact with Shiori-dono so do be prepared to see her at some point." Mitusuto said before she disappeared in a plume of smoke along with her nest.

"We better get to Kakashi-sensei but we won't tell him what transpired here as to many people knowing could put a risk to our plans." Naruto stated as the girls nodded in understanding before they all left the training ground in their specific shunshin.

(One month later)

Currently we find teams 7 and 11 standing outside of training ground 7 waiting for their sensei's to show up.

"I wonder where Kakashi-sensei's at right now?" Hinata asked as she gently combed her fingers through her tails hair.

"Honestly I really don't give a flying fuck." Sasuke growled out as she attempted to glare a hole through a rock.

"Now, now Sasuke-chan no need for such hostility?" Kakashi suddenly said as he appeared in front of the group with Kushina not far behind.

Sasuke just fixed her glare on Kakashi's book and began to mentally cheer when she noticed that it was starting to smoke.

Kakashi seeing the smoke quickly stored the book away into his ninja pouch while Sasuke seemed to glare harder.

"Anyway Kakashi and I just wanted to inform you six that we've nominated you all for the chunin exams. Here are the slips for you to gain access. The test is in three days at the Academy in room 301. So until then you're all officially on a small break from your usual routine." Kushina stated as she handed the genin their slips of paper before they both vanished leaving six genin standing there.

"Well I'm going." Naruto stated as he placed the sheet into his ninja pouch.

"Same here." Sasuke stated proudly her anger momentarily forgotten.

"Okay." Hinata said as she placed her slip away.

"You'll burn the competition away..." Haku stated to Metsumi who smirked.

"Then you'll freeze them alive..." Metsumi stated to Haku.

"And Imorta will shatter them." Both Haku and Metsumi stated as Imorta nodded his head in silent agreement while he stared at the sheet of paper.

"To Ichiraku's Ramen Stand to celebrate!" Naruto shouted as he created three clones who grabbed onto a girl with Naruto grabbed Hinata and they took off leaving Imorta standing their looking at the sheet.

Imorta only sighed and followed after his overactive, ADHD, blond haired comrade and his girlfriends all the while wondering how he always wound up in these situations.

(At Ichiraku's)

Currently Teuchi and Ayame were cleaning up after the mid-afternoon lunch rush before Teuchi suddenly stopped and smiled.

"Ayame be prepared as I have a feeling that well be feeding a small army shortly." Teuchi stated as Ayame nodded already figuring who the small army would be.

"Hey old man Teuchi!" Naruto shouted as he entered the stand with everyone else behind him.

"Well if it isn't my favorite customer and four beautiful young women. What can I do for you all today?" Teuchi asked as he waved Ayame off to begin cooking their food.

"Ten of everything for me old man." Naruto stated as he began to slightly salivate.

"We'll each have five random bowls of Ramen." All the girls stated as they took their seats as Imorta walked in.

"And what would you like sir?" Teuchi asked as he looked at Imorta who took his seat and quickly made a batch of hand signs.

"Okay I'll have it right out for you." Teuchi replied as everyone stared at him in shock.

"How did you understand him?" Everyone asked while Imorta just stared neutrally towards Teuchi who chuckled.

"Wouldn't be a very successful business man if I didn't understand my customers so I took a few classes in sign language a few years back." Teuchi explained as Ayame came out of the kitchen to give the girls their first bowls of ramen.

"Hey where's my ramen?" Naruto grumbled out as Ayame giggled at him before she took Imorta's order to the back with her.

"Naruto if you received your order before us you would be done long before we finished." Everyone stated as Naruto blushed from embarrassment as everyone laughed as Teuchi headed to the back to help Ayame with the orders. Shortly after Teuchi came rushing out with a large bowl and set it before Imorta.

Smiling lightly Imorta made a few quick signs before he picked up a pair of chopsticks and bowed his head to prayer.

"Here you go Naruto your first ten bowls." Ayame stated as she set the first ten bowls before Naruto who pulled one towards him as a bird flew into the stand and landed on Imorta's shoulder.

"MIKADZUKI!" A voice shouted as two people entered the stand.

The first person was a young female that looked to be twelve years old, stood 4' 7", had straight black hair that reached to her knees, and a pair of cold black eyes. She was wearing a dark green vest with a winter camouflage tank top underneath, winter camouflage pants, a winter camouflage scarf, and black ninja sandals. On her right thigh was a kunai/shuriken holster while on her forehead was a headband with a music note on it.

Behind her was another female that looked to be eighteen years old, stood 5' 9", had dark red hair that reached slightly past her neck while some of it hung in-between her eyes, and her eyes were a light brown. She was wearing a light grey battle dress with the yin-yang symbol on the bottom, black biking shorts, and a purple rope belt at her waist.

"Hello ladies if you would like to order something please take a seat and well be with you shortly." Teuchi greeted with a smile as he brought out Hinata, Sasuke, Haku, and Metsumi's next ramen bowls.

"Actually I'm just here for my raven, Mikadzuki." The black haired girl stated as she pointed to the bird currently roosting on Imorta's shoulder before he snapped his chopsticks apart and began to eat at a pace that put Naruto to shame yet held a level of dignity that only a Noble had. Once Imorta had finished he quickly put down enough money to pay his bill before he took the bird off his shoulder and set it onto the counter. Turning Imorta looked at the two others before he nodded to them and vanished in a cloud of smoke.

"Grab that fucking bird Kin and let's get the fuck out of this fucking place." The red head said to her companion.

"Alright Tayuya." Kin replied as she grabbed Mikadzuki and the two walked out of the restaurant.

"What was that about?" Everyone asked as they looked at each other hoping to gain an answer.

"Ah...who cares bring on the next ten bowl's Teuchi." Naruto stated enthusiastically as the girls looked in shock at the ten empty bowls and wondered when he ate them while they were still working their way through their second bowl.

"So what's been going on for you five?" Ayame asked as she brought out the next ten bowls for Naruto.

"Well our sensei's nominated our teams for the chunin exams. So we have the next three days off to laze about." Hinata replied before she finished her second bowl of ramen.

"Really are any of you nervous?" Teuchi asked from the kitchen.

"Yeah some of us are but we aren't going to tell you as some of the reasons for our nervousness is classified information." Sasuke stated as she finished her second bowl while Naruto paused in his eating to gently grasp her hand in his before he gently squeezed it causing her to smile at him.

"Well to help you get your mind off of your problems I'll give each of you another five bowls on the house." Teuchi offered.

"Alright Teuchi you rock." Naruto stated happily as he began to eat along with the girls.

(An Hour later)

"Thanks for the food Teuchi. We'll attempt to see you after the exams so we can tell you about our exploits. " Everyone stated as they left the stand.

"Heh...I look forward the hear about them." Teuchi stated as the group left.

"So what are we going to do now Naruto-kun?" Haku asked as she latched onto his back as they left the vicinity of Ichiraku Ramen.

"We could always go see Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon so we can hear about their mission." Hinata suggested as she latched onto Naruto's right arm.

"Hm...that is a rather good idea. Besides I want to hear about how well their mission went." Naruto stated with a smile.

"You gave a group of nine year olds a mission?" Metsumi and Haku asked in perfect sync.

"It was simple we only asked for them to spy on Anko and Iruka's date." Sasuke stated as she latched onto Naruto's left arm.

"PUT ME DOWN!" Everyone suddenly heard someone shout from an alleyway.

"KO!" Naruto shouted as he ran down the alleyway with the girls hot on his heels. When they arrived they noticed that Ko was currently being held by his collar by an older boy while a slightly older female stood off to the side looking around nervously.

The older boy looked to be fourteen years old, stood 4' 5", and a pair of black eyes. He was wearing what could best be called a full, black cat body suit and black ninja sandals. His face was covered in make-up. On his back was a wrapped package that had what appeared to be brown hair sticking out at random locations and on his right leg was a kunai/shuriken holster.

The female looked to be fifteen years old, stood 4' 11", had a pair of jade green eyes, and sandy blond hair done into four ponytails. She was wearing a long sleeve light purple shirt that was parted to show off some of her cleavage, metal armor was strapped just below her bus and extended slightly past her waist while a red sash was securely wrapped around her waist, a dark blue skirt that only extended to her upper thigh, and black ninja sandals. Strapped to her back was a massive fan.

"Kankuro just drop the kid. It was clearly an accident that he ran into you. Besides I don't want to make him angry." The female stated as she continued to look around her.

"You had best listen to her or else I get either my brother to kick your ass or my grandfather." Ko stated with a smile at the thought of Naruto kicking Kankuro's ass.

"Shut up Temari this brat needs to be taught a lesson. Also I'm not afraid of an old man or your brother since I'll possibly kick their asses." Kankuro stated smugly while he tightened his grip on Ko's scarf.

"Gah! Sexy Jutsu." Ko stated before he was covered in smoke.

'Are you trying to get me killed Ko?' Naruto asked internally while crying internally as well as the smoke vanished.

Standing in Ko's place was now a woman that looked to be twenty years old, had large vermillion eyes that shone with innocence, long brunette hair that reached to her but and framed her heart shaped face. The only thing that covered her were a few wisp's of smoke which did little to hide her C-cup bust, thin waist, and wide hips.

'What. The. Fuck?' Both Kankuro and Temari wondered as Kankuro only stared open mouthed at Ko.

"What's the matter...does little Tora-chan have your tongue?" Ko asked as he carefully removed Kankuro's hand from him.

"N-no and who's Tora-chan?" Kankuro asked as Ko laughed while he twisted out of Kankuro's reach.

"Don't worry about that. Besides didn't you say that you were going to teach me a lesson?" Ko asked as he struck a rather sexy pose before he winked at Kankuro who finally fainted.

"Alright I finally got it down. I can't wait to show Naruto." Ko stated happily as he released the technique returning to his usual state.

"That won't be necessary Ko." Naruto spoke up bringing attention to him and the girls.

"Big brother!" Ko shouted as he hugged Naruto who chuckled.

"Boss!" Moegi and Udon shouted as they approached Naruto while Ko let him go.

"Udon, Moegi, little brother it's good to see you all as well." Naruto greeted before someone groaning caught their attention.

"Ugh...what in the world hit me?" Kankuro groaned out as he slowly got to his feet.

"You were knocked unconscious by a juvenile technique. And if your his older brother how could you allow for him to create such a thing?" Temari asked with a hard glare aimed at Naruto.

"He didn't create that technique..." Naruto started.

"Then who made it!" Temari shouted at Naruto.

"I made the technique as a joke and distraction technique." Naruto finished with his left eye and ear twitching as Temari glared at him while she reached for her fan.

"So your his older brother. Heh now I guess I've got an even better reason to beat you now." Kankuro stated as he slipped his package off his back before he suddenly jumped as a chain slammed into the ground where he formally stood.

Eyeing the chain nervously everyone followed it back to see Imorta sitting in a nearby tree with the chain coming out of his sleeve before it slowly retracted back into his sleeve.

"Who the fuck are you!" Kankuro shouted at Imorta who stared impassively at Kankuro before he turned his attention to his left. Following his gaze everyone saw another figure.

The figure was a male that looked to be twelve years old, stood 4' 3", had light green eyes with black rings surrounding them and the kanji for love above his left eye, and red hair. He was wearing a light weight black jumpsuit and black ninja sandals. He was carrying a gourd on his back and had a kunai/shuriken pouch on his right leg.

"Ga-Gaara." Temari and Kankuro stated fearfully as they unconsciously backed away from him.

"Temari. Kankuro. Your embarrassing our village." Gaara stated coldly before he vanished in a swirl of sand and reappeared in front of Naruto and his group.

"I apologize for any problems that my sister and brother may have caused." Gaara stated without blinking.

"Don't worry about it. If we hadn't arrived there may have been trouble since your brother was harassing the current Hokage's grandson." Naruto stated as he stared Gaara down.

"Now wait..." Kankuro started before Gaara looked at him.

"Kankuro shut up before I kill you." Gaara stated emotionlessly without any thought.

"Well I'll be damned it seems that you were right." Natsuki stated causing everyone to look at the branch above Imorta to see Natsuki standing there looking directly at Gaara.

"Right about what Natsuki?" Haku asked as Natsuki jumped down and stood by Naruto.

"You'll see." Natsuki stated as she stepped forward while Imorta jumped down and stood beside her.

"Ichibi no Tanuki as my last order of reigning queen of the biju I demand that you show yourself before myself outside of your host." Natsuki stated with authority as Gaara's gourd suddenly opened creating a miniature sandstorm around the group.

(Unknown Location)

Once the sandstorm had died down everyone noticed that they were no longer inside Konoha but rather in front of an impressively built home situated perfectly in the center of a desert oasis.(AN: I really don't want to attempt to describe what the house looks like but if it helps think or the Taj mahal or the sultan's palace from Aladdin.)

"Um...Natsuki where are we exactly?" Haku asked as she began to lightly fan herself from the heat.

"If I had a guess I would say that we are in the private realm for Shukaku." Metsumi stated off handily as she noticed a tanuki watching them.

"Private realm?" Naruto asked with a large grin on his face.

"Yeah. The queen of hell, Imorta, and all nine biju lords or ladies own a private realm." Metsumi stated normally while Naruto gained a larger grin, Natsuki was making a motion to strangle Metsumi, and Imorta just started to slap himself.

"Care to explain why you never mentioned this to me Natsuki-chan?" Naruto asked through a strained smile as Natsuki stopped her motions.

"Um...well..." Natsuki started as she blushed and looked away from Naruto.

"I'm waiting." Naruto stated in a sing-song voice.

"It's because I slept through most of your childhood." Natsuki stated as she still looked away from Naruto.

"You slept...through my childhood." Naruto reiterated angrily as Natsuki flinched slightly at his tone.

"Naruto you have to understand. When I was sealed inside your mother and before her your great-great grandmother Mito Uzumaki the seals were specifically designed so I would have no interactions with my host. When your father sealed me into you I figured that he had done the same thing." Natsuki stated sadly as Naruto seemed to calm slightly.

"That's not the only reason though. The private realms used by the queen of hell, Imorta, and we biju are heavily saturated in our yokai. If I had taken you there with anyone who was not used to my yokai they would have died. The only real reason why everyone here is fine in Shukaku's realm is because she's the weakest of all the biju." Natsuki explained as Naruto sighed.

"I believe you." Naruto stated without hesitance as Natsuki smiled along with the other girls.

"Wait how the hell do you know that she isn't just lying to you to save her own skin?" Kankuro asked.

"1) She is my mate or wife as you would call her, 2) our mate marks bond us making it easier for us to tell if we lie to one another, and 3) we are still bound by the Shiki fujin my father used on me." Naruto explained as he lifted his shirt showing off the Shiki fujin.

"Okay...NOW WHERE THE HELL IS OUR BABY BROTHER!" Temari shouted as the doors to the house opened and a fairly young woman stepped out dragging something behind her.

The woman stood 5' 6", looked to be 18 or 19 years old, had sandy brown hair done up into a pony tail and her eyes were a vibrant shade of emerald green. She was wearing what could best be described as either a genie or belly dancer outfit. All across her body were a number of light blue tattoo's that looked like veins and the kanji for love was also inscribed upon her forehead.(AN/: I really can't describe this simply due to the complexity of the outfit.)

"LET ME GO! LET ME GO THAT POWER IS MINE!" A voice shouted as the group watched the woman walk by them dragging a man behind her.

"SHUT UP YOU FUCKIN ASSHOLE!" The woman shouted as she grabbed his collar and the back of his pants.

"That power was never yours and if you ever come back here I'll kill you." The woman stated coldly before she threw the man into the surrounding desert.

"Now that that's taken care of I can go spend some quality time with Gaara." The woman stated happily with a smile on her face as she skipped off towards the home.

"Wait what do you know about our baby brother?" Temari asked as Kankuro just stared at the ladies ass.

"Easy I've been sealed in him." The woman answered without a single care while Temari and Kankuro stiffened.

"YOUR SHUKAKU!" Both Temari and Kankuro shouted as they backed away from the woman.

"Yeah what of it?" Shukaku asked as her eyes shifted from their emerald green into a glowing yellow with a black four pointed star in the center.

"Nothing." Temari and Kankuro answered as they backed away even further.

"Yeash your both acting like I'm going to kill you and come to think of it even Gaara acted like that." Shukaku muttered as her eyes returned to normal.

"Shukaku-chan it might have something to do with the fact that the person that you just tossed practically used your power to kill others." Metsumi stated as Shukaku turned to them.

"Well shit. Guess I'll actually have to kill him now." Shukaku stated without a care as she snapped her fingers. Shortly after everyone could swear that they heard something screaming before it was suddenly silenced.

"You were going to kill him anyway." Natsuki stated as Shukaku just grinned at her.

"Of course but I originally planed for him to die in the desert surrounding my little oasis." Shukaku stated with the smile never leaving her face.

"Why do I even bother. Anyway can you send us home now?" Natsuki asked as Shukaku took a thinking position.

"You'll get to spend more time with Gaara." Haku pushed as she created an umbrella of ice to keep the beating sun off her.

"Deal." Shukaku stated happily as she snapped her fingers causing a sandstorm to surround the group.

(Konoha Alleyway)

Once the group reappeared in the Konoha alleyway Haku immediately released the ice umbrella as everyone turned to look at the Suna Ninja only to see Shukaku clinging to Gaara's back while he was completely stiff as a board.

"Ugh...just grow a pair already boy Shukaku's not going to hurt you!" Natsuki shouted at Gaara who looked at her.

"I've had her in my head for the past several years of my life and anytime that I attempted to sleep she would begin to devour my soul should I sleep." Gaara stated as Shukaku grimaced.

"Um...about that. I wasn't the one yelling at you. That was the asshole who stole my power who was threatening you." Shukaku stated with sadness as she just continued to hug Gaara who stiffened from the contact.

"Well we'll leave you two to work out your problems. See you three in the exams." Naruto stated as he grabbed Konohamaru and Moegi and Sasuke grabbed Udon before everyone took off running. When the group stopped they were standing outside a well know dango shop.

"Come on well go in here for your debriefing." Hinata stated as the group entered the establishment and took a booth in the back of the room so no one would interrupt them.

"Well big brother we all met up outside of the Old man's office..." Konohamaru started as he gained a slightly far off look to his face.

(Short flashback(hopefully))

"Konohamaru. What are we doing outside of your Grandpa's office? Shouldn't we be trying to find either Anko's house or Iruka's?" Moegi asked as the group snuck through the tower avoiding the patrolling ANBU to the best of their abilities.

"Do either of you two know where they live?" Konohamaru asked as he looked at Moegi and Udon who shook their heads negatively.

"Wait please Konohamaru please tell me that we aren't going to be breaking into the Hokage's office just to find out where two ninja live?" Udon asked nervously as Konohamaru chuckled.

"No. We're going to be breaking and entering into the records room where they store the information about where everyone lives." Konohamaru replied as Udon sighed in relief.

"Oh...and do tell what my grandson intends to do with such information?" A fourth voice asked with humor.

"I already told you two that we were going to look for Anko's or Iruka-sensei's address." Konohamaru stated before he paused and realized that voice didn't belong to either Moegi or Udon. Turning around Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon couldn't silence their screams that tore through the tower when they saw Sarutobi standing their holding a flashlight underneath his face. After a few minutes of none stop screaming the three finally stopped to take a few massive gulps of air.

"WHAT THE HELL OLD MAN YOU NEARLY KILLED US WITH A HEART ATTACK!" Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon shouted causing the old man to blow back from the force of their yell.

"How ironic Naruto said the exact same thing when I did this to him." Sarutobi stated with a smile on his face while he chuckled good heartedly at the old memories.

"Anyway why do you need to know Iruka's or Anko's address?" Sarutobi asked as he slide the flashlight into his Hokage robes.

"Well you see we wanted to ask some questions about Naruto. I knew that Iruka was considered a brother figure to Naruto and Moegi mentioned that Anko became a sister figure to him. So we figured that they would be some of the best sources of information." Konohamaru lied as Sarutobi nodded at the logic.

"Why not ask Naruto though? Surely he would be willing to answer your questions." Sarutobi stated as Konohamaru began to sweat lightly.

"Sarutobi-sama we have already disturbed Naruto enough today with us bugging him about some training. Also we feel that it would be rude to ask him suck private questions or our questions may cause a number of unwanted memories to surface." Udon stated as Konohamaru, Moegi, and Sarutobi nodded in understanding.

"Yet neither of you feel as if this is an invasion of his privacy?" Sarutobi asked as he looked at the three genin in training.

"Hokage-sama we are ninja...abet ninja in training but ninja none the less. In our line of work there is no such thing privacy or a private life." Moegi stated as Sarutobi could only nod sadly.

"Very well I'll give you Anko and Iruka's address's just don't misuse the information that you three acquire." Sarutobi stated as he wrote the address's down on a sheet of paper and handed it to Konohamaru.

"Thanks jiji and don't worry well take the information that we get to our graves." Konohamaru promised as he took the paper from Sarutobi. He then took off running out of the tower with Moegi and Udon hot on his heels. They only stopped when they came to a underused alleyway.

"What does it say? What does it say?" Both Moegi and Udon asked excitedly as they looked over Konohamaru's shoulders to read the paper. As they read they could only look at it in shock.

"You've got to be kidding me." Udon stated as he reread the address's.

"I don't think that this is a joke. After all we watched him write the address's out." Moegi stated as she read the address's for a third time.

"The old man wouldn't play a prank like this on us. Naruto's family to us and he knows how important the past is so that we don't repeat the same mistakes now. Iruka and Anko live right next to each other in the Apartment complex in between Ichiraku Ramen and the Dango stand that Anko visit's regularly." Konohamaru stated as the gears began to rapidly turn in his head.

"You don't think that Iruka would take her to those places for their first date do you?" Moegi asked as Konohamaru gained a fire in his eyes.

"He better not. The boss gave us a job to make this date memorable to them both and I know how to do that exactly to the letter." Konohamaru stated with conviction before he turned to Moegi and Udon.

"Alright guys here's the game plan. Moegi you'll go visit Anko and ask her questions that either pertain to a Kunoichi's life style or the boss. Udon you'll go visit Iruka and ask him questions that pertain to the boss or some other topic that you can think of. You go that?" Konohamaru asked as Moegi and Udon nodded in understanding.

"Wait what will you be doing Konohamaru?" Moegi asked as Konohamaru gave a familiar foxy grin.

"I'm going to give them a night they will remember." Konohamaru replied as he took off in a completely random direction. Sighing both Moegi and Udon walked off towards the apartment complex where Anko and Iruka lived all the while praying to every deity known and unknown that Konohamaru wouldn't screw this up.

(Outside of the Apartment complex)

"Okay so...how exactly are we doing this?" Moegi asked as Udon looked at her.

"Have you already forgotten our orders from Konohamaru?" Udon asked with a slightly shocked expression on his face.

"Of course I remember our orders. What I ment was don't you think that Anko and Iruka would be able to tell if one or both of us were approaching their door." Moegi stated as Udon seemed to think about it.

"Yeah they probably would. Maybe one of us should go to our targets, wait for the other to be invited in, and after a short while the other would go after the second target." Udon suggested.

"That sounds like it should work. Now the real question which of us goes first?" Moegi asked as Udon pulled out a coin.

"Call it." Udon stated as he flipped it into the air.

"Heads." Moegi called quickly as they watched the coin flip in the air. After a short while of it just flying up it began a decent downwards causing both ninja-to-be to gulp before it was pilfered out of the sky by a bird.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors?" Moegi asked as they watched the bird fly off with the coin in its beak.

"Sure." Udon answered as they faced one another and did three quick games with Moegi losing and Udon winning.

"Guess I go first." Udon said as he began to walk off towards Iruka's apartment door as Moegi hid nearby so Iruka wouldn't see her. Standing before Iruka's door Udon raised his hand and knocked on the door. After doing so the door was opened showing Iruka standing there.

"Udon?" Iruka asked in surprise.

"Good evening Iruka-sensei." Udon greeted.

"Uh...not to be rude but what do you need of me at this hour Udon?" Iruka asked as he leaned against his door frame.

"Well I wanted to know more about being a ninja." Udon replied nervously as his eyes shifted.

"While I glad to see that your taking an interest in this profession I feel that this is a subject that I should approach with the entire class so can we save it for a later date?" Iruka asked as he looked down upon Udon.

"Can't you at least explain somethings?" Udon asked as Iruka sighed.

"Fine come on in." Iruka said as Udon quickly walked into the apartment as Iruka shut the door behind him.

(With Moegi)

Cautiously Moegi peered out of her hiding spot as Iruka shut his door. Letting a few moments pass Moegi then walked out of her hiding spot and approached Anko's door. Gathering her courage Moegi knocked on Anko's door.

"Iruka your rather..." Anko started as she opened the door only to see Moegi looking at her.

"Oh...Moegi right?" Anko asked as they stared at one another.

"Yes...and good evening Anko." Moegi greeted with some stiffness.

"So why are you here?" Anko asked as she leaned against her door frame.

"Well I kind of wanted to know how you and Naruto met." Moegi replied as Anko stared at her causing her to squirm under her gaze.

"Fine by me. Come on in...just be careful around my pets as some of them are rather poisonous ." Anko stated as Moegi walked into the apartment.

(With Ko)

"Excuse me." Ko stated as he looked up at a waiter who currently stood before a podium looking over the guest list.

"Yes?" The waiter asked as he continued to look over the guest list.

"I would like to make a reservation for two." Ko stated as the waiter nodded.

"Is there any particular date you would like to make a reservation for?" The waiter asked as he opened the reservation book.

"Tonight." Ko stated as the waiter looked through the nights reservations.

"I'm terribly sorry sir, but we're fully booked for the night. If you like I can get you in for a day..." The waiter started before he momentarily paused to look further into the reservation book, "Three weeks from now." The waiter finished as Ko gapped at him.

"Th-three weeks! NO! I need a reservation for tonight!" Ko shouted in a panic as the waiter sighed.

"I'm sorry sir but unless a person cancels their reservation I will be unable to get you in." The waiter stated.

"Hey Sarutobi, Asuma called off his reservation for tonight." A random waiter stated as he passed by carrying a platter of food.

"Can I take that opening?" Ko asked quickly as the waiter found the reservation time.

"Yes you may. Who is the reservation for?" The waiter asked as he pulled a writing utensil out and crossed off Asuma's name.

"Umino, Iruka and Mitarashi, Anko." Ko said as the waiter started to write the names down before he paused.

"I'm sorry sir but Mitarashi-san isn't allowed to enter this establishment." The waiter stated as he set his writing utensil down.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT ANKO ISN'T ALLOWED IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT!" Ko shouted at the waiter as he rolled his eyes.

"It means exactly how it was said. Mitarahsi-san is not allowed inside of this establishment." The waiter stated once more slowly so as to get the message across.

"Listen here you jackass you will give that reservation to Iruka and Anko, you will serve them, and if I hear anything about their night out going bad here I will have this establishment shut down." Ko stated angrily.

"Listen here you god damn brat Mitirashi, Anko is not allowed in this establishment. I don't care who you are but you could never have us run out of business." The waiter stated angrily as he finally looked at Ko only to flinch in horror.

"HONORABLE GRANDSON!" The waiter shouted in shock and horror.

"I will only say this once more. You will give that reservation to Iruka and Anko, you will personally serve them for the night, and if I hear anything negative about this restaurant from either of them I WILL run you out of business. Am. I. CLEAR." Ko stated in a hard tone as the waiter shook in absolute fear.

"Yu-your ab-absolutely crystal clear ho-ho-honorable grand-grandson." The waiter stuttered out as he quickly picked up his writing utensil up and wrote Iruka and Anko name's into the available position.

"Also have the bill charged to the Namikaze and Sarutobi accounts. Have a pleasant night." Ko stated as he ran out of the restaurant straight towards Iruka's house.

(Udon and Iruka)

"Thank you for explaining what it really means to be a ninja for me. I think I'm going to have to make a decision on whether I want to continue to be a ninja." Udon thanked as Iruka smiled at him.

"You know Udon that there is more to being a ninja than just open combat. If you would like I can tell you about the other jobs that are available for us after school." Iruka offered.

"I would like that Iruka-sensei." Udon answered with a smile on his face.

"Hey Udon! Iruka-sensei!" Ko shouted as he ran towards them. As he ran towards them he failed to notice that his scarf got caught underneath his foot causing him to tumble the rest of the way.

"Konohamaru are you alright?" Iruka asked in concern.

"Yeah I'm fine. Ow...maybe bro was right when he said that I should stop wearing this thing." Ko muttered as he got back to his feet.

"Anyway I heard from a reliable source that you would be having a date tonight." Ko stated as Iruka sighed.

"And...?" Iruka asked with slight worry.

"I figured that I could help. So I went to The Golden Leaf and got you and whomever the lucky girl is a reservation." Ko said with a smile on his face as both Iruka's and Udon's jaws dropped.

"How?" Iruka asked.

"Huh?" Ko replied as he tilted his head to the side.

"How did you get me a reservation there?" Iruka asked in shock.

"Oh...well apparently someone had to cancel their reservation so I took it for you and the lucky lady." Ko replied simply.

"How am I going to pay for this?" Iruka muttered.

"Don't worry about payment. This reservation is a gift from bro and myself. So we're paying for it." Ko stated as Iruka smiled.

(Current time)

"I was wondering why I had a massive bill from The Golden Leaf." Naruto muttered.

"Yeah sorry bro had I know that Iruka would have taken this as a chance to get back at you for all the ramen..." Ko started as Naruto shook his head.

"Ko it's alright. I owe him that much besides I can always empty his wallet with ramen bills on a later date." Naruto stated with a large smile.

"So what happened after that?" Sasuke asked.

"Well afterwards Iruka picked up Anko. They went to the restaurant had a pleasant dinner, walked through the park, and Iruka dropped Anko off back at home before asking her for another date." Moegi said as Team 7 smiled.

"Excellent work you three. For completing your mission Sasuke will be teaching Moegi the substitution jutsu, Hinata will be teaching Udon the clone jutsu, and I will begin to teach Ko the transformation jutsu." Naruto stated while noticing the sheepish looks on all three of the kids faces.

"Um…actually we already taught each other how to perform the three jutsu." All three children nervously stated as Team 7 smiled once more.

"Good. We wanted for you three to do that so that as it will allow for us to proceed your training further." Hinata stated as the three kids stared at Team 7 with a gob smacked expression.

"HUH!?" All three asked in shock.

"What is one of the fundamentals' that Konoha was founded upon?" Sasuke asked as the three children took on thinking poses'.

"The almighty log." All three children replied as they raised their left fist's into the air.

"ALL HALE THE MIGHTY LOG!" Every ninja in the stand shouted as one as they too raised their left fist's into the air.

"Ahem…while the almighty log is important, what we were referring to was teamwork." Naruto stated as he, Hinata, and Sasuke retook their seats.

"Oh…" All three children intelligently replied.

"So then what can you teach us?" Udon asked as Team 7 gave the three children demonic smiles. They then reached across the table, grabbed the kids, and vanished.

(Random Training ground)

"Okay bro can you please give me a warning when you and your girlfriends are going to do that?" Ko asked as the group reappeared in the training ground.

"Sorry Ko but sometimes you'll have to act quickly to save your teammates and will be unable to inform them of your plan." Naruto stated as Ko, Udon, and Moegi regained their bearings.

"So what will you be teaching us today?" Moegi asked as Udon and Ko paid close attention.

"Today I will be teaching you how to stick leaves to your body." Hinata stated as she stepped forward.

"Sticking leaves to our body? How is that going to help us?" Ko asked skeptically.

"This training does three things. The first is that it increase's your chakra control, the second is that it slightly increases your chakra pools, and finally it will allow for you to stick to other surfaces." Hinata explained as Ko, Udon, and Moegi's eyes twinkled in excitement.

"Cool." All three children whispered under their breath.

"Also there are five other stages to this exercise. The second stage is to levitate the leaf from various points on your body. The third stage is to move the levitating leaves around on your body. The fourth stage is to both stick some leaves to your body and levitate others. The fifth stage is to continue sticking leaves to your body and moving all the levitating leaves around your body. The final stage is to keep leaves stuck to your body, keep some leaves levitating above the main chakra points, and having several other leaves levitating and moving." Hinata explained as Udon, Moegi, Ko, and Sasuke stared at her in absolute shock.

"Did you do all that and how are you not shocked bro?" Ko asked Hinata and Naruto.

"It is required that all Hyuga have precise chakra control. From age five and up I preformed all that." Hinata stated.

"As for me I did those same exercises' only I had to also perform the while climbing trees and I have recently began to integrate it into water walking." Naruto explained as Sasuke and Hinata took on thinking poses.

"You know that we are going to have to integrate that into our training regime. As for you three start training." Sasuke stated with authority as the three ninja's in training saluted.

"Ma'am yes ma'am." The three stated as they started to begin training.

(Three days later)

"So does anyone have any idea what we may be doing during this exam?" Metsumi asked as teams 7 and Kushina's team approached the Konoha ninja academy.

"I really have no idea about the first and second portion of the test. The final portion I know is some sort of competition that dignitaries from other countries come to visit and see." Naruto said as the group entered the Academy and started to climb the stairs.

"Lovely." Haku muttered under her breath as they stopped on the second floor to see several ninja standing there.

"What the hell are all these people doing here? We're only on the second floor aren't we?" Sasuke whispered carefully so as to not attract the attention of the other ninja.

"Yeah we a…" Hinata started.

"Seriously….is someone as talentless as you really planning on taking the chunin exams?" Someone asked as Team 7&Kushina carefully approached the front of the group to see Lee sitting on the ground while two genin stood guarding a door.

"Why bother?" One of the two genin said.

"Bunch of wet behind the ears snot nose brats." The other genin said while he smirked.

"You said it." The other genin said agreeing with his partner while Team 7&Kushina took notice of the room number.

"Please…we're begging you…let us in?" TenTen asked carefully approaching the genin guarding the door. As she was approaching them one suddenly struck out slapping TenTen away from them.

'Something isn't right here. TenTen isn't usually like this, that room number isn't right for this floor either, and those two genin seem familiar.' Team 7 thought as they watched the genin with a little more caution.

"What did you say?" One of the genin asked as he glared at Lee and Tenten.

"You misunderstand!" The same genin said as he took a few steps towards Lee and Tenten.

"We're just trying to spare you…The chunin exam is incredibly difficult…and we should know. We've failed three times so far. There are people that have made it, then immediately given up on the shinobi life style…others who ended up crippled…some reduced to vegetables…we've seen it all!" The genin said as other ninja participants' began to rethink taking the exam.

"Besides that chunin are base commanders. They lead their units. The responsibilities for failed missions and dead or missing team members are on their shoulders." The other genin said as some of the participants began to leave.

"And you little punks think that you have the nerve to apply?" The other genin said as Lee and Tenten glared at the two while Team 7&Kushina walked off towards the third floor.

"Huh…where the hell do you think you six are going?" Both genin asked as they took notice of Team 7&Kushina as other genin teams that were starting to leave stopped to watch.

"You can knock the act off now Kotetsu and Izumo. You've already scared off most of the teams." Naruto said as he continued to walk with everyone following him.

"Hm…should have know that you would have figured it out Naruto. Have fun." Izumo and Kotetsu said as they vanished in a plume of smoke and the illusion over the room number vanished showing that it was room 201.

(Outside room 301)

"Ah we were wondering when you six would show up." Kakashi said as he quickly put his book away.

"We aren't going to back down." Everyone said other than Imorta.

"I knew that you wouldn't now go in there and KICK SOME ASS!" Kushina shouted as Imorta kicked the doors down.

"We're the Demon teams and where here to kick ass." Naruto stated as everyone stared at them in shock and horror.

"SASUKE-CHAN!" Everyone heard someone shout as Sasuke was suddenly glompled from behind.

"GAH!" Sasuke shouted as she fell to the ground.

"INO!" Sasuke growled out into the wood floor.

"What I can't say hello?" Ino asked as Sasuke got back up to her feet with Ino still hugging her behind.

"INO PIG! GET OFF OF HER!" Everyone heard as Ino was knocked off of Sasuke. Standing behind Ino were the rest of Teams 8 and 10.

"Man…you guys got suckered into this thing to…" Shikimaru groaned out as they approached the group.

"Hello beautiful. My name is Kiba what's your's?" Kiba asked as he approached both Haku and Metsumi.

"While we're flattered that you think we're beautiful…" Haku started with a smile on her face.

"We're already betrothed to Naruto." Metsumi finished with a smile as she watched Kiba's smile falter.

"WHAT!" Kiba shouted in shock.

"Hey would you guys…do us all a favor and just shut up?" A silver haired youth asked as he approached the group.

"You four gangs of would-be-hotshots are all genin right? Kids barely out of the local ninja academy? All wet-behind-the-ears and runny nosed brats. This isn't a school field trip, you know." The silver haired youth said to the group causing them to all glare at him.

"Who do you think you are?" Sasuke asked with everyone watching him.

"Names Kabuto and I suggest that you take my advice about keeping quite." Kabuto said as he pressed his glasses up his face.

"That wasn't really advice. It was more of a threat if you ask me." Haku said as Kabuto chuckled nervously.

"Oh…uh…could you please keep it down?" Kabuto asked as he held up his hands in a disarming manner.

"And why should we?" Metsumi questioned as Kabuto smirked.

"Just look behind me." Kabuto replied as he stepped aside allowing for everyone to notice that all the participants glaring at them.

"Watch out for the group behind you. They are Amagakure, those who hide in rain, and they have very short fuses. Everyone's on edge waiting to take the exam and your entrance didn't help any." Kabuto said as he pointed at Teams Demon and Kushina.



"Are you saying that this is the second time you've applied?" Sakura asked as Kabuto adjusted his glasses once more.

"Not second…seventh. Twice a year…hm going on for four years now." Kabuto corrected as everyone stared at him in shock.

"Haha…man you must suck." Kiba said before he broke into a laughing fit.

"Or these exams are tougher than they appear." Shino spoke up causing everyone to pause and think.

"What can you tell us about these exams Kabuto seeing as you have the most experience?" Haku asked as Kabuto smiled.

"I don't really know anything about the exams as they differ everytime. Although I can still give you sweet innocent little babies some vital intelligence with these shinobi information cards." Kabuto said as he pulled out a deck of cards.

"Shinobi information cards?" Hinata asked with a mixture of confusion, worry and suspicion.

"To put it simply, they contain information about the skills we use, transformed into symbols and burned into the cards using chakra." Kabuto explained as some nodded in understanding while others blinked in confusion.

"It must have taken you sometime to aquire this information." Naruto said as he carefully watched Kabuto.

"It took me four years to aquire all the intelligence needed solely for this exam. In all, I have almost two hundred cards." Kabuto said as he laid a card down showing that it was blank.

"What the fuck it's blank!" Kiba yelled out in anger.

"Easy their fido." Kabuto said as Kiba began to growl at Kabuto.

"Of course they look blank. The only way to read the data on the cards…" Kabuto started as he began to turn the card with his fingers tips, which glowed with chakra.

"What's he doing?" Ino and Choji asked as everyone watched in fascination.

"…Is by using my personal chakra. Each set is linked to its possessor. This one for example…" Kabuto started to say while removing his hand from the card showing a map of the elemental countries. Rising above some of the countries were bars with differing numbers.

'It's some kind of combination map and bar graph, in three dimensions. What kind of intelligence is this?' Everyone wondered as they looked at the map.

"Hey Kabuto what's with these numbers?" Sakura asked as Kabuto chuckled lightly.

"Those numbers represent the number of participants that each country sent for the Chunin exam. As you can see Sand sent thirty genin; Rain sent twenty-one; Grass sent six; Waterfall sent six; Tree leaves ninty; and finally and new village called Sound sent three. So all together one hundred fifty-six participants or fifty-two teams." Kabuto answered as he set the card back into the deck.

"Hey Kabuto do you have dossier cards? Cards for each individual applicant?" Kiba asked as Kabuto smiled.

"Haha…why? Someone here you have a particular interest in?" Kabuto asked as Kiba nodded yes.

"I'll admit these are far from complete, but I've burned a set of dossier cards for the current pool of applicants…including your team. If you share any information on the person who interest you, I'll be happy to look them up and let you know what I have so far." Kabuto replied with a friendly smile.

"Those three." Kiba said as he pointed at Team Kushina.

"You don't know their names. Now there's a challenge but not much of one." Kabuto said as he rapidly shuffled through the deck before he pulled three cards out.

"First up Metsumi. Age thirteen. Metsumi is a part of Team Kushina. Her teammates are Haku Momochi and Imorta. Her team leader is Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze. Missions S-0; A-0; B-0; C-10; D-40. Nin, Gen, and Taijutsu are all unknown. Metsumi is Konoha born and suddenly vanished four years ago. She came back to Konoha with Teams Demon and Gai along with her teammates and team leader." Kabuto said as Metsumi looked at Imorta who quickly made handsigns to her.

"Next is Haku Momochi the adopted daughter of Zabuza Momochi. She is also thirteen. Haku is a part of Team Kushina. Her teammates are Metsumi and Imorta. Her team leader is Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze. Missions S-0; A-0; B-0; C-10; D-40. Ninjutsu is primarily composed of Water, Wind and Ice styles. Gen and Taijutsu are all unknown. Haku Momochi is from the land of water and was taken in by Zabuza when she was just a child." Kabuto said as Haku was getting stronger glares from the Mizu Teams.

"Finally we have Imorta. Age unknown. He is a part of Team Kushina. His teammates are Haku Momochi and Metsumi. His team leader is Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze. Missions S-0; A-0; B-0; C-10; D-40. Ninjutsu is composed entirely of Master Chakra Manipulation which he can combine his elemental affinities into. Gen and Taijutsu are currently a mystery. Imorta's birth place is unknown. All that anyone really knows is that he traveled the Elemental Nations and recently joined the Konoha military." Kabuto said as everyone looked at Imorta who finished up his handsigns.

"Kabuto do you have any information on Kin and Tayuya of Sound?" Metsumi asked as Kabuto placed the three cards back into the deck.

"I do have some information but due to them being outside of Konoha and from a new village I don't have too much information on them." Kabuto said as he started to pull two cards out only to be stopped by a large plume of smoke in the front of the classroom.

"Alright you pansies that's enough chit-chat!" A voice from within the smoke said as it slowly dispersed showing thirty chunin and Ibiki Morino.

"Sorry to have kept you all waiting. My name is Ibiki Morino and Chief Proctor for the first exam." Ibiki said as he flooded the room with his killing intent causing everyone to back away from him. The only ones who were unaffected were Teams Demon and Kushina who just stared at Ibiki.

"The first part of the Chunin exam's is about to begin. Turn in your written applications, take one of these seating cards, and report directly to the seat indicated. Once everyone is seated we will begin the written part of the test." Ibiki said as he held up one of the applications in one hand and a seating card in his other.

Without a word or complaint everyone turned in their applications before heading towards their assigned seats. Once everyone was seated all the chunin standing near Ibiki took various positions around the room.

'We're all scattered through the room.' Teams Demon and Kushina thought as they looked around. As they looked around some Chunin walked around the room placing a test, face down, in front of every participant. Once everyone had a test the chunin went back to their positions looking at various participants.

"Papers face down until I say so. Now listen up!" Ibiki shouted causing all the participants to pay attention to him.

"There are going to be a few big rules to this exam. I'll write them on this blackboard and explain them all, but I'm not taking questions, so listen carefully. I'll say this only once." Ibiki said as he picked up a piece of chalk and began to write on the blackboard.

'Rules? For a test? Shouldn't they be obvious for anyone who has attended school and taken a test.' Most applicants thought as Ibiki continued to write the rules on the blackboard.

"Rule number one! Each one of you starts out here with ten points. The test has been made up of ten questions each worth a single point. For each question you get wrong or fail to answer we will subtract a point from your final score." Ibiki shouted out causing a few genin to jump slightly.

"Rule number 2...this written test is still a team event. Passing or failing will be determined by the sum of the points held by all three team members of each cell. The object is for each team to have as few deductions as possible from its joint thirty-point total." Ibiki stated as he wrote the rule out.

"WAIT A SECOND! The whole concept of the starting points and the deductions is hard enough to follow... but what is this 'Team total' you're talking about?" Sakura asked as Ibiki looked over his shoulder at her.

"Did you hear the part about no questions? We have our reasons. Shut up and listen, you just might learn something." Ibiki stated with a little killing intent focused on Sakura.

"This next bit is crucial so everyone pay attention. Rule number 3. If, during the course of the exam, a candidate does anything out of the ordinary...in other words, anything that leads the proctors to determine that he or she has cheated...we subtract two points from EACH member of the cheater's team." Ibiki said with a smile.

"We'll be looking over your shoulders when you least expect it." All the Chunin proctors said at the same time causing almost everyone to gulp in fear.

"One last thing before we begin. If any individual loses all their points, that person's entire team, regardless of how the other two members do..." Ibiki started as he looked over the entire room, "Will be disqualified." Ibiki finished watching the looks of fear appear on everyone's face.

"You have one hour. Starting..." Ibiki started as he watched everyone, "NOW!" Ibiki shouted causing some people to jump before they flipped their tests over and started.

As time progressed Ibiki watched as Clan heirs used jutsu unique to their clan to steal the answers from other contestants. He watched two of the members of Gai's team utilize mirrors to acquire the answers. The only odd one was Imorta who just sat there watching him. After sometime Imorta suddenly grabbed the person behind him, knocked him out, stole his test, and replaced their names as everyone stared at him.

"Alright another rule is no fighting to acquire the answers. As for the teammates of him you're disqualified grab him and get out." Ibiki stated as everyone returned to their test, the teammates grabbed their knocked out teammate, and Imorta returned to staring at Ibiki.

(Fifty-Nine minutes later)

"Everyone pencil's down. It's time for the final question." Ibiki spoke up shocking those who remained out of focus.

"Before we get to the question itself I'm adding one more rule." Ibiki said causing most who figured that they would make it to the next round to rethink.

"Let me explain...this rule is absolute." Ibiki said as he walked in front of the blackboard.

(Jonin lounge at the Academy)

Currently Gai, Kakashi, Kurenai, Asuma, and Kushina were just relaxing. Gai was doing a varying number of stretches and physical exercises. Asuma was smoking a cigarette. Kushina was sharpening her blade. Kurenai was sitting near Asuma glaring at him. Kakashi was just acting like his normal relaxed self.

"Well...with our subordinates tied up in the exams, we've got quite a bit of free time on our hands. After all it's not like we can go on training missions without them." Kakashi said as Asuma removed the cigarette from his mouth.

"Don't worry we will be busy again before you know it." Asuma said as he tossed the cigarette bud and pulled another out and set it in his mouth.

"Why?" Kushina asked as she sheathed her blade and stored her whetstone in her ninja pouch.

"Word is, that this year's chief examination officer is Morino Ibiki." Asuma answered as he lit his cigarette only for Kurenai to pull it from his mouth and throw it out of the window.

"That sadist? Why did it have to be Ibiki?!" Kakashi asked with worry as Kushina and Kurenai looked at the others in confusion.

'Will they even make it passed the first exam?' Kakashi thought in mild worry.

"Sadist?" Kurenai and Kushina asked as Kakashi, Asuma, and Gai looked at them.

"Kurenai you're still a newbie to the Jonin elite and Kushina-sama you've been gone for quite some time so you two have no way of knowing." Asuma stated as he reached for another cigarette only to stop at Kurenai's glare.

"Why? What's he like?" Kushina asked as Gai finished his exercises'.

"He's a pro. A pro's pro..." Gai said with seriousness.

"A pro at what?" Kurenai asked as Kakashi sighed.

"At torture and interrogation." Kakashi answered without hesitation.

"In the exam that is currently underway... while there isn't any physical torture...there is no doubt that the applicants are being subjected to the psychological pressures that make him infamous as an interrogator known as The Mind Reaper." Asuma explained as Kurenai became slightly nervous.

(Examination room)

'An absolute rule...' Everyone wondered as they gave Ibiki their attention.

"First...you must all choose...whether to accept or decline this tenth question." Ibiki said as he looked out over the contestants.

'Accept or decline...?' Sasuke wondered.

"CH-CHOSE! WHAT HAPPENS IF SOMEONE DOESN'T ACCEPT THE QUESTION!?" Temari shouted as she slammed her hands down onto the desk top.

Ibiki just closed his eyes took a few deep breaths before he reopened them flooding the room with Killing Intent and glared at every single contestant that still remained.

"If you reject the question and don't even attempt to answer it, you'll lose all your points immediately...and fail. Both your teammates will fail along side with you." Ibiki stated as looks of shock covered several people's face.

"SAY WHAT!?" One genin applicant shouted as he stood up.

"THEN WHY WOULD ANYONE CHOSE TO REJECT THE QUESTION!" Another genin applicant shouted.

"Because...of the other rule." Ibiki said causing everyone to mentally groan in frustration.

'Oh come on what more can he add.' Several genin wondered.

"If you try to answer the question...and you get it wrong...you will never be permitted to apply for the chunin exams again. Not ever." Ibiki said with complete seriousness.


Ibiki just started chuckling causing several of the remaining participants to gulp in fear.

"Just your rotten luck. I wasn't making the rules in the past years. I am now. I've been up front with you. You can take a failing grade now, and try again later. Anyone who has doubts would be smart to reject the tenth question right now. Come back and reapply next year, and the year after that." Ibiki said as some of the applicants stared at their test sheets.

"Ready? Then let's begin. Those who choose to not accept should raise their hands. Once their number has been confirmed they will leave the room." Ibiki said as a silence fell over the room.

"I-I...I quit. I'm rejecting the question. Genna, Inaho...please forgive me." One genin spoke up as he stood to his feet.

"Number 50...Failed! Numbers 130 and 111 you fail right along with him." A chunin proctor spoke up as they stood up without a complaint.

"M-me too!"

"I resign."

"I'm out."

"I quit as well."

(Jonin lounge at the Academy)

"That Ibiki...understands the human heart completely. It's what makes him so terrible." Asuma said as Kurenai and Kushina looked at the other Jonin who nodded yes.

"He uses his insights mercilessly to manipulate his foes...bringing their human weakness to the surface... and using these weaknesses to make them crack. It's rather unyouthful but necessary to see if the participants have the metal to become chunin." Gai said with seriousness.

(Examination room)

"K-kiba..." Sakura whispered as she watched Kiba slowly raise his hand.

"NEVER UNDERESTAMATE ME!" Kiba shouted as he slammed his hand onto the desk top.


"Wow dog-breath...that was rather brave, but stupid of you." Naruto said causing Kiba to glare at him.

"Stuff it Fox-boy. You would have done the exact same thing only you would have shouted about how you would still become Hokage if you didn't become what you are today." Kiba barked back at Naruto.

"As much as I would like to refute that claim I know that I can't as I know that it's true." Naruto grumbled out.

"AHEM...I'll ask one last time. This is a decision that could affect the rest of your life. Quite now while you still have the chance." Ibiki said as he glared at Kiba who glared right back.

"I'm an Inuzuka and we never abandon the pack. That's our nindo." Kiba said as several ninja looked at Kiba with pride.

'Sixty-three of them are still here. Hmmm...a rather interesting batch this year especially that Inuzuka. More participants than I expected but...there's no point in dragging this out anymore...thanks to the Inuzuka no one else will quit.' Ibiki thought as he looked at the chunin proctors who all nodded with smiles on their faces.

"Good call. For all of those who are still here...YOU HAVE JUST PASSED THE FIRST EXAM AND WON AN ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP TO ICHIRAKU RAMEN!" Ibiki shouted before he paused with wide eyes.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT!" Everyone shouted other than Imorta.

"So...all Sixty-three of you who are still here...you've all just passed the first exam." Ibiki said once more as everyone just stared at him.

"What do you mean 'passed'? When did that happen? What about the tenth question?" Sakura asked as most people were still in shock.

"There is no tenth question...beyond the whole 'accept or reject' thing." Ibiki answered with a friendly smile on his face.

"HUNH!?" Almost the entire class shouted.


"There was no wasted time. Those questions had a purpose, which they have already served." Ibiki partially answered prompting a few "Hunh"'s from the participants.

"Such as?" Temari asked with a confused expression on her face.

"Our goal was to test your ability at...spying." Ibiki explained with a smile on his face.

'He seems like a completely different person.' Everyone thought.

"...Our ability at spying?" Temari asked in disbelief.

"Remember the rules at the beginning? You pass or fail as part of a three-man cell. With that rule I pressured you with the fear that anything you did wrong...would bring your teammates down with you." Ibiki explained as everyone seemed to gain an understanding.

"You know I kind of figured it was something like that." Kiba said with a grin.

'You are so full of shit.' Sakura thought.

"However...the questions are beyond the level that a Chunin should be expected to handle. So most of you...having reached that same conclusion...had only one way of retaining your points...by cheating. In other words we set the test up on the assumption that you would cheat...not knock out someone who finished answering the questions." Ibiki said as everyone looked at Imorta who just waved before fading from existence.

"What the...where did he go?" Everyone asked before a door at the side of the room opened and Imorta walked right back in.

"Where were you?" Ibiki asked in a hard tone as Imorta looked at him and quickly made various hand signs.

"Bathroom." Metsumi said as Ibiki looked her then Imorta.

"He can't speak Ibiki-san. So I translate the sign language he uses." Metsumi quickly explained as Ibiki just sighed.

"Just get back to your seat." Ibiki said as Imorta sat where he was assigned.

"Anyway, to ensure there would be suitable targets for you to cheat from, we snuck in a pair or ringers...two chunin who already knew all the answers." Ibiki explained as everyone turned to glare at the two ringers who just chuckled nervously.

"Of course anyone who cheated in a clumsy or obvious way...was disqualified." Ibiki said as he started to take of the bandana causing several participants to pale.

"Because there maybe circumstances where being caught in an act of espionage can cost you more than your life. You pay in ways that can be taken from you little by little, time and time, again when many lives hang in the balance." Ibiki explained as several participants gulped.

'Burn scars...punctures from where screws were used...long slash marks that show signs of cauterizing...he has been tortured.' Sasuke, Naruto, and Imorta thought as they took notice of the damage.

"The information you obtain can't be trusted...if you can't keep your presence secret from the enemy." Ibiki said as he started to reapply the bandana.

"Learn that and learn it well. If you bring back intelligence from a suspect source or a compromised operation...you're doing the enemies work for them. Putting those you serve and love in danger. That is why we maneuvered you into using your espionage skills to cheat. It was the quickest way of weeding out genin whose skills weren't up to par." Ibiki said as he secured his bandana.

"Okay...but what was the deal with the tenth question?" Temari asked as Ibiki smiled.

"Ah...the tenth question...was the first real test of the exam."

"Once again...HUNH!" The entire room of participants said.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Sakura asked as Ibiki sighed.

"Let me explain...the tenth question was a choice between two options...that were both difficult and dangerous. Those who choose to reject the question were failed, and their friends along with them. Those who chose to accept and couldn't answer the question...lost any chance of ever trying again. So why did I present them? Let's suppose you all go on to successfully attain the rank of chunin. You are assigned to steal a vital enemy document...knowing nothing about the skills, deployment, or military preparedness of your foe. You may have to cross territory that has been heavily mined and set with traps. Now...do accept the mission? Or do you reject it rather than placing your own life, or the life of your companions, in jeopardy? Could any chunin get away with only taking on the safe jobs? Of course not! No matter how dangerous the risk...there will be missions that you cannot decline. A ninja must demonstrate valor that inspires those around him...helping all to overcome their fear. This is the talent that we value most in the commander of a chunin cell. Those who can't gamble with their own fate...who would trade today's certain for tomorrow's uncertain future...never taking the chance that lies before them... are weaklings who make only weak and easy decisions. In my opinion they don't belong in the ranks of the chunin at all! By choosing to accept...you answered the almost-insoluble tenth question correctly. If you keep that spirit, you can probably conquer all of the doubts and difficulties you'll face. You've all passed the first hurdle. Part one of the chunin selection exams is now concluded. I'll pray that you all fight the good fight." Ibiki finished with a smile filled with pride on his face.

"Sooo...what do we do now?" A participant asked.

"You are to remain here until the next exam proctor shows up. Good luck...you're going to need it." Ibiki said as the chunin and himself all left in plumes of smoke.

(Three hours later)

It had been three hours since Ibiki had officially annoucned the end of the first exam and the second exam proctor still had yet to show. Most participants had started talking with teammates or other teams about what Ibiki had said, some participants were soundly sleeping, and a small portion of the participants were playing a card game. As the participants continued to do their own thing a ball of cloth suddenly and violently crashed through a window, rolled along the ground as two kunai shot out and pinned the cloth to the ceiling. On the cloth it clearly said, "NEWLY ARRIVED SECOND CHIEF EXAMINATION PROCTOR MITARASHI, ANKO" and standing in front of the cloth was Anko.


"You're three hours late Anko." Naruto interrupted as everyone looked at Anko before they turned their attention to the card game.

"I'm already aware of that boy. I really don't want to say this but do to an unforeseen complication the second exam will be held in two days time. So enjoy your next two days off also don't worry about getting to the testing location. A Konoha Jonin will be taking you to the testing site. Ja ne." Anko said before she vanished in a plume of smoke.

Grumbling under their breath all the remaining participants walked out of the test room and headed towards their lodgings.

Okay that's the chapter onto reviews...if I have any...well what do you know I do...onto the reviews

NaruHinafan: Yes! He's alive!

Good chapter. Love the council bashing. And you know, when it got to the part of Kushina sealing some yokai into the no-name councilwoman's gut, I couldn't help but think that when the seal was released, the yokai inside her would cause her belly to slowly and painfully expand to its limits before bursting...yeah, I've seen one too many sci-fi/horror movies or researched those that involved stomach expansion/explosion. But hey, at least it'll be a slow and painful death.

And you know, I was about to ask if you could add Kurenai and possibly Mikoto to the harem, but if you feel you've got enough, that's fine. It's your story.

Nice bringing Minato in for that brief moment, though it'd be nice to have an explanation as to how Minato was in Naruto's mind when he's supposed to help the Shinigami. As well as the fact they took to seeing each other without much questioning.

Found a mistake on jutsu: from what I've seen, both the Transformation and the Clone Jutsu (and Shadow Clone) use only one hand sign: Ram for the first two, and the cross-shaped version of Ram for Shadow Clones. As for the substitution, in all the times I've seen a log show up to take a hit for Naruto or some other ninja, I've never seen a hand sign be used. I mean, think about it: the Substitution is supposed to stop the user from being hit (mostly). And since hand signs take time to make, the user would end up getting hit before he/she can make the substitution. (Note: This is constructive criticism, not a flame.)

Still, this was a good chapter. And as for Elfen Lied, you can research it on Wikipedia (preferably the anime, not the manga) or watch the anime for free on . I can wait so long as if you do the story, please continue it. I'm getting tired of finding promising NarutoxLucy Elfen Lied fics that have one chapter, and then I'm waiting forever for an update. There's one that hasn't made it past the first chapter in over a year!

Sorry for the rant. Can't wait to see what happens next, and hope you at least consider my idea for the councilwoman's death. Ja ne!

ITD: I still feel like the council got off to easy...oh well I'll just make them suffer more later. Grateful that you aren't pushing me to add anymore women to Naruto's harem. Jutsu...ah I'm not really going to worry about it for sometime. Also I already knew about Elven Lied actually own the, what I believe to be the complete, DVD series.

sterata: this story sounds good but in the beginning your just telling me physical attributes instead of showing also I already know what they kinda look like since this is a fanfic sooo if there is ever a rewrite i might read this.

ITD:Will never be a rewrite unless I'm working on that chapter. Besides you humans are always so picky why can't you be like my goddess. *Writer begins to bow to a demonic statue*

DonPJuan: keep up the great work I rather enjoyed this fic.

ITD: That's another person to add to my list of People that I'm making happy.

Cloud75JC: awesome story ... love the oc's ... hope to see more soon ...

ITD:Ask and yee has recieved just becareful about what you ask for...*Evil laughter in the background*

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ITD:Thanks for explaining that to me also do you eat plunnys?

DragonMan 180: Poor Naruto, seeing Kushina and Mikoto like THAT will scar him for life. I love the punishments of the council, though if by some miracle that one councilwoman Kushina implanted the demonic chakra in survives and has a kid the child should hate her and run away from home.
I do find the 'race' at the end of the chapter a bit confusing, is the whole point to get to the tower first for a better mission?

ITD:I would feel sorry for Naruto but that would mean I would have a heart. Like I said before I still feel like the council deserves a better punishment...ANYONE GOT A GOOD IDEA!? As for the council member that survied well I have a evil plan hatching in my brain right now. Also you're right the whole point of the race is to get the better mission. Loser got capture Tora.

SunouNeozaki: It seems YOU have not been in touch with the series as much as most people... Lets go with your Answer to Cmcwiki stating Kushina was Kyuubis first host... Wrong... Kyuubi was first sealed into Mito Uzumaki Senju.. The SHodaimes wife. As it was it was the battle between Senju and Uchiha at the Valley of the End. Just thought Id through that out for you lol. Over all... you should re-read your chapters more... Some parts were missing and Im not even going to mention that list dude made for you it basically covers everything lol.

ITD:I already know that I have been out of touch of the series...*Twitch*...But I never said or wrote, to my knowledge, that Kushina was the first jinjuriki of the Kyuubi. As for parts missing I blame the internet. And please...please do not remind me of the list I finally got it to fall asleep...

Stickdude1: Best story ever

ITD:I really don't think that the story is the best as I've read better ones but In the words of the Immortals ALL HAVE THEIR OWN OPINION.


Chapter 5-so then let the games begin

Chapter 6-

Rin died about 18 years ago
Lillith dissapered 18 years ago
Rin is a demon
Lillith is a demon
Is Rin THe new demon Queen
I is brilliant
lol It is just a guess but then since Naruto already had about a tails worth of his own chakra before he transformed would that give him the potential to be the New 10 tailed beast?

ITD:I agree let the games bein...how ironic that I responded to this review around the time of the olympics. Also I applaud you on your theory we need more people like you questioning why things are the way scientists say that they are. Sadly you are wrong but I still applaud you on thinking unlike the rest of humanity...

Megatyrant: Still interseting. And still a few errors here and there, but nothing serious. To make a single example, Let's look at the following sentence:

"Cease and assist!" Metsumi shouted causing the ANBU to freeze while Imorta just stood there.

Here, "Cease and Assist!" should be "Cease and desist!".
There aren't more than a few of this kind of errors, and they only show up now and then, so overall the quality is decent.
I'll be waiting for the next chapter, but do take the time you need for it. :)
With regards, Megatyrant.

ITD:Ah...errar human est...to err is human. Also heres the next chapter.


ITD:They are twelve...their will be no lemons until after the training arc...so hold your hormones in line.


hey! just read chapter 1 of your story and i think i have a few tips that could (hopefully) help you.
i think you were a little too technical in describing characters. it was a little offsetting to read a character's exact height followed by an estimate of what his or her age is based on looks. also, try using a different phrase every now and then (looked no older than...)
i would also like to point out that you are sending mixed messages on naruto's charcter. even if you are writing in third person, you are still writing the story in naruto's perspective, hence your descriptions reflect on what kind of person naruto is. by introducing kyubi (or natsumi as you would call her) in that way (more on physical appearance and mentioning breast size TWICE) you're more or less saying that naruto mostly cares about kyubi's physical appearance as opposed to you saying he cares much for her general wellbeing.
i still have a few reservations on your story, though i'll hold on to them for the time being.
so all in all good story though i think you could have done better. GOODLUCK!
-a random person reading your story

ITD:Did not even know that I was doing that...may have to rewrite that chapter...but then that also means the whole story...oh well I'll figure a way out...eventually...I hope...

Galactier The Son of Galactus: At least you haven't seem to completely forget about this story. The update time really sucks but at least it's not forgotten.

ITD: I not trying to forget about the story...life is just being a absolute bitch to me recently...


CH1- I can't believe that Kakashi! Well actually... yes, I can. This totally seems like something he'd do. Great job with this chapter!

CH2- I had my doubts about giving Naruto his own small little harem but I have to admit, it's worked out pretty well. This was a great idea!

CH3- I still can't believe you have such long chapters! When do you sleep anyway? Still, this story is brilliant anyway!

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ITD:Thank you Thank you...always a pleasure to see someone who enjoys the classics.

Anyway I know that I normally do all the reviews that I recieve but do to most of them being about the pruge or someone complaining about me being a winer about losing my story I'm calling it an early night. Until next time...hopefully i get more free time but i'm not betting on it with DARKSIDERS 2, BORDERLANDS 2, ASSASSIN'S CREED 3, AND HALO 4 coming out all within a one month period...curse you videogame devoplers...wait no I...gah...