Okay, so I always do this to myself. Exams are round the corner, and suddenly whilst revising the various forms of a bacteriophage, an idea pops into my head for a new fanfic! I am a very self-destructive person lol!

So we'll see where this one takes us; it's set after Stephen's funeral.

Let me know what you think :D

Chapter 1

The door burst open and Conner flung himself into the dimly lit room, followed closely by Abby and Cutter who were carrying an unconscious Jenny in their arms. Her dark hair fell over her face with the jolting movement, and her forehead sported a deep cut that was bleeding freely. One of her arms was around Cutter's neck, and the other around Abby's; and each of them held one of Jenny's legs tightly.

"Hurry, it's coming!" Conner shouted in a strained voice.

Abby dropped to the floor and Cutter lent a motionless Jenny against her before scampering up to join Conner at the huge metallic door.

"Jenny!" Abby said in a panicked voice, shaking Jenny's shoulders. Her head lolled onto Abby's arm, but she did not wake up. "Jenny, it's time! Can you wake up?" she added, holding Jenny's head up. Jenny groaned slightly, obviously struggling to regain consciousness.

"Come on!" Abby whispered, slapping Jenny's heavily scratched cheek slightly to try and rouse her.

Lester sprinted in after them, his face flushed and his hair wind-swept.

"Close it!" he barked, clutching his chest and gasping for breath.

"What about Becker!" Conner asked in an accusatory tone. "We can't just leave him up there!"

"He'd want us to!" Lester argued, straightening up. "It's his job!"

"Just give him a minute!" Cutter interjected, scanning the corridor wildly.

"If one of those things get in here, were all dead!" Lester bellowed, his face red with fury.

Everyone ignored him, and stared at the door intently, holding their breath in anticipation. Becker should have been down here by now . . . something must have happened . . .

Abby hoisted Jenny up more so that her head rested on her chest; the cut on her forehead bleeding onto Abby's top which was saturated deep red in seconds.

"Come on," Cutter muttered to himself, wringing his hands together unconsciously. "Come on, where are you . . ."

Then out of the darkness of the corridor came the sound that chilled everyone to the bone . . . the ear-splitting clicking sound they had come to know and dread.

"Lock it!" Lester ordered, his face contorted in fear.

They had to do it . . . they had no choice.

Conner and Cutter scampered behind the door and began to push it closed, but it was too heavy . . . it must have weighed a tonne! Lester reluctantly hurried over to help them, and slowly, it started to move. It was almost closed . . .

Suddenly, the Predators head appeared in the gap, causing the three men to jump back in fright. Then, they pushed harder, trying to force it backwards. However, with one thrashing movement of it's gigantic head, they were all thrown back, and flew across into the corner in a heap. The creature entered the room, still clicking wildly as it approached the girls.

"Jenny," Abby said numbly, clutching her unconscious friend tighter.

The Predator advanced on them slowly, as though savoring every moment as it surveyed it's helpless prey.

Two days earlier . . .