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"Ig, I-" I started.

"Be quiet, Max. He's gone, you have to move on."

"I can't," I said in a suddenly hushed tone. He took my hand in his, callused from years of fighting and blind pyro-ing.

"The ring," he whispered, "you still have it on." It was not a statement of a fact, it was an accusation. But the truth is, that stupid ring had not left my finger since the day I had come home from a wedding, only to discover that the one person I might have someday wed had left me with only a note and a forgotten ring. Turns out the whole "no-emotions" wasn't just a mask. Huh.

He was "looking" at me like that again, and for the millionth time, I wished that I could somehow get his sight back, even if that meant taking up Dr. Hagen Dais's offer. Should I tell Iggy about it? I decided not to for the time being.

"I can't forget him," I squeaked, on the verge of tears again.

"I can help you forget," he said. And before I knew it, we were leaning into each other, hands entwined, minds spinning. My brain had just enough time to process these thoughts:

Iggy really is handsome

I hope I didn't snot on my mouth when I was sobbing earlier

He is REALLY handsome.

This is my brain: O

This is my brain after making out with Fang: •

This is my brain after making out with Iggy: ◦

See the difference?

It's very sad.

I had always loved Iggy. I had learned from previous experience that living without him was something I absolutely could not handle. He was my brother, in all ways but blood.

I had never dreamed it would ever turn into something more. I also hadn't ever dreamed that I would fall in love with Fang, meet a new, hot, and stupid bird-boy, designed to be my soul mate, go through a Bella Swan phase when Fang left me, cry my heart out, and fall in love with Iggy. Iggy, my brother.

Not anymore, I told myself. Falling in love with two of your "brothers" is just downright creepy, Max. They are not your brothers. They are your friends.

"It's not creepy, Max. It's sweet," Angel said, reading my thoughts. Of course.

We were sitting back in the safe house, a couple of days after Iggy had "helped me forget", relaxing and being lazy bird-bums until our next CSM mission rolled in. Iggy was making dinner, the Gasman was teaching Dylan all about video games, Angel and I were trying to watch television, and Nudge was making sure that Angel or I didn't pull out deadly weapons and start trying to cause bodily harm. And given what had happened lately, Nudge was the busiest one of us.

"You're saying that constantly wanting to kiss the boys you've grown up with, screamed at, and shared crappy hotel beds with is not at all creepy? The only thing that WOULDN'T be creepy is me having these thoughts about Dylan, and God knows that's right about to happen." I replied in a slightly pissed off tone. Angel usually has that effect on me.

"Not if one of them is your soul mate," she said quietly.

I couldn't take her anymore. Couldn't take the bossy, couldn't take the premonitions, couldn't STAND the lack of information involving my life.

I lunged at Angel and screamed.

Angel screamed.

Nudge screamed.

Iggy ran from the kitchen.

Gazzy and Dylan ran from wherever they had been.

Someone yelled, "MAX! Stop!"

And that's all I remember.

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