Some days, Lovino will just show up at Antonio's door. He'll open it, take one look at his former charge and grab his car keys. No words need to be spoken and none are as they pull out, driving down the highway. Not even the radio is turned on. Just a pure, tense silence.

They stop at a park a few kilometers away from Antonio's house. Lovino gets out and starts walking, hands stuffed in his pockets and not caring if Antonio follows him or not. But he always does. And Lovino knows it.

Finally they come to a ledge over looking a few trees, a few bushes. Nothing grand; it's honestly not that great a view. But it suits their purpose just fine.

Lovino walks out to the very edge, Antonio about a meter or so behind. He stares at the landscape, breathing deep and letting it out slowly though his nose. And then he screams.

"Lovino? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, bastard! Leave me alone!"

The small nation pouts, his face red from when he's been crying. Antonio bends down to look him in the eye.

"You don't seem fine. You look upset."

"I said I was fine dammit! Aren't you listening to me?!"

Antonio smiles a little, reaching out to ruffle his hair, "Okay, then. I'm sorry I didn't listen. Of course you're fine. But do you want to know something you can do when you're not fine?"

He looks away, "W-well what is it? It's probably something stupid!"

"You can just yell."


"When you've got no one to talk to. You can just shout to nobody."

When Lovino finishes everything seems quiet. One by one the sounds of nature come back to them, yet still they stand there. Stand there until Antonio steps forward, placing a hand on Lovino's shoulder.


Taking another breath Lovino nods, "Yeah. That was good."

"Good," Antonio nods too, smiling at nothing and everything, "You want to come over? I've got some gazpacho chilling in the fridge."

Lovino shrugs, back to his old self, "Whatever bastard. It had better be good this time."

And it will be good. Because there are always more tomatoes, and there's always something waiting in the fridge. There's always a place at the table if Lovino wants to fill it.

Which he always does.

So… If you feel left out… Go on and shout to nobody…