Horror Movie

Okay, so I got this idea from watching a trailer of Ghosts of Girlfriends past. When suddenly *ping* Light-bulb! Aw darn. *flicks broken bulb* It was working earlier. Ignore me. Too many E numbers. ANYWAY, it got me thinking - of all the companions the Doctor has had does he regret not letting them into his life as much as he could have? Read on to find out.

PS. This is set after the Xmas Invasion. Rose has seen the Doctor regenerate - but he decided that life aboard the TARDIS was too dangerous for her. And to tell the truth was a little more than freaked about the Bad Wolf thing. So after saving Earth from the Sycorax, left alone. But still travelled with Martha and Donna afterwards. Misses the whole Doctor Donna Children of Earth thing in this reality - sorry!

The Doctor walked round the console, half expecting to see Martha's eager glances or Donna's sceptical once-over. Nothing. Alone. Again. The curse of the Time Lords. But you didn't have to be alone Said another less rational voice in his head You could have had Rose. But you pushed her away like all the others.

"I didn't push them!" argued the Doctor aloud, to the empty console room. "They wanted to leave"

Some of them the voice agreed But what about the ones you pushed away?

he snapped back. " I showed them a better life. They came away better, stronger people from their time with me! Your being ridiculous."

"No I'm not" laughed a light, female voice from the other side of the room.

What the- "Susan!?"

For sure enough, across the room, stood his granddaughter, not looking a day over 15.

"Hello Grandfather"

"But your-" he couldn't bring himself to say it.

"I know." she smiled a little sadly. "I'm hear as a - well I was going to say introduction but warning sounds more appropriate"

"For what?"

"Tonight - you will be visited by 3 ghosts. Past, Present & Future. To show you how your Companions really turned out from their time with you."

"Including you"

"No. I volunteered to come see you actually. Now, I never got to say thank you. For my time with you" she smiled. "Thank you grandfather"

"Your…" he turned to face her once more "gone"

"Is my life destined to be one long horror movie or what?"