Legend of Spyro: Corrupted Souls


Spyro awoke to find himself in hell.

The temperature of the pit he fallen into was beyond the measure of his own fire element. Yet, he could handle the pressure, telling him he was immune to pain. Only physical pain that is, much to his disappointment.

He deserved any torture that came to him, an entire year of running.. an entire year of regret. He forced this pain upon himself, and he knew that one day he would pay for it. Spyro assumed that this nightmare was reality, and that his demise was soon upon him.

He made an attempt to stand, and failed. The fall he never knew he took had inflicted heavy injury to his underbelly and legs. He knew he was weak, but he didn't feel it.

Facing the fact he was immobilized, he instead moved his head away from the sight of the dark wall and examined the cavern he had unknowingly discovered.

It was familiar and yet he couldn't remember ever being here. It looked like a round court room, with seating that resembled a crescent moon.

He was here once, for a desperate reason he couldn't bring himself to remember. Slowly, small details were coming back to him. Something started here, something also ended, there were many deaths, but he survived. He came here for... a very good reason, which ended up as a horrible mistake in the end.

"Do you remember now young dragon."

Spyro was momentarily frightened at the voice. It was a voice he feared but also wanted to hear. Somewhere in his thoughts he was recalling that this was a voice of an Ancestor; an Ancestor that had spoken to him here in this exact room.

"I know you, I met you here, you gave me... something."

Usually in past years he would've gone into caution and defensive moods, but now he couldn't care less. He wanted answers.

"That's right Spyro; it was here purple dragons gained a special ability that only the Ancestors possessed."

Spyro was dazed in confusion and paranoia now. There was another mystery about him and being a purple dragon and the ability to harness the power of the four light elements. This Ancestor had given him a power the belonged to the Ancestors themselves.

Then it hit him. He suddenly felt his strength coursing through his body. Now using his regained energy, he took off beating his wings heavily, headed towards the center of the court with the sudden revelation.

"I knew you had the self-control to harness this raw power in due time, unlike our previous hero."

The memories were flooding back to him.

"This is where it all started Spyro, and where it shall end, as it did for the rest."

Spyro was overwhelmed by the all the immediate news. It was stressing him out and his head hurt from the painful memories of Cynder. Who was also involved in the event that he was recollecting.

"Do you know the blessing I bestowed upon you all those years ago during the Eternal Night?"

Spyro screamed, madness was consuming him, he could feel the dark rage that had taken control of him times before was creeping back again. The horrid raw force that slowly covered his scales was fueled by the misery and loneliness the Spyro was recalling. In the longshot, Cynder was the reason he even had this curse.

"I, Oblivion, the Birth of Shadow, gave you the gift of Convexity..."

Then the nightmare ended long enough for Spyro to regain his senses. Only to see a black and yellow scaled dragoness staring into his eyes with concern.

"It's you, isn't it!? It's really you! Thank the Ancestors! We need your help Spyro, we're being slaughtered!"