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At a school like Hogwarts anything is possible and with the rise of Voldemort how will Harry and his friends manage to juggle their destiny and also deal with sex, decieit, bitching, backstabbing, betrayal and most of all gossip. It all seems too much for the young boy to handle but then again mixing with Blair, Serenea and co. was never going to be easy and Hogwarts is in for a very interesting ride.

Just to let you know also, Manhattan's Upper East Siders are exchange students for reasons discussed further down the page.

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"..." speaking

'....' thinking

Harry Potter and the Consequences of Gossip

Chapter One - Times They Are a-Changing

It's Gossip Girl here at King's Cross Station, Platform 9 ¾ - the beginning of yet another year in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And what's this I hear about a new exchange programme set to send fireworks up in the air – and not the good kind. Don't look now but seems like our "Golden Boy" is in for a rough year ahead of him; but then again whoever said boarding school was ever going to be easy with so much drama constantly happening underneath one roof… and if there's one thing Gossip Girl knows, with drama comes scandal. Oops did, I forget to mention that the new transfer students would be our very own Manhattan's elite?! Grab your popcorn folks, looks like we're in for a spectacle this year. You know you love me… XOXO - Gossip Girl.

"You'll never guess what's just been written in 'Gossip Girl'" commented Ginny Weasley, more to herself than anyone else, as she and the Golden Trio made their way down the long corridor of the Hogwarts Express to find a compartment.

"Is there going to be a new examining board?" asked Hermione, intrigued at the prospect of a new challenging academic regime.

"'Mione" Ginny groaned, punching her in the arm playfully. "You've been here longer than I have and should know by now that 'Gossip Girl' lets us in on all the gossip and great events of the year" she said, waving the magazine in her face. "Exams are just no fun" she added, but stopped in the middle of the corridor as Hermione sent a glare her way and continued walking, causing Harry and Ron to bump into her.

"No, it's understandable. Hermione can be pretty scary sometimes if you say academics are irrelevant" Harry joked, causing all three of them to erupt into uncontrollable laughter at the truth behind his words. When their laughter had subsided and they had stopped clutching their sides and breathing rapidly, Ron was the first to speak.

"We should probably catch up to her otherwise we'll never get a seat" he commented.

"You know, that's probably the first intelligent thing you have said all day" Ginny quipped, earning an attempted slap around the head from Ron who missed and almost ended up smacking some poor unexpected guy in the face who moved backwards just in time.

"Woah! That was close" he said as Ginny tried to stifle her giggles as Ron mumbled a "sorry, mate".

"Yeah, those were some good reflexes" Harry commented, ever the nice guy. 'Wait a second…' he thought, 'was than an American accent?' As Harry took in the guy's appearance he realised that he did not seem at all familiar and looked way too old to be a first year.

"It's alright. You guys wouldn't happen to know where the… uh…restroom… um… bathroom is, would you?" Mystery guy asked; and if he didn't give off the impression of being a generally awkward kind of guy, they could have been very uncomfortable.

"Sure, it's at the end of the corridor on the left" Ginny stepped in.

"Thanks…?" he asked, anticipating them to introduce themselves.

"Ginny Weasley and this is my goofy and clumsy brother Ron" she spoke on behalf of them both, and earned a look of pure loathing from her brother which she brushed off with a toothy smile.

"And I'm Harry. Harry Potter". He stood there expecting some kind of over the top reaction from the guy like most people he bumped into but he just played it casual, well much more so than most people he had met, much to Harry's surprise.

"It's great to meet you all. I'm Dan Humphrey. Who would have thought I'd be standing on a train talking to Harry Potter?" he asked no-one in particular. "Well Blair Waldorf that's for sure" he added as an after thought. "I would love to stay and chat but there's a toilet with my name on it, so I'll see you around school." Dan gave a quick wave before breaking out into a run to get to the toilet, leaving the three Gryffindors behind looking both stunned and bewildered.

"Well, that was odd" Ginny said with a small shrug, earning nods from the other two. "Well, let's go find Hermione we've wasted enough time already and the train will depart soon" she added and they made their way down the train to find Hermione.

"Hey, was it just me or did that guy sound like he had an American accent?" Ron asked as they peered through an open compartment door to find Hermione just moments later.

"And the prize for stating the obvious goes to…" Ginny joked as she rolled her eyes at her brother's slow brain.

"Oi!" Ron defended himself, "I was only asking. It's just weird you know, because I don't remember any Americans being at our school before."

"You know, I wonder if this is what 'Gossip Girl' was talking about when it went on about changes happening to the school this year" Ginny wondered out loud.

"Where did you get copies of that?" Neville asked from his seat by the window.

"At the front of the train. It seems our anonymous editor is already hard at work" Hermione told him, "but not on anything worthwhile" she muttered as she grabbed her 'N.E.W.T Level Advanced Potions' book out of her bag and began to read.

"Here Neville, you can read it" Ginny offered him her 'Gossip Girl' magazine which he began to flick through.

So Hogwarts has got plans for change. Well Winston Churchill once said "there is nothing wrong with change if it's in the right direction". Who's to say this one won't lead some of our heroes down a road that will take them in the wrong direction…

"Honestly S, could this train be full of anymore dirty blood?" Blair sneered at a passing muggle-born, causing her to cower in fear, as she made her way with her best friend, Serena, to find a carriage.

"B, how can you tell any of these people are muggle-borns?" Serena asked, exasperated.

"Well whatever they are, they're not elite Upper East Siders and I don't waste my time with common trash. We both know I am so much better than that" Blair commented bluntly, as usual, as she found an empty carriage for them. Serena just rolled her eyes at her friend's unbelievable amount of arrogance – but then she wouldn't be the Blair she loved without it.

"Blair, how will you ever find someone of your calibre?" Serena asked playfully as she took out a copy of Witch Weekly magazine and flipped through the fashion pages.

"S, we're in England. This country breeded the elite with their Monarchy, Lords and Ladies and Dukes and Duchesses. This is London, the twin sister of New York and where there is wealth and power there is the upper class society" Blair said nonchalantly as she ran her hand through her perfect curls. "I am a crown jewel and by presenting myself as such they will be drawn to me. I just need to be patient" Blair added, with that famous 'I will get what I want' glint in her eye.

"Well, B I don't know if you remember what Headmistress Mc. Lean said about Hogwarts being situated in the middle of nowhere in Scotland…" Serena started, but was cut short by Blair.

"Where there are purebloods there are the elite, and Slytherin House happens to value pure blood" she stated as Serena looked up over her magazine to see Blair's famous Waldorf smirk.

"Well, I guess it's obvious which House you want to be in" Serena said playfully. However, her mood changed drastically when she realised that she hadn't given any thought to what she would like to be in.

"You know B, when the Headmistress told us about the exchange option I didn't think I'd be one of the ones to get it, so didn't think about them. Do you know what they are and how the sorting system works?" Serena asked her friend, and Blair was sure she could detect worry in her best friend's voice.
Blair looked up from inspecting her perfectly polished and manicured fingernails before responding.

"Well, there are four Houses named after the Founders of Hogwarts; Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin" Blair stated as though reading directly from 'Hogwarts: A History'. "There is a sorting ceremony in which a hat bewitched by Gryffindor sorts students into each house based on personality" she explained. "Read this. It will tell you everything you need to know" Blair ordered, handing Serena a copy of 'Hogwarts: A History'.

"That sounds really interesting. Who would have thought you could do something like that. I wonder what the exchange students from Hogwarts will think of our school" Serena pondered as she skimmed through the book Blair had given her.

"Judging by the types of people I have observed so far, they won't fit in at our school. In fact, the people here will be quite easy for me to rule over once I'm accepted as the Slytherin Queen" Blair responded.
'Another Blair "'divide and conquer" scheme. Why would I expect any different' Serena thought.
In all honesty she was hoping Blair would adopt friends at this new school rather than minions, 'but I guess some things never change' she thought glumly.

"Have you seen Nate and Chuck?" Serena asked, changing the subject.

"No, but if we have to settle for this pathetic excuse for transport, they must be here too along with Lonely Boy, Little J and Vanessa" Blair answered, clearly annoyed by their presence and the thought of them being anywhere near her.

"B, don't call the Humphrey's that. They're really great people and so is Vanessa. If you take the time to get to know them you'll see that too" she began, but Blair scoffed and gave her a sceptical look.

"You and I clearly have a very different view of what it means to be 'great' and pathetic little mudbloods are not in that description" Blair quipped, signalling the end of the conversation. As Blair examined her hair and make-up in her compact mirror, Serena couldn't help but hate herself for not defending the Humphreys and Vanessa – her friends. Why do I allow Blair to over-power me so much? She thought to herself as she turned the page of Witch Weekly and gasped, utterly shocked with the result. All previous thoughts had left her mind, being replaced with excitement.

"Blair, you'll never guess who's in Witch Weekly?!" Serena said excitedly, pushing the magazine into Blair's lap and clapping her hands together in enthusiasm. Blair took one look at the page in her lap and a devilish smile crossed her beautiful porcelain face, making her seem sinister.

"It looks like conquering this school is going to be much easier than I thought" she mused wickedly as she stole another glance at herself modelling her mother's new fashion designs on page 12 of Witch Weekly.

There's nothing Gossip Girl loves more than scheming! Trust Blair Waldorf to be the one to stop the peace that comes with the summer holidays by planning a takeover. Better chose her side or run and hide…

"Is that Dan?" Nate asked, as he leaned out of the door of his compartment to check out the female population of Hogwarts as they walked down the corridor. Chuck appeared behind him just as a beautiful Asian girl with waist length raven hair and deep brown eyes made her way past their compartment and gave him an approving smile which he returned as his eyes roamed her figure, definitely liking what he saw.

"He's not worth your time of day Nate" Chuck stated, "but this girl" he said moving Nate's head towards the Asian girl who'd turned back for one last inviting look before walking into the compartment swaying her hips from side to side seductively.

"Definitely is" Chuck finished as he dragged Nate behind him towards her compartment and knocked on the door. She answered with a slight smile, or was it a knowing smirk on her face.

"Do you want to join us?" she asked as she opened the door wider revealing two other girls in the compartment with her, two Asian twins. Chuck had always had a thing for twins, especially exotic ones. "I'm Cho Chang" she started, "and these are Parvati and Padma Patil" indicating each twin in turn.

"I'm Chuck Bass" he introduced himself. Something about his voice, so seductive and manly made her falter in her next move. "And this is Nate Archibald" he added in that smooth and sexy voice as he moved seductively past her almost making her swoon. 'How does he do that?' Nate wondered, slightly jealous of Chuck's ease with women – but then again being in love with Serena for as long as he had put him out of practice as he only had eyes for her…

Be careful Nate, because remember the higher on those steps you are the further you fall head over heels in love. Will you get caught before you fall or will those dreams of being with the one you love shatter to pieces as you hit the floor?

"You'll never guess who I just ran into outside the carriage" Dan said happily as he squeezed his way through the compartment doors.

"I never saw you run into anyone… well unless someone's hand counts" Jenny replied playfully as she moved her Knight to attack Eric's bishop. Dan was about to protest when Vanessa intervened.

"So, who was it?" she asked, patting the seat next to her in order to get Dan to sit down – he looked pretty star struck after all.

"Harry. Potter" Dan replied, enunciating each word as the jaws of his sister, best friend and the youngest Van der Woodsen dropped.

"W-wait, so you're saying that you met Harry Potter – the saviour of the wizarding world?" Eric asked in disbelief.

"Who would have thought he'd go to school feeling safe or even have the time" Vanessa pondered with a finger pressed on her chin in thought.

"Well, he's got to learn how to defend himself" Jenny argued, "and besides he probably just wants to feel like a normal teenager" she added as an afterthought.

"Yeah….right….normal" Eric commented sarcastically, earning him a slap in the arm from Jenny. The door to their compartment opened to reveal a handsome guy with unusual platinum blonde hair and steel grey eyes. His eyes roamed over the group in the carriage, almost as if he were trying to work out how they ticked. Jenny couldn't take her eyes off the guy standing before, she had never seen someone so good looking – even Chuck Bass would find it difficult to compete with this guy and she'd had an on-again-off-again crush on him since she had started at Constance Academy for Witches.

"H-hi" she said breathlessly. 'Wait, J – stop it! Pull it together!' she told herself and mentally slapped herself for acting so stupid. 'There's still time to correct it' she added and continued.

"Is there something we can help you with?" she asked politely – 'that was better, I got my voice back' she practically squealed to herself. His eyes turned to her, hard in their stare and she almost felt as though he could see right through her and know everything about her, just in that gaze. It was intimidating and she felt herself shrinking back further into the chair; mentally kicking herself for acting like a little girl.

"I'm Draco Malfoy" he drawled as though the mention of his name was enough to make them cower in fear and bow down to him.

"I don't need 'help'" he commented in the same tone, only this time more cocky and the group immediately knew he was another Chuck Bass. 'Just perfect' Dan thought as all he needed was to make another bad impression on someone so arrogant and powerful – he had already made that mistake with Blair Waldorf…

"As Prefect, it's my job to tell you that we'll be arriving at the school in four hours and that you'll need to change into your robes before getting off the train" he explained coolly. Eric opened his mouth to ask a question but Draco held up a hand.

"Just don't ask, I have better things to do than stand here and answer your questions" he commanded, and there was an air of authority about him that definitely gave off a warning not to cross him.

"But…" Vanessa started, until his head turned to face her – an icy look etched onto his otherwise perfect features.

"Clearly you didn't hear me the first time, your ears must be clogged up with all your mudblood filth" he retorted with a smirk, before he turned on his heel and left the compartment. The carriage was silent they each contemplated how much more difficult it could be to stay at Hogwarts compared to Constance and St. Jude's.

"Was it just me or did the temperature just drop 50 below when that guy was here" Eric joked, and after a moment of awkward silence the carriage erupted with laughter.

"Yeah… what a pompous ass – and I thought dealing with Chuck and Blair was bad" Vanessa commented when her laughing fit had subsided.

"Are you okay V?" Dan asked tentatively – ever the good friend.

"Sticks and stones" she replied with a small smile of gratitude.

"What about you J, what did you think of Mr. High and Might Malfoy?" Eric asked, nudging her in the arm. When she didn't respond he tried the question again and then proceeded to snap his fingers in front of her gaze which was still focused on the door where Draco had left.

"W-what?" she asked, dazed.

"I think it's pretty clear what Jenny thought of Malfoy" Vanessa said plainly, trying to stifle the laughter that was threatening to come out.

"Yeah, I guess he was kinda hot in that whole Ice Prince way" Eric said, and Vanessa could no longer hold in her laughter. Pretty soon all four of them were laughing as the train sped away to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to start a new year and a new exchange programme…

Fortunately for us gossip doesn't take a back seat. Look out Hogwarts because sex, lies and scandal never take a vacation…

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts" Dumbledore began his annual speech as his voice rung out over the Great Hall. "Know that the third floor corridor is forbidden as is the forest. I know you all want to eat, but there is one more announcement I would like to make" he stated as his eyes scanned the hall.

"Maybe, it has something to do with what Gossip Witch said" Ginny whispered to the Golden trio as they nodded their heads.

"Yeah, you're probably right, I mean I can't see Dan from earlier anywhere" Harry replied as his looked around the Hall.

"As you know, we are facing difficult times ahead. A darkness is coming that will force us to chose a side and may even make us question the decisions we make. In order to form a stronger force against the Dark Lord, the Minister for Magic has suggested that all Magical School of same or similar speaking languages perform a new exchange programme in order to strengthen the bonds between our countries as the entire Magical World will be affected" Dumbledore stated in his calm voice, despite the fear in his words.

"The Constance Academy for Witches and St. Jude's Academy for Wizards are twin schools from New York, Manhattan and eight students have been chosen to represent the two schools in this exchange and next year eight of our students will join them in their return" Dumbledore explained, while whispers flooded the Great Hall at this news.

"An exchange programme? I didn't know you could do those!" One third year Hufflepuff asked another

"Yeah and why wait until now!" The other replied.

"I wonder what they will be like" A second year Ravenclaw mused.

"Silence" Dumbledore's voice rang out in the Great Hall. "Now, some of you may have already met our new transfer students on the train this morning. I would ask you to give a warm welcome to our new students as they are sorted into their Houses" he added just as the oak doors to the Great Hall swung open to reveal the new students. There were a few collective gasps here and there, but mostly there were low whisperings. The eight students made their way down the centre of the Great Hall, in between the Gryffindor and Slytherin tables, towards the Professor's table.

"Hey, look it's Dan" Ginny said, nudging Harry and Ron who looked up just as Dan gave a small smile and a wave, which they returned out of politeness.

"Is it wrong that I hope he's not in our House?" Ron asked his best friend. Harry just shook his head. After all it would be pretty awkward with Dan hanging around since he acted like a bit of a goof and they were bullied enough as it was already.

Over on the Slytherin table, Draco Malfoy looked up to notice the young blonde girl who had been so shy with him on the train. However, his gaze moved swiftly to the beautiful brunette standing beside her, dressed in the Hogwarts uniform with a few added accessories to make her stand out from the others and a brilliant emerald green headband. 'She'd better be in Slytherin; we need better looking girls' he thought to himself.

As the eight students came to a stop at the front of the hall where Professor McGonagal stood waiting for them by a stool with an old, dusty looking hat perched on top.

"Now, when I call your name you are to come up, I will place the hat on your head and you will be sorted into your new House for the rest of the year" she informed them briskly.

"Vanessa Abrams" she called out and Vanessa took her place on the stool. She sat there for what felt like hours, when it had only been a few minutes and eventually the hat had made its decision, placing her in,

"RAVENCLAW!" the hat called out as a smiling Vanessa made her way over to the Ravenclaw table.

"Nathanial Archibald" the voice called. As Nate sat down on the chair he could hear the hat whisper in his ear. It was a rather strange experience, one he definitely would not want to repeat in the future.

"Hmmm, I see that you are loyal and value tolerance. Traits most worthy of Hufflepuff. However, you are also daring, bold and chivalrous. This is a very difficult decision" the Sorting Hat whispered in his ear.

"I believe you would do well in… GRYFFINDOR!" the Hat cried and Nate saw the disapproving face of Blair as he made his way over to the Gryffindor table, near the Golden trio.

"Charles Bass" Professor McGonagall called. His name stirred a few comments from the Slytherin table who had heard of the name and of the wealth and power of Bart Bass who worked in the American Ministry of Magic. It was not long before the hat made its decision, placing Chuck in,


Chuck smirked as he made his way over to the table, taking the spare seat next to Malfoy, both wearing smug looks on their faces.

"Oh bloody hell" Ron remarked from over on the Gryffindor table when he saw the identical facial expressions – one Malfoy was bad enough! He would definitely not be looking forward to this year…

"Daniel Humphrey" Professor McGonagall said and Dan went up to take his seat on the stool, almost tripping up the stairs on his way. Blair hid her laughter well, but her eyes sparkled with mirth. It wasn't long before the Hat sorted Dan into Ravenclaw after debating whether to place him in Hufflepuff.

"Poor Ravenclaw having to mix with so much dirty blood" Blair commented to Serena who stood to her left, disgust evident in her voice. Jenny felt herself shiver not only from Blair's remark but also anxiety as she would be sorted next.

"Jennifer Humphrey". Jenny made her way up the steps, cautious not the make the same mistake as her brother – 'Oh great, now I'll be associated with him' she thought sadly. She jumped a little in her chair at the sound of a voice in her ear and at first thought she was going insane. Sure she had been around magic for 6 years already but this was different, very different to the normal spell casting she was used to at Constance.

'There is ambition hidden deep within, but with your muggle-born blood you'd hardly fit in, in Slytherin. I notice there is loyalty, bravery and chivalry which are your most dominant traits. Yes, that would work….You'd better be in…. GRYFFINDOR!" the Hat called as Jenny practically leapt off the chair to make her way over to the table, where she quickly took a seat next to a pretty red-head who introduced herself as Ginny Weasley.

"Eric Van der Woodsen". Eric slowly made his way up to the chair and took his seat and it wasn't long before the Hat decided to place him in,

"HUFFLEPUFF!" Eric hurriedly made his way to the table and took a seat next to Nate and waved at Jenny who was sitting just in front of him– well at least he knew someone in his House and it could've been worse! He could've been placed in Slytherin… Eric shuddered at the very thought.

"Serena Van der Woodsen". Serena made her way over to the stool and took her seat, completely oblivious to the majority of Hogwarts male population who were ogling her or checking her out. Blair inwardly rolled her eyes at how much attention Serena could get herself without trying and it infuriated her. She always had to deceive and plot and scheme to get herself noticed and she always ended upas Darth Vader next to Serena the Jedi Knight! It wasn't long before the Hat decided to place the gutsy blonde in Gryffindor where she made her way over to Jenny and Nate, glad that she was in the same House as them.

Now it was Blair's turn and all eyes were on her – as it should be – since she was the final student to be sorted.

"Blair Waldorf." McGonagall called before rolling up the parchment and taking her seat at the staff table.

"Waldorf, as in Waldorf designs?" Pansy Parkinson whispered excitedly.

"I thought I recognised her, she was in the Witch Weekly article about her mother's new Autumn line" Daphne Greengrass replied.

"I can't believe it's her. She's perfect" Alyson Harper stated as she stared enviously as Blair Waldorf as she took a seat on the stool, hiding her disgust at having a tatty, ratty old hat placed upon her perfect hair.

However, to everyone's surprised the Sorting Hat didn't even come close to touching her head before it called out,

"SLYTHERIN!" The Great Hall was silent as Blair made her way over to the table. Nothing like that had happened in the school before, and everyone wondered why the Hat didn't even sit on her head! Even Dumbledore stared at the girl as she moved to the table, he only knew one other person who did not need the hat placed upon his head to be sorted…

Pansy waved Blair over with the hand that wasn't hanging over Draco Malfoy and Blair took a seat on the other side of her, smiling fakely at those surrounding her. It didn't take long for said female members on the table to fawn around her and praise her for her mother's designs and her beautiful photos in the article.

"Now that everyone has been sorted, let's eat" Dumbledore called out and with a flick of his wand mountains of food appeared on each of the tables and the students quickly piled food onto their plates and began eating ravenously.

Every so often, Serena's gaze would wander over to Blair who looked very content and tried to signal her so that she could speak to her. During the meal, Serena spoke briefly to the Patil twins as well as Jenny and Ginny who really seemed to hit it off and looked like they would be good friends. By the time desert wheeled around Serena was in an in depth conversation with the Golden trio about what the school was like, the classes and in particular the rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor.

"Basically Slytherin only wanted purebloods to be taught magic, but Gryffindor and the other Founders believed that magic should be taught to everyone who showed any magical ability" Hermione explained.

"Slytherin got all angsty about it and made a chamber with a monster which would kill all of those who he thought were unworthy to study magic" Ginny added, smiling to herself as she thought about the time in her second year when she had been taken down into the chamber and Harry had saved her.

"Long story short, Gryffindor and the other Founders forced him out because he hated muggle-borns and they thought everyone should be accepted to study magic" Harry added.

"Slytherins are jerks" Ron grumbled as she shovelled food into his mouth hurriedly.

"Ron" Hermione elbowed him, forcing him to stop chewing mid mouthful.

"Wha-?" he asked as a few pieces of food spewed from his mouth. Hermione didn't have the patience to reprimand him on his awful table manners and just slapped him around the head causing him to grunt in pain and rub his head.

"Why do you ask?" Jenny asked Serena as she spun some spaghetti onto her fork.

"Well, because of Blair" Serena said looking downcast, "I hope it won't affect our friendship" she added.

"Don't count on it" Ron said as he piled more chicken wings onto his place, causing Hermione to turn her nose up in disgust.

Little did Serena know that Blair had been keeping an eye on her as she chummed up to the Gryffindors and their 'Golden Boy'.

"You know, for a Gryffindork that girl is pretty hot" Theodore Knott commented.

"What makes you think you got a chance with her?" asked Marcus Flint.

"It's amazing how easily she makes friends, you know" commented Millicent Bullstrode.

"Shame she wasn't in Slytherin really" Malfoy considered over his roast chicken.

"Yeah, she'd do real well in here" said Adrian Pucey with a smirk on his face.

Chuck, who had been quiet during dinner looked over at Blair and knew she felt threatened by Serena. He also knew that she would do anything to exert her power over this group of people and rule over them, even if it meant degrading and hurting her best friend in the process.

Serena looked over to Blair for the hundredth time that evening and still she got no response and now everyone was going to get ready to retreat to their dormitories. Enough was enough! She got up from the table and made her way over to the Slytherin table.

"B, I've been trying to signal you all night" she said calmly. "I'd like to talk to you" Serena added as she crossed her arms and stood waiting for a response.

Blair turned her head from her conversation with Daphne to face Serena and smiled fakely.

"That's funny, because I must have totally blanked on the part when I invited you over here" Blair replied sarcastically, causing Pansy and Daphne to stifle their laughter.

"Look, B let's not do this okay" Serena sighed, knowing that Blair was using her power trip to show the girls whose Queen and it was something she did not want to get involved in.

"Tomorrow morning we'll go on the school tour together, okay. I'll see you in the Entrance Hall" Serena added with a small smile as she made her way back to the table. Suddenly she felt as though an invisible force was pulling her legs from underneath her and the next thing she knew she was face down on the ground.

Laughter erupted in the Great Hall all around her and as she flipped her head back and turned around she saw the one person who wasn't laughing but had a feral-like smirk on her face. Serena stood up and continued walking back to the Gryffindor table, when she felt a similar sensation underneath her feet and within seconds ended up on the floor yet again. Soon enough, the laughter died down as the students realised that this time Serena did not trip by accident.

"You know, I really want to believe that was an accident" Serena said, glaring daggers at Blair as she returned to the Slytherin table to face her.

"Then you must be delusional" Blair quipped back with a smirk. "You should know better than anyone what I am capable of S" Blair hissed deadly quiet

"And you should also know that Blair Waldorf takes orders from nobody and no-one walks away from Blair Waldorf unless I give the order" Blair seethed and made a stand from the table, staring at Serena icily.

"Look B, I've run out of patience with your power-trips every year, okay. Enough is enough" Serena challenged as Blair moved closer to her, so that her face was inches away from her own.

"It's enough, when I say it's enough" she threatened before she summoned her new minions and said coldly,

"You'd better watch your back" before she made her way out of the Entrance Hall with her girls following behind her.

Serena stood there, dumbfounded as she watched the figure of her former best friend retreat out of the hall. Soon enough more students began to head off after her and make their way to their dormitories – probably because the fight had finished and there was nothing left to see. A few of the professors look at each, concern etched across their faces – the school term hadn't even officially started yet!

Serena, still standing in the middle of the Great Hall as people moved around her, turned to her new Gryffindor friends and those who had come from New York and grimaced – she definitely wasn't looking forward to tomorrow as Blair Waldorf like nothing more than to exact revenge.

I hope you've got some protection as this is going to be a bumpy ride. Gossip Girl loves nothing more than revenge, and as we all know, it's a dish best served cold. Trust Blair and the Slytherins to dole it out correctly. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. You know you love me…. XOXO - Gossip Girl.

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